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  1. Must win or must not lose?

  2. Must win or must not lose?

    Just don't lose. As long as we don't lose and give it a good go, I'm happy! The last thing we need is a gutless performance. it's gonna be a battle, big games need big players. Who's gonna hide? who's gonna grab the game by the scruff of the neck? I'll say it again, big games need big players.
  3. David Nugent

    Still think we made a massive mistake not going all out for Benik Afobe, everything that Rowett likes in a striker + more, twice the player of Nugent and Jerome. Young, exciting, scores goals.. he was the perfect fit! Now he's on the bench for Wolves. He was 100% what we needed!!!!!
  4. The Yard

  5. Stadium atmosphere

    Leeds fans got there team the draw yesterday. 2-0 down in the 65th minute, fans jumping up and down, singing and swinging their scarves. Leeds were dead and buried until that moment the fans decided for whatever reasobn to get behind their team. I think stadium atmosphere is a massive factor in football..it's just how the hell do you get the fans behind you when things aren't going your way? I remember being 3-0 down at Peterborough and the Derby fans being amazing that day and it couldn't of got much worse that day!?!? Confused.
  6. What's more frustrating?

    I appreciate your opinion, but saddened that you don't think we justify our league position. Whilst we are over performing in terms of a style of play turn around, we have defended phenomenally as a team. Just because we have played free flowing, nice to watch football, we have been hard to beat and clinical. Maybe this is why there's a negativity around the place, our hard work in being a hard team to beat isn't being noticed?
  7. What's more frustrating?

    I'm talking about atmosphere, not attendances..
  8. What's more frustrating?

    I disagree, the difference in fans and atmosphere from when the 13/14 season to now is huge. That might be down to the style of football we play but the stadium was booming back then
  9. What's more frustrating?

    They've been superb, it's known that they have fantastic support at home. The difference is, we are over achieving and they're under achieving and our fans are more fickle than theirs.
  10. What's more frustrating?

    Right, think of Palace, who's home fans have a excellent reputation, even when things aren't going there way. They Really are the 12th man when they play at home. Why can't we create this at Derby? Derby fans are having a negative effect on players rather than a positive..
  11. What's more frustrating?

    I'm personally very happy with how this season is going.. we have probably over achieved in terms of the turn around we're going through, so I was always expecting a dip in form and I can handle that we aren't going to win every game (unlike some others). What really frustrates me is fans getting on players backs and booing at full time. We are 3rd in the table. I much prefer going to away games where the fans are constantly brilliant. There's a real negative vibe around PP at the moment and it's not what the team deserves.
  12. Bet he can't wait to come back and get booed by the Derby fans.
  13. Lawrence had big hand in all 3 goals

    yeah, wouldn't it be good if we got behind the players? Our fans are a joke at times, in what way does booing a player benefit any body? Writing a player off because he's out of form is a pathetic and infuriating, you were probably one of the fans calling for Vydra's head when he was out of form too.
  14. young, exciting prospect. Has lots of potential according to Huddersfield fans.. A great opportunity for him to progress his career and get his name out there. If he has any kind of impact that Jordan Ibe had, we're in for a treat! Even Ibe is struggling in the prem and from what I saw of him at Derby, I really thought he was going all the way to the top. Welcome Kasey, play with confidence and excite us and you'll be loved I'm sure!
  15. Giving up being positive

    This post has really pissed me off.

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