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    DC-1975 reacted to Angry Ram in Picture where you and your knee are now   
    Grand Canyon. Stunning. 

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    DC-1975 got a reaction from I know nothing in Death - Are you ready?   
    My wife passed away in June, 18 months after being diagnosed with cancer. The cancer was incurable from the beginning and when the chemo stopped working, she was told she had 6 weeks - 6 months to live. 2 weeks later she went into hospital with a temperature and after being examined we were told she now only had days. Her condition deteriorated very quickly and she died 5 days later.
    Even with all the time we had knowing she was dying, we still weren't prepared.
    We didn't manage everything she wanted to do, but I imagine her only regret will be not seeing our daughter grow up.
    I agree with others, power of attorney and having a will in place is essential.
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    DC-1975 reacted to angieram in Smells like Team Spirit   
    It's the little things - Keogh welcoming the subs into the goal celebrations, Marriott actively seeking out Fozzy at the end of yesterday’s game to say thanks for the cross, Carson's hug for Mount after his goal clearance. 
    Most telling, Lampard applauding the intention of Bogle at a slightly misplaced pass that nearly came off.
    I think this team has been given permission to play without fear, to keep trying the positive and not to worry (or lay blame on individuals) when it doesn't quite work.
    I love it and we could all learn from the example our players are setting. Smells suspiciously like team spirit to me. 
    (With apologies to Nirvana!)
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    DC-1975 reacted to mozza in Pets   
    Meet Poppy, our new foster dog.. 

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    DC-1975 reacted to Steve How Hard? in Geriatric Floresta   
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    DC-1975 reacted to coneheadjohn in My Lads op.   
    We had a great time,brilliant 👍👍👍💪💪💪.
    🖕🖕🖕the Blades.
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    DC-1975 reacted to bigbadbob in Jermaine Pennant on The Jeremy Kyle Show   
    You can take the lad out of nottingham...
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    DC-1975 reacted to coneheadjohn in V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread   
    Well me,Joel and Josh are going at short notice tomorrow.
    Joel’s going as a VIP guest of the club.
    Massive thanks to DCFC👍
    Prof Ray wasn’t 100% on it but he was never going to stop him.
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    DC-1975 reacted to Angry Ram in Alternative to cake   
    Dunno about everyone else but I am going round the Cones.. 
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    DC-1975 reacted to Mrs Cone in Alternative to cake   
    So today is Josh's 17th birthday.  I ask him what sort of birthday cake he wants.....me being a baker thought he might go for an elaborate chocolate cake or a nicely decorated Victoria sponge!
    NO!! He wants a cake made out of mashed potato. Not just mashed potato, it must also have some sort of meat, Yorkshire puddings and gravy!🙈
    Not an easy task but he's very happy with the end result, here's a pic!
    So sweet or savoury guys? Have any of you lot had cakes that are a bit different or is he just being awkward? 🤪

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    DC-1975 reacted to JoetheRam in Cannabis on the NHS?   
  12. Cheers
    DC-1975 got a reaction from Steve How Hard? in Cannabis on the NHS?   
    You can get a weak version from Holland and Barrett. For stronger stuff you’d need to go online.
    It is legal.
  13. Cheers
    DC-1975 got a reaction from Steve How Hard? in Cannabis on the NHS?   
    You can get a weak version from Holland and Barrett. For stronger stuff you’d need to go online.
    It is legal.
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    DC-1975 reacted to Pat_fromAus in Australian Ram seeing Wigan Away   
    Thankyou John that’s such a kind offer, if I struggle to get a hold of a ticket I may take you up on that
    well for me my love for derby really started when my father who’s loyally supported the rams for over 50 years sat me down to watch derby in the playoff final against QPR, since that heart break, I can’t get rid of em.
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    DC-1975 reacted to Mrs Cone in Pets   
    Our new baby in the cone family...Igor xx😍

  16. COYR
    DC-1975 reacted to angieram in V QPR (A) Match Thread   
    Bit wet and windy on the way down here, but we are all in good spirits.  
    Good to see the front line freshened up, a bit of a lottery which combination will work best but at least we're trying another one. 

  17. Haha
    DC-1975 reacted to Parsnip in V QPR (A) Match Thread   
    Good tip thanks Carl! I'll see you poolside for a Porn Star Martini 🍸
    Let me just check i have my membership card...

    Oh. Looks like I'm off to Go Outdoors again to look at the tents 😥
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    DC-1975 reacted to NorfolkRam in Norwich Home - Harper's Ride   
    Well guys, we made it. Sorry I didn't post more last night but with the game and feeling like utter 💩 I just wanted to get to bed lol. 
    I just want to thank you all for all the donations and shares we got, we smashed out target and its still rising which is amazing, we still have a long way to go with the fundraising so if you want to follow Harper's progress just search Harper's Little Helpers on FB Twitter or Insta. 
    The journey was hard, day one started well but when we hit Gayton and the flat lands around Kings Lynn we had about 35 miles of over 20mph winds head on which made progress really hard and dampened our spirits so day two we left extra early just in case. Day two was all about the hills. Our biggest fear was after Melton Mowbray we had a 2 mile hill (affectionately known as '*enter C word here* hill') but we made it through. After going through Zouch and Long Whatton I started to recognise places more which made me A nearly fall off a couple of times looking around but more importantly B it ease the last few miles. Fortunately as mentioned above we were ahead of schedule so we stopped for a pint, sounded great, just made the last 5-10 minutes agony! But we got there. Had an interview with Colin Gibson and then into the game. 
    Not the best of games if I'm honest, cycling all that way for that, if I wasn't in so much pain I'd have been a bit annoyed tbh but a good point against a form side, on to the next one! 
    Glad it's all over now and my legs ache but most of my focus is in blisters I have a region's I shouldn't have blisters. Think of the worst place, it's as painful as it sounds, I just put cream on..... I leave you with that! 

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    DC-1975 reacted to angieram in Same old story   
    I am going to defend @SK47 here if that's OK. 
    I think his second post alludes to the problem in that it is the way some people post that is so negative. 
    Look at the reaction to Mason Bennett 's drop in form, for example. He was MOTM against Preston but that is now all forgotten as certain 'fans' fall over each other to declare that they had always known he was crap so there! 
    Every pass Keogh or Johnson misplaces is scrutinised as if it means they were never good enough to kick a football in the first place despite both playing pretty well so far this season.
    And after every match the changes (or lack of them) are held up as evidence that the manager knows less about football than the poster.
    It is tedious and certain posters are guilty of this week after week (apart from the weeks when we win when they are either nowhere to be seen or like to remind us 'ah, but did you see the chance that xxx should have buried?')
    One poster has already declared that the game against QPR is a 'must win'. Twelve games into a transitional season and sitting eighth in the table.
    I have opinions and post them often - too often some would say! But if I have something negative to say I try to say something like 'xxx didn't play so well today' or 'I think xxx needs a rest' and try not to pass my opinion off as fact. For the record, I don't think any of our players are 'crap'. Some are in or out of form, some fit the system better than others but crap? Really? 
    I don't know where the habit of constant negativity comes from. It may be an Internet thing or an unconcious mimicry of the appalling punditry that many of the tv channels churn out these days. Whatever, I wish fans could take a step back, look at what you see - good and bad - and try to be a bit kinder in your 'analysis'.
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    DC-1975 reacted to NorfolkRam in Norwich Home - Harper's Ride   
    Setting off in a moment. Will be at the main reception at 6.45
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    DC-1975 reacted to angieram in v Bolton Wanderers (A) Match Thread   
    I went today and I agree with you, Gritters. And @Alpha, who has got the comments about today's performance spot on.
    I feel frustrated, but not downhearted. I think we lacked a bit of zip, I think we didn't try to vary the play enough and I think some players were a little more careless at times than they could have been. However we had enough quality in all areas of the pitch apart from their penalty area. People cite only one shot on target, but don't mention the blocks that Bolton made. 
    In a game like this you need a player with a killer touch in front of goal OR a bit of luck. Today we had neither.
    But we tried to play football, we tried to win the right way and for that I am thankful. 
    I am hopeful that Frank will work out how to play against the Bolton's of this world. He'll know he needs to if he wants to be a success and he definitely wants to be a success.
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    DC-1975 reacted to Tamworthram in Sheff U 20/10/18   
    Thanks buddy. Even managed to weave the Rams into my speech partly because my other daughters husband is a Man U supporter 
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    DC-1975 reacted to coneheadjohn in Which one is Igor?   
    Comes home on Friday...IGOR,IGOR,IGOR.
    I better not chant that at him in the park.

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    DC-1975 reacted to jono in v Manchester United (a) Match tHread   
    Didn’t see it but have read all these wonderful posts ... inspiring !
    Roll up Roll up be a RAM !
    remember folks .. if you are a RAM you get these unique benefits :
    1) Lose cannons get turned in to self propelled armoured fighting vehicles 
    2) duds score goals
    3) your central defender captain hits wining penalties
    4) watch red armies trudge defeated before your very eyes
    5) boys become men in just a handful of games
    and finally .. a free bounce at every game 
    BRILLIANT flipping brilliant 
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    DC-1975 got a reaction from Boycie in Boycie’s Birthday Today   
    Happy birthday Boycie 

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