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  1. LondonRam2

    Why Lampard will be success

    I assume he means "one of the biggest assets"...LOL
  2. LondonRam2

    If itโ€™s Frank

    hi all I seem to remember reading somewhere that in the 1960s Derby took a punt on a young, inexperienced manager who had also played at the highest level, and indeed for England as well, can anyone please remind me how that turned out? ๐Ÿ™‚ LR2
  3. LondonRam2

    Now is the time for Rowett to be brave

    And he did, we were unlucky not go snatch all 3 points. So here it is...as long as we don't lose on Sun we are in the playoffs with Boro, Villa and either Cardiff or Fulham. Barnsley will be scrapping to avoid the drop but so what, surely we're a different proposition now than we were against Burton? I don't care who we get in the playoffs, on our day we can take any of 'em! COYR!!! LR2
  4. LondonRam2

    Now is the time for Rowett to be brave

    hi all There's really no choice actually, he HAS to go for it against Villa. We can't assume 3 points against Barnsley, look where that kind of thinking has got us recently! Therefore, to be in with a chance of 75 points we need a minimum of a point against Villa even if we do then beat Barnsley. The best way to get a point against Villa is to hit them early, grab a goal or two and maybe then revert to type. We won't get even a point if we sit back from the start and hope for a goal on the break, we don't have either the pace up top or the defensive solidity to play like that really. Also, if we sit back and then concede and then fail to score the end result would exactly the same as if we gave it damn good go and ended up losing 3-2. The latter is also better because if the goal difference ends up being tight between us and Boro and Millwall then the next factor to consider if points and goal difference are equal is goals scored. It may well come down to that in the end. Also I still think that with a playoff spot assured SB might be tempted to rest a few of his stars or put them on the bench. In other news, how about targeting John Terry and letting Palmer & Vydra loose against him? Eventually he will get tired and make a slip... All these points argue in favour of keeping the same side that started against Cardiff and having the same attitude as if it was the 1st leg of a playoff. Better to hammer them from the start and see what happens rather than sit back and end up conceding after say 80 mins, by which time it's too late to salvage anything really. COYR!!! LR2
  5. LondonRam2

    Now is the time for Rowett to be brave

    Well everyone was brave last night! Fantastic display, one of the best this season. 4 more points would give us the 75 to secure 6th, even 74 might actually do it. Better goal difference than Millwall and still 2 points ahead of them. Let Boro have 5th, as long as we're in it we can win it. COYR!!!
  6. LondonRam2

    Will they be back?

    Thanks for all the info folks, if it's possible to get Bryson & Lowe back somehow then I think it'd be a good thing. I'm surprised that so many think we haven't got a hope, I don't think that's true unless we get nowt from Cardiff, and even then it's still possible. Let's not forget that Villa might well decide to rest players ahead of the playoffs. If we accept that Boro are 5th then that leaves 6th to be contested between us and Millwall. We have a game in hand and better goal difference. If we can get 4 or 5 points from 3 games then it won't matter what the teams below us do since the most any of them can get is 6 points. Let's not give up before it actually IS impossible! COYR!!! LR2
  7. LondonRam2

    Will they be back?

    hi all Here's a question that just occurred to me. Does a 'season long' loan include the playoffs or not? For example, will we get Bryson/Martin/Bent back once the 46 games are finished? Therefore, could we theoretically ask Bryson to play in potential playoff games against Cardiff? Heaven knows we need something from somewhere! It might also be useful to have Martin on the bench in the playoffs, and at least he's match fit. Do we have young players out on loan who could give us something a bit different when they return? At the very least, can we insist that Bryson doesn't play against us in any possible playoff game? LR2
  8. LondonRam2

    Now is the time for Rowett to be brave

    OK, we're not out of it yet. With so many teams on similar points maybe we can grab 6th place with 72 (4 points from 3 remaining games). Also we have a game in hand and the best goal difference. However, to be sure we now need 2 wins & a draw for 75 points. Therefore, it all now pretty much hangs on the Cardiff game... COYR!!!
  9. LondonRam2

    Now is the time for Rowett to be brave

    This game is the most crucial so far this season. 3 points today and we're back in the running for 5th/6th. 1 point today and 6th is still possible. Lose today and we're pretty much out of contention. We need runners, mobility, quick forward movement and clinical finishing. We need Palmer to start and to harry the Boro defence and give them no rest, we need Lawrence and Weimann running down the flanks, we need Thorne or Huddlestone (or both?) to set the runners free with clinical passing and we need Vydra and Nugent to do their stuff. The rest of the team more or less picks itself. Hopefully GR will show them the highlights from the 3-0 win last year and just say "same again please guys". My prediction - I wish I could say 3 points but sadly and realistically I think we'll have to scrap for a point, and then the pressure will really be on against Cardiff. COYR! Prove me wrong please! LR2
  10. LondonRam2

    Can we still do it?

    Let's look at the remaining games and see what we might be able to do. I maintain that for 6th we need 75 points, we now have 68. So where are those 7 points from a possible 12 going to come from? In simple terms, it's 2 wins and a draw. I have predicted elsewhere that we can still beat Barnsley (pleeeeeeease!) but that we probably won't get anything out of Villa. SO - the spotlight now falls on the Boro/Cardiff games. I had predicted that we would draw both of these but the fact is that we now need to win and draw against 2 of these 3 top sides to get to 75 (Boro/Villa/Cardiff). We now have to see these 4 remaining games as being almost like a playoff campaign but with 4 different opponents, since in playoff terms finishing 7th is not much different from finishing 17th. In simple terms, we have to go for it against Boro/Cardiff/Villa and not just settle for a point because it won't be enough. IF we get 3 points from ONE of those then that does change things a bit and takes the pressure off somewhat. I still think it will come down to the last day, and possibly also to goal difference. We will start against Barnsley knowing that only a win will guarantee 6th place. And we all know how much our recent teams love a bit of pressure....erm....oh dear.... I really want to believe that we can do it, but TBH I wouldn't put any money on it, much as it saddens me to admit it. This is where the loss of Bryson/Martin/Russell begins to show. Another magnificent opportunity wasted is how this season will appear in the future I think. Come on guys, prove me wrong, please! LR2
  11. LondonRam2

    How many points will we get?

    OK, how wrong can you be, that's it then, even if we get 5 more points we won't finish top 6. Time to take a good look at everything and make changes. LR2
  12. LondonRam2

    How many points will we get?

    hi all I posted elsewhere a prediction for 80 points but that's not doable now. I'm now saying that 76 is possible (6th place), based on getting 3 points each v Burton/Barnsley, 1 point each v Cardiff/Boro and nowt against Villa. 8 points from 5 games. Anything below 75 and we're finishing 7th or below. We can't afford any slip ups now because of the chasing pack snapping at our heels. The most depressing thing v Wolves was not the 2 freaky goals but the gulf in class and confidence. If Wolves are newly promoted next season and presumably in the lower half of the Prem, then even if the playoffs do go our way and we go up how would we ever stay up without a huge shakeout over the summer? We need points and GOALS today, 4 or 5 would be nice, it could all come down to the last day of the season and goal difference could be a factor, it really is that tight now. COYR!
  13. LondonRam2

    12 remaining games - how many points?

    hi all Update - I got Sunderland completely wrong but I also didn't predict the win at Preston, so my predicted total is now 76, a scraped 6th place. LR2
  14. LondonRam2

    12 remaining games - how many points?

    hi all OK I got this one very wrong, apologies. Shame we have so many injuries right now. Sadly that means that I'm revising my points forecast down to 77, a scraped 5th or 6th. LR2
  15. LondonRam2

    12 remaining games - how many points?

    hi all How spooky that last night was exactly what I predicted. In view of my newly acquired omnipotence, you'll be glad to know that I'm predicting a 3-0 thumping of the Red Dogs this weekend! :-) LR2

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