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  1. View from the outside

    Your probably right but most of the time with those types you tend to just listen and laugh inwardly ,it’s just every now and then they get right on your tits and you wonder why they bother and wish they would fxxk off
  2. Bloody Villa

    No just cooky s
  3. Bloody Villa

    Yep your right it was win all
  4. Our New Weapon

    No chance ffp leaves us no wig gle room ,he’s of to crew ,cut the wage bill
  5. Bloody Villa

    Last week some reckoned villa would not lose again all season ,now away loss home draw with a soft penalty saving them,, there’s a lot of football between now and end of season
  6. Free agents

    If it’s true that we were bringing Lookman and Palmer in that really would have been good jan window
  7. RamsTV

    Is that the new barman in the Neptune ?
  8. Derby County vs Leeds United

    Not sure a defibrillator would get more out of the other three attackers ,, seriously though we should not be afraid that players do so well that they become undroppable so we drop them ,, makes no sense ,I could perhaps consider it if he was just a poacher and goals were all he brought but it’s far far more than that ,,, no sorry for me what we need is a few more playing to the level that they look undroppable ,, then we really would be cooking ,, take vydra out and we are looking at Weimann,anja ,Lawrence to come up with enough goals ,,, never going to happen ,, I’ve seen many reasons given for dropping players but because they doing so well we will come to rely on them? its not a piece of magic per game he’s producing it’s regular match winning goals and performances
  9. QPR away who is going

    Or the locks been changed come to that
  10. RamsTV

    Think you will find he is plotted up in the basilica there mate ,,, whole different ball game,,, do dominoes do body of Christ deep pan
  11. Notts Forest (A) Tickets

    Your a wrong un
  12. RamsTV meets............ who would you like to see?

    That’s Terry Hennessy
  13. RamsTV

    No broadband connection in the Sistine chapel I’m afraid
  14. Derby County vs Leeds United

    Can’t see it but if it was to happen would prefer Ledley as sweeper with Thorne further up ,, Ledley reads the game far better for me
  15. RamsTV

    Yessssssssss ;;; starting now? So will get forest away in Spain?

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