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  1. Haha
    Norman got a reaction from Steve How Hard? in V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread   
    It won't mate. 
    You're about to be banned 😂😂
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    Norman reacted to Alpha in View from the outside 2018-2019   
    Tell him Billy Sharp has been given a disciplinary for yesterday's unauthorised absence 
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    Norman reacted to Duracell in View from the outside 2018-2019   
    Saw an excellent post on the Sheffield United forum.
    ”Their centre backs are immobile and I feel we didn’t test them properly.”
    Richard Keogh. Fikayo Tomori. Immobile.
    I mean both have their limitations but what in the name of steel mining did this fella see to think that they move slowly?!?????!!?!!??!!??
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    Norman reacted to Ramarena in Jack Marriott   
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    Norman reacted to StringerBell in V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread   
    And Tom Lawrence up front. He's just like Bale/Ronaldo.
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    Norman reacted to Gritters in New joke thread   
    I cooked the wife a steak last night. 
    She asked how it was cooked. I told her medium rare.
    She said “I like mine well done”.
    I replied “Thanks anytime”.
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    Norman reacted to Steve How Hard? in Pets   
    Sounds like he was not a Labrador after all. He was quite possibly that rare breed of Lavrador. 🚽🚽
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    Norman reacted to Parsnip in Pets   
    Yep. Unless he got a sniff of something - then he managed to cover 3 miles in 5 seconds and I'd be getting a call from some irate pub chef who's found him in his kitchen, or someone having a family bbq at the other end of the village. (Both real examples).
    Once, on a walk he disappeared for 45 mins. I finally caught a glimpse of his fat little arse in the bushes next to where someone had obviously been camping recently. I was worried that he'd eaten whatever rubbish they'd left behind - chicken bones or summat - but the truth was far more sinister. He'd found their toilet. I had to drag the disgusting pig home covered in used toilet paper and stinking of the human excrement that he'd spent the last 45 mins devouring. 
    Imagine that.
  9. Haha
    Norman reacted to Angry Ram in Picture where you and your knee are now   
    Rip that fecker out... Prefer my gaffs to be modern, see no sense in living in the dark ages.. We’ve moved on as a species..
    Books, can you get them on Kindle? Much tidier and easier to clean..
    Looks like hell to me.
  10. Haha
    Norman reacted to froggg in Nations League - Spain v England   
    Have a watch on YouTube and let us know 🤣
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    Norman reacted to VulcanRam in Macclesfield equal our record   
    This is league wins only. So it takes into account two seasons ago when they got relegated from L2, but ignores last season when they won the National League. Technically correct, but utterly pointless stat.
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    Norman reacted to Bris Vegas in Keogh: Always got a mist... world class bullet penalty in him.   
    Chosen to captain Republic of Ireland against Denmark.
    But he's rubbish right? 🙄
    One of the best centre-backs in the Championship. Always has been.
  13. Haha
    Norman reacted to Gritters in New joke thread   
    Just got back from a holiday in Thailand. I nearly went with one of those ladyboys.
    He looked like a woman walked like a woman and kissed like a woman but when he drove me back to his place and backed the car into the garage I thought somethings not right here.
  14. Haha
    Norman reacted to Parsnip in Smart home advice.   
    I don't bother with any of that. I rely solely on my reputation locally to ensure the security of my property. People round here know me and more importantly they know that messing with me is basically suicide. It's called respect and it's far more effective than any smart home hub crap.
    It's the same with my radiator valves. I never need to touch 'em. My home is always warm and ambient. Why do you think that is?
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    Norman got a reaction from Boycie in Picture where you and your knee are now   
    Newark. Opposite the castle. Welcome, Boycie 😂.
  16. Haha
    Norman reacted to Rev_Charles_Clinkard in Dogs on SPORTS Pitches BAN!   
    In Wales somewhere, at last someone has had the decency to ban dog owners from sports pitches. 

    And the RSPCA is joining the animal nuts in complaining about the ban. They've got a petition up about it even.


    What possible complaints do you think the dog apologists could have to being prevented from allowing their semi-continent beasts to defecate all over the space set aside for people to play sports? On what grounds do you suppose they're going to argue they should be allowed to use our sporting spaces as an animal lavatory?

    "If you want to stop dogs fouling you have to identify the minority who are letting dogs do it, not punish the ones who are picking up."

    Pick up well you may, madam. But your hound has deposited two and a half tins of digested pedigree chum chunks in abundant gravy, accompanied by biscuits and whatever other indulgent treats you've been feeding him. His foul, stinking, worm-ridden faecal matter will still be clinging to blades of grass with which honest football or rugby players might well be making intimate facial contact very shortly. And what about its pee madam? What about that? You're not picking that up, are you? It's dirty. Nasty. Take it somewhere else!

    And here's another objection:

    "It creates a lot of anti-dog feeling by promoting these proposals. They are using a sledgehammer to crack a nut,"

    No, madam. Au contraire. It's not the dog ban that creates anti-dog feeling, it's the skating around in stinking animal manure whilst trying to play sports that makes one angry, not at the dogs, the dogs no madam, rather their semi-imbecile owners.  Those who have to walk them over the football pitch when there's acres and acres of empty park and woods they could walk them in.

    I wonder if there will be a job going issuing the £100 fines. I'd love that job. That would be my job. If they didn't supply me with an officious peaked cap, I'd buy my own one. Oh, I'd work overtime for nothing.
    Just for the joy of the job.
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    Norman reacted to Lambchop in Time   
    Yeah, without all the fear and resentment built up from the past, and all the greed and lust projected into the future, we'd soon be in trouble. 
    I don't think his point is to blot out learning or anticipation, but rather to notice where you put your energy, and what effect that has.
    How often are we actually still and fully aware, rather than rushing from one thing to the next? Do we only expect life to be alright when we eventually arrive at some other point than here and now?
    What he says is literally true, we only ever experience the present, yet we tend to give greater significance to memories and expectations, which are just constructs in our minds.
    Life can only be lived now, peace and happiness can only be found now. Realising and accepting that is actually quite liberating. 
  18. Haha
    Norman reacted to i-Ram in Time   
    We’ve been on the drugs for so many bloody years now. Completely off our tits mostly. Everything’s a complete blur. I really have no concept of time.
    Charlie Watts
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    Norman reacted to David in Tipping   
    Ugh, that website. 
    Tells you how much to tip in restaurants, taxis and boat trips down the Thames, yet ends with this line...
    "England has by and large gone the way of most of Europe: Tips are included in many bills, especially in formal settings, and discretion is key in handing them over."
    Exactly, it's included in the bill. Tipping is very dated in this country and makes little sense why we choose to tip some service workers and not others.
    Why would you tip a waiter/waitress but not a grocery delivery worker?
    Why would you tip a taxi driver but not a bus driver?
    Why would you tip a barman/woman but not a McDonalds crew member?
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    Norman reacted to Lambchop in Dear Moon   
    This is cool. 

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    Norman reacted to mozza in Dear Moon   
    Looks like the trajectory of Wilson's wonder goal..
  22. Haha
    Norman reacted to Angry Ram in Will Cardiff take our record from us?   
    It’s part of us now.. I’m quite protective of it..
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    Norman reacted to AmericanRam in Funny Pics Thread   
  24. Haha
    Norman reacted to SaintRam in v Bolton Wanderers (A) Match Thread   
    Tom Lawrence has to be leading the league in passes played onto the heels of teammates. 
  25. Clap
    Norman reacted to Angry Ram in QPR (A) Tickets   
    Get yourself on the Roadrider, I will meet you off the coach when you get to QPR and put you back on it after. 

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