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  1. I have no issues in wearing a face mask during a pandemic. However, it's complete overkill and nanny state individuals wanting such actions during normal times. And to state it's not a big ask is ridiculous, of course mandatory wearing of face masks in supermarkets is a big imposition! Where else would you want it, just more people over reacting and wanting to make the world a sterile place.
  2. Am I hearing you right, so when hopefully this pandemic has passed, you would like society to adopt wearing face masks in supermarkets? If so why not all other indoor places where the public use? Preposterous idea!
  3. It's about time the ICC started getting serious with countries that provide the standard of pitches that the Indians are producing. Test cricket should be played on pitches that can sustain in general terms cricket over 5 days. This type of cricket is an insult to be called TEST cricket. No problem losing, but please can the likes Kohli and his influence be eradicated at all costs.
  4. Glad to oblige, I was asked a question and answered, simples really
  5. I most certainly can, during his final contract term he was certainly not a team player.
  6. I understand where you are coming from and think that you are correct, maybe Marshall has more of an air of authority about him and the back 4 feel that confidence. However, and again it's just my opinion I feel Roos is developing well as a keeper and in my eyes undoubtedly is far superior as a shot stopper and his reaction saves are impressive. I do feel though that he needs to command his area/defence team mates more, instilling in them a confidence. I just feel that the time is approaching where he is starting to seriously challenge Marshall for the No1 jersey.
  7. No the exact opposite of CKR! CKR has a completely different attitude, team player, fit, great work ethic and actually runs and doesn't fall over every two minutes
  8. Should have gone to Specsavers mate - plenty of time to react, and only a Hughes love in would think power in his shot
  9. And did you not watch the Watford game? He did not move his feet quick enough for both goals, and the first his reactions were too slow and poor wrist strength in his attempted save.
  10. he is past his sell by date as a top striker. How much evidence do you need?
  11. I'm not sure if this is controversial or not, but I would drop Marshall, he is showing signs of slowing down and poor reactions. I think Roos should start tonight
  12. I’m sorry but Marshall was too slow to react. He had time to move his feet. And no strength in wrist to save. I’m beginning to Roos looks better
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