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  1. I really hope you are never asked to advise anyone, as to be honest your lack of knowledge is truly impressive 🙂
  2. What part of treating ALL employees in the same fair manner do you not get? If you had a similar case in a normal work place you would expect all involved to be treated the same! Just because it's a football club, they still have to abide by the same terms of employment.
  3. To be honest, this is the outcome I expected. I have no idea who is advising our club, but in all honesty considering the difference in retrospective actions taken against the other protagonists it was the only outcome possible.
  4. I disagree! Any new driver for Mercedes has to stamp his challenge to Hamilton IMMEDIATELY! Coming into a works team, with an ageing driver and accepting a number two role is most definitely not what Mercedes want. What continuity do they have doing that. You are mistaking the complete lack of desire and competitiveness from Bottas as what they want, wrong. They obviously don't want their drivers causing crashes or publicity issues, but to challenge each other, yes, that's what makes them better!
  5. Typical can't be arsed attitude from society! Be bothered, get a permit, don't make excuses for low life
  6. It pains me to admit this, but I have just put £20 on Wednesday to stay up at 9/1 I can't see us getting anything at Swansea even if they rest most players, and Florist will roll over for Wednesday, then it's winner takes all at pride park last match
  7. Not sure what race you watched, enjoyable at best, CLASSIC most definitely not!
  8. You are a complete idiot if you think this is FAUX OUTRAGE. Even your attempts at humour are off key, and do I believe you, I think even a simpleton's brain could decide that
  9. With due respect (and I am not sure any is due!) you are being completely out of order!! If you brought items into a public space, and there are no receptacles to dispose of them into. TAKE YOUR RUBBISH HOME. What is it with society wanting everything provided for them. Your lack of common decency astounds me!!!!
  10. These are all excuses, and it's this pandemic of apathy from everyone! Where's the bin, where's the dog poo bin! You brought, ffs you take it home!
  11. I think you are double counting battery production in your figures and also you don't factor in the fact that electric cars are soo much more agreeable in comparison the ICE cars. no noise, fumes, you can not really understand how much more refined they are to drive also
  12. I think I got the jist 🙂
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