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  1. Owd up owd lad . Mac knows what he's on abart . Remember until he arrived at Man Uyd they couldnt win European Cup apart from in 60's.
  2. I've read from a far this season mi owds.. but all I'll say is the blame for the mess wi are in rests wi mr Lampard and co. Think back ta when he wa on the yacht in our close season. Knackered us reet up that did . Never recovered...on the plus side though I've traded Hilda in since I last come on here ... got mi sent a reet sleek model nah ... daft owd miner .....
  3. I had covid last Nov and I had jab couple o week ago been badly since . Gerrin better though mi owd ... plus I've not really felt this season wa real if tha gets mi drift . Crap wi out the fans
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