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    Andrew3000 reacted to Rab a dab doo in Kaide Gordon   
    With a very young player its sometimes its a case of a balance what is on offer now against what may or may not be on offer later on.
    It our current predicament we need funds and the lad does not want to sign a contact with us. 
    So the only thing we can do is try to negotiate the best possible deal we can possibly get. 
    If a number of clubs want him this becomes a little easier if however he and his family have their heart set on one then we have to go with their wishes.
    If we get a good amount up front now and then include add on on for appearances, caps, percentage sell on then all the better.
    The lad and his parents should leave on the best of terms with our blessing.
    This sends out a wonderful message to other would be talents if they join our club they will be helped to develop their skills, given a route into the 1st team and we will not stand in their way or hinder their future progress.
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    Andrew3000 reacted to Rich84 in Kaide Gordon   
    For all those making statements and comments about the likelihood of Kaide playing for Liverpool, well, who's to say he won't be the next Raheem Sterling...
    Look at his career, did he make the right decision at the same age to leave QPR?
    It's not as if Liverpool don't ever use their academy players if they are good enough, I know there are lots that don't make it but you could say Harry Wilson falls into that bracket.
    Good luck to him whatever happens, yes I'd love to see a kid from my kids school play for The Rams, but hey ho
  3. Haha
    Andrew3000 reacted to Ambitious in Abu Derby County   
    I would like to think so, but it was within his power to pay the players, allow Rooney to make the necessary changes and stop the club from going into a transfer embargo. 
    How the club has been run/left in the lurch in the past month is exactly the opposite to how I expected it to be run under a supporter of the club. I know there have been mitigating factors, but ultimately it was within his power to stop what's happened from happening. No ifs or buts. 
    If you're selling a dog to someone who, for whatever reasons, is delayed in making the payment/collection. The dog still belongs in your care and you should still feed it and walk it - at a minimum. Jesus, even get it a chew toy every once in a while too! 
  4. Haha
    Andrew3000 reacted to Rampage in Oumar Niasse   
    Could be Niasse to see you, to see you Niasse. Or just a R Oumar.
  5. Clap
    Andrew3000 reacted to Anag Ram in Oumar Niasse   
    Could we please have a Tom Ince thread? 
    I keep hoping we've signed Niasse not last week's veg. 
  6. COYR
    Andrew3000 reacted to Topram in Realistically ,New transfers in January????   
    Big week incoming on transfer front, Rooney clearly has players ready wanting to come in, will he be able to get them? I’m not so sure..a lot to sort out in little over a week, first thing first pay the players and see where we are but I think the squad needs a couple of new faces nothing drastic it just needs strengthening enough to keep us away from the bottom 3! Hope Rooney is able to get what he wants or at least 1 or 2 of what he thinks will improve us! He definitely thinks he’ll get the answer this week on where he thinks the club wants to go in the future forwards or not, let’s hope he gets the answers he wants! COYR
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    Andrew3000 reacted to gccrowdpleaser in Oumar Niasse   
    Posted the other day...

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    Andrew3000 reacted to S8TY in Oumar Niasse   
    Thanks for the info mate ....sometimes i wonder why anyone would come on here with any info as some of the reactions on here are just plain rude....all you have done is pass it on ....why would'nt Rooney be open to his players about who's coming in ? and players do talk to each other as well....might not have come directly from Rooney to Bird
     Perhaps Niasse is even training with us already as hes a free agent 
  9. Cheers
    Andrew3000 reacted to hughesy 1984 in Oumar Niasse   
    Haven’t got a link, but my lads mates with Max Bird ( went school together) says we are simply awaiting for the embargo to be lifted and then have 3 x signings already lined up: jones on loan, Niasse on a free and Ince on loan. 
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    Andrew3000 reacted to NottsRam77 in Derby@QPR, Saturday 15.00 hrs.   
    Is there a game of football going on ??
    its v quiet in here 
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    Andrew3000 reacted to Anag Ram in Derby@QPR, Saturday 15.00 hrs.   
    Right Rams fans.
    I want you to visualise CKR rising majestically to power a header into the top corner following a pinpoint cross.
    Next, visualise a smiling WR patting his winning team on the back after a well-earned victory.
    And breathe...
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    Andrew3000 reacted to Ghost of Clough in Liverpool U23s vs Derby U23s, Saturday 23 January 1pm   
    Looks like we're continuing with 3 at the back.
    Ebosele   Bardell   Bateman   Solomon   Archie
    JBrown   LThompson   Williams
    Wilson   Cresswell
    Good to see JBrown back after his Covid issues, and just as good to see Ebosele start for the first time in a few months. Looks like Duncan will be with the first team.
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    Andrew3000 reacted to nottingram in Tom Lawrence   
    I think at this level, when you are looking at wingers then they are probably either consistently very average or are inconsistent with lots of ability. If you had one who was consistently excellent then they would not be at this level for very long.
    I think (one of) Lawrence’s issue(s) is he has quite a languid style. I don’t think he is lazy but at times his efforts are not always in the right places. Compare it to Jozwiak who I also think is a little inconsistent but he is much busier looking. I would wager if you compared their running stats there’d not be too much difference (I might be wrong). I can forgive inconsistency if the player is always trying and I do think Lawrence is. 
    On the whole I like him. I like that he plays with a chip on his shoulder and can be aggressive and I like it when he wins us a game on his own every so often. But I can also accept that isn’t for everyone. Ideal situation would be to have 3-4 first team level wingers who can rotate in and out of games when needed as we did during 2013-14 but I’m not sure the finances are in a position to allow that. 
  14. Clap
    Andrew3000 reacted to Bubbles in Jordon Ibe   
    We’re all behind you Jordon. 🐏 
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    Andrew3000 reacted to CornwallRam in Abu Derby County   
    He said today that none of his usual starting players will be leaving in this window. He's been quite pragmatic in admitting that he has plans for if the takeover doesn't happen. That suggests that Rooney has been given assurances that as a minimum the wages will be paid, he'll get some wiggle room to bring in cheap players and no one will be sold without his permission.
    I think if that limited set of assurances are kept he'll stay. What might tip the balance is if he wakes up to see Bielik in red and white stripes saying that he's so proud to have signed for the Blades.
  16. Sad
    Andrew3000 reacted to Topram in Realistically ,New transfers in January????   
    Conor Houriane is going to Swansea great signing for them
  17. COYR
    Andrew3000 reacted to Ted McMinn Football Genius in Jordon Ibe   
    Good news, now show the world what you’re capable of Jordan. We need you now more than ever, take this chance with both hands dude.
    We are all behind you Jordan, COYR 🐏🐏🐏
  18. COYR
    Andrew3000 reacted to Premier ram in Jordon Ibe   
    Get your head down and work hard Jordon , we need you fit and raring to go
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    Andrew3000 reacted to RoyMac5 in Jordon Ibe   
    Internal investigation has been completed and Jordon Ibe is due to return to training in a few days, Rooney said
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    Andrew3000 reacted to DCFC1388 in Abu Derby County   
    I don't care about statements regards the takeover, whether it goes through or collapsed. 
    All I want is to hear is that the players have been paid and the embargo is lifted so we can sign players. Because that will mean Mel has managed to sort out some money and I very much he would only sort money for the immediate wages.
  21. Cheers
    Andrew3000 reacted to AGR in Abu Derby County   
    I'm not sure if this has already been posted in here but the Ramswriter podcast spoke to a Middle Eastern journalist who provided a bit of insight
  22. Haha
    Andrew3000 reacted to Van der MoodHoover in Relegation watch   
    Fear not boys and girls.... 
    I'm sure the EFL will have used the summer lull well, and thoroughly scenario tested what they might do in the event of a well-advertised second wave. 
    They surely were clearly focused on the right priorities and wouldn't have wasted scarce time and resources pursuing petty grievances...... Oh....... Ah......... As you were...... 🤣
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    Andrew3000 reacted to Ellafella in Our Attacking Corners   
    One of the very notable improvements under Wazza are our attacking corners. It seems a long long time ago since we’ve been any kind of threat from an attacking corner. But now thanks to Shay Given, we look likely to score. And it’s all about the arcing inswinger with Byrne who delivers a beautiful dead ball from the left and Shinnie who does the same from the right. Bielik is a big threat with his size {I think he’s scored both his goals from corner balls} and Clarke, who I believe has now had 5 corner headers cleared off the line. 
    A very notable improvement and credit where it’s due. 
  24. Haha
    Andrew3000 reacted to roboto in Oumar Niasse   
  25. Clap
    Andrew3000 reacted to Olton Ram in Abu Derby County   
    Thanks for the reply, great summary. In view of what happened at Wigan I found this part particularly jaw-dropping:
    "Making sure those in charge of clubs have the long-term interests of the business"
    But with this in mind did the EFL still punish the club (and its innocent fans)? Of course it did! 
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