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    Andrew3000 reacted to jono in Charlton Athletic (A) Match Thread   
    Love it when real fans and lovers of the game interact and visit each other’s forums. Great post mate. Looking forward to the contest here. Charlton always have a little corner of my footy heart as I took my nephew to his first football game V Charlton at pride park, 97 or 98 I think. You stuffed us 3-1 but nephew has been a fan of sport and the game ever since. He even ended up working at sky sports for a while. 
    Marriott is a conundrum. I think he has fitness issues. There is something groin wise that stops him being full on for a number of games. I don’t think it’s Cocu or choices, I thinks it physical robustness.
    we haven’t turned the corner. We are mid turn and it all depends on a depleted squad, the pace at which younger players develop and the capacity of championship players to improve or adapt to a style. If we click I have no doubt there is a cracking team but we haven’t worked out how to glue it together. 
    Who are your danger men / game changers / workhorses / local heroes ? 
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    Andrew3000 reacted to ramit in Birkir Bjarnason - Joined Al-Arabi   
    No, he missed out on playing for a proper club, all he gets is money, the silly guy
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    Andrew3000 reacted to 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in Birkir Bjarnason - Joined Al-Arabi   
    Like the look of this lad. Would be a solid signing even if we weren't short of mids right now. Technical and works his socks off. Looks made to measure for the Championship to my eyes.
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    Andrew3000 reacted to ramit in Birkir Bjarnason - Joined Al-Arabi   
    He played well, his strength, positioning and passing was very good, especially in the second half as he became used to the unfamiliar position of defensive minded left central midfielder.  Fitness is not an issue with Birkir, the longer the game went on the more he ran.  He has a phenomenal engine, so that does not surprise me.
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    Andrew3000 reacted to Anag Ram in Two Directors step down   
    Will it give us wingers though?
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    Andrew3000 reacted to Jourdan in Two Directors step down   
    If this incoming investment is to keep the club afloat financially, then it is very welcome.
    But if it is to restart another vanity project and spending spree, then I fear the worst.
    I don’t see any point bringing in new investors and making money available, because history tells us we don’t have the right infrastructure and the right people spending it.
    What will be more beneficial is having better strategic planning and getting the right staff in the right areas, rather than being armed with more millions.
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    Andrew3000 reacted to King Kevin in Two Directors step down   
    Be careful what you wish for.
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    Andrew3000 reacted to GenBr in January 2020 transfer window   
    We have 3 of the best strikers in the league already. Wingers are our priority since we basically only have one and that is Josefzoon. Midfield is also lacking in creativity. If defence needs anyone its only as a permanent replacement for Clarke or backup for injuries. Goalkeeper may also need an upgrade. Hence striker is the last position we need to strengthen.
    Leeds sold Clarke to Spurs and then Spurs loaned him back to Leeds. Poch wanted him to continue his development under Bielsa who then for some unknown reason refused to play him, so Spurs exercised a clause in the loan contract to recall him. They do have a lot of loan players in their 18, so maybe they couldn't fit another one and stay within the rules. Either way I would assume he is going back out on loan in January.
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    Andrew3000 reacted to Gandalf's shin pads in As A Derby Fan What Are You Most Bitter About?   
    Speaking as someone not born when we won our titles, I suppose the missed opportunities to build on the second and third best squads we have had since. Late Eighties under Cox and late Nineties under Smith. 
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    Andrew3000 reacted to Ellafella in Graeme Shinnie   
    Brilliantly accurate analogy. Hudd’s Presence ties us geographically to our defensive 3rd and gives opportunities to the opposition. Hudd is a great footballer but it’s time we moved on. 
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    Andrew3000 reacted to Millenniumram in Graeme Shinnie   
    Woah there, don’t get talking about my man Duane like that 😤
    Honestly don’t see what he doesn’t offer that you think dowell does? Holmes is 100% a centre mid, he’s got good feet, good passing, is reasonably strong and battles well. Great ball carrier as well. Not the same type of CM as Shinnie, but if you have three shinnies then you’ll get nowhere either. He’s the more defensive style, Holmes is more attacking- you need both. Christ knows what dowell is, he’s supposed to be the latter I suppose but he offers almost none of what Holmes does. Team has to carry him when he’s on the pitch.
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    Andrew3000 reacted to Jourdan in Luton Town (H) Match Thread   
    At this stage, it’s all about setting the platform. You can’t really worry too much about performances in October. Games like today’s are ones you simply have to win by hook or crook (or even in this case, luck).
    9 points from 15 and five unbeaten is a steady return when you consider where we were after the last international break.
    Of course it is tinged with disappointment that it could and should have been more. But some may argue it could and should have been less - so what can you do?
    Another interesting block of five games coming up with three difficult looking away games.
    You have to hope that now Cocu will take these two weeks to settle on a side. Now Bogle and Holmes are fit and Davies, Shinnie, Paterson and Martin have got a look-in, Cocu at least can see that he has options, something to work with. I just hope he can be swift and decisive, so we can come back and hit the ground running, and build up a real head of steam.
    I don’t feel like we should write this team off. For what many consider to have been a poor start to the season, we are still only five points off the top six and those mighty all-conquering beacons of fair play, Leeds United.
    There’s life in this season yet.
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    Andrew3000 reacted to Mucker1884 in Luton Town (H) Match Thread   
    Poor game.  Great result (And prediction league points for 2-0, so an added bonus!)
    Shinnie good in general.  Excellent first half.  FloJo seems to be getting worse as each game comes his way... and that from a poster who rarely notices individual performances, and never normally singles out players for poor performances!  The rest were all between "a bit meh" and "Whatever"!
    Poor show from the fans for booing the keep-ball... and for cheering the occasional long punt by Roos, despite 100% of them going straight to the oppo!  Fans are their own worst enemy at times.
    Any ref who can allow a free kick for off-side to be taken in the oppo's half is akin to a decorator stepping off his step ladders and putting his foot straight into the paint tin.  I ain't a fan of slapstick.
    Now... I've given a lot of stick to certain (alleged) Drunk drivers this past 10 days or so... and to the club too.  I didn't want either of them playing before the court date, but have come to appreciate that I have no say in the matter, as a mere "customer".  I wasn't particularly impressed by either "apology" either, be that content, or timing.  I wasn't overly convinced either were genuine and heartfelt.  Thus far, I have neither boo'd nor cheered their names, or their actions.
    However, from my vantage point half way up the upper tier, in the NE corner, I probably had a better view than 98% of people in the stadium... of just how much that goal meant to TL.  He looked absolutely drained.  A mixture of true relief and guilt.  He was almost apologetic for scoring, never mind anything else!  As much as I detest his involvement in those events that night, I felt for the lad, if I'm honest.  It was quite emotional stood there, politely applauding his goal, and witnessing his reaction up close and personal.  It almost bought a tear, if truth be told.  I can tell all those doubters... He is remorseful.  He is full of regret.  He is riddled with guilt... Either that, or he is one hell of an actor!
    He regained... in part at least... a little respect back from me today, strengthened by his determination to thank all stands after the final whistle, before being the last but one to go down the tunnel.  That in itself took guts, imo.  Seeing him today, I suspect he's lost a little of that cockiness now.  Personally, I'd say that was a good thing.
    Onwards and upwards.  There's a long way to go yet... on the pitch, off the pitch, and in the law courts... but despite the to-ings and fro-ings of the last week and a half, today was a step forward... and I'm glad I had the balls to turn up and witness it!
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    Andrew3000 reacted to Bob The Badger in Luton Town (H) Match Thread   
    Yikes Jozefzoon one of 12 kids! 
    We clearly bought the wrong one.
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    Andrew3000 reacted to Sexydadbod in Luton Town (H) Match Thread   
    Andre wisdom is back in the squad, good to see us have another rb option in case Bogle gets injured again
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    Andrew3000 reacted to TuffLuff in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    Also I know the defending has been poor but I think it’s worth pointing out that Davies and Clarke was our fourth defensive combination in ten games without considering changes to full backs. Top defending comes from partnerships being formed, which takes game time. This also naturally makes your players more organised when they know their jobs, which grows confidence. It will take time, but I do think the whole first 11 needs more consistency in it before it works as a unit.
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    Andrew3000 reacted to Alpha in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    Am I the only one that enjoyed the game?
    Every set piece caused us problems but other than that our only problem from 15mins onwards was figuring out how to pick out the player in wide open space with just a keeper to beat. 
    The highlights were;
    Paterson and Martin. Very exciting partnership down the middle
    Bielik is a defensive midfielder. He tracks runners and shields the defence. He has moments of crap amongst his superb play. Good player and I wasn't unhappy to see the back of Huddz. Shame about circumstances though
    Lowe and the brilliant Bogle. Young, a touch naive but good. Bogle is better than good
    The switching of positions between players makes me think they're understanding their roles.
    The bad?
    Roos. Refuses to catch anything he can't protect with his chest. Barnsley targeted him. A keeper that can't catch?!?! Why?
    Waghorn, first touch of Connor Sammon. Terrible terrible first touch. Plenty of graft and he's always there to try and help but not very good quality
    The game management. Sooo many counter attacks wasted by over excitement. Did the hard stuff easy and the easy stuff hard. 
    Fun game. Derby with very little composure.
    Martin and Paterson! 👍
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    Andrew3000 reacted to SaintRam in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    Max Lowe has been supoib! 
  20. Haha
    Andrew3000 reacted to Bob The Badger in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    Martin looked lake a gazelle then. 
    An extremely old gazelle with asthma. 
    Love  him though. 
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    Andrew3000 reacted to Van Cone De Head in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    Paterson is growing on me rapidly 
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    Andrew3000 reacted to TuffLuff in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    Lowe looks so much better that he’s not this bombing forward wing back. Looks a lot more composed and all the better for it. Quietly having one of the best performances out there 
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    Andrew3000 reacted to AdamRam in Lawrence and Bennett charged with drink driving   
    Seen this on Ram page today, not sure if it already been posted....

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    Andrew3000 reacted to LittleEatonRam in Lawrence and Bennett charged with drink driving   
    I get your point, and it’s been made a lot on this forum lately, which is fair enough. None of us are perfect and have unblemished records. I know I don’t.
    But I’m afraid different standards apply to footballers. I know that seems unfair, but it’s a fact.
    They are paid exceptional wages on exceptional terms of employment. They’re paid whether they play or not, and however well or badly they play. Most people don’t have that luxury. Someone like Lawrence is probably on about £15k a week (and that is probably a conservative estimate). That’s £780,000 per year. More than the best Consultant surgeons in the country, more than some of the most responsible individuals out there. More than some very top level managers at some of the biggest companies in the country. Certainly, if a Exec level employee in the company I work for (who probably aren’t on a fraction of that) did what TL did he’d be sacked without doubt. Because the level of pay dictates a level of behaviour and responsibility. Add into that the fact that professional footballers also have more free time and their wage per hour is astronomical.
    They are also (whether they like it or not) role models. I’m not saying they should be – god knows I’d prefer people to idolise those surgeons etc – but they are. They will know this because growing up they will have idolised footballers themselves. And they know this when they decide they want to be one.
    What must Philip Cocu think? Before Messi he made the most appearances for Barcelona of any foreign player. Do you think he did anything like this? I’m guessing not. And maybe that’s one of the reasons why he held that record. He knew he had to be a dedicated professional.
    Players like Mason Bennett will never make it to that level. He’ll be lucky to have a career in League Two if he’s as professional as this past week has suggested. At Derby since he was a boy. Handsomely rewarded way beyond what he deserves or has shown he might deserve. What a good life this club has given him up to now. Wealthy enough for a Mercedes despite a minimal contribution to Derby County in almost 10 years. The kind of life he probably wouldn’t have managed in any other sphere of life given the legendary void between his ears.
    Even if they are not beyond redemption (they clearly aren’t), I’d still get rid of them as they plainly do not have anywhere near the kind of attitude to make it into the kind of player this club needs and wants.
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    Andrew3000 reacted to CHCDerby in Keogh out for the season   
    If he had that much passion for the club, he'd have left at 8pm.
    I really don't know how you 'feel for him' when he's let himself, his family, employer and supporters down in a big way. Even if he was unconscious before getting in the car, he shouldn't have been drinking like that just 3/4 days before a game. 
    What pi55es me off the most is that we turn up to games expecting a fully committed performance from players after paying a big sum of money to watch, and probably unknown to us, they are getting pi55ed days before a game and god knows what else they are shoving in their body.
    Let's face it, if they hadn't have crashed, we'd have just thought Lawrence was having another off day.
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