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  1. Just want to say that I think Marriott is a cracking player and a great buy for the club. His work rate is probably one of the best I've seen from a Derby player. What I want to say though is that he's quite ineffective against teams that are going to sit deep when we are home. He's unable to make the runs in behind that he loves and can't seem to get in to good positions in the box, the opposition are basically packing out any space around the box when we are attacking. I'd like to see Waghorn get another start at home leading the line, he offers more holding the ball up, bringing the midfield in to play higher up the field so they can be more effective and then bringing Marriott on as a impact sub. I just think at the moment, that he's not offering as much as Waghorn would to us and he's giving defenders a pretty easy day at the office and not scoring either.
  2. Can anyone answer this? Is there a reason we have stopped forcing teams in to mistakes? Pressing in 3's and 4's? Giving teams no time on the ball? Controlling games WITHOUT the ball?
  3. I've got a feeling Mason Mount will play on Monday night - would be a huge boost for us too. If he was close to contention on Wednesday, he's got to be nearly ready on Monday? Frank coming out saying that Mason is fit and ready to play would change how Forest set up against us surely so is he playing this down? it really throws a spanner in the works if he names him in the starting line up. I don't know if this is optimistic thinking but you know when you just have a feeling?
  4. Last night we had no midfield. The Midfield are vital for how Lampard wants to play and not one of them had the bottle to take the game by the scruff of the neck last night. SOOOO many safe sideways passes. The whole team we're happy to let the game go by them. You have to be brave, there will be mistakes, BUT to be effective you HAVE to take risks and not one player was willing to do that last night and that's why Lampard will be frustrated. Now the whole team was poor and lethargic but we lacked a engine and a leader last night. I hope Lampard give them ALL a ear full after the game because they let us all down. On a plus note, I'm going in to the Forest game with zero hope and that's when we usually do ok!
  5. If it's a 50/50 split, why is it titled 'Why Derby won't make the top 6 this season'? I think you'll get more views if it had a different title. it is quite a negative title for something that's quite likely and your discussing if it will or won't happen🙂 Will give a listen later!
  6. We do have a great chance, but I'm sure the 6 clubs above us think the same about their chances too. We have to show more than in recent weeks, we have had our dip now and our form needs to pick up. Hopefully we can string a few results together and beat the scum during that run.. The huge lack of consistency is what's worrying, we look like an amazing well gelled team one week and then look like 11 players that have never played together the week after. We're still yet to find the right balance and our best eleven which hopefully Frank will find next year. Top 6 would be nice, but what i'd prefer more is a much more balanced consistent team next season, battling for the top 2, we aren't ready for promotion yet and if anything going up this season, could be more harm than good!
  7. Exactly. The keeper doesn't save good finishes.
  8. I was just replying to your comment regarding hitting the target. Finishing is an art. 5 players going through 1 on 1 with the keeper. Marriott, Wilson, Wagorn and Mount and Bennett. I'm much more confident in the first 4 scoring. Bennett straight at the keeper but it doesn't matter, he hit it hard at the keeper?
  9. Or like any good finisher you stick the ball in the corner or have a cool head to beat the keeper? Just because you hit the target doesn't make you a good finisher!!!!!
  10. Marriott and Waghorn together upfront could be exciting.
  11. That looks beautiful, I'd maybe swap Lawrence with King, I think we would struggle with only one true CM (hudds or evans) on the field and King would add a little more defensively. If we are playing Wilson in the middle, I think we need a box to box player in there with him. I think we will see Mount play his best football when he's given the absolute freedom to roam. I'd like to see this given a go.
  12. Absolutely agree with this. I think it would be a nice option to have BUT we are short in the CB position so it would be naive to play 3 when we currently have 2 CB on our hands.
  13. He did play as a wing back for LA Galaxy, they play 3 at the back so I'm presuming he is still capable! Looking forward to seeing him in action. The bonus of being able to play a few systems is that it's unpredictable and is a good plan B to have. I'm all for being comfortable in 2 systems and switching it, when needed.
  14. I think this formation would suit Ashley Cole and definitely Malone. Most certainly Bogle on the other side, to say our right and left backs have been our weaknesses defensively this season, I think it makes a lot of sense. My back 3 would be Wisdom Keogh and Tomori Letting our full backs doing what they are good at... attacking, lets face it, Bogle and Malone can't defend to save their life. Presuming Cole has still 'got it'. I'd like to see him given the freedom on the left hand side, he's going to be good on the ball and make clever runs, let's just hope he's still got half the engine he had.
  15. I would counter this and say he doesn't use his physicality enough. He looks a very strong player and could really use his size to affect but rarely does. He should bully players more, he's quite tippy tappy for his physique IMO.
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