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  1. I started watching "The Kominsky Method" on Netflix a couple of nights ago - It really is just awesome. Two old guys pontificating on life as they get older. Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin. Nothing ground breaking, just really funny and poignant at times. Doesn't immediately sound like it should be good, but as a 61 yo it has me in hysterics at times Give it a try
  2. I think you are wrong - the strategy most likely to work for Lewis was exactly what he was attempting. I don't believe Mercedes actively instructed him to take greater risks, he inherently understood the importance of getting past Max ASAP! To be honest this has been brewing for a while and it's no bad thing that Max has been given a sharp lesson in track bullying. All to often Max has been instrumental in poor racing/bullying in close quarters. I am happy that Lewis has shown Max that when push comes to shove in this tight competition this year, that he will not back down! In the past because Lewis has always had commanding championship leads he has not felt it necessary to show Max such a street racer mentality. As it stands this year, Max seems to have the upper hand and NOW may think twice about tangling with Lewis. Because if he comes off worst in them he could potentially be throwing away one of his best chances to win a world title. Do I believe he will modify his arrogance in close quarter racing - Not a bit, we shall see
  3. Everything. All the time and money expended. 100%
  4. 😂 so again I say whose decision was it to waste more money on him. Just ridiculous
  5. It’s obvious some people have no experience of running a business. Why we would pay good money to someone with untold issues who as far as I can see has shown little to no effort to rehabilitate. I have shown tremendous support to lots of people. Those that show some real effort to rehabilitate. Those that don’t try then not for me. But whose decision was it to waste more money
  6. Not sorry to see him leave and another monumental stupid decision in bringing him here.
  7. David, as much as I agree to a large extent, this is some utopian world you seek
  8. I have to say this from David is a very condescending post. Why ban smoking adverts etc if its just down to the parents. Obviously it's up to the Parents to guide and educate, but having such adverts makes this very difficult
  9. More chance of Duncan Fergusson playing for us
  10. Yes I have been to a few of these, and their new ground is nice, well worth a visit again
  11. Only when I have my own charger at home, as for some reason when it reaches 80% to time to charge the remaining 20% rises exponentially
  12. I can 100% recommend the Kia E-Niro. We move into a new home next week and after some work being done on it I will be getting a home charger. At present I call in at Instavolt at Junction 29 of M1 and it costs about £16 from memory to charge to 80% - I get about 270 miles range. When I charge at home It will be approx £8 or £9 to charge to 80% from 15-20% The car is deceptively quick, quite, so Smooth and fully kitted, genuinely Its a great car, no downsides
  13. Winners: Iran Runners up : China England : QF
  14. Allardyce labels Antonio comments as disgusting. For goodness sake grow a pair, the bloody world gets upset about everything now
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