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  1. scarboroughwa


    So the vpn tells you
  2. scarboroughwa


    Yeah had an Ericsson the same year
  3. scarboroughwa


    Clearly the better item, followed by Huawei. Is there really any other choice?
  4. scarboroughwa

    Keogh - Player of the Month?

    Depends how old you are.
  5. scarboroughwa

    Paradise Papers

    Grand to see all these folk who wouldn't seek financial advice and work things to their financial advantage, if they had any financial clout.
  6. scarboroughwa

    Keogh - Player of the Month?

    They give trophies for anything these days.
  7. scarboroughwa


    Are you over 25? Quote, above
  8. scarboroughwa


    Is it still 1p in the pound getting through?
  9. scarboroughwa

    Random stuff that annoys me thread

    Hehe. BBG. Respect.
  10. scarboroughwa

    Brexit or Eurin?

    s***, you have to line this point with seven syllable hyperbole and have people scratching their well trimmed beards, into an eighteen paragraph report which can get misinterpreted please.
  11. scarboroughwa

    Random stuff that annoys me thread

    My favourite walk in the world. And up the incline.
  12. scarboroughwa

    Random stuff that annoys me thread

    Paying at a hospital in the first place. c****.
  13. scarboroughwa

    Members who don't post - Why?

    Dummy accounts set up so they can vote (again) for remain in the brexit/remoan thread, thereby making it appear to the forum that more people voted to remain than the couple of tub thumpers trying to justify their selfish remain vote?
  14. scarboroughwa

    Brexit or Eurin?

    Because Joe Public is too apethetic or too dumb to understand the content anyways?
  15. scarboroughwa

    Catalan Uprising

    There were wars in Yugoslavia. The eu was seen as a major contributing factor to those wars. Maybe that's it.

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