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  1. Turn up at EFL HQ with the giant sized cheque as proof of funds
  2. Can't wait for the Sheik's interview with Oprah to give his side of the story.
  3. But how much is that signed ball really worth at auction?
  4. Not sure how people are working out their valuations. If we bought him from another championship club for 2-4m with his current record, our scouting team would be crucified on here.
  5. I don't seem to have seen any promo or hype for it, The lead actress plays a brilliant part
  6. Half way through season 2 of Outlander. Didn't have any high expectations but so far has been excellent.
  7. 2 and a half years, what will come first, the end of Rooney's contract or the takeover funds in Mel's account?
  8. Wasn't Big Sam manager at Blackburn when Jones was breaking through there?
  9. Derby 0 - 3 Wolves November 2005 Terrible evening remembered for nearly getting run over by a bus walking to the ground, abject performance with Huddlestone getting his first senior goal against us for Wolves. The good days of Phil Brown!
  10. I voted no, but I am starting to warm to the idea, the players seem to be responding well to him, a few have referenced more intensity in training.R Rooney doesn't have the backroom team that he would want. If he gets the job permanently, hopefully he will be given the freedom to choose his own people and then we can really start to see what he's all about. I'm sure he will bring in an experienced assistant.
  11. When Rooney said 24-48 hours he actually meant 24-48 more pages.
  12. Vieira is an interesting one, was being groomed to be the next Man City manager with his stint at New York FC. Hasn't worked out for him at Nice, but that doesn't mean he couldn't do a good job here. Maybe with the links to Man City's owners and our protracted owners he will be a candidate.
  13. Ed Dawes mentioned in the pre game chat last night that the takeover won't be ratified until the EFL appeal is out of the way which is set to be in a couple of weeks.
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