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  1. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Absolutely, people have short memories sometimes. Wolves are out of sight but Villa will also slip up at some point. One point from 2 games will hopefully act as a wake up call. Maybe this has always been our problem in recent years - working like stink to get into the top 6 then becoming complacent, it's happened a lot no matter who the manager was - Mac, Clement, and now GR. To be 3rd at this point is a darn sight better than we've managed for some time, the players are all among the best in this league in their positions, but maybe it's time to get the work ethic back a bit now. If Chelsea can lose to Bournemouth and Watford then we can lose to Sheff Wed reserves. I'd love to know how Sean Dyche keeps his Burnley players sharp and up for it, we have the talent but we need to also be prepared to scrap when necessary and I wonder if we have the attitude required for that? Hope so. "Wem - ber - ley, wem -ber - ley".......LOL COYR! LR2
  2. Rams Player tonight

    Just logged out and in again, got it now, COYR!!! LR2
  3. Rams Player tonight

    hi all I'm just getting a high pitched noise instead of the commentary. I've emailed the people who provide the service. Anyone else having problems with it? LR2
  4. Max Lowe - joined Shrewsbury until end of season

    Great experience for him, really looking forward to him being a first team regular for us in the future, great to see him coming through, go Max go!
  5. Uncle Mel lived by the sword and now dies by it?

    Sorry, that second (f) should have been (g)
  6. Uncle Mel lived by the sword and now dies by it?

    hi all I think Gary will stay because: (a) he can use the interest to ask for a longer/better contract NOW rather than after a possible promotion, therefore financially his a*** is covered - even if Mel threw his toys out of the pram in future he'd have to pay Gary off in full (b) if he goes to Stoke and they go down and we go up then he's no better off, possibly worse (c) he can also get the funds to add players if necessary & send some out on loan both now and in the summer on the basis that Mel will want to go up and stay up and not be a yoyo team like so many that we often compete against in the lower Prem/upper C'ship (d) Having played here he knows what Derby fans are like, can cope with the flak and has got results with a minimum of fuss (e) we almost got a replay against a full strength Man U side, thus proving that we have nothing to fear in the PL even with this squad as it stands (f) we are bigger than Stoke all things considered (top leagues won, cups won, seasons in the top flight, European football, average home gate, away support etc) (f) he can still do the school run if he stays here LOL If it was a top 10 PL club then I could see the logic of that, I'd feel rather proud actually and say 'good on yer, go for it mate', but Stoke? They have had their little run and it's their turn in the C'ship now and it's our turn to be in the top echelons for a while. COYR!!! LR2
  7. Bristol City v Man Utd

    hi all Their victory last night shows us how Man Utd CAN be beaten, and I hope GR & co were watching & taking notes! Only trouble is that Jose will now probably look at the Championship table and then put out a full strength side against us, darnit! Well done Bristol (total value on paper maybe £20 million tops?), against a team that included Pogba, Lukaku and Ibrahimovich (total value on paper just for those 3 players £120 million +)! Hopefully their example should give our lads some inspiration and the confidence to at the very least put on a darn good show and scrap for every ball. COYR! LR2
  8. George Thorne

    hi all Yes, that's what I meant I suppose, although it wasn't meant entirely seriously. Leaving aside all the greats of the past for a moment, I just think that in the modern era (which to me begins with the first post-millennium relegation from the PL) GT has that extra something. He's almost unique IMO in that he can be a defensive rock, tackle well, distribute accurately and with vision, and can also send one flying when allowed to go forward. He's also shown, in all the ways that matter, that he genuinely wants to be here. He'd have been snapped up by a top team ages ago if not for the injuries, so if we can keep him fit he'll be an essential part of what will hopefully be a promotion winning team, if not this season then within the next 2-3 seasons. COYR! LR2
  9. George Thorne

    (For those amongst you who are young, this is a reference to the graffiti that appeared on walls in London in the late 1960s in the heyday of the band Cream stating that (Eric) 'Clapton is God')...
  10. George Thorne

    Look, I don't want to be irrational or OTT about this BUT... THORNE = GOD Right then, debate over I think LOL LR2
  11. Martin Interview

    hi all Chrissy is a true pro and a true Ram. He could have jumped ship but didn't. He could have thrown a strop but didn't. Competition for places is always good, and IF we go up it will get harder not easier. He brings certain things on the pitch that no one else does and above all he is unselfish, always laying the ball off to others rather than going for glory and goals himself. The mix of Chrissy, Winnall, Vydra and Nugent is surely one of the best in the league. With firepower like that we should be unbeaten in 7 games! Really looking forward to today and to possibly being 3rd or 4th by 5pm! COYR!!! LR2
  12. Zak Brunt - Academy kid

    hi all A parent with no professional expertise who obviously doesn't read a contract before signing it managing his own child, what could possibly go wrong? LOL If another club wants him badly enough they will be prepared to pay what DCFC are quite legitimately asking for. It's not the amount, it's the principle. Seems to me that papa thought he could outsmart a system run by professionals who have constant access to legal advice. He was wrong. The words 'bite', 'hand' and 'feeds' spring to mind... LR2
  13. Rowett didn't bounce.

    hi all What the graph proves is what we already knew about GR - that he would bring greater consistency but less flair, although the last two results have turned that assumption upside down at the moment, that we'd be (usually) harder to beat but also less easy on the eye, and that we'd become more like Huddersfield and less like Leicester. 1.5 points per game will give us 69 in May i.e. just below the playoffs as per usual, and where Brum were when they sacked him. I don't care about a 'bounce' but I would like GR to sort out the complacency that cost us 3 points the other day. I sometimes wonder what happens to some players, or what being here does to them. Christie on TV the other day sending a pinpoint cross into the box for Boro, so why didn't he do that for us? Ince playing well for Hudd, why was he so hit and miss with us? Hendrick holding down a place in a PL side when with us he was a bit part player. Is it the managerial changes that have seemingly made us unable to get the best out of these guys? If it's not that then what is it? Having said all that, the Hull game was very special, best display for a few years, all we need now is to produce that quality most weeks and maybe things will happen. COYR! LR2

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