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  1. NorwichExile

    If you could pick 2 ex-Rams

    Eranio and Chris Powell from my lifetime. There's fullback sorted. Although, as others have said, Eranio could play anywhere and be a straight upgrade.
  2. NorwichExile

    v Reading (A) Match Thread

    When Mount, Lawrence and Wilson click there will be fireworks. Poor performance, but some real bright sparks that give me hope for the year. You rams!
  3. NorwichExile

    v Reading (A) Match Thread

    Mount looks sharp on the ball at least
  4. NorwichExile

    v Reading (A) Match Thread

    Seriously, the only bright spark so far was the "hold the ducking ball" shout which sounded like it came from the bench. Everything else is, eem, best not.
  5. NorwichExile

    v Reading (A) Match Thread

    I hoped Benty would have something to say, but ducking hell dude. It's so rare to hear honesty these days that it was shocking.
  6. NorwichExile

    Third kit?

    An updated version of this would make me slightly moist.

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