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  1. It will be reported as one line added to the bottom of the Daily Mail’s exclusive story that we have been deducted 15 points and relegated 3 divisions. But btw, the embargo has ended.
  2. Replacement for Grealish at Villa?
  3. My post is not related to the lack of info so far nor am I angry.
  4. I have no sense of entitlement and I don’t have the right to know more than anyone else or know things that I don’t need to. However, if you are communicating to fans it should be tell everyone or don’t say anything at all. This scenario where only certain people know the information is going to cause unnecessary divides between the fan base at a time when we all need to stick together more than ever. I can understand what the club have tried to do but feel like it’s turned into a bit of an own goal.
  5. The guy on radio Derby said basically those at the meeting know everything that has gone on over the last few years but only some of it can be shared publicly. He then had to stop and correct himself mid sentence before he described himself as something more than a “normal fan”.
  6. If you go to the live radio Derby stream on BBC sounds and rewind back to 7.30 he’s on just after the news and travel
  7. Sibley has undoubted potential but can be just as inconsistent.
  8. If 4.5k a week is our limit then we won’t get anyone better than Lawrence and certainly not one to be our main striker
  9. If we sell Lawrence, regardless of people’s opinions, how can we realistically replace him with the current transfer restrictions imposed?
  10. Born in Staffordshire, I was initially forced to support Stoke, my family buying my kits etc but I was never that keen. When I was about 10 I saw the light and some of my friends used to go and watch Derby and I tagged along and was totally hooked. Had a season ticket for a few years during high school and college and used to go on the train from Uttoxeter. I have since moved to Wolverhampton and now Telford but always try and get to as many games as I can.
  11. Last nights episode was pure drama. Roll on Sunday for the next one!
  12. Still old enough to be grandma's in some places.
  13. The photos must be recent, the one of him asleep he was watching back our highlights from last season.
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