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  1. So you think Keogh was not one of our best players …………………………. even though the players themselves voted him the player of the season. Glad you think you know better
  2. I think you and lots of others on here who keep saying "our three best players, have gone back to their parent clubs" are either fools or not capable of thinking for themselves. Yes the three loanees were all excellent players, but not irreplaceable. The one who I think we will find hardest to replace is Mount. The other two although excellent players, still have a lot of development left before I think they are close to being considered irreplaceable! In my opinion it is totally incorrect and undermining to say the loanees were our best players So Keogh , Marriott, Waghorn, Bogle etc. do not even enter your thoughts when considering who our best three players are? I don't suppose any of us know the real reasons Marriott was not played as much as most of us wanted. But I have not seen such a cool and class natural striker for a long time in a Derby shirt. I hope Lampard finds a formation to bring the best of the strike force of Marriott and Waghorn. Keogh in my opinion (and the last god knows how many managers!) is virtually irreplaceable, and I truly hope he manages to lead us into the premiership.
  3. Very true, but we have to live in the real world. If Frank wants to go and we agree a mutually acceptable compensation fee then there really is no benefit in keeping him. Why would we want a manager who feels he has lost his dream job. Also I am sure that if Frank goes, we will benefit in being given first choice on potential loanees. I really hope he says to Chelsea I want the job. But I am not ready yet, and as a matter of loyalty I feel I can't walk away from Derby for the trust and chance they have shown in me. Am I a dreamer …………………….. only time will tell
  4. I made a comment on this person's suggestion ……. what are you his nanny?
  5. Another brainless suggestion.... Wilder...…….. the man who has just taken his home town club to the premiership. Even though he has very little budget to play with (estimated at 20 Million) do you really think he would leave them ……………….. to come to us Deluded
  6. No brain more likely! Who made you the arbitrary guy making unilateral decisions? Are you really so one dimensional to think there is only 1 possible person to improve what's in place at present!
  7. I recon that at 89 my dad's quicker than Martin :-)
  8. Hathersage Ram

    F1 2018

    That's entirely my point of view too. Also I think by keeping his foot on the loud pedal, instead of coming off it, that is making the dangerous re-entry on the track a conscious decision. I also think Brundle is becoming a liability on Sky F1. Too many instances where he thinks he knows best.
  9. I may be proved wrong but if offered the job now I don't think Lampard would take it. I think he would discuss with Chelsea that he obviously wants the job, but only when he thinks he can do himself and Chelsea justice
  10. And your point being?
  11. May I ask who you think is willing to take Chris Martin off our hands, considering the contract he is on?
  12. This all depends on his wages demands for me
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