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  1. We were debating today if they had got Pokey would the prison team have played Bizzle as a lone striker?
  2. Apparently some particularly guilty looking individuals have been seen to leave the stadium 😆
  3. Going to have to make a stand against this.
  4. I think the fall out is supposed to be with the Polish National coach?
  5. I’m a bit gutted that they have identified the 4 th person in the crash. I was hoping to be able to claim that it was me and make a couple of quid.
  6. Stay positive mate,amazing what they can do these days. The whole process of waiting,getting to hospital etc is stressful,just take it that they’re trying their best to fix you.
  7. It’s probably typical Keogh,went to get in the front but fell over and somehow ended up in the back not fastened in. Does anyone know how he is?
  8. Cocu has trimmed his beard 👏👏👏. That’s better,doesn’t look like we need to do an intervention.
  9. Well at least we’ve got plenty of good CDM and CB options 🤦‍♂️
  10. I’ve just looked,are they school shoes?
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