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    DC-1975 reacted to BondJovi in v West Brom (A) - Matchday Thread   
    We win 5 in a row for the first time in a long time and then put in 2 duff performances against better sides and suddenly it is all negative and Cocu has become Clement?
    Due to the nature of this run in, we are asking a lot of our experienced players and a lot more of our youngsters. Our bench didn't contain a single game changer or drastically different option. We have plenty in the 18-21 age range and in the 30+ but very few inbetween. 
    Since Christmas we have scored 3 goals in a game 5 times and also scored in 18 consecutive matches. Only a few games ago against Preston did we look fantastic. 
    We miss Lawrence, Waghorn and Wisdom. 3 of our most important players this season. Most teams in this league would struggle in a similar situation.
    I think we moved the ball around with more purpose against West Brom at the start. That early goal again made it much harder for us and we don't  have the options to really do much else.
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    DC-1975 reacted to Anag Ram in v Preston (A) - Matchday Thread   
    I thought Waghorn was excellent tonight.
    Led the line very well and was a constant nuisance to Preston. Should have had an early goal when through but other than that was first class.
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    DC-1975 reacted to Paul71 in Coronavirus   
    Good news on this, I have been told I am 'provisionally' now no longer part of the process.
    Its provisional because if those selected successfully challenge the reasons then I could be brought back into it, but I think thats more just procedure so would be surprised (though not totally ruling it out) if anything changes.
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    DC-1975 reacted to uttoxram75 in Pets   
    The old boy fell asleep this morning for the last time.
    14 years old, RIP Bruno, the loveliest, friendliest, daftest dog you could wish for 😥

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    DC-1975 reacted to Ramslad1992 in New parents   
    Thank you everyone... shes doing remarkably well all things considered... she is also our new good luck charm! We are 1 for 1 since shes been alive 😂. 
    This was her face yesterday when I told her we had beaten snakey's Milwall 3-2. 
    Shes still not registered for coronavirus purposes do I'm arguing with the wife that we should call her Louise... then I'll 'accidentally' miss the s out on the forms. 🐑

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    DC-1975 reacted to enachops in Huddlestone   
    I think he’s been a decent signing overall. Was good in Rowett’s side that got into the play offs. Played very well for Lampard in the good run before Christmas. Is past his best and we have better now so would release though, I agree. 
    With all the focus on Sibley and the best prospects ever produced by the academy. Huddlestone has to be up there. He’s had a very good career, mostly in the top flight. A joy to watch on occasions and one of the best passes of a ball of recent years. 
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    DC-1975 reacted to Steve Buckley’s Dog in Craig Forsyth   
    200 appearances. Thought it was worth a thread. I love Fozzy and the way he has come back from serious injury time and time again. Still the best left back we have and a couple of lovely crosses again today. For the sake of balance, I thought he could have done better with the first goal, but he has been a great servant and appears to be a good bloke too. 
    And I know all about good left backs having fetched sticks for one for many years! 
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    DC-1975 reacted to RamNut in Form Table   
    We’ve sorted out a lot of stuff in that time.
    formation. Role for Rooney. Centre back pairing. Preferred full backs. Max bird. Louie Sibley..... 
    lots to play for now 
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    DC-1975 reacted to Carnero in Form Table   
    Championship table since the halfway point of the season...

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    DC-1975 reacted to Ramslad1992 in New parents   
    Hi everyone... I'm not to sure how to write this so I'll just go along with it and sorry for any waffling! 
    My absolutely amazing daughter was born last week on the 10th June in lincoln. Within minutes of her being born they realised something wasnt quite right and within 19 hours of being born she had been transferred to queens medical centre (which I've called home for the last week) and had life saving surgery. 
    She has a condition called Tracheo-Oesophageal Fistula... her food pipe and windpipe were joined and without the amazing work of our great NHS she wouldn't be here. 
    Shes got a long way to go but I'm forever proud of how much shes been through in just a week and I'll forever be grateful to everyone that's helped her and our NHS in general.
    As you can see by the photo shes already in training as the rams newest supporter! 

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    DC-1975 reacted to TheCoachesVoice in Chris Powell on the late Jim Smith   
    “He would have the whole squad in the palm of his hand.”
    Hi all,
    We've produced some Derby-related content lately, and wanted to share it with you here. The first, quoted above, is a piece written by Chris Powell on Jim Smith – your feedback's obviously very welcome.
    Thank you,
    The Coaches' Voice
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    DC-1975 reacted to David in Fitness Thread   
    I’ve been on my bike and the missus didn’t send me on it. This week I’ve done 46 miles, just joined and I’m on a 600km challenge this month on Strava. If anyone is on there hit me up as I could do with the motivation.
    Didn’t do anything Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Did a 23 mile ride yesterday broken in two but today did a 23 mile straight there and back. 

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    DC-1975 reacted to i-Ram in Time for some reflection   
    Over the last 48 hours a few things have happened forum wise, which has made me think and persuaded me to put my thoughts down.
    Overall I consider us to be a generally happy, easy going community, and I know compared to other football forums this one is right up there for being a welcome space to share thoughts (whether it be about the Rams or a great many other subjects). Not perfect, but pretty damn good all the same.
    One of the things that made me think was a brief one-to-one discussion between @David and myself as we waited for other quiz members to join us last Saturday. I hope David that you don’t mind me sharing (and this is not verbatim, just my broad recollection) but asking after his welfare one of the things he said was that there are too many times he gets stressed having to wake to see what shitstorm might have occurred on the forum during his period of downtime. In fact he suggested his period of downtime has increased recently as a consequence.
    There have been a couple of other private matters too, which I will not share, but it has pulled some strings together for me.  I think also joining the forum gathering on a Saturday afternoon has been beneficial, as you realise what really nice people share in our community. Pop in sometime and join in with the chat and quiz.
    Anyway, a point I wanted to make was that an Internet forum can dehumanise individuals if you let it. Behind the keyboard is an individual who you do not know, or if you do it’s perhaps not very well. That individuals life will not be perfect, whose is? But for each who post it is a perhaps a space that they use to get away from the pressures or humdrum of real life. Each individual might have some concerns, anxieties, ill health, money problems, work issues, family difficulties, etc., etc. We don’t know do we? What is likely is that the last two months might only have increased the concerns and anxieties, and we should be mindful of that as we read posts, and respond to posts.
    Now I am no saint, I know that. I can be acerbic at times and posters might not like my idea of humour. I also like to yank a few chains, but it is typically of individuals who I think I have got to know over the years. But I am going to think more in the coming weeks of what I post, and I am encouraging others to do so too. Take a few seconds more before pressing that send button.  
    Ok, < group hug > and as you were.
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    DC-1975 reacted to EtoileSportiveDeDerby in Rise of Derby County under Arthur Cox   
    Good read (and long)
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    DC-1975 reacted to Steve Bloomer's Washing in SBW Meets: Steve McClaren   
    Working on it this weekend, will be out some time next week!

    Thanks a lot for all the positive feedback by the way everyone - genuinely didn't expect it to be this well received.
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    DC-1975 reacted to Steve Bloomer's Washing in SBW Meets: Steve McClaren   
    Hey everyone

    We've got a new podcast out:

    In the first of a two-part interview, SBW sat down with former Rams player, coach and manager, Steve McClaren, for a full and frank account of his two spells in charge since 2013. McClaren came closer than any recent Derby boss to Premier League promotion, only to fail in devastating, dramatic circumstances.
    McClaren gave us his honest view on the 'brave, committed' nearly men of 2013/14, what went wrong the following season... and how his second spell in charge quickly turned sour in 2017.

    Hope you enjoy, cheers
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    DC-1975 reacted to Steve How Hard? in Picture where you and your knee are now   
    @David I'm all in favour of the mantra "He who is without sin may he cast the first stone," but may I suggest some gear something like this. You plonker!! 😉
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    DC-1975 reacted to Sean in Bradley Johnson   
    I know he was controversial for some reasons outside his control but was severely underrated as a footballer here, when he was at Derby, and seems to be doing a brilliant job off the pitch at the moment, have a listen to the below;
    Our old Brad is a top lad!
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    DC-1975 got a reaction from maydrakin in Worst signing ever   
    Mikkel Beck
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    DC-1975 got a reaction from secretsquirrel in Worst signing ever   
    Mikkel Beck
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    DC-1975 got a reaction from Chester40 in Worst signing ever   
    Mikkel Beck
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    DC-1975 got a reaction from IslandExile in Worst signing ever   
    Mikkel Beck
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    DC-1975 reacted to ThePrisoner in Coronavirus   
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    DC-1975 reacted to Ewe Ram in Coronavirus   
    I’m an NHS worker, I’ve been doing overtime all week and I’m pretty tired and stressed but I got really angry last night when our local pub put up a £2 a pint offer and it was rammed to bursting. I’ll never go in there ever again. It feels like all our efforts at work have been for nothing, those selfish idiots who think this is some kind of ‘nice idea but it doesn’t apply to me’. I wish they’d have seen the nurses crying at work that I saw. Just doing their jobs to help those selfish morons. 
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    DC-1975 reacted to i-Ram in Coronavirus   
    Your total insensitivity to other individuals concerns is beginning to hack me off.  Paul has genuine concerns regarding his father, and I also know he has his own health issues that put him in a higher risk category for this virus. Trying sharing your opinions in a less antagonistic way, or do me and others a favour and go and post elsewhere.
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