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    Norman reacted to Inglorius in Bradley Johnson   
    Why don't you accept that every day that goes by means it's a day closer to his contract running out.
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    Norman reacted to MackworthRamIsGod in Bradley Johnson   
    If I was new football and had no idea who Bradley Johnson was, what qualities would you be able to tell me he has?
    What does he bring to our team, what are his strengths?
    As a fan of derby who knows Bradley Johnson I struggle to answer those questions.
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    Norman got a reaction from Rample in v Millwall (A) Match Thread   
    Hate to bash certain players. Don't think I have ever had a go at one on here other than Johnson.
    And I'm going to have another go now.
    He can't head. He can't tackle. He can't time tackles. He doesn't intercept. First touch is abysmal. Second touch goes out of play.
    There are others having bad games. But you can see a footballer somewhere in them all. Bit not Johnson
     Woeful player. Get Evans on and watch us improve. 
    Poor performances at CDM have cost us in all the league games so far.
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    Norman reacted to mozza in v Millwall (A) - Predictions   
    Who is this Lawrence Waghorn? 
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    Norman reacted to jimbo jones in v Millwall (A) Match Thread   
    Well, for those of us who wanted no more defensive Rowettball...we’ve got our wish 😂
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    Norman reacted to Grimbeard in v Millwall (A) Match Thread   
    I'm confused @BurtonRam7. If you don't actually like the taste of beer or cider, why not just get some Panda Pops and have done with it?
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    Norman reacted to Angry Ram in v Millwall (A) Match Thread   
    Teams are out soon 

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    Norman reacted to Angry Ram in v Millwall (A) Match Thread   
    I’ve died and gone to OAP hell.   Grrrr

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    Norman reacted to RamNut in Walk Out Music   
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    Norman reacted to i-Ram in Walk Out Music   
    Toxic - Britney Spears
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    Norman reacted to TroyDyer in Labour Party eats itself   
    Owen Jones is the prime example of how Labour have sold out their working class backgrounds, for spoilt little v neck victim ***** like him. 
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    Norman reacted to reveldevil in Labour Party eats itself   
    A small compensation for having to pay £9k a year Uni fees, not to mention the loss of a student grant, perhaps.
    Maybe it will make them feel better about living at home until their 30's, because affordable housing doesn't exist in the numbers it once did.
    It will help them move from insecure job to insecure job though, so that's good.
    They will of course pay it back by working decades longer for much less pay than previous generations though.
    Maybe not so much of a bribe as a sticking plaster on the conscience of the older generation.
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    Norman reacted to JoetheRam in Random stuff that people do that annoy me/People who probably need punching   
    Further to this: 'Personalised' number plates.
    What better way is there to identify a driver as someone who has too much money and too little imagination to spend it on something worthwhile?
    These are the same people who are into premium, but ultimately bland soulless crap like going on holiday to Dubai, Range Rovers and De Longhi coffee machines .
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    Norman reacted to loweman2 in 1946 FA cup team   
    Just thought I would share this great photo, like everyone I have seen the black and white version numerous times but never in colour.
    still never been equalled !

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    Norman reacted to ThePrisoner in Bobby Madley   
    The rumour I can believe, but him being 32?! Get outta town!
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    Norman reacted to Mr Giggles in Picture where you and your knee are now   
    Don't get too rowdy, it is only swanage 
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    Norman reacted to Bris Vegas in A Level results day 2018   
    Well done buddy.
    I think there should be more done to help students find out where their real interests lie.
    I mean I took math, business, economics and law at A level and pretty much flopped them all.
    I didn’t go to uni. Had no real interest in it.
    Instead I traveled to Australia and Canada, before coming down here to Mexico. I learned Spanish in 3 months, at 6 months I hit a wall where I couldn’t learn any more unless I took up something with particular vocabulary like astronomy. 
    Who knew I had a knack for languages? Who knew I had real interest in sport, nutrition, tourism and culture? 
    Nobody ever sat me down and told me that what I really wanted to do was great, even if it wasn’t conventional or likely to get me into some fancy university.
    I was just following a path I didn’t want to take... I’m not complaining as my life has turned out well, but I can imagine there are thousands others out there who also never got the support or was lead down the wrong path for them and ultimately became lost in society.
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    Norman reacted to OwenB87 in Interview with Mel Morris   
    Happy to.
    I wasn't at this particular briefing, but based on my experience it'll have gone something like this.
    RD & the DET will get an invite after one or both of them have asked for an interview - I know Steve Nic had asked on this occasion, not sure about RD.
    There's generally a bit of an off-the-record conversation before the actual interview gets underway. It's not like post-match where the manager will walk up and the conversation starts immediately.
    As there's no point asking the same/very similar questions twice, radio will kick-off and the paper are welcome to use that too. This is standard for interviews/press conferences, and that's why the DET transcript is the same as the RD interview.
    After the radio has finished, the DET will generally follow up with any extra questions, or to clarify any bits that need it.
    Then everyone will agree when they're going to run the stuff.
    And that's how the sausage gets made 👍
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    Norman got a reaction from Lambchop in Nazi Pug guy found guilty   
    I am not on about @Lambchop.
    But I bet she will be thinking 'Uh Oh' when she reads her notifications and reads that I have mentioned her 🤣.
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    Norman reacted to philmycock in Derby County Fan Missing   
    I'm sure the bender loved it 😂 
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    Norman reacted to archied in Nazi Pug guy found guilty   
    On the subject of mock outrage are we not chastised by these posters that if we are not actively fighting racism we are promoting it ,same with homophobia yet if we doggedly question them in terms of standing up for women’s rights we are creating straw men ,mocking outrage and perhaps it’s best if we pipe down because it exposes the double standards ? Interesting , people should only argue / debate issues strongly if it doesn’t expose these posters shifting ethics
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    Norman reacted to archied in Tory party eats itself   
    Sadly there are far too many no cost hero’s nowadays ,, they daydream themselves as the real hero’s who fought for and won real battles for equality ,gay rights ,civil rights at great risk and cost to themselves ,not getting in the papers by targeting and sueing a bloody bakers and as such they label decent people as facist,Nazi,phobic and pretend they are hero’s at war , great defenders of the oppressed flitting from one fashionable cause or minority to the next which are often extremely opposed to and conflict each other ,,, there’s people I know in real life who would be labelled nazis on here but in real life have been and would be the first to stand toe toe against REAL bigots but hey ho
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    Norman reacted to archied in Tory party eats itself   
    Well you say that but if I decided that my daughters were to wear a full faced mask from birth in public as I felt that was the right thing to do spiritually would that be ok or would I have the social services round quick smart ? 
    The evaluation your agreeing with has lots of value but it is not the only one and all else can be dismissed as balls
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    Norman reacted to GboroRam in Tory party eats itself   
    I think that's a pretty honest evaluation. Despite all the conversation about communication and women's rights, the main driver behind all this discussion is the uneasiness people feel when they see someone in face-covering dress. The other issues are frankly balls, and aren't the real reason at all.
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    Norman reacted to jono in Tory party eats itself   
    Being resistant to someone who covers their face has nothing to do with wanting secularity.  It has everything to do with knowing who or what your neighbour is - It is hard wired in to our survival mechanisms - be wary of the stranger.  - If you cant identify someone and read their body language it innately raises the hackles. Not because we are or are not tolerant but because our bodies perceive a threat. The answer is not to say "don't worry its just a funny dress" the answer is for the wearer to adjust their behaviour to more easily fit with the tribe they live amongst. That is the cost of living in a mixed society .. we all have to give a bit of ground. The wearing of a Burkah is a blunt refusal to do so. …. and again .. I wouldn't ban it … but I would say that if you chose to wear one then you must be prepared to accept a certain entirely rational degree of suspicion or even hostility as a consequence - all for the basic reasons outlined above.  
    The secondary issues about patriarchies and subjugation of women are arguments that we can all bounce around but fundamentally the Burkha is pretty much off putting to all but the religious zealots who promoted it in the first place and counter to basic human behaviour and interaction. 

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