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  1. You referring to these bays, right? You referring to these bays, right? I had a look today and there’s two ANPR cameras, one on entrance and another on exit. Theres DCFC’s own sign that says ‘staff and permit holder only’ and another sign which I presume is the camera’s company sign which is a lot more in-depth about the car park. Definitely wouldn’t enter this car park. Though, is there a grace period in which you’re allowed to leave the car park penalty free. E.g. you entered the car park to find out that its staff and permit holder only then you leave like 2 minutes later?
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone. Much appreciated! I confirmed this with the receptionist today so no time restrictions and no need to give them your number plate. The receptionist also noted just don’t park in the reserved bays and the staff&permit holder car park on the east side.
  3. Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone know whether there is a time restriction on the main west stand car park? Had a look on their website and it just says free parking, no mention of time so I’m guessing there’s no time restriction? Had a look on street view and don’t seem to see any restrictions signs at the entrance of the car park. Also, do we need to give the reception our number plate? Apologies in advance for all the questions!
  4. you park in one of the car parks in stanier way? many thanks for your reply
  5. Where abouts in chad? I’ve heard they started to crack down on matchday parking. many thanks for your reply.
  6. Hi everyone, just wondering where everyone park on matchdays and for how much? Is there any free parking nearby, I don’t mind walking a bit. many thanks!
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