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  1. Clap
    Finch reacted to Jayram in Keogh Sacked   
    Keogh didn’t break the law, the other 2 morons did. If he had done he would have been prosecuted and we would know about it. As for ‘bowing down to idiots in tribunals’ what other method would you suggest for someone who feels they have been unfairly treated by their employer? You cannot go to someone who has a work contract and say ‘Accept less money or you’re sacked’; you have to go through due process. Richard Keogh is an irresponsible twit for having got into a car with a drunk driver instead of getting into a taxi but Mel Morris made his legal claim easy for him. 
  2. Angry
    Finch reacted to Mckram in Keogh Sacked   
    I also heard Simon Jordan and Trevor Sinclair debating it earlier on. Simon Jordan was spot on and Trevor Sinclair sounded like a right wally (which all makes sense now that he’s been charged with drunk driving before).
    I hope Derby take this through the ‘real’ legal system and not the EFL’s bent system.
    Derby are a business at the end of the day and Keogh couldn’t do his job after making a mistake off his own back. He should live with the consequences of that. As someone else posted, imagine if they killed somebody that night. I bet he wouldn’t be getting all of the compensation if that was the case.
    There were not guarantees for Derby that he would ever play again yet they offered to keep him on a reduced contract until he was fit, that is extremely fair in my eyes.
    Keogh going for the whole value of his contract also doesn’t sit right with me. I despise the guy now and everything he ever did in a Derby shirt is undone. 
  3. Clap
    Finch reacted to rynny in EFL appeal   
    1. We haven't had any points deductions yet, so conjecture. 
    2. How bad would what have been? Would it not be better to see if there is any punishment before making claims like that? 
    3. Mel probably has had enough of the EFL and what appears to be a vendetta against him and the club. 
    4. Again, what points deduction? And what quality in the squad? Currently we have a couple of average keepers, a decent full back and good prospect, no centre backs, a few good prospects yet to hit their full potential, an experienced workhorse and an injured star in centre mid, a couple of inconsistent wide players and 1 ageing striker.
  4. Clap
    Finch reacted to Tyler Durden in Keogh Sacked   
    You're right of course his status of club captain is irrelevant - all 3 brought the club into disrepute by their actions, all three should be punished evenly. 
    Morris decided that he would punish Keogh disproportionately as he got injured and the outcome of his muddled logic was flung out today. 
  5. Clap
    Finch reacted to Tyler Durden in Keogh Sacked   
    Not sure if perverse is the correct word but am sure the decision was based around how the club handled the cases with the 2 other protagonists and why then were they not sacked as well if they were also heavily involved in the incident.
    And if you say that's because they weren't injured again that's an irrevelance it's whether the club or Morris was found to be fair and consistent in its actions which it wasn't. 
  6. Haha
    Finch reacted to derbydaz22 in Keogh Sacked   
    He’s club captain and should set a example surely? Otherwise anyone can toss a coin.
  7. Clap
    Finch reacted to Tyler Durden in Keogh Sacked   
    That's an irrelevance though as proved by us having to pay Keogh back his wages
  8. Clap
    Finch reacted to cannable in Keogh Sacked   
    The ‘he was captain’ argument still makes me laugh. He wears an armband on a Saturday and LITERALLY organises the team piss-up. Maybe he’ll sort the fines out. He’s not their dad.
  9. Angry
    Finch reacted to Philmycock in Keogh Sacked   
    My thoughts exactly.
    Club captain, getting in a car with a young drunk colleague. Great leadership that Keogh, maybe give some of your £2.3m to a drink driving awareness charity???
    Not like he fell off a table sustaining his injury? 🤔 
  10. Clap
    Finch reacted to atherstoneram in Keogh Sacked   
    You cant have one contractual limit for one and not another,he didn't make himself unable to play,the driver did by having an accident,doesn't matter about the impact on the club.All about money as far as Mel Trotter was concerned and he came unstuck.
    This time next year Keogh will be a millionaire
  11. Angry
    Finch reacted to Gee SCREAMER !! in Keogh Sacked   
    Davies wants to play to help keep the club solvent and keep staff in jobs .  Keogh this supposed captain and lover of the club puts them and the club back at risk. And all because he didn't get a taxi or arrange a lift.
    What a charmer.
  12. Like
    Finch reacted to 1967RAMS in El DerbyCo   
    HMRC always get first dibs. But anyone who is owed money will lose the vast majority of it. We are massively in debt so there is no credit to be shared out. It’s getting to the stage where I don’t care anymore. Can’t believe I’m saying that after 50 odd years as a fan. I feel totally indifferent to the club atm but developing a deeper loathing of Morris by the day. 
  13. Like
    Finch reacted to MrPlinkett in Keogh Sacked   
    Should have sacked all 3 players IMO. (4 if its true there was another player in the vehicles).
    Fully understand the issues with Keogh not being able to play but by not sacking the other two players who were in receipt of criminal convictions was the big mistake, they barely were punished, Lawrence only missed one game from memory.
    Maybe had the club showed consistency then Keogh would not have been awarded the 2.3m.
  14. Angry
    Finch reacted to Coconut in Keogh Sacked   
    The only arrogance on display here is from Keogh & his agent.
    Bite the hand that feeds you, then sue the hand for trying to feed you less than you think you deserve.
  15. Clap
    Finch reacted to RIMBAUD in Keogh Sacked   
    More evidence of the club being run in an arrogant way.
  16. Like
    Finch reacted to AndyinLiverpool in Keogh Sacked   
    So can we blame the EFL for the fact that we didn't sack Lawrence and Bennett?🙂
  17. Angry
    Finch reacted to Carl Sagan in Keogh Sacked   
    Exactly this.
    The article says: "The PDRC [Player Related Dispute Commission] held that Mr Keogh had not committed gross misconduct, that he had not brought the club into serious disrepute and that he had been wrongly dismissed by the club.”
    What utter drivel. And contemptuous that Keogh wouldn't take the proposed pay cut but wanted to sit on his arse collecting his millions for what should be clear to anyone was committing gross misconduct and bringing the club into serious disrepute. He even knocked Theresa May's Brexit deal off the front pages!
    He knows it was entirely his fault and his actions now risk the future of the club and the community that surrounds it. If I ever see him at Pride Park he'll get the mother of all booing. Shame on him.
  18. Angry
    Finch reacted to Ramarena in Keogh Sacked   
    The problem here is going to be the optics of getting shot of Keogh, but not Lawrence and Bennett.......even through Keogh couldn’t play and the others could, it gives the EFL the gap they need to hammer us!
    I don’t see why there’s criticism of Mel here:
    - Keogh wasn’t fired on the spot
    - Keogh was offered rehab
    - Keogh was offered a new contract at a lower wage to reflect the fact that the injury was “career threatening”, but give the player some security.
    What else could the club really have done for a player, who at that stage had potentially destroyed their own career?????????
  19. Angry
    Finch reacted to Zag zig in Keogh Sacked   
    Personally, I’d actually like him to be dropped or out injured in any future encounter, so I never have to set eyes on him again.
    Set aside the clubs judgement in a) the actual evening and b) handling Keogh afterwards, for all that he was a professional footballer and supposed leader of our team getting a lucrative salary for it; his actions absolutely stink. He’s just everything wrong with the worst stereotype of a professional footballer to me.
  20. Angry
    Finch reacted to AndyinLiverpool in Keogh Sacked   
    Nobody even knows whether he is legally in the right. All we know is that the commission, or whatever they are, didn't believe that DCFC made a legal case for his sacking. Were his actions contemptible? Yes, in my opinion. Was there a case for his sacking? Probably. Did DCFC make that case? No.
    That's not bum licking.
    Just because you don't like someone or their actions doesn't make them guilty. 
  21. Angry
    Finch reacted to Yani P in Keogh Sacked   
    Agree total lowlife. 
  22. Like
    Finch reacted to RIMBAUD in Keogh Sacked   
    Fair enough. I think RK was really stupid but the club were in the wrong. The rest we’re agreeing on. I’m good with that.  😁
  23. Angry
    Finch reacted to TomTom92 in Keogh Sacked   
    People can bum lick Keogh all they want by saying that legally he’s in the right and good on him. But..
    Curtis Davies. The man played on one leg to help keep us in the division. A man that realises what a lucky man he’s been to have the talent to lead a dream job. An ultimate professional.
    Whereas captain Keogh makes himself useless for a season and expects to get paid £20k plus. He’s lined his back pocket but as far as I’m concerned he’s a snake who played far too many matches for us.
  24. Clap
    Finch reacted to RIMBAUD in Keogh Sacked   
    I’m not suggesting RK was arrogant. I think the club is poorly run and this is another example. There are loads of others. 
  25. Angry
    Finch reacted to Coconut in Keogh Sacked   
    You've got a right stonking hard on at the minute, haven't you?
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