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  1. Style v Substance

    Watched it on rams tv last night and though we were poor in first half in an attacking sense I thought we tried to put some slick fast passing moves together in the second half so personally I don't see this hoofball team of cloggers that some accuse rowett of trying to produce ,yes that was mixed with some direct stuff too and hudds was superb and must be in the side as he can and does produce match winning quality ,, vydra brings nothing apart from goals? Are people blind or mad? He was all over the park and is growing into the ten role ,, will this team grow with results ,confidence and time playing together? I believe so sorry but all I see is some have an unbalanced dislike of rowett ( probably stems from Mac Hughes and ince martin love) and are being unfairly critical
  2. RamsTV

    I have live audio subscription , if I'm abroad can I upgrade or do I just go in and buy one match live stream for £5 and enter card / payment details?
  3. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    Hans shotgun?
  4. Rising tide of performance?

    Very interesting question you pose ,,,we keep hearing on here that crowds are dipping because of rowett football,,when you could ask is it more people losing belief in promotion ,promotion race ,,, if we won the next five playing as we are now and we're challenging top two would the crowds dip further or would they start rising again? My bet is rising,, and by the same token if we suddenly threw caution to the wind and played decent entertains stuff but results dipped and we started slipping down the table would the crowds rise because of the football or dip the consultation of playing decent football whilst not getting results only gets you so far
  5. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    I'm an ageing roofer getting close to 60 years old ,,, trust me it's cold enough for a hip replacement
  6. Rising tide of performance?

    A by product of my view stated above can clearly be seen in keough ,,,, do you see anywhere near the crazy horse panic stricken last ditch defending side to him this season? Nope and he is looking a bloody good player
  7. Rising tide of performance?

    Here's the difference ,,, martin plays the 10 role by dropping deep ,holding and laying the ball off ,,,,, vydra plays it by dropping deep ,turning and running at defenders , generalisation to a degree I know but a fair one I feel , both are good finishers and as witnessed sat both win you free kicks and get you up the pitch but in fairness martin at this point does that better and vydra is just starting to enhance that part yes there needs to be a different style to the team when using one or the other and it's clear that in the main rowett does not want our midfield bombing on ahead of the play too often as we did with martin at his best and like others there's a big bit I miss about that because in full flow it was great to watch but by the same token when we were off it we were very fragile with players out of position and no shape defensively but there is always a trade off and it's this cautious or over cautious approach depending on your view that splits the opinions of rowett s team
  8. Matej Vydra

    Could be that he believes martin and vydra are the two least effective of the strikers in terms of closing down and defending from the front so doesn't see them as a pair ,also listening to rowett I think he sees vydra and martin playing the same position ( number 10 ) all be it that they play the role in different ways to each other , my guess is that's rowett view ,, that said I would quite like to see them started together with martin in the ten role and vyds more buzzing round and on the shoulder of defenders just to see if it worked
  9. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    Thanks for update ,, if that's the case and I have no reason to doubt you then he shouldn't be anywhere near the first team until he is properly fit for under 23 games at the very least
  10. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    Now there's a post that's worth taking notice of in terms of under 23 s , names one , explains that he is close to forcing his way in ( good enough in your opinion) , not just let's put an under 23 in
  11. Matej Vydra

  12. Start games quicker

    I think your right and to be fair it's something that's been happening before rowett arrived and seems to be a hard habit to break ,,, I would be more open to totally blame rowett for this if he was in the main making defensive substitutions but in all fairness he does seem more inclined to make attack minded positive substitutions when games are poised or tight
  13. Rising tide of performance?

    Could well be that rowett sees qualities in him that he wants to bring out and feels he is capable of more and though at this point we don't see it perhaps there's more to come ? If I'm honest I think vydra is showing signs of bringing more than just the goals , sat in particular he was dropping deeper to give us an outlet and he won some free kicks for us doing just that that took the pressure off us and got us out
  14. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    Why the obsession with playing an under 23 , and not an under 23 who is making it very very hard to not give him a chance ,,any under 23 just for the sake of it being an under 23 ? We have a team that are putting results together and creeping up the table but you want to throw in an experimental under 23 for no reason ? Madness ,total madness and it's worth remembering that it's rowett job to get results and keep a largish squad of first team players motivated for a long season ,,,,,
  15. Rising tide of performance?

    That is a very good post

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