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  1. archied

    v Southampton (H) Match Thread

    One word ,,,,,,,,,,,, YEP
  2. archied

    Your all time guilty tracks

    With a handle of Andy in Liverpool I find it hard to believe that scousers don’t do that take the p##s banter like everybody else , 25 years ago we had a few of us going to a job in the van down putney high street , the driver lit up like a star when grocer jack came on the radio , he turned it right up and bobbing his head ,,, cue banter you would not believe ,,, we still give it to him 25 years on ,,, it’s a classic from our past banters
  3. archied

    Your all time guilty tracks

    That’s why de Niro is waiting for the winter
  4. archied

    Your all time guilty tracks

    Bloody hell that takes me back
  5. archied

    Your all time guilty tracks

    Nah ,it’s an age thing ,, the older you get the less you mind owning up ,,, when your an 18 year old scooter boy try telling your mates you like a bit of AC/DC,,,, oooooh matron
  6. archied

    Your all time guilty tracks

    Shakira ,gypsy
  7. archied

    Your all time guilty tracks

    Tin hat on ,,, in comming you phobe
  8. archied

    Harry Wilson - Signed on a season long loan

    Well you say that but if your auntie had balls?
  9. archied

    Your all time classic tracks

    Just go quietly David ,, you must know this emperor s new clothes routine by now😀
  10. archied

    Your all time guilty tracks

    We all have them ,,, tracks that you just know you shouldn’t like ( massively removed from usual tastes) , you poss embarrassed to say you like them but you can’t help it , you just love the song/ tune
  11. archied

    v Mansfield Town (A) Match Thread

    Well two games and frank has seen the curse of derby ,, one game look decent ,lots of promise and you think yes we can build on that ,,, very next game totally dire , can’t string two passes together , give the ball away cheaply time after time and look like rabbits in the headlights if teams press us high ,, lots to be done but we do have some decent players ,, Thomas has been a breath of fresh air ,, kid has real promise and the fearlessness want the ball all the time of youth we need ,,
  12. archied

    Tory party eats itself

    Hang on , Scotland voted to remain part of great Briton ,we’ve just got exactly the same problem with politicians who just ignore what people vote for and carry on regardless , wee jimmy cranky sturgeon is a nightmare ,,, perhaps we should brexit from the politicians of this country , seems to me they are the problem , ordinary people just go about their business earning a living and bringing their kids up ,, lock them all up in the House of Parliament and start again and nobody is allowed to use university to study politics then go into politics, keep universities for real subjects , producing our lawyers , doctors ,scientists and such like ,, not the boris s of this world or the sham painers
  13. archied

    A Trip to Trump-ton

    The girl on the video is a total ejit ,, I watched the Peirs Morgan thing with her , he came off badly from it and so did she , if you think for one second that anybody half sensible is gonna take her seriously I dispair , I just see a bratty child that could probably have done with being put on the naughty step a bit more rather than indulged , probably turn into one of those parents who think it’s wrong to tell their children off
  14. archied

    A Trip to Trump-ton

    More like predictable ,,,yawn. Sham pain socialists , priveledged ,over educated under life experienced uni haunters passing round beer pretending to be right on revolutionaries ,,,,, it’s been done ,, the young ones is gone ,, i think trumps a knob like most polititicians ,, tommy Robinson broke the law on this occasion so although I have a more balanced view on him than the sham painers I can’t possibly see any value in protests.
  15. archied

    At the club now

    It’s a real interesting one with loan players and injuries like Thorne comming back I look at the squad with these two additions of youth ,energy and quality and think bloody hell its quite a squad , they are certainly bang on what we needed adding

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