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  1. Brexit or Eurin?

    Look into it closer, a deal where in Boeing use Rolls Royce engines is reciprocal to Airbus using General Electric engines. I'll buy yours if you buy mine , walk away from the EU with your personally preferred no deal, and you may well walk away from Airbus. Aircraft manufacturers that currently us Rolls Royce engines (according to Google) Airbus A330. Airbus A340 (-500 and -600 series only) Airbus A350 (exclusive engine) Airbus A380. Boeing 777 (-200, -200ER and -300 series only) Boeing 787 Dreamliner. If there are no other aircraft manufactures, do Boeing really buy 75% of Rolls Royce aero engines, ?
  2. Brexit or Eurin?

    no it doesn't , https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/business/calculation-customs-duties/what-is-common-customs-tariff_en
  3. Brexit or Eurin?

    Good idea, tell them to get stuffed, buy your Rolls Royce Trent 900 engines elsewhere, who wants to part of your stupid Airbus project, if you're not local to Derby, you''l need to use google, if you're to realise the stupidity of walking away.
  4. Brexit or Eurin?

    Put merely thought back into context , and perhaps you'll realise the wastefulness of your verbosity.
  5. Brexit or Eurin?

    I think you're struggling with the concept that the EU might not care what you do.
  6. Brexit or Eurin?

    I glad you merely thought, and aren't presenting as fact Sterling's overvaluation, as many are. Purely coincidental that the market correction took place the on the very day that the referendum result was announced, I presume ? .
  7. Brexit or Eurin?

    Dear informed gentleman , Portugal Italy Greece Spain , are commonly refereed to as the pigs by economists . As they are considered amongst the poorest and most volatile of EU member states , each of these states is currently 20% better off than your pound in your pocket.. I thought you understood economics, afterall they are only after your money
  8. Brexit or Eurin?

    Mine for a start , most likely Eire , no hard border is likely to result in what is known as a "free port" If there is no deal and trading continues to be difficult ,sorry folks I've worked too hard for to long to bite the bullet and subsidise your lifestyles.
  9. Brexit or Eurin?

    So why is the Euro holding it's own on the currency markets ? and why does the Pound collapses every-time the Brexit negotiating team open there mouths ? On the whole it's short selling , but the 20% fall in the value of sterling, it is real and will affect your life sooner or later. How does it feel to be poorer than the so called PIGS of the EU ? The UK is cheap destination these days.
  10. Tory Government on pause

    ffy, says it all really
  11. Tory Government on pause

    Where did you get the angry youth from ? And a second referendum ? The Lib Dems manifesto "We acknowledge the result of the 2016 referendum, which gave the government a mandate to start negotiations to leave – but we believe the final decision should be made by the British people, not by politicians." Which Tim insisted was to be on the terms of Brexit, another entirely different referendum , not a second in/out referendum. and.....when the Lib Dems were in coalition, did they stick up for the students ? There's two reasonable hypothesis why the youth might view voting for the Lib Dem's as a waste of a vote.
  12. Tory Government on pause

    as opposed to the free... 27k debt offered by the Tories, being robbed of their inheritance should their parents become ill in later life, that might have influenced them, as could voting for somebody they could relate too and was willing to invest in their future ?. One is a bribe (there are conditions attached to it), and the other was to be an investment in the nations future , therein lies the difference Why didn't they all vote for the Lib Dems then? Because they're intelligent enough to realise it would be a waste of a vote ? Sorry , I'm not really qualified to be a spokesman for the youth, just an observer of facts. I could ask my daughters, but a sample of two is unlikely to be conclusive. They're both studying at the Vienna School of Art ,so Brexit's irrelevant to them , they view themselves as European and I honestly can't imagine them wanting to return to the "Island" . Now that DUP Bribe will that benefit all of Northern Ireland, or might it be used in only certain selective areas of residence , I wonder ?
  13. Tory Government on pause

    Which ones do you think are capable of independent thought ? Judging by the SW's Conservative mp's such thing is frowned upon with the rank and file "and your constituents were wondering why they aren't getting the same sort of deal?" you'd just refuse to acknowledged them and denounce them as internet trolls http://www.cornwalllive.com/south-east-cornwall-tory-candidate-sheryll-murray-blocks-constituents-when-they-ask-questions/story-30345205-detail/story.html If fairness if you do write to her, you will get a "thank you for correspondence" letter on Commons Paper , but in truth it's better to cut out the minions , and correspond with Government Departments directly
  14. Tory Government on pause

    It's actually brilliant ...the Tories thought the population would sleepwalk into a de facto dictatorship , and they'd be able to mould the nation into their mirror image post Brexit But the will of the British people said no ! A hung parliment is perfect, curbs the excesses of both major parties, but the DUP deal is dodgy, even dodgier than "Dodgy Dave's" Panama caper. (which party voted down an inquiry into the Panama lark, I wonder) Better to bribe the youth, than ignore them, or worse, vote leave on their behalf ( for the good of our children), when they themselves, on the whole, voted remain.
  15. What do you do when...

    It's OK as long as she swallowed

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