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    andyburton72 reacted to Kinder in Celebrity fans   
    Simon Groom and Goldie.
    One for the kids...
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    andyburton72 reacted to sage in Celebrity fans   
    Tim Brooke Taylor RIP
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    andyburton72 reacted to ImARam2 in Rooney the Boss   
    I can't recall many fans complaining about the type of football the Rams played against Swansea, Birmingham, Bournemouth or Bristol City?
    There was very little 'hoof-ball' in those games and we were well worth the wins with some great passing and goals.
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    andyburton72 got a reaction from kevinhectoring in Derby v Middlesbrough, Saturday 13th Feb   
    Agreed - he has been complimentary about us as a club. Just a born winner
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    andyburton72 got a reaction from MickD in Derby v Middlesbrough, Saturday 13th Feb   
    Agreed - he has been complimentary about us as a club. Just a born winner
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    andyburton72 reacted to Mick Harford in Derby v Middlesbrough, Saturday 13th Feb   
    I might be alone in this, but I do not mind Warnock, seems a decent bloke who just wants to win, he also spoke very highly about us before we played at their place.
    Gibson however is another matter.
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    andyburton72 reacted to The Scarlet Pimpernel in Abu Derby County   
    Going out on a limb here but its all about opinions but personally I would listen to any good offers for Sibley. 
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    andyburton72 reacted to David in Derby@QPR, Saturday 15.00 hrs.   
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    andyburton72 reacted to Phoenix in The Rooney Way?   
    The 'Rooney way' has certainly tightened up the defence. In our last 10 league games. we've only conceded 4 goals, as opposed to 21 in the previous 14. That's comfortably the lowest in the league. Considering we lost 3 of the 10, that's remarkable.
    Okay, so we only scored 9 in that period but it's brought us 4 wins and 3 draws.
    Considering the state we were in when he took over, and the on-going problems (EFL, take-over, wages, Covid, Keogh), that's amazing.
    He must be very focused.
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    andyburton72 reacted to RoyMac5 in Rooney: the epitome of a manager?   
    Is he already showing signs of being a very good manager?
    To make such a big difference in so short a time.
    If we do not sign him up then there will be other teams queuing up to sign him.
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    andyburton72 reacted to David in Is Rooney The man To Take Us Forward?   
    We have just played 4th place in the league off the park to go 6 unbeaten, not sure why you want to push it on to the Rotherham game. Had Rotherham been tonight, we would be seeing comments such as "it's only Rotherham". 
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    andyburton72 reacted to David in v Swansea (H) - Match Thread   
    That's the spirit. After the best half of football we've seen for a long long time, your first comment is that heads will drop if we concede in the first 5 minutes of the second half. Give me strength.
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    andyburton72 reacted to Nuwtfly in Subbing a sub   
    It was a brave and warranted decision by Rooney, fair play to him.
    It also put a really important marker down to the young players: you need to be at the level or you're not getting game time. Simple.
    If Whittaker has got a bit about him, it'll be the making of him.
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    andyburton72 reacted to Ellafella in Times Rooney article   
    Although in other pieces there have been hints that Wazza and Cocu diverged on certain aspects; best left alone.
    Wazza is serious about management. He is starting to lose his skin as a player and evolve into the manager. You can see that he’s very focused and single-minded about it. It’s absorbing him. What’s more it suits him. Don’t under-estimate him. The players have bought in to him and that is a huge factor in being successful. I think they wanted to buy into Cocu but it was all a bit unclear and he always seemed nervous. Rooney looks very calm in comparison and self-assured. Cometh the hour, cometh the man ...

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    andyburton72 reacted to DCFC1388 in New Manager   
    Ive not watched the documentary yet but I plan to do so. However, I understand racism is still in the game and in life but I dont get why Terry is having his name dragged up again for something so long ago which he has been punished for already.
    Yes he may have said something racist, the context of it will never be fully known. If Terry genuinely feels like he didnt say it in a racist way why would he apologise to Ferdinand? How Ferdinand got treated by the FA & press shouldnt be lay at Terry's door imo, he isnt that influential!
    As someone who has had racism aimed at me, I still would support Terry if he became our manager. I dont think anyone will go through life without doing or saying something wrong or that they later regret, myself included so to still hold onto something from 9 years ago seems abit pointless to me unless it directly impacted you like Ferdinand. 
    Not exactly like Rooney has been a saint during his career has he. If its between Rooney & Terry it would be Terry for me every day of the week. I actually think a combination of Terry & McClaren would work well.
    Terry is a clear leader, more so than Rooney and I think he would have a much bigger impact managing this team than Rooney will
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    andyburton72 reacted to Ramdale in New Manager   
    Unpopular opinion but I would back Terry as manager and get behind him. Out of all the younger managers in the game who are high profile, he has done his time learning the trade as an assistant (successfully too). He is very highly regarded at Villa & has good contacts in the game.
    On the field he was a born leader (one of the best & most successful) of our generation. Hopefully can take this into management.
    When you compare his CV to likes of Rooney it isn't even a question.
    The timing of the documentary is poor, however he is going to get a job in management soon and I would much rather him over anyone from the current regime.
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    andyburton72 reacted to BramcoteRam84 in New Manager   
    Before people get on their moral high ground remember the similar overreaction to our prospective new owners on the basis of their record on human rights being from Saudi....oh no sorry from UAE....oh and sorry again not even running the country therefore no involvement in any human rights atrocities other than being from a Muslim country and therefore guilty by association.
    I haven’t seen the Anton Ferdinand documentary yet but I will watch it. However, unless there is new information that has come to light this has been done many years ago, how long do we keep pillorying someone? The fact he was acquitted means there might be legal ramifications if he was to say anything to the contrary. 
    He’s clearly been accepted at Villa as both a player and a coach and Villa have a significant proportion of BAME players. How do we know he doesn’t support anti-racism movements? He may well need further education on racism in all its forms including covert racism but I think there is a huge proportion of the country that need educating in that regard so who are to criticise? 
    If he does become our head coach I will judge him on his actions from now, and his performance as a manager as to do otherwise would be grossly unfair. Personally, I don’t think it would be the right appointment but he is much more qualified and suited to the job than Rooney.
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    andyburton72 reacted to David in Colin Kazim-Richards Fan Club   
    Applications are now open, membership is free, you just have to love having a striker that doesn’t end up on his arse every 5 minutes and can piggyback defenders with ease.
    Who’s in?
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    andyburton72 reacted to MackworthRamIsGod in New Manager   
    I'd be more than happy with John Terry.
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    andyburton72 reacted to MACKWORTHRAM in New Manager   
    John Terry would be fine if he brings a decent experienced number 2 with him. 
    Id be more than happy with JT and Steve Holland. 
    JT has been a coach at Aston Villa and this is his 3rd season.
    They've been promoted, stayed up and now are having a great season.
    How much impact does he have? Who knows?
    All I know is if it's a choice between John Terry and the current regime. Then it's a no brainer.
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    andyburton72 reacted to Ghost of Clough in New Manager   
    You're going to look like a fool when we announce Paul Cook
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    andyburton72 reacted to LB_DCFC in Cocu left by mutual consent   
    This one hurts. I wanted so badly for it to work out. Good luck Phillip
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    andyburton72 reacted to brady1993 in Sack cocu   
    This is something that I've been thinking about a lot lately.
    Why did it go right ?
    I think to understand where it's fallen apart  we perhaps need to look at why did it click in the first place because I think people often get this wrong (or at least give partially correct answers). For a lot of the first half of the season we struggled to properly control the game and effectively play our way out from the back and through midfield. We had a lot of the ball but because the balance wasn't right and the personal wasn't right we'd often look like a mistake waiting to happen and often didn't look like we had a purpose. Then with the introduction of Bird and Rooney we suddenly have two midfielders who are very good on the ball and good at creating passing options for each other and out of the defence, meaning that the ball could more easily come into and be played through midfield. We also introduced Wisdom at centre back around this time which meant 3 things; now we had two centre backs who could, a centre back who could carry the ball (arguably two with Clarke) and crucially a centre back with pace meaning we could play a higher line. This combined with the new midfield meant we could control the game and control it higher up allow us to really keep pressure on the opponent. Also it helped that the likes of Waghorn, Lawrence, Martin and Holmes had long stretches of fitness/availability.
    Why did it go wrong ?
    Again I think a lot of people overlook a lot in where the playoff challenge fell apart. Let's start with the easy stuff and then move onto some of the more overlooked points. Firstly it was put simply a difficult run of fixtures, a lot of teams sitting high in the table in a very short space of time with an aggresive fixture list meaning that any chink or issue was going to get magnified. Secondly lack of availability of forwards/poor squad depth out wide, this really did make a big difference the we started to lack creativity in the final 3rd and the oposition knew it. Wisdom's injury was massive in hindsight and goes understated, he'd formed a good partnership with Clarke and provided everything I'd previously outlined, the two attempts at replacing him in Evans and Davies were both flawed. Davies isn't great on the ball and slow meaning we had to drop more when he played, Evans whilst reliable on the ball tends to dwell on it and be passive with it and can't carry it like Wisdom could (all combined with lack of experience as a defender). It meant that first and crucial stage of our game plan was disrupted with no good fix. Then last but not least our midfield got knackered from the schedule with 0 good rotation options, this was most notable with Rooney who by the West Brom game was dead on his feet and by Cardiff a complete liability. Sure Shinnie got rotated in but he can't really do what Bird and Rooney were being asked to do during this time and put simply is poor at getting play going.
    Why has it gone really wrong ?
    We started the season with similar problems as we finished the previous season i.e. bunch of forwards missing and Rooney missing from midfield. We were asking a lot of Bird to captain the side and be the sole playmaker and a lot of Sibley by pushing him forward to be the chief attacking threat. I think the mistake in part here was not recognising that we needed to shift slightly to get more of an attacking thrust from centre (namely moving both Knight and Sibley into midfield with someone sat behind). We also (particularly right at the start of the season) were making a lot of changes from game to game and I'd argue we were overreacting from the results and not giving enough time for players to get their feet under. This mini-period culminated in the blackburn game. What we should have recognised from that game is that it was a mistake to drop Clarke, Wisdom shouldn't play on the left side of defence and that Rooney was at best half fit all combined with we essentially got sucker punched in a crazy 5 minutes. We should haved dusted ourselves down, took a hard look at ourselves and made a few appropriate tweaks.
    Instead we essentially abandoned everything we'd been working up to that point and try to refashion ourselves as a functional hard to beat side. Sibley and Bird are banished, we go with two grafters in midfielders without a semblance of playmaker and Davies returns from the cold. This new way of play is essentially predicated on high energy counter pressing and not really caring if we have the ball unfortunately this meant that whilst we would start well in games we'd quickly tire because we just didn't have the ball enough and when we tired we'd drop off. Maybe if we'd focussed on this in the pre-season and maybe if we weren't playing two games a week, we wouldn't have seen this pattern but I have my doubts as there looked to be clear structural issues in what we trying to do. With that clearly we needed to adjust somewhat but we kind of end doing the worst of both worlds in the QPR game, we try to lurch back to what we were doing before but without the players who could it make work and we end up looking a complete mess and putting in the worst performance of the season. Then again against Barnsley we try to be more possesion orientated back in 343 but again without the players who could enable it, we recognised that part way through the game but by that it was too late. All of the above combined with the ebbing of confidence from game to game means we are now we are.
    Yes we started poorly but we lost faith far too quickly in both what we were trying to do and the players brought in to do it, there has been too much change too quickly and probably too much willingness to let players dictate tactics. It's left us a confused mess without clear direction. Ultimately it's regrettfully why I think we probably have to replace Cocu, we need the bump in confidence that new ideas brings along with a clear focused direction.
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    andyburton72 reacted to Matlock Old Ram in Tom Lawrence   
    Great interview in this months Rampage and today’s DET with Tom Lawrence discussing his traumatic journey after his mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. 
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    andyburton72 reacted to BramcoteRam84 in Harry Wilson - gone to Cardiff on a season long loan   
    Got to view this window in the whole. The links this week with Wilson have got everyone excited and if we miss out then there will be a big feeling of disappointment but it’s easy to forget the good business we have done this window. The other thing to note with Wilson is if he doesn’t come, it’s because we can’t agree the finances with Liverpool and no other reason. 6 clubs saying they could go bust and another 8 talking about further redundancies puts things in perspective. These are tough times regardless of any P&S requirements.
    There will also be those looking at Forest and seeing they’re throwing the kitchen sink at it. High risk high reward strategy and in these times seems crazy to me, it may work out for them, we tried it and and we failed and it’s set us back meaning we now need to cut our cloth accordingly. We should pay no attention to them and focus on ourselves. 
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