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  1. Its the sort of horribleness we miss. Too often we get bullied and beat by physical teams. I wouldn't be against having some spite in the middle of the park.
  2. We overrate anyone that comes through our youth system as the next saviour, pablo mills, miles addison, that rawson fella was going to be the next john terry, why arnt we playing callumn ball (think he's pottering about the pub leagues now) paris simmons. The list goes on. I do think giles barnes had talent, but injury & attitude prevented him from doing better. Was never going to be a future england star but could have been a mid - low prem player. Hughes crime was not leaving Derby sooner when he had the chance. Staying here too long he stopped developing or hit his level and more
  3. Other than running around a lot im not sure what else he brings. He seems to fall over a lot if that counts. He looked a bright prospect and best of the lot when he first came through. Now id be willing him to move on. i think he's a box to box player so not sure why we insist on playing him wide. However shinnie is better and offers more in that position but playing both in the same team means there is a lack of creativity. Not saying he isnt any good but just because he came through our youth system and had a couple of caps for ireland he isnt as good as we make out. If selling means we
  4. Thats part of my issue with it though. Watching woman's tennis or KT Taylor box is entertaining. I dont find womans football entertaining. Its just not as gripping. Standard in my opinion is poor, too slow and watching teams in a world cup get turned over by 12 goals isn't competitive
  5. The standard is terrible. The USA national team are supposed to be the best in the world got beat in a friendly by Dalla under 15s boys. Not even like they're an elite academy
  6. If we cant find a buyer we might as well just start again in non league at this rate. Or sell any sellable players at a cut price and be left with a side of low earning under 23s. We'd be relegated with the lowest points total but might just survive I do still reckon Rush and co are coming in to save us. Surely were worth 60m to get the club for free & wipe the debts. Set up a holding company to own 100% of the club, training ground and stadiums companies so they're effectively all the new owners. Clear the 60m debt on purchase, take out another more manageable debt against th
  7. To be fair its pretty hard to tell the difference between his real account and a parody 🤣
  8. Another full season of Rooney ball
  9. Bloke is an absolute chancer so will probably pass the EFL fit and proper persons test with flying colours
  10. G-Ram

    EFL appeal

    Play like we have this season any points deduction will send us down. But just show any sort of midtable form and 6 points shouldnt be an issue. 12 is a different story like
  11. Ive been critical of Mel in recent weeks but fair play for releasing the statement. It was good to see the fans and players celebrating its a bit of positivity and togetherness after a horrible season Hopefully we can all draw a line under this season and move forward. Onwards and upwards
  12. Same that really wasn't the Derby County way was it. I was fearing the worse when their keeper came up for the corner
  13. Not at all. last week some local boob sheff wednesday fan was gobbing off in the pub beer garden. Since then ive wanted them to go down even if it meant rotherham stayed up
  14. I thought there was american interest and a 'dream owner' but they were waiting to see what division we were in. Wonder if any of them deals will potentially become live now we have survived
  15. The only way he should stay is with an experienced trusted backroom team.
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