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  1. As previously been mentioned, channel 735 on Freeview works fine. You don't need to be in the area, I can pick it up from Telford
  2. If you can't get excited at signing your country's record goalscorer when can you? COYR!!!
  3. Huddersfield 2-2 Derby Waghorn FRGS
  4. Why does he need to be at the ground for an announcement? If he's there to do the media guff then the announcement might be tomorrow
  5. Is the journalist who has published this reputable?
  6. I think he has to go for the sake of some of our fans...they can't go through this every time Chelsea hit a slump or are looking for a new manager!
  7. I agree we are a fitter team in general, probably down to the average age being lower. We have played 40 games so far this season I don't think we would have been able to withstand the amount of games in quick succession last year IMHO.
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