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  1. 'what do you expect from him, hes 18?' is exactly my point, we are a top championship club, shouldn't we be striving for more than a unexperienced 18 year old that works hard?? or is that just me! He clearly isn't gonna be a top player this year, so he should be loaned out and put in the team when he has a tad more experience.
  2. Against Scunthorpe he was good for the last 15 minutes. Against Stoke he came on for 10 minutes, made 3 unnecessary fouls and gave the ball away twice, also had a good counter attack which he wasted. West Brom I thought he was ok, very basic passing, good energy, not much more, didn't really get a kick to be honest. Brentford - might as well have not turned up like the rest of the sqaud. He's definitely not ready for this level, he looks like a kid playing with men, He's crying out for a loan in league 2. Needs first team experience but not with us as he's not ready yet!
  3. I have to agree - We've lost every midfield battle this season, every single one! Knight has looked lost in every game to me, silly fouls, losing possession etc.. he needs to go on loan to get some experience imo.. he's certainly not ready for this level yet.
  4. hate to say it.. I miss Frank, Wilson, Tomori and Mount !!! What I loved last year that even if we we're being out played, we had a bloody good go.. we are looking ponderous again! If the players really have a go, they get the crowd behind them, the fans leave happy, what the fans hate to see is lacklustre performances. Give 110% and the fans will be behind you Mr Cocu, anything less, heads will be turned!
  5. I was very impressed with the first game against Huddersfield, we seem to have got worse and worse with each game. What's happened !?!?
  6. I think we are all over the place at the moment and it's not Cocu's fault. We are lacking quality, massively lacking any spark. I think maybe Cocu is as confused as much us as to what team he should play We don't know what formation we're going to be playing, players playing out of position! relying on kids to do the business.. I think we will undoubtedly improve as the season goes on, we just need the team to settle. We really need the international break so we can have a look at the whole situation.
  7. I've said this before and I still have the same opinion, not improved in 8 years. A decent player to bring off the bench at this level but not much more.. How I see it, if he drops down to League 2, he still wouldn't rip that league up.. Same as Hanson who lacked any quality at this level, he's now a bang average player in League 1..
  8. It would be Bennett for me until Bogle is back.. Zoon needs some time out the squad to gain confidence, I've never known a player offer so little in 4 games! Atleast Bennett will give 100%, will track back and can put a decent cross in..
  9. LOL OBVIOUSLY!! In a thread about the manager, I clearly meant why Cocu didn't change it over..
  10. Fair enough, kind of makes sense, didn't really think of defending against McClean but thought Lowe did a great job against him all game and he would've been too much for Zoon. Thought Lowe was brilliant all game actually. Playing right back with a left foot and vice versa is certainly not easy - there's no easy option of hooking the ball down the line or to the striker. I thought it was a very professional performance and hopefully can make LB his own once Bogle returns.
  11. I'm not sure if this has been discussed.. but can anyone on here understand why Lowe and Zoon didn't swap sides when we went 3 5 2?
  12. To think this time 2 years ago, we we're all upset because Rowett left us for Stoke - what a bunch of idiots (myself included)! Exciting times for Derby County!
  13. Looked like a different player to last year, so much more confident. Not watched it back on the TV yet but I was very impressed!
  14. JoeDerby

    Jordon Ibe

    Ibe was unbelievable when we had him on loan - I honestly thought he would a world class player! not quite worked out for him but he's definitely a very very good championship player. Would love this to happen!
  15. Just a little shout out for George Evans - I thought he was magnificent last night, like a new signing! looked comfortable on the ball and broke up play very well. Lots of options in defensive midfield now with Evans, Huddlestone, Shinnie and Bielik. Still absolutely buzzing with last nights performance, I've never seen a Derby team so well set up! Up the Rams !
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