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  1. Brilliant😆😆,just wait till I see you.
  2. Slightly off topic,got a warm up gig tonight as I got asked to help out my old band who have an important gig with a band called Bang bang Romeo (?)at the end of December. I haven’t picked up my guitar for years but the other guy is struggling and I thought it might be a distraction. Joel’s too ill to come unfortunately but we’re hoping he can make the other one,then I’m packing up again.
  3. That’s great, football pales into insignificance. Best wishes to the family too.
  4. This game is going to tell us a lot about this group of players,hopefully they will come out fighting. I still have nightmares about that 0-3 Reading last game of Mac1.
  5. Quite possibly.Someone from Barnsley told me so I think any sentence with a turd in it could apply.
  6. Someone once said to me. You can sprinkle glitter on a turd but it will still be a turd.
  7. Glue yourself too him,tell him he has to stay.
  8. I remember Rowett talking about Mac1 Derby. That they knew exactly how we were going to play but that we were so good that it didn’t really matter. I don’t really have an opinion on your question as I would need to watch us. I just thought I’d share that useless information with you. My feeling is that it’s negative but could be down to a poor injury hit squad that’s short on confidence? (that’s my after thought opinion)
  9. Great opportunity to come back with a performance against a decent Wednesday team. The Wendies are optimistic not because they’re so good just because they see as being so poor. I’ve got a bad feeling that it’s going to be a long week. Please start Martin.
  10. I’ve got a video of the DCFC fans post match art class.
  11. You’re probably right but he’s not off to a great start.
  12. He seems a top bloke. He speaks well with a nice accent. Very smart. Give me a bit of time, I’ll think of some more.
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