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  1. JoeDerby

    Mason Mount

    I wish we could keep this lad forever :(!! what a great player to watch. Despite the fact he's one of the brightest up and coming stars in English football, he's willing to put in 120% in each game and work for the team. When we had the likes of Lingard here, I got the feeling he didn't really want to be at Derby and thought he was bigger than the club. I love everything about Mason Mount.
  2. JoeDerby

    Bradley Johnson

    Confidence player, when he's on it, hes bloody good, when he's bad, he's bloody awful. The first 5 minutes often determines his game, the first pass sometimes, if he floats a 40 yard pass to someones feet and the fans clap..confidence up, gonna have a good game. What I do like about Johnson is his physicality and aerial ability. He brings steel to the midfield, you need some bite in the midfield and he certainly brings that. His passing has let him down over the last couple of seasons and Lampard looks to be bringing this into his game. He was excellent on Saturday.
  3. JoeDerby

    Curtis Davies injury

    Why would we play Timori in a position he's never played in before when we have Huddlestone, Ledley, Johnson, Evans and Thorne who can all play that position. Square peg, round hole comes to mind. Let them 3 battle out for the 2 CB's positions, don't just assume Timori can play CDM, just to fit him in the team. I'm sure Frank won't do that either.
  4. JoeDerby


    Love this.
  5. JoeDerby

    Mason Mount

    I'd be interested to see how many times Will Hughes 'assisted the assister' during his time at Derby...
  6. JoeDerby

    Mason Mount

    It's how you look at a player - we always said Will Hughes was one of the best in the division but never had the goals and assists for a midfielder to back it up. Jack is similar to Will, the way he massively influences games but without scoring or assisting. They both love to get on the ball and get things going. As somebody else said before, Mason is completely different to these two (a bit more like Jack with his ability to float around the pitch and take players on) and won't influence games as much but will get in dangerous areas to create and score.
  7. JoeDerby

    The last 5 minutes of a match.

    Last season I used to shout 'GET OUT AND PRESS YOU *****' This season I shout 'GET BACK AND DEFEND YOU SILLY *****'
  8. JoeDerby

    last night's highlights

    Take the positives, they made one more change to there team than us (we made 8, they made 9), huge strength in depth. Confidence boost for the lads, just what we needed in my opinion.
  9. JoeDerby

    last night's highlights

    Could Huddlestone, Mount and Johnson be the right balance in midfield?????
  10. JoeDerby

    last night's highlights

    http://www.skysports.com/football/hull-city-vs-derby/401653 Waghorn off the mark. Mount brilliant again. People say Johnson doesn't offer anything in midfield, the first two goals start from him winning his headers and what a pass for the first goal! Huddlestone back. 3 cleans sheets in a row Scoring goals for fun. Get in!
  11. JoeDerby

    Mason Mount

    He’s 19 years old. we’re really lucky to have him here, enjoy it whilst it lasts!
  12. JoeDerby

    Mason Mount

    The Huddlestone effect
  13. JoeDerby

    What's happening with George Thorne?

    Could it be that we've always rushed him back too soon and Frank has noted this and his being really patient with him??
  14. JoeDerby

    Duane Holmes

    Be good to see what he's about, could be anything really, had never heard of the guy before he signed.
  15. JoeDerby

    Duane Holmes

    Sorry, I've not seen this mentioned? Hopefully gets a run out tonight, be good to see what he can offer!

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