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    Andrew3000 reacted to jono in EFL appeal   
    This isn’t law making or law giving. It’s politics pure and simple. Lobbyists, polarised mindsets, unspoken agendas from numerous sources of power and influence. I’d almost feel sorry for the lawyers but they are making a pile of dough from the fall out from every party so maybe not ! 
    FFP is all about stoping an unfair advantage .. ummmm well DFC started in the championship, are still in the championship and the majority of parachute clubs continue their existence in the yo-yo world that is the lower half of the prem along with the odd enforced break down with the rest of us lads in the championship. Except perhaps Middlesbrough who seem to have spent an awful lot of money with limited results. 

    this is tiresome in the extreme and is killing my love of this game.
  2. Haha
    Andrew3000 reacted to NottsRam77 in El DerbyCo   
    8th red flag .. he’s got a 6 pack .. I mean come on.. a football chairman with a six pack .. that ain’t right is it lol
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    Andrew3000 reacted to MackworthRamIsGod in EFL appeal   
    I think whatever the EFL want the EFL get.
    Is it just a coincidence that every time the EFL appeal they win? Does that mean that every person who sits on the first independent panel of every case is completely incompetent and isnt able to come up with a decision based on the information provided.
    Strange as well that the EFL are able to appeal a decision made by an independent panel and if the original decision is overturned (everytime) the club isnt allowed to challenge it.
    Cant be just me that thinks we have a legal system in the real world and then football that seems it's own entity with power hungry greedy barstewards who can change rules at the drop of a hat to suit.
    One last thing. Why are we being so severely hounded for breaching rules that have seen us gain absolutely nothing over recent years and clubs like Forest and Watford can have owners who own 2 clubs and sell players between them for over inflated fees to circumnavigate FFP.
    And dont even get me started on West Ham who can literally field 2 illegal players costing Sheff United their place in the prem, are found guilty and fined 10 million, but dont receive a points deduction. Then get given a stadium at our expense.
  4. Haha
    Andrew3000 reacted to David in Reclaim the club - starting with this forum   
    If you call Forest, Notts Forest their fans go nuts, miserable gets.
    I thought let’s embrace the media’s insistence on attaching Frank Lampard’s to the clubs name for a laugh and it started there.
    It’s really not meant to be that serious, I mean we even have sausages in the main board description.
    When Cocu was here, we introduced the Oranje theme, it’s all just a little bit of fun when each new era starts.
    I get Rooney isn’t massively popular with fans at the minute, but removing it just feels wrong whilst he’s in the job.
    The day Rooney leaves I will remove it as I did Lampard and promise to never place a managers name on there again, even if we get Klopp, so none of you will have to be offended by it when you look at the homepage again. Deal?
  5. Haha
    Andrew3000 reacted to Wolfie in EFL appeal   
  6. Clap
    Andrew3000 reacted to Sinistra ram rousse in EFL appeal   
    Meanwhile Aston Villa now they are a Premiership club escape their punishment  So where is the fairness in that. If we are to be held accountable so should they. In addition to that this must be costing  the EFL a hell of a lot of money, I'd love to know how much and who is going to pay for it?
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    Andrew3000 reacted to abertawe_ram in Summer 2021 Transfer Window - Suggestion Thread   
    A big beasty leader at CB would be a priority. I was trying to remember what happened to Goode from Northampton who impressed me before and of course he signed for Brentford last year. 
    If they were to go up, I'd ask the question about him. Doesn't seem to have played a huge amount for them this season and they might look to improve on him for the Prem. Its not clear what they paid for him but he's the type of player I'd like to see.
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    Andrew3000 reacted to I am Ram in EFL appeal   
    Wolves overspent too, on their way up. All these teams ended up with a fine.
  9. Sad
    Andrew3000 reacted to Kernow in Fikayo Tomori   
    Should be in the squad for this Summer. I fully expect Southgate to favour someone like Eric Dier though.
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    Andrew3000 reacted to nottingram in Fikayo Tomori   
    Pretty amazing to think that we had Tomori and Mount, both now starring for two of the biggest clubs in the world (Mount arguably a CL finalists best player), and only just scraped into the play offs.
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    Andrew3000 reacted to Ellafella in A message from the top   
    The words of MM. I heard he personally apologised to some fans outside PP yesterday for “ the season you’ve had to endure”.
    I hope the Club can all get together soon - perhaps a Fans Forum to explain what’s in store for next season. I don’t know why but I have a great sense of optimism for us next year. 
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    Andrew3000 reacted to IslandExile in A message from the top   
    The actions will happen over the course of weeks, months even years.
    Fans have been calling for an update from the club. That has been acknowledged by this statement. Hopefully, we will soon get to hear more details of the plans for moving forwards.
    This is a start to opening that communication....a good thing.
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    Andrew3000 reacted to Rammy03 in A message from the top   
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    Andrew3000 reacted to DCFC1388 in Summer 2021 Transfer Window - Suggestion Thread   
    We need a centre back who is a leader and vocal, as good as Clarke is he isnt that. We need a younger version of Davies, just like we need a younger & more mobile version of CKR
  15. COYR
    Andrew3000 reacted to Ellafella in Day after night before...priorities?   
    Huge relief. 
    I arrived at the ground yesterday at 09:30am. I was the first there. The rain gave it a poignancy as I stood by Cloughie & Taylor and the voice of Brian and what he’d say to the team played in my head (“Look! If you can’t go out today and beat these lot, then you want bloody shoe-tin...)” 10 O’clock came and gradually a few other faces appeared. The rain eased. The stewards manned the barricades. A couple of friendly police said “hello”; “ hello, hello, hello!” I replied and they smiled back to themselves. Suddenly the crowd was apparent and the black flag unfurled. A frenzy of photographs and the air lifted; a few chants rippled up (“since I was young...”) and the sound of a drum (a guy was banging the road sign). The sound of some beer cans being opened (hissss!) and suddenly I realised there was quite a crowd and that little fizz of excitement as I read the banner“Just leave everything on the pitch, that’s all we ask” and suddenly Jake Buxton was in front of us and now it kicked of “Jake Bux-ton is a foot-ball genius” and the eyes watered, and cars hooted as they drove by and the singing continued “we love you Derby, we do” and the players got out of their cars, ashen-faced and looked over as black and white smoke filled the air and more cars hooted and Jay-sun Knight, Knight, Knight, and more cars hooted and I choked on the smoke. Football is nothing without the fans.
    A remarkable day. It felt so good to be back amongst real football fans. Passion and that unmistakable chat “ay up, me duck”. 

  16. Haha
    Andrew3000 reacted to i-Ram in Day after night before...priorities?   
    Plump up the sofa cushions. Have a shower. Practice sincerity. Take the wife up a cup of tea in bed. Remove Forsyth picture from bedroom wall.
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    Andrew3000 reacted to Chester40 in Day after night before...priorities?   
    So now its sunk in.. what is everyone's over-riding emotion? 
    Still relief for me...to wake up a Championship club, one good season away from the Premier League. 
    I don't resent the players milking-it at all, football turns on small margins and we didn't celebrate the QPR final because 'we deserved more and we were unlucky', so celebrate when you can its been a miserable season. 
    Really proud of the fans who turned-up and glad it was worth it. 
    Second emotion is that I want to feel positive now. If it is going to be Rooney, let's make the decision now and get behind him. Ideally it wouldn't be him for me, but I can't face months of turmoil. The sale needs sorting and same goes for Alonso, if its him let's get it done and get behind him. The sale/new contracts of players is riding on who owns the club and who manages it so it all needs to fall into place quickly. Don't want to have a season like this again. 
    We start the season on a level playing field and I desperately want to feel proud of the team and get into the stadium. Let's make decisions and start to move forward ASAP! 
  18. Clap
    Andrew3000 reacted to Jayram in Derby vs Sheff W (H) Matchday Thread   
    2010 - Promotion from the National League with Oxford Utd.
    2016 - Promotion to League 1 with Northampton Town (2 seasons after taking over when they were in the League 2 relegation zone).
    2017 - Promotion to the Championship with Sheffield Utd.
    2018 - Promotion to the Premier League with Sheffield Utd.
    2019 - Lead Sheffield Utd to 9th in their first season in the Premier League.
  19. Haha
    Andrew3000 reacted to ariotofmyown in Feelings right now   
    Bit sad that I won't be watching 3 Rotherham games a week and supporting their oppo.
  20. Clap
    Andrew3000 reacted to ariotofmyown in Feelings right now   
    To be fair, the better* team stayed up.
    *better at selling their ground to themselves
  21. COYR
    Andrew3000 reacted to DJFern94 in Derby vs Sheff W (H) Matchday Thread   
    Right lads, 40 minutes to ducking fight for it! 
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    Andrew3000 reacted to CornwallRam in Derby vs Sheff W (H) Matchday Thread   
    You know how we've never considered Burton to be our local rivals because we've always been so much bigger and better...
  23. Sad
    Andrew3000 reacted to DerbyRam! in Derby vs Sheff W (H) Matchday Thread   
    God Rotherham winning
  24. Like
    Andrew3000 reacted to Steve How Hard? in Pre match toast 12.15   
    Gonna have some of this but not until post match.🥃
  25. Cheers
    Andrew3000 reacted to Spanish in Pre match toast 12.15   
    cheers to the faithful and suffering soldiers
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