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  1. Isn’t the day shift a less drunk version of the night shift😆 Completely agree.
  2. Some of this playing out from the back will give me PTSD.
  3. Watch the roads everyone,it’s bleak. Have a good night and have a safe journey.
  4. Still got our old GSD(Bruce),he’s a rescue who’s at least 9 now and struggling we needed a dog too look after the lads and house who was a little less full on than Bruce. Bruce will lie on top of Joel so no one can go near him and that’s what we wanted. Bruce and a baby Igor.
  5. Leonbergers,got a girl as well,Aggie who’s 4 this year.Lovely dogs.
  6. He’s a good lad and a lovely nature but I dread to think what he’d do to anyone who was aggressive to Lynne.
  7. @Mrs Cone is home from work...ffs!
  8. Derby draw Man Utd at Pride Park in the cup. Derby fans to each other.
  9. They were in London,I’ll explore that at some point. Uncle Adolf(got a ring to it)got away at the start of it all early 30’s I believe.
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