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  1. Reithe glas

    v Millwall (A) Match Thread

    Sarcasm is the worst (and best) form of humour
  2. Reithe glas

    v Millwall (A) Match Thread

    Three games in and we've given up on the automatics
  3. Reithe glas

    Crazy Keogh hating

    That last line says it all. Well done, in a nutshell.
  4. Reithe glas

    Centre Half Video Nasty

    Spot on. Everybody's having a go because he passed directly to one of their players 3 times in the first 18 minutes. What about the fact that our first goal came about as a direct result of doing exactly the same thing? Where's the consistency?
  5. Reithe glas

    v Reading (A) Match Thread

    Holding our own on possession, no creativity and looking odds on to cough up something laughable. The more things change? Hopefully not, if we can just iron out the errors something will click for us I'm sure/praying.

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