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  1. Mercedes AMG CLA45 I tend to have a "sensible" car in-between Porsche's and this is it :-) I have had it 2 1/2 years and I usually have gotten bored by now but it's such a good car. quick, fun, and I can choose between settings, so when wifey in I can toodle along and when I am on my own sport+ But another Porsche will at some point come along, last one was a new Cayman GTS , wow loved that car, but a dealer offered me nearly what I paid new for it, and after 2 and a bit years, I thought too good to turn down.
  2. To even consider making those comments you have, is in my opinion why society is in such a sorry state. These guys are not kids at all, they are grown men! Whose actions show such disregard for others lives that I feel (If found guilty) then they should be jailed! It's your perception of those actions that requires some sharp focus, to understand moral responsibilities.
  3. Me personally I would like us to move them on as soon as practical, even if that means taking a financial hit on transfer price. I'm not impressed that other players were out drinking heavily, but one assumes either they had club transport or taxi's home etc, although I have no knowledge either way on this. I think the club should act (once court case has happened) with great speed and offer them for transfer in the January window to agents/clubs etc I am not too sure either will be overly missed.
  4. That's a very condescending comment, there's a whole world of difference between doing something wrong a driving at night completely drunk, with the potential to injure or kill. But I suppose you just want a clever comment
  5. How on earth do you come to the conclusion that "Cocu is a way better manager than Lampard ever was" Just because he altered formations in a few matches? I personally have no idea how good a manager Cocu or Lampard both are yet. But to state that just seems childish. Being a manager is multi faceted. And in my opinion man management is the most crucial aspect of being a manager.
  6. Do you remember in that season us singing "can we play you every week" at St James Park I think from memory, did we do the double over newcastle
  7. Yes it's on the red button, but its pants watching it like that I've had the day from hell at work and really hope it doesn't continue tonight at PP
  8. Oh come on ………………………… I thought it was funny :-)
  9. If you travel a little, even just around Europe, you tend to realise that London is really nothing special
  10. Hi JAT I agree entirely with your post. As parents it is our responsibility to bring our children up with guidance and knowledge and experience. As they gradually get older to teach them the importance of making decisions by considering all aspects. I hope I have given my son the knowledge and ability to think for himself, to understand the pitfalls of gambling and as you rightly say obesity. There are many forms of addiction that young people can become entrapped within, that's why giving our children the ability to rationalise themselves and come to their own decisions is so important in life. The ability to think for ourselves. Too many times I hear parents complaining that schools, teachers etc should be doing more to educate their children against all sorts of issues. No it is our responsibility to bring our children up to contribute to society in a positive manner. Schools obviously play a part in this, but parents must realise it's they who set the examples in life. Back to the relevant topic, gambling companies and football club sponsorships etc. In a utopian world then it wouldn't happen, but that's never a reality. So yes it's not ideal, but I have no real gripe with DCFC or other football clubs taking the best deal available. But I can also understand other people may have differing views, but you have to fight the battles you have a chance of winning, and not bang your head against a brick wall.
  11. Another nanny, perhaps some left wing do gooder
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