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  1. v Cardiff (A) - Predictions

    Cardiff 0-4 Derby... FGS Martin
  2. GR - stick or twist

    Stick or Twist?
  3. Replacing Gary....a hypothetical question

    Replacing Gary.... Well to keep the fan base happy the new manager would need to- 1..Win every game 5-0. 2. Never lose or draw. 3. Play like Brazil in the 70's Or we could just keep Gary and give him time.
  4. What are the reasons to keep faith in Rowett?

    Agreed.. Exactly my point.. Nobody got a chance and thats why we are here.
  5. What are the reasons to keep faith in Rowett?

    What are the reasons to keep faith in Rowett? Because constantly changing managers achieves nothing and makes the squad even more fractured than before. He is a good young manager that needs a season to build the squad he needs... Like McClaren did... Like all managers do.
  6. Brentford V Derby County

    Well at least Keogh will get a few days off of being massacred by certain "fans"
  7. Time to go !

    So are you suggesting Derby currently tastes like Dr Pepper?
  8. Time to go !

    Have you been drinking?? Get behind GR and give him a season at least. This constant negativity and wanting to sack managers has to stop.
  9. Time to go !

  10. Brentford V Derby County

    Don't think anyone is pleased with the draw... I don't think many were pleased when we where winning either...
  11. Brentford V Derby County

    Cue the moaning and complaining now we are drawing.... And we were all also positive on the forum!!!!
  12. Brentford V Derby County

    So just to confirm losing is bad... Drawing is bad... and winning is bad if we don't play like Brazil in the 70's...
  13. Brentford V Derby County

    Leeds are on 59% possession.. Burton on 54% Not really helping them at the moment...
  14. Brentford V Derby County

    We are winning.... This would be a game which we would have probably lost last year with so little possession... Positives people... Positives
  15. Brentford V Derby County

    Yep I am naive.. I forgot that focusing on any positives is no way to support any team....

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