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  1. Can’t his harshest critics on here not give him even just the slightest praise for taking the opportunity to re-boot his career! Throughout the window he was trashed as a freeloader and for lacking any self-pride or ambition, happy to sit it out, scratching his bolleaux at Derby’s expense. And despite the evidence of the failed Hull move in the summer and now an obvious move to a club and league lower than his obvious ability, he’s still a complete womble.....apparently! Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. Haters are always gonna hate, but sometimes you do sound like a bunch of tw@ts!
  2. My gut tells me Johnson and Butterfield will go, Anya not as he has the extra year on his contract so less of a hurry. Butts may well drop to league 1, but I suspect club location will play a part. Plus, as I understand it, more desirable clubs have enquired but deferred action until the summer window when he’s a free agent. So any move will be about getting in shape for next season and re-kindling current interest in a few months. Again, there are clubs around us that we would be wise to knock back now we’re in the run up and play-off places hotly contested.
  3. Or Derby’s contribution demands are too high, or Derby might restrict qualifying clubs (would you want to loan a player to say....Blackburn, only to see them pip you at the post for a play-off spot??, the fans would love that!) or the agents are crap, or a club might tick all the right boxes but geographically just not be realistically practical for a players current situation or be right for their long term prospects...etc....etc... So I don’t think it’s as black and white as you suggest.
  4. ......and has performed manfully when called upon for the u23’s and behaved like the model professional by all accounts. Despite shocking treatment from FL, the club and from a section of “fans”. When he leaves today he will no doubt still be criticized by some new reason that only some can fathom, leaving behind some of our dross midfield that can’t pass a ball but do run around a lot and kiss ass on social media. But he won’t speak badly of the club or it’s support, because he is a model pro imo, and we’ll lose a quality footballer...also imo.
  5. Why don’t we all wait for the window to close before berating our players for a lack of ambition or self pride. Butterfield will go for the good of himself, Derby and the club he joins in this window. I hope he receives better treatment than he’s had here. I’m sure there’ll be a flood of apologies on here from the usual critics!!! As for Anya and BJ.......we’ll see.
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