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  1. I was fortunate enough to witness Dave Mackay as both player and manager and enjoy the success that followed, and whilst watching the brief highlights of yesterdays game at Palace on Match of the Day made the same Rooney - Mackay comparison as the OP. Far too early to predict if things will develop similarly but we can hope. Regarding Dave's lack of Scotland caps I believe it may be that in the 60's Scotland preferred to select players who were playing for Scottish teams rather than those playing south of the border as Dave was when he left Hearts for Spurs.
  2. February 1971 was the month Colin Todd signed from Sunderland making his debut the week after the Blackpool game and making that team even better.
  3. Regarding Collymore's head wear such hats are available. I bought a hat whilst on holiday but didn't look at the label until I got home.
  4. I think we might get a close brexit type result here, personally I voted remain black.
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