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  1. Great watch that,Leeds choking massively.
  2. Bamford dives,wins penalty which he missed.
  3. Interesting,need to think about it. At 21 it would probably be to be who you want to be,not what everyone else wants you to be.
  4. I wish the EFL was run by elfs,that would explain a lot.
  5. Amortisation? Is that a medical condition?
  6. Everyday’s a winner at the minute...ffs!
  7. Someone passing off pics of our dogs as there own,I’m used to the good lady kicking off when the occasion merits.
  8. Someone’s nicked @Mrs Cone Instagram pics and is passing pictures of the dogs off as their dogs. She’s losing her mutha fudging mind 😆
  9. It will only get better mate,just getting all the stress out of they early,I think the worst day of the year is next week so don’t go out or speak to anyone.
  10. Takes the pressure off us,seasons just a comedy of errors. Just enjoy it now. I’d be more worried if I was a gloating Leeds fan,have they learnt nothing from that classic composition,’Stop Crying Frank Lampard’. I’d be going all out for top 6,imagine if we did it,imagine Steve Gibson’s face.
  11. In all honesty,I haven’t got a clue what’s going on.
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