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  1. OK, they've beaten us 3 times this season but if we beat them on Wednesday those 3 victories count for nothing. Hull did that to us 3 years ago, it's our turn now.
  2. His performance today reminded me at times in the first half of Colin Todd in his prime, highest praise I can give.
  3. Me - 'Dave Mackay' My Dad would have said - 'Raich Carter' My Grandad would have said - 'Steve Bloomer' My Great Grandad would have said 'What are you talking about lad?'
  4. I love Loweman's image, the second season I started going (67/68) I think that the players are Back row left to right - Hinton, Daniel, Saxton, MacFarland, Mathews or Thomas, Front Row - Hector, Waller, Webster, Richardson, Durban, Hughes, O'Hare.
  5. Sacking Frank would just add another circle to the ever decreasing circles that have resulted from our frequent management changes. We have to stick with a manager for a couple of season's sooner or later. Maybe we would have kept Rowett had he not walked but this time we have to stick with Frank. I think he's shown enough promise to be retained and the current bad patch is where he learns his trade, its his first major challenge, lets see how he handles it. As I said in a previous post, Clough and Taylor's team finished below Tim Ward's team in their first season, luckily the board didn't see fit to sack them because of that, if they had our history would have been completely different. Patience is required.
  6. Wasn't the magnificently named Andrejs Pereplotkins another jewel unearthed by Paul Jewell?
  7. Steve Biggins, so bad Cox could only play him at away grounds, Laurent Robert a few stone overweight and looked like a pub player when Jewell bought him in and I have to say that I've not seen much of merit in Jacob Butterfield.
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