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  1. Very well if true, just going off what I’ve been told, got a mate who scouts for Leicester, he and his team recommended Bennett to the recruitment team & know how much they’re paying him. Silly money for him
  2. Leicester have been paying him £75,000 a week can’t see us getting him
  3. Don’t know how reliable this is
  4. Makes me think that Martin is deffo off🤔
  5. another charlton player linked, good keeper
  6. Just an inkling more than anything but with Luton staying up and depending on financial situations could they come in for Curtis Davies know he’s very fond of the club and wants to finish his career there
  7. I appreciate that and as everyone is you’re able to have an opinion, I lost my head for a bit after the result and made an error. Could be seen as a bad joke that backfired or whatever people want to see it as. I realised about 5 minutes after I’d come out of work that I’d made a big mistake hence deleting it in that moment
  8. Yeah definitely will do was inexcusable what I did, I don’t wanna talk about it too much, feel crap about it all Thank you, don’t know what went through my head to be honest
  9. That was me I’ve apologised and everything as it was a frustration in the heat of the moment. I can assure you it’s nothing to do with likes or attention I just wanted people to stop hurling abuse towards me as much as it’s deserved I’ve seen a lot of indirect tweets aimed at me the reason behind posting that was purely down to the fact that people don’t believe me being sorry for it
  10. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/portsmouth-braced-bids-rumoured-Derby-4303981 in for him again apparently, winger, very good season for Portsmouth this year
  11. Doesn’t really fit the type of player we want at the club probably just agent talk
  12. Looks like Conor Dixon & Josh Shonibare are training with the first team in the latest training video
  13. Leeds in the play offs last season, got to be. First team to win a play off semi final after losing the first leg is nothing to be sniffed at, unforgettable night
  14. 2 years older than Martin, most likely on more money, good player don’t get me wrong but makes no sense, rather give trialist chances unless we were to sell Marriott which in that case we would need a new striker
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