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  1. Bristol City game moved to Friday 19th January

    Not saying that this is a big game just because it's on TV but we could do with some 'big game' practise if we are gonna be in the play offs. And stuff for Bristol City fans, let them sit in traffic for 5 hours before getting tonked 4-0. Up the Rams.
  2. Thorne/Huddlestone

    I thought Huddlestone was immense on Saturday, calm on the ball every time he touched it and put some really neat passes together setting us off on the Counter attack. Ledley also broke stuff up really well and looked to give the ball to huddlestone for him to distribute it to the more attacking players. Thorne has to fight for his place in this team, no doubt he is an outstanding player but he doesn't walk into our side anymore. For now, he can do his bit in the side whilst coming back from a big injury and playing his part in games when the other two need a break. a lad coming back from a huge injury and two 30 year olds, there's no doubt they've all got ta part to play this season. 3 class players for 2 positions is perfect. Just enjoy it lads..
  3. Chris Martin

    The competition is healthy too, If you come in and take your chance you'll more than likely keep your place. I think Nuge and Martin are enjoying fighting for that spot.
  4. Chris Martin

    Agree with this, different striker for different tactics. Nice to have the options available + opposite sides won't know what they're up against and won't know what to expect before match day!
  5. Chris Martin

    I have nothing against Martin? all I'm doing is comparing two players performances in the Leeds game. I'm not saying Martin would have missed that penalty or he's not a good player. All I'm saying us Winnall won as that game??? Stop getting so defensive over Martin ladies, I'm probably a bigger fan of him than both of you
  6. Chris Martin

    There's very little difference in them stats to be honest and Winnall won us the game. How from the stats above can you make a sarcastic comment that 'Winnall did all the work'.
  7. Chris Martin

    Were you at the Leeds game? He didn't do anything for 90 minutes, I'd like to see where the posts are about Martin only playing away, I don't think that's even true. When have we looked better with Martin in the side? We have looked far better with Vydra and Nugent combining together. Yep I agree if we are looking to play football and keep possession, Martin should play, i do think though that this will more than likely be at home when teams sit in and defend.
  8. Chris Martin

    Spot on, glad we agree Tibbsy.
  9. Chris Martin

    it's not as simple as that if he's not scoring goals and we don't play a style with willing runners! The things he lacks - pace and energy and willing to run, is what we need in our style of play
  10. Barnsley (A) Tickets

    any update? @WystonRam
  11. George Thorne

    'I would wager that he will be fit to play in every single game after Christmas until the end of the season.' WOW.
  12. Chris Martin

    I've been Chris Martins biggest fan since he arrive, he's clearly a very clever striker, with an unbelievable touch and finish. Is he right for this team - NO! I've probably seen this Martin put 120% in to a game about 10 times in a Derby shirt.. Id probably play him at home but in away games we need a striker that's willing to work and put a shift in for the team. in most of our away games we haven't had a lot of the ball and have been hard working and hard to break down. Rowett likes to press and defend from the front which is why Martin isn't getting much game time. in possession he's probably in the top 3 strikers in the league, out of possession I think he's probably the worst in the league. Imagine being 1-0 down away from home in the 70th minute with the other team having lots of possession and Martin is lounging around doing sweet **** ALL, or would we rather have someone buzzing around the back 4 working their nads off trying to get the ball back and having pace to punish on the counter? My opinion anyway..
  13. Trains to Barnsley Saturday

    full of tarmac at the min
  14. Matej Vydra

  15. George Thorne

    Think he's got a hamstring injury, doubt he will be in the squad.. Explains why he hasn't been offered a contact yet

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