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  1. So now it is clear. Roth won't win on Sat but they might draw, still not enough points even if we lose. Wycombe won't pull off a miracle because even if they win and we lose GD would save us. Therefore in my mind they are both down, and it really is Rams v Sheff Wed for the prize of staying up. It's down to us, a point will be enough. However, in order to secure the point we need to go forward, as we know we can on a good day, as often as possible, either to score or to keep the ball away from our net or both. Sheff Wed will know that they have a task ahead, but t
  2. Right, last night clarified everything at least. Can't see Roth getting more than a point on Sat, can't see Wycombe pulling off a miracle. Therefore it's all down to us. A point will do it. This is one of those last day soap operas that are usually quite exciting, when fans are tracking the other games by phone and cheers erupt when other results go their way. Such a shame to have an empty stadium, with us there our bunch wouldn't dare stop running for 90 mins, after all some of them are playing for their futures, either here or elsewhere. No more lambs, COYR!!!
  3. Can't believe the pessimism on here, you would think that we had 40 points and Sheff Wed 43. Assuming that tonight goes our way all we will need on Sat is a point. We won't need to win but they will. This will send them scurrying forward and leaving gaps to be exploited. Courage, mon braves!
  4. When I said "all we WILL need is a point", I'm assuming that Rotherham will get nothing against Luton, which I think is reasonable. We will therefore end up in a kind of 'reverse playoff' situation in which 4 equally dreadful teams compete for the right to the 1 available place in next season's Championship. Our 90 minute plus stoppage time mission on that day is simple...DO NOT LOSE and, more importantly, pray to every available deity that none of the other 3 teams win. We have the advantage. Wycombe are essentially down even if they win, unless the scores on the day are
  5. As I predicted. Final day showdown, all we will need is a point, how hard can it be? Erm...
  6. Referee on Sat will be Darren Bond. If the name seems familiar it's because he's the ******* who sent Waghorn off after 20 mins against Preston a few months ago when we went on to lose 1-0.
  7. Rotherham losing again is a big bonus for us. They now only have one game in hand and are 4 points behind us, although their GD is still better than ours. They can only catch us if they get 4 points out of 9 and we don't get any more points. Wycombe can't catch us unless they win both games with big scores and we lose both ours, also with big scores. Sheff Wed have the same GD as us and can only catch us if they win both their 2 games and we don't get any more points. This weekend could therefore see all this resolved, but I wouldn't be surprised if we do end up in a last day
  8. Unbelievably gutted today. 2 more soft goals to add to our huge collection this season. The only saving grace is the equally bad performances by the teams below us, so despite this debacle things are essentially unchanged with only 2 games to go, and in fact, bizarrely, it could actually be argued that we are in a slightly better position than we were at 3pm. Rams 43/44, Roth 39/42 Let's assume for a moment that they will lose to Brentford and Brum as we will to Swansea. Rams 43/45, Roth 39/44 However, they could sneak a point against Luton. Rams 43/45, Roth 40/4
  9. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Pathetic display on Tues by all accounts, some chickens I highlighted earlier (loan players lack of commitment, lack of commitment of players who suspect that they'll be shown the door in the summer, the academy lads are great but unused to the rigours of this league) have come home to roost. All of this is pointing inexorably towards a final day showdown with us needing at least a point from Sheff Wed to stay up. How low has this once mighty club fallen that we pray for Rotherham of all people to mess up, because we wonder where our own goals and wins wil
  10. What I take from today's results is that as someone just said above it's now us v Rotherham for who finishes 21st & 22nd. Let's take a look at the run in. Currently we are 4 points ahead but they have a better GD and 2 games in hand. We play Preston on the 20th - a win would see us pull away but a draw is more likely IMO, Rams 44 pts Roth 39 They play Boro on the 21st - I think they will lose, Rams 44pts Roth 39 We play Brum on the 24th - another draw probably, Rams 45pts Roth 39 They play Barnsley also - they may well get a point, Rams 45pts Roth 40 They
  11. Oh dear. So now we need 2 wins and a draw from the last 4 to reach the magic 50. We now have to hope that: (a) 46 or 47 points will be enough (1 win and 1 draw from 4 games is still possible I think) (b) Rotherham fail to capitalise on the games in hand (c) the other teams around us all draw with each other and all lose to the higher placed sides Let's also console ourselves by reflecting on the fact that in recent years quite a few big clubs have dropped into L1, come storming back, and are now in the PL or Championship. If that were to happen then we wouldn't b
  12. So, to summarise: Every game between the bottom 8 teams is now a massive 'cup final' & a '6 pointer'. Ours especially. So, poo or bust, death or glory, we shall fight them on the beaches etc etc etc. Almost all of this squad have things to play for - loan extension, academy player catching the eye, possible purchase, a contract here, a contract elsewhere. No one wants a relegation on their CV! I stick by my previous prediction that we will be kept sweating until the last day because our lot will probably find a way to draw 3 of the remaining games, possibly fr
  13. If it really is that tight then goal difference will be a huge factor, and in that scenario would presumably decide which of those 2 teams went down.
  14. Had another look at the table just now. Let's assume for a moment that Rotherham will go above us once they have played the same number of games but that Coventry will still be below us having failed to capitalise on their game in hand. Our task then is to ensure that either Brum, Hudd or Cov take Rotherham's place in the bottom 3 and not us, with Cov being the most vulnerable I think. Here's how we do it. WIN 2 out of the 4 games against our rival teams in the same zone - Blackburn, Preston, Brum, Sheff Wed, I think that is doable. DRAW one of those 4 games, also reas
  15. Goal difference suddenly becomes of great importance. Therefore against Norwich a 5 - 4 - 1 formation and either a point or a respectable losing scoreline (1-0 or 2-0) is a more sensible strategy than trying too hard for the win and getting stuffed and ending up with a -20 GD. Wins against Brum and Sheff Wed plus one draw somewhere gets us well over the line at 50 points. Therefore, tomorrow we need to be scrapping and hard to score against above anything else, and if we get a lucky break as we did at Carrow Road then so much the better.
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