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  1. Sturridge and Gabbiadini, with Ashley Ward and big Ron Willems rotating in. As a young-un, I've never been more excited to see us go forwards. Baiano/Wanchope was class and unpredictability personified, but it never matched Studgers wow factor for little me.
  2. I was thinking the same thing. He speaks well, is clearly intelligent and has a way of playing that can get us goals. He looks fitter than I've ever seen him and the thought of him, Waggy and Marriott just screams goals. Only downside are his astronomical wages. Grapevine word in Norwich (this is ENTIRELY hearsay, I knew the mum of one of his friends who came through the ranks at Norwich with him... so basically we're best mates right?) is that his last contract was £45k a week. IT could be total baalocks, but would explain why he was permanently shipped out on loan.
  3. I remember back in my Uni days, me and some friends made dream teams of the sides we supported (Derby, Chelsea, Leeds, Swansea, Northampton, Wycome... there was some right tripe in there). My rams side had Kinky and Taribo West in it and I was promptly laughed out of the pub. I was gobstruck, from the outside they were viewed as joke players. Fat and lazy. We were truly blessed to have seen them play, but their reputations as footballers never really moved outside of the clubs they played for. If only Kinky had been four stone lighter and blessed with pace, he could have been a world beater.
  4. I'll be helpful for a change. Here are the next 6 weeks of transfer stories; "Cocu's Derby County in stunning move for *Dutchman with tenuous link to Cocu*!" You're welcome!
  5. I sold Curtis Davies a Vanilla Latte and a Cheese and Marmite ciabata the other day. He even said his pleases and thankyou's. I used to work in an electronics shop and sold Steven Davies a disco ball. Non-DCFC related sales include Dominic Cork and some audio cables (my boyhood hero and he was an absolute knob) and Ricky van Wolfswinkle with just about anything he could pick up.
  6. I feel that's a little unfair. He's been saddled with a bunch on long ball merchants at Brum and a transfer embargo, in the time he was there he was never gonna change them into Barca. At Swansea his football was decent, and Boro were fairly attacking iirc.
  7. What's Ravanelli up to? We're probably still paying him as it is...
  8. Was always a go-to signing for me from Clyde back on the old Football Manager games, so was over the moon when we actually signed him. We has so much more than just a workhorse - his understanding of the game was top notch and I genuinely believe that had we gone up under Mac1 he'd had cemented himself in the Prem. Top player, top man. Will be missed.
  9. My Derby "hill to die on" arguments will always be "Hughes looked good while not doing a great deal or anything at times" and "Savage was a good signing." Come at me.
  10. Aww cmon, you're gonna do me on an autocorrect and Clough being a moron? At least give me some credit for, we'll, erm, on second thoughts...
  11. I do wonder if David Moyes feels the need to try and rebuild his career. He played some really good football at times, and was very harshly dealt with at United. Granted, he's been poo since, but you never know.
  12. Carson Bradford Barker Keogh Moxey Eustace Hendrick Mount Wilson. Ward Martin Mac 1 as boss. Leaving out Hughes hurts, but he was so inconsistent that it's hard to put him ahead of Hendrick or Mount for me.
  13. While it has absolutely zero reflection on real life, on my latest Football Manager save, when Lampard was poached (this time by Cardiff) he was replaced by Mark Hughes. He achieved absolutely bugger all and was eventually sacked and replaced by Igor. Igor has now achieved the result we all knew was possible and took us to the promised land of League One. So neither of those, ta.
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