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  1. https://bit.ly/2XImh9G?cc=8235ffcbff17812057dde034361f5f73 agreed a contract with Groningen clubs negotiating on fee
  2. We want a striker in it’s obvious don’t know who this guy is but his stats look very good. Just a thought with Marriott and Waghorn both out of contract at the end of the season maybe one will go in the next week or so we would need another in on top so potentially this guy & Dursun?
  3. https://www.eurosport.no/fotball/eliteserien/2020/bodo-glimt-spissen-er-onsket-i-tyskland-og-england_sto7913025/story.shtml Danish striker, 26
  4. Signed a new contract at villa
  5. Think it’s the side to go to pride park?🤷🏼‍♂️
  6. Get Ibe & Rooney to have a word with Daniel sturridge👀
  7. Leo Bonatini from wolves didn’t do much at forest but was class when wolves were in the championship?
  8. I trust the person however it may be wrong he doesn’t tell me much however his sister in law works at moor farm & apparently he was there today
  9. Heard Jozwiak flew into Derby today & after the polish FA pretty much announced it was happening I’d be bemused why it’s not happening
  10. Perry Ng from Crewe 24, can play right back and centre back, their captain can’t imagine he’d cost the earth. If we did look for another left back, Barry Douglas for me
  11. Always said we need two wingers so if we got Jozwiak for a fee & Azzaoui for nothing that seems good business both young & will have sell on value
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