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  1. I stopped reading at 'decent custodian' he only isn't the worst owner in my life time because of the three amigos & even then we didn't face points deductions
  2. We all know Rooney has had it difficult but watching last nights game i think we'd be in a better position if we had lee bowyer. He's worked magic with two clubs that were a complete mess. The football might not be pretty but he has got results at charlton & now at birmingham. Fair play to him
  3. Ive never met him & in real life he could well be a very nice man. Its nice of him to give to charities / set up charity Still doesn't make him a good chairman. You can be a nice bloke and totally dog poo at your job or this case running a football club. I don't hate him i don't know him but i hate what he's done to the club & his poor decisions Sooner he goes the better
  4. Wouldnt trust morris to run a bath let alone the football club. Were a shambles. Give us a two season ban we cant afford anyone anyway
  5. Can we have a retrospective penalty for the handball
  6. Ive gone beyond caring anymore. Not bothered, dock us points, dont dock us points, not bothered Ive actually enjoyed some of the football we have played & the performances the boys have been putting in. Just going to concentrate on the football & not get too wound up anymore that morris is a terrible chairman. Sooner he is gone the better but cant be bothered being angry at him any more
  7. We've made better signings for free this window than we have paying over inflated fees for absolute rubbish in recent seasons. Morrison is 100 times better than some of the signings we've made in the same position in the last 5 seasons
  8. Has he gone yet be good to get him off the books. Started out decent but made some errors towards the end and eventually dropped
  9. Same i can't stand him should be banned from refereeing a game ever again
  10. Worse one was mile addison two disallowed headers by stuart atwell
  11. 🤷‍♂️ think ive been the victim of mistaken identity 🤣🙈
  12. He's class and to think some people didnt want him here. He'll get better as he gets fitter and builds a proper run of games.
  13. Its almost like we recruit better when we have no money to spend. Some absolute gems of free transfers knocking about. If only we could have operated more sensibly in previous seasons. Its better getting in experienced pros that might only have a season or so in them but are still class & cam work with our youngsters than going out & recruiting other teams player of the season for 4 or 5 mil
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