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    JG400 reacted to Dean (hick) Saunders in This seasons surprise package   
    Ravel Morrison? Still not broked thru yet anywhere.
  2. Haha
    JG400 reacted to Gee SCREAMER !! in Ravel Morrison   
    The first move with the back heel was pretty good. You do realise that if he was passing that to Forsyth though, there would two desperate lunges to control the ball before it dribbled out of play.  
  3. Clap
    JG400 reacted to Sheikh n Bake in Captain Tom Lawrence   
    Couldn't lead a horse to water.
    Shambolic decision.
  4. Clap
    JG400 reacted to Rev in Yankee Doodle Derby   
    For me, the least you can ask of any owner is they leave the club in no worse state than they find it.
    If Mel doesn't meet that standard, his whole ownership has been a disaster.
    No buts, no excuses.
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    JG400 reacted to maxjam in The UEFA European Championship 2020 Thread   
    Some good, fair analysis here;
    We started brightly and caught Italy off guard but Southgate was to defensive and slow to react to Italy's increasing dominance.  I've been impressed with Southgate's man-management and handling of the media throughout the tournament and he clearly has the backing of the players - but can't help that feel we learnt nothing from the Croatia semi-final tactically. 
    As the match progressed we were waiting to fall over the line, not go out and win it. 
    I'm massively disappointed this morning and it will take a bit of time to get over. 

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    JG400 reacted to TimRam in The UEFA European Championship 2020 Thread   
    Too soon?

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    JG400 reacted to Gaspode in Please don’t blame Morris and Pearce.   
    that's because you haven't been on here long enough.....
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    JG400 reacted to Nuwtfly in Please don’t blame Morris and Pearce.   
    Please don't blame Mel and Pearce? Seriously?
    The sooner these two are out the door, the better. Road us to ruin. 
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    JG400 reacted to duncanjwitham in Please don’t blame Morris and Pearce.   
    That's my take on it. However, there is plenty of other stuff to blame Morris and co for: Not documenting their new policy properly, in the accounts or by keeping our own records of how we calculated the valuations.  Not appointing our own expert to the disciplinary panel.  And that's before you get to the massive overspending on stupid signings, hire 'em fire 'em approach to managers and so on.
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    JG400 reacted to cosmic in EFL Verdict   
    Shame on you EFL. And shame on you Mel Morris.
    There is no positive way out of this now. This club is ruined. 
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    JG400 reacted to Eddie in EFL Verdict   
    Or because the Derby County ownership are a bunch of inept idiots who couldn’t organise a *** up in a brewery.
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    JG400 reacted to Tamworthram in Stagnation setting in?   
    I can’t believe how many seem to be going into meltdown, worrying about crowds next season, commenting on the fact there hasn’t been an update on the official site for x number of hours, feeling disengaged etc
    Yes, I’d like to know what’s happening with regard to all things Derby but, if there’s a few weeks radio silence then it’s not going to damage my engagement with the club.
    The only risk of disengagement for me is with this site. I’ll click on one of the important threads only to see a barrage of new, and increasingly less funny puns. 
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    JG400 got a reaction from Stive Pesley in Gaming   
    You have to have a Facebook account  (the quest is cheap for a reason they want to farm all your personal information / VR activity  and you have to agree to it on sign up) and if for any reason the account is blocked , VR headset stops working , in terms of VR experience it is very much a marmite product  , the most popular games seem to be rail shooters and party games , there are some gems out there (RPG's and quality First Person Shooters) but not many (its  still a new medium) , the problem is the  human facter i.e. the IPD (inter Polar Distance)   if your pupils don't match the perceived human norm i.e. 64mm apart  visually things go down hill very quickly (to be fair 62 mm - 68 mm will do) images become blurry and text is unreadable , the Oculus Quest 2 has 3 settings and if you eyes don't match one of those 3 you are going to be frustrated , I have quite a wide IPD and my only solution would be to get the Steam VR headset (Valve) which has a broader range but is super expensive 
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    JG400 reacted to hintonsboots in Yankee Doodle Derby   
    Please Mel let’s have some news I can’t take anymore.
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    JG400 reacted to hintonsboots in Yankee Doodle Derby   
    Fleetwood Mac ??? Involved??
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    JG400 reacted to Eddie in How you holding up ...   
    I never worry about anything I can do nothing about.
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    JG400 reacted to BramcoteRam84 in El DerbyCo   
    Can understand Ed Dawes reacting the way he did when he and his radio Derby colleagues are being completely trashed publicly and unfairly 
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    JG400 got a reaction from Rammy03 in Benjamin Bloom Football Channel   
    Not seen much of a mention of this youtube channel on here , I think this is a great channel and well worth watching
  19. Clap
    JG400 reacted to RoyMac5 in El DerbyCo   
    I don't think it has anything to do with whether he's given 'his all' or rather 'the clubs all'. Its to do with the fact he was custodian of the club - it's okay saying 'he meant well' or 'you never said anything bad when he spent lots of money'. We the fans had no say in the matter, all we could do is support the club. The clubs administration was all down to Morris, and he's left us in an incredible mess. 
  20. Clap
    JG400 reacted to europia in Mel had a dream   
    People often use the cliche about hindsight. However, that doesn't cut it when the same mistakes are being made again and again. That actually might be considered borderline negligence. 
    It would be OK failing to achieve the 'key goal' of promotion, it happens, so no problem. It's gone way beyond that. The club no longer owns Pride Park, the squad is woeful with no funds to rebuild, and DCFC is up for grabs to the first delboy wannabe football club owner to beg steal or borrow enough cash to scrape a deal together.  
  21. Haha
    JG400 reacted to richinspain in El DerbyCo   
    Where did I leave me pliers? Oooh, a fried chip butty, lovely!
  22. Clap
    JG400 reacted to Spanish in El DerbyCo   
    He is not immune from criticism IMO.  I don’t know of anybody on here that doesn’t recognise and welcome his contribution.  But we can’t escape the fact that we currently are on the edge of relegation, under an embargo and no longer own our ground.   If that doesn’t make you feel sick you must have a strong stomach.  It is a crying shame that it hasn’t worked out
  23. Clap
    JG400 reacted to ariotofmyown in Abu Derby County   
    Sounds promising. They left us in limbo for weeks, but are still keen. If they do somehow stump up the cash before the ultimatum, I'll have little hope that it won't be a disaster.
  24. Haha
    JG400 reacted to Wolfie20 in Lee Gregory, signed on loan for the rest of the season.   
    Well I'd let him go out on loan. 
  25. Haha
    JG400 reacted to CornwallRam in Morgan Whittaker - joined Swansea permanent deal   
    Tom Ince's aggression and Kamil Jozwiak's shooting ability. £700k is great business for us.
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