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  1. Oh come on ………………………… I thought it was funny :-)
  2. If you travel a little, even just around Europe, you tend to realise that London is really nothing special
  3. Hi JAT I agree entirely with your post. As parents it is our responsibility to bring our children up with guidance and knowledge and experience. As they gradually get older to teach them the importance of making decisions by considering all aspects. I hope I have given my son the knowledge and ability to think for himself, to understand the pitfalls of gambling and as you rightly say obesity. There are many forms of addiction that young people can become entrapped within, that's why giving our children the ability to rationalise themselves and come to their own decisions is so important in life. The ability to think for ourselves. Too many times I hear parents complaining that schools, teachers etc should be doing more to educate their children against all sorts of issues. No it is our responsibility to bring our children up to contribute to society in a positive manner. Schools obviously play a part in this, but parents must realise it's they who set the examples in life. Back to the relevant topic, gambling companies and football club sponsorships etc. In a utopian world then it wouldn't happen, but that's never a reality. So yes it's not ideal, but I have no real gripe with DCFC or other football clubs taking the best deal available. But I can also understand other people may have differing views, but you have to fight the battles you have a chance of winning, and not bang your head against a brick wall.
  4. Another nanny, perhaps some left wing do gooder
  5. LOL, please read my post. No attack on character, however I do find you're comment inane and crass. How anyone can state "If you travel a little, even just around Europe, you tend to realise that London is really nothing special" It's condescending and implies knowledge, which frankly I find amusing. So that's this forum, exchanging differing views.
  6. That's made my day, you comment regarding London in a unilateral way, and get upset when someone disagrees with you. Insecure or what
  7. I have a very good friend who always says "If it flys, ducks or drives, RENT IT" Could have a point :-)
  8. Lol, I don't think I have ever heard such rubbish. London may not be you're cup of tea. However, in terms of culture, history, heritage, shopping, etc London is amazing. I wouldn't want to live in London, nor for that fact any large conurbation, however I love to visit the capital. To say it is nothing special certainly implies a lack of knowledge and understanding!
  9. I just hope Marriott plays and scores. I wish I knew the reason both Lampard and Cocu don't seem keen on playing Marriott. I don't believe injuries are more than a bit part in their decisions. Who knows????
  10. My main gripe about today was the pitch. Far too much grass left on. The ball just did not travel on it. Would love to know who’s decision that was. It just made slick football difficult. The number of times players got the ball stuck under their feet. Other than that we were flat. No energy. Thought Roos made a couple of good saves. Bogle prior to his injury good going forward. Waghorn in general just had a mare and the penalty was poor.
  11. I am very happy with our business this Summer incomings and outgoings. If we are apparently still in the market for one or two more, how discreet have our negotiations been. Nothing serious seems to be banded around on-line. very impressive.
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