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  1. JoeDerby

    Matej Vydra

    LOL, it's easy for you to say that as a fan. This is a business, we need to make as much as we can, especially off the leagues top goalscorer. 3 million squid is a lot of money to throw away. He's valued at 11m for a reason!
  2. JoeDerby

    Bloated Squad?

    How many more chances is he going to get though? This was his last one for me and he's injured in the first game of pre season.. One of the best players I've seen as a Derby fan but next to no football in 5 years, he's not gonna be the same player again.
  3. JoeDerby

    Bloated Squad?

    The same George Thorne that's 48 stone and made of the thinnest piece of glass ever made. Bore Off. He's never gonna be the player that he was in 13/14, get rid.
  4. JoeDerby

    Bloated Squad?

    I'd get rid of Thorne (I've had enough), Hanson (loan), Olsson, Anya, Martin and Vydra. Which will also give us the opportunity to invest, I'd love to see an exciting striker bought.
  5. JoeDerby

    Surely we ought to sell Vydra?

    He's a complete different player to Firminho!!! Firminho links play up incredibly well, works his nut off, can hold the ball up and make runs in behind, he can do it all. Vydra isn't a good player in possession of the ball and doesn't work hard to get the ball back. He comes to life in and around the box, a very very good finisher but his link up play isn't good enough to play the number 9 role on his own. Rowett liked to hit the ball in the channels via a Huddletstone pass and then look for Vydra arriving in the box to score. Lampard is a possession based manager, which I personally don't think will suit Matej and I think Lampard knows that, if the right offer comes in, we all know he will be sold. If Lampard believes that the last years top scorer fits in to his plans, he would to everything he could to keep the him.
  6. JoeDerby

    Inside info

    Don't get shy, we all know you love a ram
  7. JoeDerby

    Inside info

    I think Butterfield will play under lamps, technically a a very sound player, great passer of the ball and can grab a goal too. I've always liked Butterfield and think some of the stick he gets is undeserved. Hopefully he gets a clean slate and get back to his best.
  8. JoeDerby

    Who will be Frank's first signing?

    I don't think it's a risk as such, he's proven he can score in this division already and it's almost certain that he will score lots of goals if he drops back into this league again. He will want to prove himself as a Prem player and will get offers from the lower Prem teams, I'm sure. He's a young exciting player and will want to progress his career, not go backwards!
  9. JoeDerby

    Who will be Frank's first signing?

    Will we really get Abraham? I don't believe we will, would be amazing for us but for him and his career, it's a step backwards.. Can't see it happening, unfortunately šŸ˜ž
  10. JoeDerby

    Who will be Frank's first signing?

    Hopefully some of the top exciting young talent from Chelsea on loan. We need youth and energy more than anything.
  11. If George can't manage to get himself fit and ready for the start of this season, he doesn't deserve the shirt. In reality, he's a phenomenal player, struggled with injuries yes, but the club has been filling his pockets since 2014 with nothing in return. Out of all our players, he should be the one who isn't having the summer off, he should be in the gym, running, getting sharp and trim. I'm giving him one last chance, he's got to be in the team at the start of the season, looking like the old player he was, or for me it's pack your bags George.
  12. JoeDerby

    Confess your unpopular Rams opinions

    Forsyth is lacking confidence and could be the answer to our left back problems under a new manager especially under a more attacking approach.
  13. JoeDerby

    Squad. What do we need?

    WE NEED SOME LEGS IN THE MIDDLE!! Half the lads are nearly going backwards they're that slow šŸ˜“
  14. JoeDerby

    Lets be Frank

    For the past few years, football fans have always wanted us to fail.. It's nice to now have a well liked manager in where football fans in general will get behind us and will won't Lampard and us to do well. This has got a real good feel to it and I'm excited to see how this pans out..
  15. JoeDerby

    Fulham fans. Concern

    Can you two go and flirt on a text message? - trying to read a forum here.

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