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  1. Cheers
    Vulcanboy reacted to bimmerman in Wayne Rooney   
    I'd rather Tony Blair then the current blithering idiot
  2. Clap
    Vulcanboy reacted to ilkleyram in EFL Verdict   
    Except that the DC's comments don’t say what they mean other than we owed or owe HMRC money and have not paid transfer instalments. It doesn’t say whether that’s all transfer instalments or just one minor one.
    Say, for example, that we didn't pay the PAYE bill on the month's wages we didn’t pay when we thought the Sheikh was going to pay but that since then we have paid the HMRC? Say that transfer instalments were due in January and we thought the Sheikh was going to pay them but didn’t, but since then we have paid them. In both those situations we shouldn’t be so worried.
    The trouble with the DCs comments is that there is no context and no detail so you can read into them whatever you like.  It may actually not be a problem any more; it may be a problem that will be solved with new owners and that everyone involved is cool and dandy with the whole thing; it may be a matter of considerable concern.
    Take your pick because your guess is as good as anybody’s. But it is a guess.
  3. Clap
    Vulcanboy reacted to jono in EFL Verdict   
    I have mixed feelings about this season. I am dreading the final chapters of  EFL’s vendetta aimed entirely at getting us a points deduction. It sickens my fair play gut .. they, for whatever motive, want to kick us while we are on the floor. It’s toxic. We have gained no advantage from anything we may or may not have done. The almost visible hatred that emanates from that organisation is palpable.
    That said, we are where we are, with a thread bare squad but some talented young players mixed with some old soldiers. There’s a kind of spirit that can come from that. Just maybe some of the young ones really can step up. Maybe Wayne is genuinely learning on the job and will find some magic. I don’t think for a minute we are looking at play offs but I think we might just find something that stops us being whipping boys. You know what … adversity can just provide the spark that makes a team. Jeez and with the restrictions being dropped .. I might just use my flexible friend for my season ticket .. I’ll tell you what, whoever is in our team, if they turn up and fight then I am right behind them. 
  4. Clap
    Vulcanboy reacted to Mckram in EFL Verdict   
    I think there will be other clubs that are just as bad if not worse.
    We only didn’t pay wages due to the takeover.
    Pearce also said that the players deferred wages due to covid was with the idea that once the stadium is full again we will repay it, but they’ve already repaid them early.
    I bet a lot of Championship clubs have deferred wages and they’re still unpaid. 
  5. Clap
    Vulcanboy reacted to jono in EFL Verdict   
    What really stings and gives life to the allegations of a vindictive nature in all this, is the “the EFL reluctantly” .. why reluctant ? There was some wrong doing, the Independent panel gave a sanction .. so that’s it .. why “reluctantly” ? It stinks as an attitude and is fundamentally wrong on so many levels. You have a system where there is a complaint and a system that provides for an independent panel to adjudicate but somehow the The body that represents the clubs, that drew up the system in the first place isn’t prepared to accept its outcome in an appropriate manner .. Why would you appeal or even reluctantly accept a verdict given by a system you designed ? The independent committee is designed to give a balanced view, to remove the partisanship the EFL shouldn’t be showing in any case , but clearly is. 
  6. Like
    Vulcanboy reacted to Eatonram in Wycombe threaten to sue and send us into admin. if we stay up!   
    3.5  No Club, either by itself, its servants or agents, shall by any means whatsoever unfairly criticise, disparage, belittle or discredit any other Club or The League or in either case any of its directors, officers, employees or agents.
    From the EFL rule book. I await the EFLs action against Wycombe for their remarks today. (I won't hold me breath)
  7. Clap
    Vulcanboy reacted to 86 Hair Islands in Yankee Doodle Derby   
    Getting quite bored of all the 'nobody's going to want to buy us' BS. To my mind, most recently, there were three really significant inhibitors to what I would term, serious investors; firstly, the imminent threat of relegation'; secondly, the fear of a significant points deduction for next season and a possibly another season-long relegation fight as a result; and lastly, the fact that a deal had already been struck with Alonso pending EFL ratification. In the last few weeks, two of those factors have already been mitigated and we are now told we have multiple credible suitors. Happenstance?
    As regards the last outstanding issue, that being our punishment for our supposed FRS 102 'non-compliance', gimme a break! Does anyone really believe the original DC are suddenly going to turn around and ratify a 12 point deduction, or anything like it? 
    My predictions for the immediate future: A) The club will be under new, EFL approved and sanctioned ownership inside 3 months. B) There'll be no significant FFP punishment, if for no other reason than we've done nothing wrong. C) The current never-ending pile-on from some on here will thankfully peter out and melodrama and inter-fan sniping levels will return to something like those prevalent before the original FFP charge.
    And breathe....
  8. Haha
    Vulcanboy got a reaction from Jourdan in Realistic Manager Alternatives   
    Roy Hodgson..... Player manager! 
  9. Haha
    Vulcanboy got a reaction from Nuwtfly in Realistic Manager Alternatives   
    Roy Hodgson..... Player manager! 
  10. Haha
    Vulcanboy got a reaction from Ziga Zaga10 in Realistic Manager Alternatives   
    Roy Hodgson..... Player manager! 
  11. Clap
    Vulcanboy reacted to Jimbo Ram in What next?   
    We can’t sack Rooney, Mel isn’t going to pay him off. However, it is obvious now he can’t get the team functioning in any shape or form. So he is a negative influence who needs to be taken out of the equation. Put him on gardening leave until the end of the season and put Mac in charge for the final 3 games...
  12. Clap
    Vulcanboy reacted to angieram in El DerbyCo   
    Maybe so, but I honestly don't know anything about the guy, never heard of him or this Matt Southall he is mates with (I thought Southall was an ex- Everton goalie!) These days everyone is an amateur detective and a lot of what I see on twitter and here is a feeding frenzy of trying to find out every possible bad thing about him and condemn him for it.
    I don't think football is a democracy, no, in fact if I take a step back I think it is probably run by some people who are pretty corrupt. But I obviously don't care about that enough to boycott it any more than I don't care enough to stop buying stuff off Amazon or watching Sky Sports. So I suck it up and generally keep my mouth shut on this side of the game.
    I don't think the comparison with politicians works well. Politicians are publicly elected officials placed there to represent us, but football club owners? No they are the guys with the money and/or the ambition. Football clubs are private companies accountable to shareholders not to fans, who at best are the ever-woolley "stakeholders". 
    Again, I return to the statement that if you find that morally unacceptable, then walk away from it.
    Or at least wait until there is something to be vocal about. There really isn't yet, is there? 
    You may all be proved right in the long or even the short term, but at least give the guy a chance.
    I am not sure the football club owner exists that would meet the exacting standards of some of our fans.
  13. Like
    Vulcanboy reacted to angieram in El DerbyCo   
    Exactly this. There are no guarantees in football and for every ten investors, only two are "succesful" - if success is measured on a scale of only promotion is good enough.
    The other eight aren't all crooks or were rubbish. They just tried and failed. 
    Overall the last seven years have been more enjoyable on the pitch than they haven't and I like others am just sad that it didn't work out for Mel. Have met him a few times I feel he is a decent guy who only ever wanted the best for this club.
    There is no magic formula for success. I have just rewatched the review of the 13/14 season (I know!)
    Leeds were in the High Court, look where they are now. Wigan, alternatively, were riding high. Look how divergent their future paths have been.
    There's nothing guaranteed in football but we journey with hope, that's what we enjoy. 
    For those of you that just enjoy wallowing in the misery, this may well have been your season, but beware, things might get better! 
  14. Clap
    Vulcanboy reacted to David in El DerbyCo   
    Football club ownership is a lose/lose situation, doesn’t matter what they do, you’ve done it wrong.
    They will be asked to sit in the corner, be quiet, just sign the cheques, but wait, why are they so quiet, we demand answers.
    Cut back spending, be sensible, wait a minute we still want that £10m striker and £5m defender, and a £8m keeper....oh and don’t forget that £7m midfielder....but don’t you dare take us close to that FFP limit, no football club should be losing money.
    Bored now, we need a new owner, anyone just get rid...wait not him, we don’t want him Jesus, but get rid asap.
    Hold on, why’s this guy wanting to buy a second tier football club, I smell something fishy, what’s his intentions, why us, why not one of those football clubs that actually make money like erm...errrrrm....
    Honestly, I could be the richest man in the world, sat in trillions in the bank account and I would never touch a football club, even Derby. 
    I could turn us into the next Man City and some would still have something to complain about, winning leagues, competing in Europe but yeah that David bloke what a @#%! for killing the atmosphere and turning us into a tourist fan club, all those fake fans over in Asia. I want to see us lose games, can’t remember the last time I saw us get a classic Derby tonking.
    Now imagine football clubs owned by football fans, oh my, a group of Newcastle fans are looking to buy a stake in their club. Can already see the fall out there, desperate to get rid of Ashley they donate all they can, then Ant and Dec disagree over firing the manager, Cheryl Cole storms off wanting her £5.68 back as she thought one of the fans would be appointed manager.
    Would not touch with a barge pole.
  15. Clap
    Vulcanboy reacted to jono in El DerbyCo   
    Quite common in most clubs. The candidates all had suitable CV’s ... None of us were fundamentally opposed to any of the appointments at the time. We might have had a dislike of either Pearson’s 1970’s PE teacher mode or the razzmatazz of Lampard but they were all typical of football. We have had every variety with the exception of trying to recruit the sort of tough guy agricultural manager with a “proven record” (although Pearson might fit that bill) . where everyone would have moaned about the lack of ambition.
    The transfer policy “errors” started with Bryson and Hughes being injured in the same match which lead to panic buying at inflated prices. At the time, these were seen as bold, supportive and positive moves. Your are eating hindsight by the KFC family bucket load.
    The financial state of the club ? .. Mel filled it with money .. some spent well, some badly .. We haven’t had a fiscal mismanagement situation or anything “taken” from the club by Mel. We got in a mess on FFP and Mel coughed up by buying the stadium and paying the club money for it.
    Sam Rush ? Is Mel really responsible for another man’s ethics ? ( or lack of them ? ) 
    The fiasco ? .. Someone broke their pledges or didn’t meet their obligations .. it wasn’t Mel. Maybe Mel shouldn’t  have trusted them but good business and life is defined by trust. You have to start somewhere. Has anyone thought about Mel here ? He has obviously had some serious health issues yet he hasn’t flinched from being a DCFC man 
    yes, for sure, be sceptical or wary of new owners, we all are, we care about our club, but Mel has been a straight shooter from day one. Some of the things he’s done or wanted to do didn’t work out but he is trustworthy beyond doubt . Now maybe those he has trusted are sharks .. but that’s a different story. 
    I cannot believe how you have such a judgmental attitude to a guy who has given his best efforts and a shed load of money to this club. Your judgement is littered with an astounding lack of logical analysis. 
  16. Clap
    Vulcanboy reacted to NottsRammy in El DerbyCo   
    I really dont understand all the negativity at all . This to me seems like a dream deal and I for one am pretty excited about it . It seems like some Derby fans are unable to let go if being wellllllll down right bloody miserable and think of the likes of Norwich and Bournemouth and brentford as big clubs . This could well be the chance of bringing in someone young full of cockiness and bouncing us up to the premier where we do actually belong . I remember another young cocky bloke his name was Brian clough .
  17. Haha
    Vulcanboy got a reaction from jimtastic56 in El DerbyCo   
    Is this the "dream partnership" that Percy alluded to a couple of weeks back 🤔
  18. Like
    Vulcanboy reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in Rooney the Boss   
  19. Like
    Vulcanboy reacted to ram1964 in Rooney the Boss   
    Didn't have any confidence in him as a manager. Happy to eat humb!e our and being proved wrong👍 let's hope he continues to succeed as a Ram. Perhaps Mel has eventually found his man to take us from strength to strength.
  20. Clap
    Vulcanboy reacted to SK47 in Hoofball   
    As a die hard Derby fan, I have to say we have some of the weirdest fans sometimes. We were bottom of the league without a prayer, many saying we were going down.. Rooney has came in and hit the ground running, getting points by any means necessary and has single handedly transformed the teams form.  
    We have just scored a 94th minute winner away from home... taking us to within 9 points of the playoffs and people are still finding a way of saying "not good enough" because we played more direct... and still WON?
    If we play like that and lose... fair enough, but a wins a win this season so simmer down you miserable toads.
  21. Like
    Vulcanboy reacted to Owen87ITK in Rooney's interviews   
    I think he’s relaxed, feels more confident, maybe feels more comfortable as a manager?
    I’ll say this though. Of all the manager’s I've worked with since covering Derby, he is undoubtedly the best to deal with. 
    Like many I was sceptical when he was first given the nod, but he’s blown me away with how he’s handled everything, media & football. He’s genuinely engaged with the academy in a way I haven’t seen from a previous manager, too.
    Think he’s going to go a long, long way. Hopefully with Derby, of course! 
  22. Clap
    Vulcanboy reacted to Brammie Steve in The Mel Morris Interview   
    Having read the article I say:-
    Thank you Mr Morris for your valuable input into DCFC.
    As you have learned the hard way there are many things more valuable in life than money, football or the work we do.
    Remain true to youself, we pass this way but once!
    Thanks again!
  23. Like
    Vulcanboy reacted to Premier ram in Abu Derby County   
    Keogh was as much to blame as Bennett and Lawrence , the difference being the other two were fit for work , a disgraceful way to end your Rams career Richard , stick your claim and your woe is me story , i have lost all respect for you
  24. Clap
    Vulcanboy reacted to Dean (hick) Saunders in If you train right you'll be in me thoughts.   
    Don’t disagree, but it still makes me feel a bit better to hear it.
    What could he say that would make you feel a bit better?
  25. Like
    Vulcanboy reacted to angieram in Rooney appointed Derby County Manager   
    I am very pleased with this appointment,  which surprised me, because I originally didn't want Wayne as manager. I think that I was influenced too much by his patchy form at the club and the style of football we were playing at the time. His interviews didn't warm me to him either.
    However, since he has been in temporary charge I have completely changed my mind. He oozes knowledge of the game, he seems to like to play his football the right way by utilising the best of what he has available.  His directness suits us and I like his honesty. He seems to handle the media circus around the club really well (He's had plenty of experience of this as a player.)
    The players are putting in a real shift for him and I suspect those who aren't might not be with us much longer.
    I am happy to be won over and wish him every success.
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