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  1. It just seems sad that in the week that a new season starts which is normally a time to look to the future we can only look backwards. I thought that using Roy Mac and Big Roger to model the new kit was another sign of the times as well. I don't mean to denigrate our history or any of the legends by the way.
  2. As the philosopher Homer (Simpson) said 'Hope is just disappointment that hasn't happened yet'
  3. As I remember it was the HMRC who was petitioning to wind up the club in 1984 when Stuart Webb pulled off the the 59th minute of the 11th hour rescue with the Robert Maxwell takeover. I also remember him saying 'Derby County will never find itself in this position ever again' Of all the current problems I think that owing the HMRC money again as in 1984 depresses me most
  4. A great interview with a great player who was in our midfield when I first started watching the Rams in 1967. I really liked his quote that Dave Mackay 'never played a ball without a message on it'. The Chelsea home League Cup replay under the lights in 1968 at the BBG is one of my most memorable games too, but Alan's memory failed him a little when he mentioned the next round game in Liverpool as the opponents were actually Eveton and not the Red's.
  5. Those of us who remember 1984 and the travails of Stuart Webb in saving the club from going out of business at the 59th minute of the 11th hour can't help but be concerned at the moment and that is just taking into account the known facts and not the added suppositions. In 1984 it was the Inland Revenue petitioning to wind the club up due to unpaid taxes, I don't beleive that we have worries of that kind this time but the EFL have shown with Bury that they are willing to let clubs go. Hopefully the fact that they were substantially culpable in that case with their 'fit and proper person test' failure will make tham more careful this time.
  6. In 1984 it just seemed like someone was in control. Stuart Webb had sweat blood to save the club and by bringing in the Maxwell's our future was secured. OK, that turned sour about 6 years later but in the meantime we returned to the top tier of English football. At the moment it just seems like the grown-up's have left the room and left the kids in charge and they're not sure what to do.
  7. In 1984 we had Roy Mac in charge and he'd had previous managerial experience at Bradford City, he was also humble enough to stay and become Arthur Cox's assistant when Arthur was appointed. I don't think Rooney would do that and where would we find another Arthur (someone with extensive lower league managerial expierience) anyway? As Arthur had just guided Newcastle to promotion it would be a bit like appointing Daniel Farke. Also, although relegation was very disappointing, compared to how close we had been to losing the club altogether it was the better option of the two scenario's and that cushioned the blow. Things just seem bleaker at the moment than in 1984 for some reason.
  8. No, he can't have lost the dressing room at home, at an away ground maybe especially now they are in the stands somewhere, but not ar Pride Park.
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