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  1. I still think we lack an identity. How does he want us to play? He mentions fast football playing out from the back but we've probably seen 90 minutes of that this whole season. I think he's got a lot to learn but he seems to be learning fast. I do wish that sometimes we'd press higher and win the ball back further up the pitch. Taking in to account what he's had to go through whilst he's been here, he' doing pretty well. I do think he's the long term answer though, the guy clearly needs time. We need completely stablising and I think he's the guy to take us up. Derby County Championship winners 21/22 season - mark my words
  2. I'm not disappointed - I've seen the bigger picture. BUT, I can understand why people might be feeling disappointed. Told we were gonna do business early, a tall CB and flair on the wings was promised. Although once we weren't able to bring our targets in, I'm glad the club has learnt it's lesson and not made any panic signings.
  3. Honesty is key to a strong relationship between fans, management and board.
  4. Most of us are feeling disappointed because of the lack of signings which is absolutely understandable. After all, the club have set us up to feel disappointed. 'We are going to do our business early', is the one that stands out he most. I do feel the club should have gone about thing's differently, i.e. we won't be doing any business and then anything else is a added bonus? Derby COUNTY PLEASE LISTEN.. DON'T GET THE FANS HOPES UP, IT WILL END IN TEARS. BUT, looking at the bigger picture, are we really going to be challenging for promotion this year? No. Any signings this month would be adding on to the wage bill for next to no reason (especially any loan deals). I know a new signing is always exciting for the fans but it could be a blessing in disguise this season to give our very talented youth very important minutes on the pitch. Let's really get behind the young lads, I'm excited to see what Hector-Ingram can do. I'd like to see him given some time even as sub in the cup. Up the Rams
  5. If Morgan Whittaker has done enough for a new contract - I'd love to see what you have to do to not get given one!
  6. If Richard Keogh could clear a basic cross..
  7. Nope this was definitely about Benkovic
  8. Heard something from a source that works at the club that this will be the first signing on a season long loan next week. Just tying a few loose ends.
  9. I think the movement in front of them was brill too, the big diagonal passes were on, a lot and they worked.
  10. Not to blow my own trumpet but he showed what we have been missing on Sunday. Controlled the game beautifully with Rooney.
  11. Thanks mate, sorry about my mistake, you're the third person to look at the spelling rather than the points I'm making. Not that your punctuation is spot on either.
  12. I'm not having any of this 'Marriott doesn't train well' or 'isn't focused'. The only reason he hasn't played under both Lampard and Cocu is because he's very one dimensional, he can't play as a loan striker - he's no good with back faced to goal to bring others in to play, which both Lampard and Cocu clearly like with Nuge and Martin, both very clever players. It's the same reason that Vydra failed under Mac, he couldn't play the loan striker he needed to have someone around him. All of sudden we played a style and system that suited him under Rowett and bang, he's the leagues top scorer. Marriott always looks to play on the shoulder which can be effective if your playing on the counter (worked on occasions with Lampard). In a possession based team, he's very ineffective. For him to be most effective he needs to be played in a two, with someone he can work around which Coco clearly isn't willing to do. Sad for us and Jack, but it's not going to work out at Derby for him under Coco, unless he changes our style of play to fit him in.
  13. very good points made and I absolutely understand your frustration with his defensive abilities, something that if he could do, he would still be in the premier league. I definitely agree it's a weak point but I do think it's worth the risk. He's too good with the ball to not have him there. I can think of quite a few defensive midfielders that aren't know to be 'defensive' though so how important isit? Scholes could never tackle, Pirlo, Jonjo Shelvey, Wilshire, Ruben Neves, Oliver Norwood. Just a few defensive midfielders off the top of my head that aren't known for their defensive abilities. I don't agree that the DM role is the easiest to look good though, it's very easy to go hiding. Evans last night. Johnson got stick last year? De Sart? Mascarell? all failed. It really isn't an easy position to play and if you're not on your game, the rest of the team suffers too.
  14. Very well put. Of course, Bielik is the long term answer but at this moment, right now, we are missing Huddlestones experience.
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