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  1. Is Rowett up to the job

    Not really a number 10 as such but more a defensive destroyer breaking up play and being directed by hudds and Thorne ,, yes it's a predominantly defensive set up but we really need to go back to basics away from home as we are dire and easy Peasey to roll over ,, let's start at the beginning and be really solid and hard to beat away from home then take it from there
  2. Is Rowett up to the job

    Surely we must have a young hungry dynamo tackler in the under 23s then away from home we shut up shop and hit on the break Carson Wis. Keough. Davies Olsen Hudds. Thorne Energetic under 23/ hansen Russell. Vydra Lawrence a young player being defected by hudds and Thorne in that team should be able to swim in a cover the ground closing down tackling role? v
  3. Is Rowett up to the job

    Sorry But clement certainly and Pearson almost certainly were sacked for football reasons , that's what the club stated so that's what it is and will remain so until the clubs says otherwise ,,,
  4. Is Rowett up to the job

    But has he really? Have we been kidding ourselves ,have we given to much credence to pundits throw away comments about or supposed one of the best squads in the division ,,, ?? I don't care who rowett sell or let's go ,, you know what I even think I would in a strange way be more happy if we were losing every game , at least there's some honesty in that ,, winning 5/0 one week then losing 4/1 the next against similar level teams just don't sit right unless it's a rarity but this is our modus operandi and it smacks of profession dishonesty to me,,, Pearson ( barking as he was/is) was not prepared to stand for it and I don't think rowett will either
  5. Is Rowett up to the job

    Well he is the man that we have got now and it's clear he has a vision of what he wants to build ,,,, thing is if I'm honest I have to say I'm at a loss to understand why as a club it seems no matter who is in the chair as manager or what players we bring in we are just so so so Jekyll and Hyde ,,,, I'm not going to be calling for the managers head anytime soon as this is a long standing problem for us and nobody is going to wave a magic wand and have instant success , you could blame rowett s sales of Hughes ,ince,Christie but we were just the same with them at the club ,, great one/two games then utter unrecognisable garbage the next ,,,,, there has to be a total rebuild in the clough style ,love him or hate him ,he built a side and team ethos over a period of time that Mac coached to the next level ,,, is rowett the right man? Only time will tell but nobody jumps out at me as a much better option for the job at hand and make no mistake it's a rebuild job
  6. Joe Ledley

    Not much point in ledley coming in ,, rowett really wants Kieth in Jan and from the reports on the type of player he is I can see the job rowett has mapped out for him in our team ,, given that with the return of Thorne , some youngsters knocking about and the time it could take to get ledley match fit and settled what's the point he also doesn't sound like the same type of mobile snapping at the heels break up player that rowett wants to do the dirty stuff and let our better players play
  7. Barnsley v Derby County

    I hate us losing any game but my opinion is that rowett will measure himself on getting Derby in the prem and keeping them there and as such will ver much priorities league games , I can live with that
  8. Kieftenbeld..... has he really signed?

    That's not the one I'm thinking of , same as ramblur the one I remember was daylight goal ,,,, now I think of it it may be his first ever goal for Derby too that I'm thinking of , sure it was a cracker at the ossie end
  9. What about his ugly twin?
  10. Kieftenbeld..... has he really signed?

    I'm pretty sure I remember him scoring a cracker like the one being described but at the ossie end ???
  11. Martin/Winnall

    Martin is a decent striker but I'm afraid he will really have to work on adding higher energy pressing and closing down defenders to his armoury if he is not going to be a bench striker coming on when the hard work has been done and games won already , it's what rowett wants from his strikers and we saw what results that kind of energy ,attitude and work rate can give to the team ,, Rowett may turn out to be good for martin if he can get him really up for that side of the game
  12. Derby County v Hull City

    Possession,possession,possession,,,,,,,, if you become so obsessed with keeping the ball you stop taking the risks that can cut other teams open ,you become stale and negative ,,, don't get me wrong you can't score without possession but thank god the myth that having a bit more possession than the other team is some kind of holy grail and moral high ground is being busted ,,,,, yes we don't want to be giving the ball away cheaply all the time and we don't want to make a habit of having big deficit s of possession in games but ten percent difference in games really means bugger all if you are very solid in defence when you don't have the ball and incisive when you do ,,the whole focus of the game is to score more than the other team , shifting the main focus to keeping the ball above all else is fantastic and workable if you can afford to put together the best players in the world but that's not the way for most clubs and it seems to me we Derby fans have lost sight of what the game is and we constantly put our own players to the sword to the point where they play safe negative stuff ,,, rowett it seems is a breath of fresh air and seems intent on changing that
  13. Derby County v Hull City

    If your aunt had balls ,,,,,,, yep if we missed our chances and they scored theirs we could have lost , yes we had a bit of luck in places ( missed penalty ) but I do believe that there's a reason for the saying that you make your own luck and that's what we did ,,, worked like f*** when we didn't have the ball and played with real energy and intent when we had it ,, now you will get games where you get no luck but if you produce the kind of mentality work and intent from decent players that we did then you will in the main get the rewards more often than not , fully understand the not wanting to get carried away by some posters and I also won't let myself get carried away either but by god it was so so nice to feel excited every time we got the ball and went forward ,, there's a massive shift from just keeping the ball to trying to do something with it in our mentality ,,, good on you gary rowett , I can see what he wants us to be and given time I reckon he will achieve it , real shame we lost out on Kieth, not because I know much about him as a player but because if rowett wanted him then I trust his judgement on what he would have brought to the team and squad over a season in rowett s new style , hoofball? ???? Yep we can do that but we can play a bit too so far less predictable , say what you want but that score line sends a message to the rest of the division that Derby can hurt you and that's no bad thing
  14. Derby County v Hull City

    Let's just hope we get the team sheet filled out properly and handed in on time before we worry about who's on it
  15. Kieftenbeld..... has he really signed?

    We seem to be on a run of things going tits up and can't seem to get off it ,, that's Derby for you,,, and I know cause I've supported them for about 50 years , them and Scotland ( no choice there) ,,, the comment regarding being a Derby , forest , Real Madrid , Liverpool , mel Chester rovers fan is the most stupid thing I ever heard ,, at least if one of my teams ain't doing well then chances are another one will be ???? ,,, what's the point? There is no value to your team doing well if also don't fell the pain when they aren't ,, i feel really sorry for mclovin as he does not have the first clue of what being a Derby fan is or any other club fan for that matter ,, he's a football fan just like the hordes of corporate attenders and tourists you see filling london premiership clubs grounds ,,, fair play if that's enough for him but ain't for me , happy to read any opinions he has on football in general but Derby related post have no value at all

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