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    DC-1975 reacted to CornwallRam in Play off song   
    I actually think we should just sing the keep crying Frank Lampard version. It's the most effective way to throw it in their faces. It would be brilliant if 36,000 of us sung it at Wembley as we got promoted and it went on to be our new club anthem.
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    DC-1975 reacted to Vancvillan in Leeds United v Derby County play off semi final second leg   
    Villa fan in peace. I wish you no luck at Wembley but I think I speak for 99.99% of Villa fans when I say congrats. Couldn't be happier to see you destroy that bunch of cheating, knuckle-dragging scum bags, especially after the Lampard song. That must taste pretty sweet.
    Great effort from your lads to come back, especialy away from home. Also, the "spy" binoculars celebration from your players was magic.
    May the best team win the final, and hopefully the unsuccessful finalists smash "Millwall of the North" next season on their way to the title.
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    DC-1975 reacted to Jourdan in Leeds United v Derby County play off semi final second leg   
    What a performance.
    The egg on my face needs more salt.
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    DC-1975 reacted to Ewe Ram in West Brom v Aston Villa | Play Off Semi Final 2nd Leg   
    By people I assume you include me when you say ‘stupid’. 
    Well, I did not once say he isn’t a good player. The reason he gets so many free kicks is because yes, he’s fouled quite often, but he also continually cheats and goes down too easy. Well, your opinion may be that it’s a desired skill but my opinion is that it’s cheating and it’s and absolute scourge to the game. Boring as hell watching all the protests, the posing of the ref and the intricate setting up of free kicks. Spurs know that being able to con a ref is rife in the prem and has been for years which I think is a detriment to the game and it’s now infected the lower leagues. But then I’m old enough to remember when football was a sport and not entertainment 
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    DC-1975 reacted to uttoxram75 in How is everybody holding up?   
    People need to stay grounded and not get too excited over a game of football. 
    Judt tidying the garden before leaving for the match.....

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    DC-1975 reacted to richinspain in Picture where you and your knee are now   
    Showing my wife and daughter, along with my dad, Derby's oldest pub and we bumped into this bloke. Very friendly Rog, took time to chat and take some photos.

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    DC-1975 reacted to BurtonRam7 in Keep Audrina Dancing   
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    DC-1975 reacted to froggg in Picture where you and your knee are now   
    Vamos Valencia.

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    DC-1975 reacted to Ambitious in Craig Bryson   
    I love the guy, but he may well become a reason to why Sibley or Bird aren't seeing as much game time as we should be providing them. It becomes easier to play experienced players over younger ones in situations. 
    Shinnie signing makes sense. He's a different player to anything else we have. He's, by all accounts, a Eustace MK2. He's not someone we've signed because of his technical ability, rather his ability to win the ball and move play on. 
    Bryson, I think, would be much better suited to a move back north. He's got enough in the tank, but at this point it's not what either of us need. 
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    DC-1975 reacted to Paul71 in Alternative Tables   
    I did a similar exercise.
    Looked at points collected through cheating.
    1. Leeds 83
    Joint 2. Everyone Else 0
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    DC-1975 reacted to KBB in Birmingham City vs Derby County   
    The way I see it (just my thoughts), is that is we want to stop leaking goals from set pieces and be more of a threat in the opposition box from ours then a complete change of defensive mentality and team roles is the only way it will happen.
    We use our defenders, including central defenders, as a way to start potential attacks. We (well some), as fans, want ball playing defenders who can bring it out from the back, use the ball wisely, start potential attacks and be assured in possession. I find those type of defenders lead to a compromise in defensive stability. Not all of them will be stimac, most will be Keogh.
    Want to stop neadless goals from set pieces? Get a couple of 6ft 4 head it, boot it, block it merchants and that may well be reduced, however the whole mentality, shape and game structure of our team will be changed.
    At our level, budget and potential attraction to players means we have to acknowledge there will be a compromise somewhere.
    Dunk, flint et al will stop that, but long balls and needless lumps up the field in possession will then become the norm. Big Darren Moore was superb for the role he did in our promotion season, but Rio Ferdinand he wasn't.
    We have to embrace the fact and I think our players and coaching staff have, that if we are going to try and play a passing, progressive style, then unless you are buying van djyk, this will come with limitations.
    Our players can't do it all, otherwise they wouldnt be playing for us. Sorry. But I feel that's the way it is.
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    DC-1975 reacted to Parsnip in SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY 💷💷💷   
    No idea. But 5000+ people have already snapped it up so better be quick or they'll run out of twin pack battery chickens!
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    DC-1975 reacted to SaintRam in Champions & Europa League 18/19   
    Was a really great game, but I really dislike the away goals rule. 
    If a game is tied, it should go to added time regardless of how many goals either team scored in the other team's stadium, in my opinion.
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    DC-1975 reacted to David in DCFC Fans Forum POTY Award 18/19   
    Voted Tomori on both. 
    Can understand why some will only vote for our “own” players, but for me the question does not exclude loanees, it’s who has been our player of the season.
    Tomori has been our player for the season and for me our best player of the season, I’m not loanist. He deserves it. 
    Bogle obviously young player of the season, goes without saying. 
    Special mention to Mount, if not for the injuries you would like to think he would have been right up there.
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    DC-1975 reacted to AmericanRam in We are coming to Derby!   
    Flight badly delayed but we about to board now so this my last post from the States till next week.😁
    Will hopefully see some of ya'll either late tonight or at the game tomorrow or at the Brunny tomorrow pregame. I'll be the one yelling yee-haw Rams with a beautiful lady beside me screaming as well😎👍
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    DC-1975 reacted to Boycie in Who are going to blackburn   
    Sell your kettle it’s worth £20
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    DC-1975 reacted to TigerTedd in Brentford FC v Derby County   
    Nice to see Jonny Russell there too. 
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    DC-1975 reacted to angieram in Season tickets   
    I haven't renewed my season ticket this year. 
    My husband got it for me on my birthday! 😊
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    DC-1975 reacted to Ewe Ram in Fans Forum @ Nunsfield House in Alvaston 27/3/19   
    They can only answer what was asked, the questions weren’t vetted beforehand. Potential investors were mentioned but there was never going to be specific details revealed no matter how many people asked. 
    Huddlestone had a clause in his contract, nothing more than that. 
    Whats the issue with Mac’s son? Because of who his dad is? Not his fault what his dad did.  Failing? Obviously Frank doesn’t think so, or he’d be gone. 
    Anya was covered in the 40% of wages on players not playing. Also it was said that you can’t predict that a player doesn’t work out. I don’t think anyone would ask ‘why did you spend money on Waghorn and get a specific detailed answer anyway, even though some stuff was thinly veiled (George Thorne for instance) no negative stuff was said about any player, only when it was positive was a name mentioned. That’s how it should be. 
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    DC-1975 reacted to Tombo in Fans Forum @ Nunsfield House in Alvaston 27/3/19   
    In that case, I'll have a consonant please
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    DC-1975 reacted to ramsbottom in Southgate. Has he done enough?   
    at the point Gareth was appointed I was that pessimistic & tired of international football, I don't think I could even bring myself to comment on it.  And that's the biggest thing that's come out of his tenor so far, it's interesting to watch England again.  Whether it's the bounce from the World Cup, or the introduction of the Nations league but I've gone from barely bringing myself to watch highlights to ensuring I don't miss a second of a game. 
    I'm sure an England team under Sam Alladyce or Roy Hodgson would've won after going a goal down against Monteneggro, but I bet you a tenner we would've made really hard work of it.  One of the great things about the whole set up at the moment is the amount of confidence & belief we have in how we play.  There wasn't any panic when we conceded, we just kept doing the same things, and lo & behold, it was that comfortable a result that it looked like a testimonial with 15 minutes to go...
    If we continue to improve as we are, by the time we get to 2020, anything less that a semi final will be a huge surprise...
    EDIT - 
    I stand corrected, I did comment - 
    Totally non-plused about it.  It's not the manager that's the problem, it's the players.  Unless he's thinking of pulling a Greece in '04 and defending our way to championship.  The talent isn't there due to wasting the 70's, 80's, 90's & early 00's thinking we're superior to everyone just because we're English...
    I guess I was a little harsh towards some of the players 😬
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    DC-1975 reacted to David in What are you eating tonight   
    Me girlfriend text today to say she got the job she went for which means we’re on the move to Yorkshirrrre oooh errr.
    Thought I’d make her a cake to say well done, found a recipe online that we had all the ingredients in the cupboard.
    They must have made a mistake somewhere because I followed it word for word and.....

    As you can see I through a few berries on to jazz it up after the chocolate topping didn’t work out due to their error, just kind of puddled in the middle 😂
    Just for you @froggg

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    DC-1975 reacted to richinspain in What's your most iconic/ favorite Derby photo of all time   
    Personally prefer this one.

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