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    DC-1975 got a reaction from coneheadjohn in Happy 50th Birthday Conehead John   
    Happy Birthday John!
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    DC-1975 reacted to NottsRam77 in A massive Thankyou to all   
    This is hard to write and despite popping on here last few weeks to post on derby related stuff Iv avoided doing this, but it’s something I need to do.
    Some of u will remember last sep/Oct I put out a plea for help with funding to help my dad get sirts to help him continue his brave fight against his bowel cancer.
    sadly he lost his brave fight against it and passed away Sunday the 16th of December.
    what I want to say on behalf of our family is an absolutely massive and unreserved thankyou to everyone that supported us, there were lots of u from here, kind words, messages of support, donations, everything. It was simply overwhelming and It all meant so much in our darkest hour.
    we laid him to rest in front of a packed church (he’d have loved the fact it was Sell out crowd) buried in his favourite title winning derby shirt and and rams scarf.
    as I said thankyou to all, we really can’t emphasise how much it lifted him seeing such kindness from his fellow rams 
    a big thankyou too to Dave for letting me put the post up in he first place 
    god bless u all.x
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    DC-1975 reacted to David in DCFC Fans 10 Years Online, Thank You!   
    So this just arrived 😊

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    DC-1975 reacted to angieram in Joe Ledley - left by mutual consent   
    Classy man.
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    DC-1975 reacted to uttoxram75 in DCFC Fans 10 Years Online, Thank You!   
    Is it really 10 years since the forum was born
    Wrist slashers, happy clappers, Eddie’s sharp scorn,
    Pitchforks, poems, long winded rants,
    Posters from everywhere, several from Hants!
    Daveo and Boycie like an old married pair
    Wumming and trolling the gumps over “there”
    Non-league Nigel, Commons and Hulse
    Dcfcfans taking the pulse
    Bickering, moaning, threats of violence
    And that’s just the mods under David’s guidance!!!
    This forum has mirrored the life of a Ram
    Joy and despair and occasional spam
    From Wembley to Scunthorpe and points in-between
    We’ve raged and praised and vented our spleen
    Wildlife, sofa’s plenty of poo
    politics, sex, religion taboo
    Hours wasted instead of working
    Reading, posting, laughing, lurking
    So, here’s to the next ten and success for the Rams
    Happy Birthday dcfcfans
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    DC-1975 reacted to ronnieronalde in DCFC Fans 10 Years Online, Thank You!   
    You've created something brilliant David and you should be incredibly proud.
    The fact a weirdo like me keeps coming back five years after the reason I was on here has left, shows how addictive and important the forum has become for a lot of us.
    Fair play and I hope you're around for as long as you decide you're passionate enough to keep going.
    Congratulations on the anniversary.
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    DC-1975 reacted to Alpha in DCFC Fans 10 Years Online, Thank You!   
    Being serious for a sec...
    The forum has been massive for me. It's picked me up when I'm down, it's an escape when I need it. It's made me belly laugh countless times. I feel that there's an ever growing group of regular posters that 'get' each other and you can speak completely freely
    I know how you guys try to let people speak freely and allow a good amount of offensive ranting to go on before you take action. It has never felt to me like we are policed even when I've had posts removed. 
    For every happy clapper there's a wrist slasher. 
    People I've met off here have all been absolutely sound. 
    It's the nicest face of social media. 
    You learn about people bit by bit. They slip their age in here and job in there. They moan about a wife or a boyfriend. You learn they are a carer, they lost a loved one, they have faced life threatening illness. They admit their fears. It's not as boastful or fake as other social media. 
    I've got so much more out of this place than I've put in. Probably been here about 8 years too. Rarely does a day go by I don't check it. 
    It's just a nice online place. It's important to me and many others. You learn a lot on here just by reading. 
    On Facebook you add your own kind of people. On Twitter it's a bit of a lucky dip. On here?Derby County bring together rich and poor, old and young, smart and dumb, fat and thin etc etc. 
    Anyone lurking who's not posted. Join in. Do it. You can take a lot away from it. Starts off about Derby but you end up talking all kinds of rubbish. There's real inspirational people here. There's clowns and fence sitters and straight talkers. 
    David and the mods even let you lose your poo and I've found it quite nice to have a rant relatively anonymously. 
    It's just good people and the place is ran by good people. A few fall outs here and there but in 8 years I've not seen 8 knob heads. The vast majority put in what they get out. 
    It's a brilliant head space. 
    Thanks to everyone. 
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    DC-1975 reacted to David in DCFC Fans 10 Years Online, Thank You!   
    After it’s been signed and framed, will share a pic. I might be biased but this will beat anything @loweman2 has in his collection. Thanks Grace!
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    DC-1975 reacted to David in DCFC Fans 10 Years Online, Thank You!   
    10 years, that’s a long time.
    29th January 2009, a date which is tattooed on my wrist was the start of something which has played a huge part in my life.
    Away from the football and the disagreements over Irish centre backs, manager sackings, FFP and ticket prices, this community has been there with amazing support, advice and puns, not just for myself but fellow fans.
    Over the years I’ve had many fans contact me privately to say thank you for creating this platform, each one a reminder of what we have become in a toxic social media world.
    I say we because this isn’t about me, I can put the code and guidelines in place but to steal a line from the Derby County marketing team, without you dcfcfans.uk is nothing.
    Thank you.
    I would also like to say a special thank you to a few people...
    Boycie (Paul), thank’s for the socket in my kitchen you installed.
    Thank you to the moderators, past and present, for giving up their spare to help keep you all inline and us online.
    It’s a thankless job at the best of times, but one that is hugely appreciated. With over 20,000 posts some months, I would never be able to have an afternoon nap without you.
    Thank you to Mel Morris, not just for the sausages, but for being so supportive of the forum and taking a genuine interest in the fans.
    From speaking to you over the years, seeing you online reading match threads at 1am on Sunday mornings, I know how much this club means to you. I really hope your tenure is rewarded with the Premier League football it deserves, would help boost advert revenue as well. Just saying.
    Finally, thank you to Grace our Supporters Liaison Officer who has chased players signatures this last week at late notice for a DCFCFANS 10 shirt I’ve had printed.
    I was given permission to frame and hang in the living room as long as I dust it, which I will, every day. Not everyday you’re going to have Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole at your club is it? Still all feels a little surreal.
    It’s been an incredible 10 years, here’s to the next 10 🍻....
  10. Haha
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    DC-1975 reacted to AmericanRam in We are coming to Derby!   
    Hey all my lady Toya and I will be heading over to Derby for the Bolton game in April.Can't freaking wait!
    Anyone want to meet up for a pint or be our tour guide👍 just let me know or if any wants any American snacks lol.
    Counting down the days.
  12. Haha
    DC-1975 reacted to rynny in Ashley Cole is a Ram   
  13. Haha
    DC-1975 reacted to i-Ram in Ashley Cole is a Ram   
    Didn’t he shoot a trainee at Chelsea’s training ground. Perhaps he is being contracted as Perimeter Security rather than Left Back?
  14. Haha
    DC-1975 reacted to Parsnip in Accrington Stanley v Derby County FA Cup 4th Round 26th Jan   
    Are we sure he isn't just a spy?
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    DC-1975 reacted to rynny in Burton Albion Watch 18/19   
    Because it would professional courtesy to not play their best and treat them differently? Not a chance. So what City should've just passed the ball around the half way line, play keep ball? See how many passes they could make before Burton got a touch? How disrespecting would that have been to Burton and all the fans in the ground? Maybe they should've put their reserve team out and get accused of not taking it seriously enough? Maybe they should've let Burton walk through and score a goal?
    What nonsense. 
  16. Haha
    DC-1975 reacted to Boycie in 10 years of the Big Flag   
    So is this 10 year old flag a bit like Triggers brush? 😀
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    DC-1975 reacted to Ellafella in Vs Middlesbrough (home). Matchday thread.   
    Having a swell time thanks Jack. Hic! 🤪 Happy New Year Sir! 😃

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    DC-1975 reacted to Ramslad1992 in Pets   
    Safe to say Ruby has well and truly settled in now! Dogs are for life guys 😊

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    DC-1975 reacted to angieram in v Wigan (a) match day thread   
    OK, for everyone at the match and wondering why it was a 'game of two halves' today; did anyone notice the weather? In those squally showers we were kicking against 60 mph headwinds. Wonder why passes were falling short all the while? There's your answer. And even running into that is bloody hard work!
    We needed to score more first half as that was always going to happen second half. As it was, we were rather wasteful and then got drawn into their silly attempts to get Wilson sent off and even up proceedings. I was relieved when Lampard took him off - we need him against Forest.
    In the first half Wilson, Bogle, Lawrence and Marriott looked good; second it was Huddlestone, Tomori and Keogh who put their bodies in the way of Wigan's direct, bustling play.
    Fair play to Paul Cook for making the changes to keep Wigan competitive. I would have had a bit more sympathy though if the idiot Morsy hadn't been so blatant in his pathetic attempts to get a foul at every turn. He was lucky not to get a second yellow - or an Oscar. Prat! 
    Well done Derby for a battling performance against a team that loses very rarely at home. Hope we are saving the scintillating finishing for a week on Monday. COYR! 
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    DC-1975 reacted to Ramslad1992 in Pets   
    Rescued Ruby 2 weeks ago and she wouldn’t go anywhere near me... now we are best mates.

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    DC-1975 reacted to 86 points in Perspective   
    @Steve How Hard?, @King Kevin, @reveldevil, @Mucker1884 - cheers fellas. It does mean a lot and reading other people's stories has helped too. I'm sure most of everyone on here has been affected in some shape or form by cancer and I'm hopeful that those who unlike my needy self, have suffered in silence, will also be heartened by the shared experiences and kindness shown. For my part, I'm genuinely touched and most appreciative for all the kind words. Thanks again chaps 👍
  22. Haha
    DC-1975 reacted to Paul71 in v Sheffield Wednesday (A) Match Thread   
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    DC-1975 reacted to angieram in Access all Eras   
    Colin Todd is on the programme. Excited! 

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    DC-1975 reacted to David in Haters gonna Hate   
    I defended Rowett till the day he left, but I, like I suspect others, have moved on and don’t feel the need to debate his tenure still as it’s been done to death.
    Frank Lampard is now the manager, he’s the man that needs our support now, he will also have that until the day he leaves and the club and m whilst we’re the getting results which put us on track for promotion.
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    DC-1975 reacted to coneheadjohn in Pets   
    He’s out👍


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