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  1. Online fanbase, more harm than good?

    People come on a forum to vent at times. Nothing wrong with that as long as it is constructive. I would hate the forum to become a bland, sanitized place where everyone agrees with everyone on everything. Fans will always have views if a player is good enough for the club be it in the pub, the Internet or at the ground. Aggressive, abusive or violent messages should see that member banned however.
  2. Derby County v Preston North End

    Watford? I joke....
  3. Members who don't post - Why?

    I create dozens of pretend accounts as they are the only ones that agree with me....
  4. i wander if callium guy take over from will huges

    I don't think it is about getting behind the lads.. I have never questioned NB's commitment or willingness to play or effort.. He simply isn't good enough to play for Derby.. You can cheer me on all you like if I am attempting heart surgery but the fact I am not a heart surgeon means I shouldn't be doing it. I cheered on Conor Sammon when he played. Wasn't good enough though.
  5. 33 ex-Derby players who are worse than Nick Blackman

    The whole thread is nonsense... Nick Blackman is an expensive £3 million flop who has produced nothing and shown nothing since he has been here and exactly the type of player we should move on.. I am sure he is a lovely guy (and I mean no offence) but so is Gandhi and I wouldn't want to see him play for Derby either.. So, in conclusion there may be a billion players worse than NB but that doesn't mean he is good enough for Derby..
  6. 33 ex-Derby players who are worse than Nick Blackman

    Nick Blackman...
  7. Age

    As a 40 year old I find it very depressing to think you are over the hill at 30..
  8. The Save Will Hughes Thread

    Couple of thoughts here if £4.5 million is true... Rob Earnshaw cost £3.5 million in 2007. Adjusted for inflation that is £4.5 million.. So Rob Earnshaw is worth the same as Will and Will is well under half the price received for Hendrick... Based on the Will being arguably our best player that means on sliding scale Nick Blackman can by purchased for approximately the same price as a happy meal at McDonalds..
  9. The Save Will Hughes Thread

    Will Hughes is the male version of that super hot girlfriend that you had when you were younger. You knew she will eventually end up with the rich, handsome man with the Ferrari but you didn't expect her to end up with some bloke down the pub in the XR3i and for the price of a packet or pork scratchings.
  10. What would your perfect summer transfer window be?

    Why do we think it is like FIFA 17? Players only have the value that other clubs are willing to spend and trying to sell half your squad is ridiculous. We need to add a couple of the right players and wait for offers for others that don't fit in to the plans. The squad is currently in the top 7 or 8 in the division and we just need to make sure we get the right players which add something to the squad. Patience is the key.
  11. Players want to come to Derby!

    Thanks mate.. You are a star..
  12. Players want to come to Derby!

    Going to have to get me readers on for that one...
  13. Barnes and Ball

    Blimey that is not even a 5th of what you are earning...
  14. Barnes and Ball

    March the 25th? **** missed it... £24.50 seems steep though.. Maybe The Grumbleweeds are playing Great Yarmouth.

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