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    DC-1975 reacted to Carnero in England Cricket summer 2019   
    They say the best 2 young openers in the country are Dominic Sibley & Zak Crawley.
    I'd like to see us pick both, one to open with Burns and the other to bat 3.
    Root 4, Stokes 5, Pope 6, Bairstow 7.
    At least that way we're developing 3 players under the age of 23 in Sibley, Crawley & Pope rather than a 32 year old Denly.
    Leave Roy & Buttler to concentrate on pyjamas cricket.
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    DC-1975 reacted to Mostyn6 in Children’s TV   
    grew up in the 80s. so it was:-
    Happy Days, Batman and Green Hornet in the morning on Good Morning Britain
    After school was:-
    Dogtanian, Little Green Man, Bananaman, SuperTed, He Man, She-Ra, Chocky, Grange Hill, Newsround, Grotbags (Rod and Emu), Rainbow, Sooty and Sweep Show, Art Attack, Tony Hart (Morph), Number 73, Press Gang, Fireball XL5, Star Fleet, Danger Mouse, T Bag (had Mi Jule in it), Inspector Gadget (cartoon), Byker Grove.
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    DC-1975 reacted to Steve Bloomer's Washing in SBW Meets: Paulo Wanchope   
    Morning all, something for the (international) weekend:

    Derby County's cult hero Costa Rican joined us for a nostalgic chat in our latest interview special. Wanchope, who scored 28 Rams goals in all competitions, explained how he nearly became a pro basketball player before coming to England, his fiery relationship with Jim Smith, his favourite Derby teammate, and ofcourse *that* Old Trafford debut goal.
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    DC-1975 reacted to sage in Derbyshire...National Cricket Champions   
    My foster lad plays for Derbyshire in Disability Cricket (mixture of physical and learning difficulties) and yesterday they beat Yorkshire in the national final. The teams ages range from 18 to 72.
    Chasing 194 in 35 overs they were 20 for 4 but recovered to win by 4 wickets with 2 overs to spare. To add to the accomplishment the lad who was verbally abused on camera at Nottm train station last year by a Forest idiot scored 43 not out off around 36 balls to win us the game. 
    Sometimes sport comes good in the end. 
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    DC-1975 reacted to Paul71 in Next.   
    Im assuming because folk are already writing this season off it seems, that in 95/96 and 06/07 we must have been walking the league at this stage of the season? 
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    DC-1975 reacted to RadioactiveWaste in England Cricket summer 2019   
    Jack Leach 1 not out 💪.
    Best test innings since Anderson and Panesar in 09.
    Sod the batters who got us into the mess in the first place.
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    DC-1975 got a reaction from SKRam in England Cricket summer 2019   
    I enjoyed that more than the World Cup final
    Not sure who gets MOTM though!
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    DC-1975 got a reaction from Curtains in England Cricket summer 2019   
    I enjoyed that more than the World Cup final
    Not sure who gets MOTM though!
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    DC-1975 reacted to angieram in v WBA (H) Match Thread   
    There's quite a lot of negativity today. Strangely, I thought we were a bit better. It helped that WBA had come to give it a go, helped create a fairly exciting match and the backing from our fans was much louder today.
    I was pleased to see the inclusion of two more youngsters as they brought effort and legs to the team. Although initially disappointed to see Huddlestone in there again I thought he had a better game, as did Dowell in patches but I wish he'd be there for the full 90 minutes - hopefully that will come. My pick of the three midfielders would be Knight - he's going to be a star for us.
    Waghorn was much more involved in the game on the right. I know about his penalties but he won the first one by driving in to the area (Lawrence please take note! ) and I thought he interacted well with Lowe. 
    Watching Marriott today you can see the thankless task that any centre forward has in our system but I thought he worked really hard and am pleased he lasted 70 minutes. I  said when Bennett replaced him, watch the one golden chance fall to his replacement and it did. Jack would have buried that for the win. 
    We are creating so few chances now we do need to be taking them. 
    I've left Lowe until last because he deserves most praise. Such an improvement since last season. Playing on the wrong side he still has the composure on the ball and now mostly in the tackle well beyond his years. So sad that the penalty was given against him (wrongly as it happened ) but I trust him to learn from that.
    When Bogle and Holmes are back we should be more of a threat - looking forward to it. 
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    DC-1975 reacted to i-Ram in v Stoke City (A) Match thread   
    I would be quite staggered if Cocu might think he knows better than you. Show him your badges Rammieib.
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    DC-1975 reacted to Pastinaak in v Stoke City (A) Match thread   
    Nope. It's mine now till we lose. Usual service has resumed. David and Rample were given notice.
    I'm going on the longest run of matchday threads in history.
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    DC-1975 reacted to Steve Bloomer's Washing in SBW podcast, Ep 58: Wayne's World   
    Morning, latest SBW podcast below - cheers!
    Derby County are off and running for the 19/20 campaign, as Chris, Tom and Anton look back on the Rams' unbeaten start against Huddersfield and Swansea. There's also analysis of Derby's new signing, Wayne Rooney (!), as we ask where he'll fit into the side and chat to MLS reporter Steven Goff from the Washington Post.
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    DC-1975 reacted to TuffLuff in Four new signings before the window closes   
    I think if you stop believing the football experts and the ITKers then bringing in two squad players is a sensible option.
    Been a good window, we have seemingly got in a top defender, a highly rated DM, competition in midfield (a strong Scottish Cm and a promotion winner) and Wayne BLOODY Rooney! This is added to an already very good squad and youth set up.
    Stop overthinking and enjoy the ride!
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    DC-1975 reacted to reverendo de duivel in Holiday Plans 2019   
    Apologies for replying to myself, but what a great break we had!
    Spitalfields definitely my new favourite part of London.
    Dining, drinking, and staying all catered for, lovely relaxed atmosphere, loads to do and see, fantastic breakfast at the Breakfast Club to boot, can't wait to return and explore further. 
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    DC-1975 reacted to Steve How Hard? in v Huddersfield Town (A) Match Thread   
    Forget talk of formations and possible lineups. There is a far more pressing concern to be addressed. Have you all got your crisps in the fridge for this one?
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    DC-1975 reacted to Needlesh in Depression, anxiety, stress and other related issues   
    Doggo update: He's on the mend. Very relieved. Thanks for your best wishes all.
    Just to got to go through 2 weeks of keeping him out of mischief now!
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    DC-1975 reacted to MuespachRam in Tour de France   
    The best tour ever.... today is absolutely amazing. Just like the cricket World Cup final, if anyone has never watched the sport then watch today It is as good as It gets. 
    Allez Egan.!! Allez G.!!
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    DC-1975 reacted to reverendo de duivel in Pre Season Friendly v Girona (H)   
    He sums up my love making technique.
    Gets in the right position, but then aimlessly thrusts his balls into the box.
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    DC-1975 reacted to i-Ram in No transfer news   
    What a Terryble first post.
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    DC-1975 reacted to NorfolkRam in Rams Fan In Urgent Need   
    Good news, they have acknowledged Harper as the winner. Thanks so much for all your help we really couldn't have asked for more. If you would like to follow up on Harper's progress then please give her page a follow, she'll inspire you with her determination. 

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    DC-1975 reacted to NorfolkRam in Rams Fan In Urgent Need   
    I know this is the wrong place to post this but hoping @David will allow it (and maybe pin it until midday tomorrow if possible? 😉)
    As many may know I'm fundraising for my daughter to grt an operation in America to help her walk, we have just found out we have been nominated for a local event but have to get some catch up votes by midday tomorrow. 
    Literally tales two seconds, just click the link below and vote for HARPER'S LITTLE HELPERS. We have a lot of catching up to do in a short time but I know you guys can help get us there! 
    Little picture also just to pull at the heartstrings!! 

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    DC-1975 reacted to ossieram in Ethan Ampadu - Joined RB Leipzig   
    Ampadu du du du
    Push the ball out to Chrissie
    Ampadu du du du
    Better hair than Jason Lee.
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    DC-1975 reacted to philmycocu in Derby shirts that we're generally disliked but you loved   
    I had this as a kid, never took it off, even when covered in food 😂 

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    DC-1975 got a reaction from SKRam in Cricket World Cup 2019   
    I would think Ben Stokes will be a good bet for Sports Personality of the year.
    Bring on the Ashes!
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    DC-1975 got a reaction from 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in Cricket World Cup 2019   
    I would think Ben Stokes will be a good bet for Sports Personality of the year.
    Bring on the Ashes!
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