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  1. JoeDerby

    If you could pick 2 ex-Rams

    Conor Sammon and Gary Teale. I've missed laughing on a Saturday afternoon.
  2. JoeDerby

    If you could pick 2 ex-Rams

    Hughes, Ibe. Just what we need. A midfielder who can control a game further up the field and Ibe was just unreal at Championship level - he can score out of nothing and would fit in well in this team.
  3. JoeDerby

    'suspicious' man outside Derby County's training ground

    I'd chop a few of his fingers off, decent punishment and at least he'd fit in with the Leeds fans too!
  4. JoeDerby

    Would you ever...

    Bryson - amazing, Clough's best buy, easily. Hughes - Academy Chris Martin - 3 good seasons with Mcclaren, tosh under every other manager. Hendrick - Academy Barker - Legend, ruined by injury. Forsyth - I like him, ruined by injury. Keogh - make your own mind up. Buxton - club legend, not really that good. Johnny Russell - good at times. I don't really see these players as top scouting tbh, the two most successful players here have both been from the Academy and I don't think we've actually made any profit from any of Cloughs signings, maybe John Brayford that's about it? To say he was meant to be a top scout from the lower leagues, who did he bring in that was a bargain buy and turned out to be a top player.
  5. JoeDerby

    Would you ever...

    It was pretty painful at times. Often pinned in our own half at home with no ambition to get a second call, not even trying to counter attack, it was more hit it in to the corners and wait for their next attack. He knew how to pick a player.. Ben Pringle Lee Croft Paul Dickov Lee Hendrie Luke Varney Chris Porter Cywka Ben Davies Conor Doyle I know he was on a tight budget but there's some shockers there.
  6. JoeDerby

    Would you ever...

    No. Going up 1-0 at home and defending the lead for the rest of the game is nearly as bad as Rowett's style of football and we always conceded too, so it was pointless. Painful. Can't be bothered. Much rather score 4 and concede 3 😉 and not to say his away record was nothing short of shocking!
  7. JoeDerby

    Little Duane

    Some player. Drifts by players like they're not there. Has a super low sense of gravity which gives him the ability to skip by players so effortlessly. I think he's being managed correctly too, Lampard doesn't want to chuck him in at the deep end, kind of like he did with Marriott. He could be a huge player for us but I don't want us to expect too much too soon.
  8. JoeDerby

    Crazy Keogh hating

  9. JoeDerby

    Crazy Keogh hating

    I'm not gonna lie, lets put this straight, we've never seen Huddlestone 'bombing forward' in his whole career!
  10. JoeDerby

    Crazy Keogh hating

    It tells us that our back 4 are seeing too much of the ball, get in to the midfield faster and let them control the game rather than Keogh..
  11. JoeDerby

    Crazy Keogh hating

    I'm not a Keogh hater but Jason Shackell was much better than Keogh. A leader, spoke to the back 4 all game, absolutely marshalled the back line and no surprise that Keogh was at his best when he played with Shacks. We need a Shackell kind of player in now Davies is injured for a while, the back line has no structure, they're all pulled out of position constantly leaving huge amounts of space in behind us. The problem is not Keogh, the problem is the back 4 missing a calm wise head to control them all.
  12. JoeDerby

    Jayden Bogle

    I thought he was the weak link on Sunday, he needs to be protected as he has a big future in football but right now he's getting targeted by teams. He was so wasteful in possession too. Would much rather see Wisdom at RB to tighten things up abit, that being said, we are so short at the minute and can't see anything other than Bogle RB, Wisdom LB for the time being.
  13. JoeDerby

    The winger conundrum

    Waghorn is coming back from a injury, I'm not falling for all this something is wrong behind the scenes b******, it's called managing an injury!!!!! He will start tomorrow. We could do with a winger who isn't scared to beat the full backs, I'd be tempted to look at prem fringe players on loan, Jordan Ibe, Hudson Odoi (although came off injured), Brahim Diaz from city?
  14. JoeDerby

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Tyrone Mings on loan till the end of the season could be a good signing!
  15. JoeDerby

    The Leftback Conundrum

    I'd love to see 3 at the back and play wing backs but it would be a massively brave (some might say crazy) decision from Lamps and I doubt he would change it without the team being used to the formation. Carson Wisdom Keogh Tomori Bogle Huddlestone Wilson Holmes Mount Waghorn Marriott

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