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    muzzamurray reacted to RoyMac5 in and after all...   
    I'd swap FloJo for Jamie even now!
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    muzzamurray reacted to reveldevil in 18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread   
    Charlie Austin anyone?
    A bit of a hairy builder, but would offer something different to what we have.
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    muzzamurray got a reaction from AmericanRam in We are coming to Derby!   
    I'll be about. Will happily meet up for a beer. Love our colonial cousins 
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    muzzamurray reacted to Sparkle in 18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread   
    If he’s properly fit - sam winnall off the bench gives us a chance of a goal !  
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    muzzamurray reacted to RiddingsRam in 18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread   
    I'll suggest it again as it's that time of the year BARRY BANNAN 🙏
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    muzzamurray reacted to DCFC1388 in Ethan Ampadu   
    Get him in and get him to bring Hudson-Odoi with him as well
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    muzzamurray reacted to cheron85 in 18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread   
    Might actually fit nicely in the current system
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    muzzamurray reacted to G STAR RAM in Ridiculous Ticket price   
    You didn't have to pay it, you chose to.
    Anyway, glad we have have another thread on ticket pricing, we havent had one for at least two weeks.
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    muzzamurray reacted to Curtains in Welsh Wizard.   
    Is Tom Lawrence the first player in football history to get sent off. 
    Get over it. 
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    muzzamurray reacted to sawley_ram in The last 5 minutes of a match.   
    I'm an East Stand Ram and never leave before full time!
    I don't drive anymore so no traffic to worry about. If we're winning and it looks safe, opposition staying back, etc. then we'll be debating where to have a swift pint on the way back to the station, if we're losing we'll be debating whether or not we can get a jog on to get the earlier train. Never ever leave before full time though and always applaud the team.
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    muzzamurray got a reaction from REDCAR in Carabao Cup Third Round Draw - Man Utd (A) 25/9, 8pm Live on Sky Sports   
    Man city away
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    muzzamurray got a reaction from EnigmaRam in Duane Holmes   
    Its been mentioned multiple times that he came with a slight knock and would take time to get up to fitness
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    muzzamurray got a reaction from reveldevil in Carabao Cup Round Two Draw - Hull (A)   
    Dream draw - Everton Away
    Realistic Draw - Lincoln or fleetwood
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    muzzamurray reacted to MackworthRamIsGod in Jack Marriott - Signed on a 3 year deal   
    Put a Rowntrees fruit pastel in his mouth without chewing it?
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    muzzamurray reacted to SuperDerbySuperRams in 18/19 Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread   
    I hope it happens. I’m sure we have a nice sell on fee! 
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    muzzamurray reacted to Kamikaze in Ideal starting XI for Reading (A) - Discussion   
    Ivanovic Huth Terry DaSilva


    Mount Palmer

    Jozefzoon Wilson

    The Gloucester Live XI 😉
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    muzzamurray reacted to SuperFrankieL in Mason Mount - Signed on a season long loan   
    Like I said, I don't think it's a sideways step necessarily but a lot of Chelsea fans who have also watched him a lot do think so. In my opinion, the Eredivisie is technically superior to the Championship but inferior in terms of physicality, speed, stamina, etc. However you must remember that he had a move to Werder Bremen lined up and almost closed if not for the interest from Frank and Derby. Looking at Tammy, Bamford, and all the others who put up good seasons in the Championship, it isn't quite the level to say he's good enough to play at Chelsea even if he did drop a 20G+A. On the other hand the Bundesliga is the real deal, if he has a KDBesque season there - there's no way he doesn't make the Chelsea team.
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    muzzamurray reacted to Carnero in Premier League International Cup - u23s   
    Very unfortunate for PSV Eindhoven to find themselves in the GROUP OF DEATH with 3 European heavyweights.
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    muzzamurray reacted to sage in Reece Burke - Signed for Hull City   
    B&Q Garden Furniture sale starts at 7am in the morning, He will be camping outside so he gets first dibs on a 3 piece cast iron Bistro set.
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    muzzamurray got a reaction from Ambitious in Reece Burke - Signed for Hull City   
    plus... weve done hull over again...
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    muzzamurray reacted to Smyth_18 in What happens if Frank doesn’t play Chris Martin   
    Far from it. Hence why he hasn't for a long time. 
    Time to move on.
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    muzzamurray reacted to curb in Proof if we didn't already know that our profile is rising   
    They're building them up to batter them when they fail. 
    Its what our media do. 
  25. Haha
    muzzamurray got a reaction from TomG in Next manager, who would you like in charge?   
    martin O'Neil and Roy Keane combo
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