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  1. Aston Villa 1, Derby County 2. Wilson. (36')
  2. I'm beginning to think someone gave my number out for ticket sales. I've had a text off a friend (?) saying that manu were pants this season so he's gonna get a Rams season ticket next season. And could I get him a ticket for Wembley. Really?
  3. Came across The Duck & Drake once, a good while ago though. Real ale pub. Underneath a viaduct in the city centre, if I remember right. Lots of booze has been downed since then though.
  4. Leeds United 1, Derby County 2. Wilson.
  5. Derby County 3, Leeds United 1. Wilson.
  6. Derby County 4, West Bromwich Albion 1. Mount.
  7. Swansea City 3, Derby County 1. Wilson.
  8. Bristol City 2, Derby County 2. Wilson.
  9. Derby County 3, Queens Park Rangers 1. Waghorn.
  10. Birmingham City 1, Derby County 1. Mount.
  11. Derby County 2, Bolton Wanderers 1. Waghorn.
  12. Blackburn Rovers 1, Derby County 1. Waghorn.
  13. Brentford 3, Derby County 0.
  14. Derby County 1, Rotherham United 1. Johnson.
  15. Don't like to blow my own trumpet but I'm the best boozer in town on a match day.
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