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  1. Whilst i agree we lack depth and that is certainly going to hurt us as the season goes on, the 11 that started the game and the options he had from the bench to add to our attacking force should have been more than enough to beat Peterborough. This run also includes a lot of last season when he was able to pick from a larger squad and he still failed to successfully deploy the personnel and tactics to get positive results.
  2. Rooney may not be the cause of all problems at the club, but that does not mean he should get a free pass. He has been here for the best part of a year and has absolutely failed to get the best out of the tools at his disposal. You can’t possibly argue that another manager wouldn’t have done more with what we have. He has international players, players with premier league experience, players who have reached play off finals, and we have won one game in eighteen. If you can accept or see that Rooney is a major factor in our on field struggles, then maybe it is you that needs putting down.
  3. This is not because of one loss, it’s a consistent pattern of results that are far below the level. Individual errors can be looked at today, but there comes a point where you have to look at the coach. It’s been consistently not good enough since the injury of Bielik.
  4. I don’t think I would have made the post, but I don’t think a win today would do any more than paper over the cracks. 2 wins in 18 and 11 points still is far from good enough. Would you not agree that regardless of the situation surrounding the club, that Rooney has the tools available on the pitch to get more points than he has?
  5. 8 points from the last 51 available. 1 win in 18. Surely it’s time for him to accept this job is, understandably, too much for him and do the right thing and walk away. Install Mac until the end of the season and try to regain some kind of positive and understandable style of play.
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