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  1. I have good reason to believe the West Ham interest is accurate and that Lee has played his last game for Derby, unless he is loaned back to us. It's a shame that we can't retain him for longer but that is the reality of the situation the club finds itself in at the present time.
  2. Sorry. I have just checked the regulations again. Yellow cards are specific to the competition so a sending off for two yellows would not carry over to the FA Cup. However, a straight red, as in Waghorn's case, will carry over to the cup. Therefore, Waghorn is suspended for Saturday. My apologies.
  3. This season suspensions are specific to the competition they were incurred in so Waghorn has to miss three EFL games. He is eligible for the cup game but is probably subject to self isolation if he was training with the squad up to the Covid outbreak. He will miss the Rotherham game as he is suspended.
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