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  1. You’re wrong. I know from close club and player contacts that he was made up at joining Derby. Loved his first season with the club and loved the fans. Read nothing into the lads demeanor. Some footballers feel uncomfortable kissing badges and ass! He was impressive under Clement for the first 2/3rds of the season. Clement got sacked when we were 5th. Before that his 2 goals at Hull put us top. Maybe, just maybe, if we’d persevered with PC we might have gone up. But his sacking and the subsequent appointment of Wassell changed everything, and I suspect knocked his confidence when he resorted to the old school and preferred Bryson (energetic but talentless!) . From there it was patchy. Mac 2 loved him, he got sacked when we were 7th. Eventually Rowetball took over. He called him out for the midfield dodging garbage he insisted on, and the “fans” turned against him. (Despite ironically agreeing with him) Booed him on to pre-season games in the early Lampard era. And Lampard, naively, was influenced, and extradited him into the u23’s. He was never a replacement for Hughes IMO, and Bryson not fit to tie his laces. Our loss! Luton’s gain! On a free! How mental is that!
  2. I have a little over 4 hours for this to come off! Or my reputation?? In tatters by the The Hatters!
  3. "Couple of days" = 48 hours. So if this was a question then..... Yes!
  4. Luton contact telling me Butterfield agreed and signing in the next couple of days
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