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  1. Cheers mate, they’re having a good time,no major issues. They we’re expecting him at the Hallamshire tomorrow for some reason but we have settled on Wednesday,obviously I’m really sad I can’t be with them but delighted they’ve got away after so many years. Cheers
  2. I like the look of that,what about Lawrence in the Baiano roll behind Waghorn and Marriott? Lowe and Malone can push on with Bielik dropping in. You’re welcome Philip👍
  3. James Maddison,class footballer and dirty diving cheat all rolled into one.
  4. Got to love the Blades,completely outworking Palace And if that fails completely flattening then.
  5. I bet Warnocks got a right mardy face in the Cardiff dressing room.
  6. Which player doesn’t stand a chance of living up to the expectations of following Mason Mount?
  7. Been lucky,that Joe Allen misses is one of the worst misses I’ve ever seen. Stoke on top.
  8. Yeah,we’ve done that...Nationwide,£13 a month,but Joel was excluded unfortunately. Just one of those things,we got him out there which is amazing really.
  9. They look awful,Fulham don’t look great either.
  10. I’m still here mate,just @Mrs Cone and the lads,insurance was steep.
  11. Yeah,they’ve been today. Hope your trip helped.
  12. Having a great time no major dramas,this makes me really happy.
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