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  1. As positive update as I think we could realistically expect at the moment. The bigger question then, perhaps, is that even if we do sign 4/5/10 of the freebies we may be enabled to sign, is that enough to keep Derby County Football Club in the second tier? Nice to ask a Football question and not a Finance question for once!
  2. Ryan, just finished the book, and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. I was born in the early 90's so the book literally covered my Derby County education from as far back as I can remember it as a child. Fantastic interviews, really well written and I've ordered copies for my Dad and Father-in-Law. Can't help but feel that fate is somewhat against the club when you read the back half of the book (from Mac 1 onwards), so close on so many occasions despite the Managerial turmoil and changes of style... how did nobody get us over the line? Also, reinforced my man-crush on Brys, the kind of bloke you'd love to sit and have a pint or three with, rare to see such devotion to a club the days I feel.
  3. 'Martyn Waghorn was an absolute snip at £5million'
  4. Good to see some actual passion from Rooney, prefer that to him joking with the 4th Official.
  5. Take a bow Buchanan, CKR couldn't miss. On a plate 🐑 🐑 🐑
  6. If we win and Wednesday lose, there down. We shouldn't need any more motivation than that.
  7. I think it may be a folly to expect Rotherham not to get 4 points from 7 games but that leaves us with a straight shootout over four games, we're very still in this.
  8. Last night was hard to stomach but I've woken this morning with a whiff of positivity. This is still very much game on; Rotherham have it all to do and we still have four games to make this happen. Me may be down but certainly not out.
  9. Totally agree, but I have to concede, this whole relegation battle is a bit exciting to be involved in! Better than having nothing to play for come April with mid-table obscurity. Refreshing bit of variety for a spring!
  10. One of the biggest nights of our season and we aren't even playing. Funny old world!
  11. We don't deserve it and I don't care!!! 🐑 🐑 🐑
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