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  1. You've just got to laugh

    He's a very naughty boy!
  2. You've just got to laugh

    A bit like Keogh, always got a mistake in me. Only joking I swear.
  3. You've just got to laugh

    It's. Sorry
  4. You've just got to laugh

    Big Industrial Region Maintaining Not Gaining Honours Approach Magnificently.
  5. Chris Martin

    Steve Bull? Come on everyone!!!
  6. Chris Martin

    I take your point completely, and I think it sums up the whole CM debate in a nutshell. On one side people who think the right system will bring back the best in him and those like me, who think that won't happen again. It's all opinion and preference. From my point of view I suppose he's the type of player who really pees me off when things aren't going well because he contributes very little in that situation and the whole team suffers. If you sub him then, you have to change everything. Unless, let's say, Russell or vydra who may not be playing well but will partially make up for it by busting a gut effort wise and can be subbed without changing your whole game plan.
  7. Birmingham City F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    At last. Been so jealous of Brighton, Burnley, Boro over the last few years wishing it could be us winning week in week out. And now it's happening! GR is doing the job I thought Pearson would do, removed the soft underbelly, changed the mentality completely and is now delivering brilliant results like this on a regular basis... Really starting to believe now. COYR!!!
  8. Chris Martin

    You've taken one line and it's a bit out of context. He's not brilliant because teams know how to stop him. He doesn't get away with his "lack of mobility" any more where he did before. I'm basing that on any time I've seen him play after McClaren's golden period, even before he went to Fulham. I think the championship has improved in the last few years and the idea of a hold up target man is becoming redundant.
  9. Chris Martin

    I totally get your point, except I don't think Martin is brilliant at this level anymore and I suspect that GR thinks likewise. I believe that teams cottoned on to the fact that if you stopped Martin you stopped Derby (enter big strong centre half who makes it a physical one on one battle, CM diving, gesturing to the ref, moaning and contributing very little) and I think that will be the case all the time no matter who he plays with. It was fantastic when it all came together with Martin, Bryson, Hughes and Hendrick but I can't see that happening anywhere again, for those reasons.
  10. Chris Martin

    I give up, when people start on with the master tactician bulls**t I lose the will to live.
  11. Chris Martin

    Give me a break. I know it's a forum and it's all about opinions, but at some point we have to acknowledge that people who manage and have managed at top level have expertise that we don't. Pearson and Rowett don't rate Martin. There's a reason for that. And also, Pearson's judgement was alright when he signed vydra.
  12. Chris Martin

    I stand corrected, cheers. I think the rest of my post stands up though
  13. Chris Martin

    Fair enough but he's not exactly bereft of football knowledge or experience
  14. Chris Martin

    Chris Martin was a brilliant player for us for a few years but he hasn't been anywhere near delivering for the last two years or so. There's a reason Pearson had him out the door so quickly. There's a reason he couldn't nail down a starting place at Fulham before all the controversy and there's a reason he can't get a run now. He's been a great servant who had a few great seasons but it's time to stop living on the past. It's time for him to go, our fourth choice striker should ideally be a youngster with potential not someone on the downside of their career. Not trying to knock him, he was brilliant for a few years and he's earned a place in Rams affection but it's over, time to move on.
  15. Birmingham City F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    An eponymous album by David Bowie would be called........ David Bowie, which it was when it was released in 1967 unlike the 1980s album Diamond Dogs which was released in 1974. Anyway grammar Nazi and just plain being a tit business all done, a similar performance to Ipswich away will do nicely, and I reckon our "Heroes" ( 1977, feeling smug right now) will do it.

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