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    Frogram reacted to I DONT MIND in Which player made you fall in love with DCFC?   
    This man the best defender i have ever witnessed in 60 years:

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    Frogram got a reaction from Mucker1884 in EFL appeal   
    Or saying " Haitch " instead of " Aitch " - aarrgghh .
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    Frogram got a reaction from Ken Tram in EFL appeal   
    Or saying " Haitch " instead of " Aitch " - aarrgghh .
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    Frogram got a reaction from ck- in EFL appeal   
    Or saying " Haitch " instead of " Aitch " - aarrgghh .
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    Frogram got a reaction from Arsene Titman in EFL appeal   
    Or saying " Haitch " instead of " Aitch " - aarrgghh .
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    Frogram reacted to Steve Buckley’s Dog in EFL appeal   
    Looking at other team’s forums and the heart warming responses on Twitter and the like makes you realise how people blindly lap up anything printed in the Daily Mail. No wonder we are stuck with Boris Johnson for the next 200 years. I had a read to check the number of modal verbs used in that badly written article and subsequently found another article that said our survival was ‘one of the most dismal sights of the weekend’.
    I love the unbiased tone of that article. I am going to presume that Mel Morris has become friends with Jeremy Corbyn. I think it is the most likely explanation for this love affair they have developed with us, whilst conveniently ignoring all other transgressions, as pointed out elsewhere.
    Personally I draw comfort from knowing that no matter how much that awful rag hates us, it will never be as much as I despise it and it’s bigoted, badly written divisive poo.
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    Frogram reacted to duncanjwitham in Always the Marriott, never the Toney   
    That's the big thing for me.  How many players have we signed who did well at previous clubs and then used them completely differently? Marriott played in a 2 at Peterborough, Lawrence played centrally at Ipswich, Blackman played a sort of inside-right for Reading, Johnson played almost up front for Norwich, Butterfield played further forward with a mobile striker in front of him for Huddersfield and so on. We buy players with no understanding of why they were successful at previous clubs, use them completely wrongly until they've no value left, then pay them to go away. Rinse and repeat.
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    Frogram reacted to richinspain in If you could summon up a past Rams player at peak form to help us out right now -  who would you pick?   
    Mick Bloody Coop. I thought that the idea was to improve the team with more desire and ability, not guarantee relegation.
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    Frogram got a reaction from GboroRam in Worst gig you have ever been to. Comedy or music.   
    Tommy Cooper , " Talk of the Midlands " many moons ago . He was so pissed he could hardly stand up , and I couldn't understand a word he said . Very disappointing , and very expensive chicken and chips in a basket . 
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    Frogram reacted to maxjam in A helicopter on Mars!   
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    Frogram reacted to Eddie in What's the most ridiculous way you have ever hurt yourself?   
    Larking around as a kid aged 11, I was pushed off the side of the 5 metre diving board and hit - or rather, skimmed - the 3 metre diving board on my way to the pool. A broken collar bone was the least of my worries - the next 3 months saw skin grafts and daily treatment at hospital, having dressings changed where I had lost skin from my left hip, all the way up to my armpit and the whole length of my arm.
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    Frogram reacted to Mostyn6 in Things that annoy me but shouldn’t..   
    Relentless emails asking “How did we do?” After you buy something, talk to someone or even have something posted through your letterbox! 
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    Frogram reacted to sage in Men v Boys Match Ratings, deadline 5pm tomorrow   
    I'm not commenting on people's scores, just reminding them of the framework. Not for me to say if that is the worst performance they have ever seen from a Derby player. Many of them aren't old enough to remember Mick Coop.
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    Frogram reacted to Steve How Hard? in Colin Kazim-Richards Fan Club   
    Colin Jizzum Richards?
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    Frogram reacted to i-Ram in Derby County Vs Bournemouth Matchday thread.   
    Great win. Fantastic mileage and tenacity from many. He wasn’t man of the match but George Evans again impressed in the back 3. Lots moan about him, but he is a very able footballer. Wisdom still scares the bejeezus out of me.
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    Frogram got a reaction from Boycie in Mum's Cooking   
    When I was a child , my Mum made the best chips in the world . Cooked in a chip pan , containing  a wire basket , using beef dripping . I've not had better in all the years since . Drool ...
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    Frogram reacted to TuffLuff in What Are You Listening To?   
    This is an astounding piece of music, with an extra slice of local Derby history for those interested 
    Here’s the original:
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    Frogram reacted to Eddie in Best Quotes   
    “Strange women lying in ponds, distributing swords, is no basis for a system of government! Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony." - Dennis
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    Frogram reacted to LeedsCityRam in Who is to blame   
    Really harsh & a bit simplistic to blame Mel. He's made mistakes but he has poured in time, effort & plenty of money to get us up. He will have been advised by plenty including Sam Rush/Chris Evans.
    Rather than 'who' is to blame...'what' is to blame? The cult of celebrity that has swept over this club for the past 5 years.
    From Paul Clement Real Madrid/PSG/Chelsea super coach, to big name expensive players under Clement & Rowett, to Frank Lampard & his high profile and expensive loans leaving us with a shell of a squad, to Phillip Cocu and worst of all, being the final stop in the Wayne Rooney retirement tour. 
    This club needs to get back to basics. It needs to appoint the best man for the manager's job - irrespective of profile. It needs to recruit players from unconventional places based on how they fit into the team. It needs to prioritise hard work, high tempo football with emerging and hungry personnel and realise that players and managers 'on the way down' are rarely the magic ingredient for success.
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    Frogram reacted to MACKWORTHRAM in This is what gets me about this Derby team   
    The team isn't great at all.
    Saturday was bizarre. It seems like we have to do anything to accommodate Rooney. He shouldn't be playing every week. It's simple as that. 
    Arguably Jason Knight has been our best player this season. Proved to everyone that he's a midfielder and shouldn't be played on the wing. Seeing him on the wing last season made me question how good he was or potentially how good he could be. He's been a revelation in midfield this season. So what do we do? Put him back out wide again.
    Holmes shouldn't be anywhere near this team. The bloke is an absolute myth. Nowhere near good enough. I genuinely can't think of the last time he had a good game. 
    I'm sick of reading "we shouldn't have let Martin go" we didn't let him go. Martin chose to leave. Which he was always going to do. We have known he was leaving since last season. Signing a number 9 was imperative. The fact that we haven't done that is gross mismanagement steming right down from Mel Morris. Because now we are left with Waghorn as our number 9. Which he isn't and never will be. So many times balls get put in the box right where you'd expect your striker to be and he's not there. He doesn't have that instinct. He isn't good at holding the ball up and bringing others into play.
    I was shocked when we signed CZR. Look at his record. 16 clubs in 16 years and not many goals. Crazy decision. But we've done it.
    He's a big lad and can be a handful. I don't understand why he's not even in the squad. Especially now with 9 subs. I get we put JHI on the bench and that Kornell-Mcdonald. But to be quite honest. Now isn't the time for putting young lads in to see if they are good enough.
    One final thing I don't understand. We had a 4 man coaching team. Cocu, Team, Chris and Rosenior. 3 of them are gone.
    Why is Rosenior still at the club? I've got to a point where I can't watch his post match interviews anymore. Can see how well media trained he is to just go out there an say everything fans want to hear. Unfortunately now most of us can see right through it.
    "Its a privilege to work for this great football club"
    "We believe in what we do here. We know if we play like we want to we will get results"
    "The players are giving everything"
    "The players have been outstanding in training"
    But one comment he made on Saturday really did get to me:-
    “No disrespect to what’s happened before, but we’re trying to build a team with more confidence.”
    No disrespect to what's happened before? You mean the coaching regime of the previous 16 months that you've been apart of? The coaching regime that on countless occasions you have said how much you are learning from them?
    We need someone right now who can come in and steady the ship. Because it's sinking fast. Experience and a new voice. 
    Then I think we should look again in the summer when there are other options out there, better options than what's available now. When we might be a more attractive club to manage.
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    Frogram reacted to Rampage in Cocu left by mutual consent   
    Prem managers out, first time managers risky, foreign managers can be great as we have seen but need a good fit. Who does that leave as long term replacement. Chris Hughton was my first choice. Big Quandry.
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    Frogram reacted to Kinder in The Tenure of Melvyn Morris   
    Excellent post @Nuwtfly. 👏
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    Frogram reacted to LazloW in Abu Derby County   
    I know this opinion won’t go down well, but I’m just so very frustrated at the moment....
    I’m sorry. I know it is very petty but with Derby being poo at the moment, I’m at the end of my tether. I really am. 
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    Frogram reacted to Rev in New Manager   
    So you're saying you'd improve things?
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    Frogram reacted to Carl Sagan in Best inventions of the modern era..   
    Brilliant thread, @Angry Ram. The internet (as has been said by @EtoileSportiveDeDerby) is much longer ago that the 1990s beginning with Arpanet. The Queen was sending emails in 1976! https://www.wired.com/2012/12/queen-and-the-internet/
    The web was amazing, and has changed the world which is now divided between those who remember a world before it and those that don't and can't possibly comprehend what it was like, not to have the sum of all Human knowledge instantly accessible at your fingertips (or spoken command).
    What will change the future?
    Reusable rockets and electric autonomous vehicles will be massive, but of equal or more long-term importance will be the invention of the blockchain, created to support the people's money, aka Bitcoin. It was a solution to a problem that few realized we had. It was potentially the most dangerous invention ever, overthrowing the global financial system, so its inventor went by the alias Satoshi Nakamoto and has never been identified.
    Further ahead, the most transformative invention will be Superintelligence, a runaway intelligence explosion where Humans are left far behind and our future is placed into the hands of intelligences we created but cannot control. We talk about this moment as The Singularity, after which predicting the future becomes impossible.
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