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  1. Fulham vs Derby County match day thread

    Well played Tom Lawrence!
  2. Fulham vs Derby County match day thread

    I think 18 months out is hard to come back from. I'd rather he be fit for the whole of the second half of the season than be rushed back too quickly now and then break down again. 90 minutes in the U23's is probably better for him than a 5 minute cameo for the first team at the moment.
  3. SBW #10: Malcolm Christie

    Esteban Fuertes
  4. Derby County V Reading

    I thought you played really well and we had an off day. If you'd taken those 2 one on ones it could have been 6-0! I was really impressed by Swift and Aluko, they'll be big players for you this season.
  5. Leeds United V Derby County

    @Kernow He's very fast,even with the ball at his feet, and goes past defenders with ease. He just needs to learn when to pass and when to take people on. I think he'll be a decent player for us in a few years.
  6. I ♡ The Fab Four

    It's the Rowett Revolution
  7. I ♡ The Fab Four

    Calm down. It'll be a long and winding road until the end of the season.
  8. Live games 2017/18

    Pep rates Foden very highly.
  9. Loan watch

    Gordon scored for Swindon today
  10. Norwich City V Derby County

    Good team selection and good use of substitutes. Well done Gary! Great result. Same against Leeds please.
  11. RamsTV: The Review Show

    I've not seen MotD for years, I didn't realise they now had fans on. If the club vetted fans before allowing them on, wouldn't that upset the fans who were rejected? I haven't seen the lady you spoke about who was interviewed, but I assume it was only for 30 seconds or so. Would she or others have enough to say to fill 30 minutes or more and still be interesting? I would think that's best left to the professionals. There are plenty of platforms already where fans can analyse and criticise.
  12. RamsTV: The Review Show

    Isn't the review show just our own version of Match of the Day? Highlights and analysis of the game. I don't see the need for fans views. I'm sure they could make room for a 'fans show', but would the club really want the 'Rowett Out', 'It's all Mel's fault' brigade on its own TV station? These are the fans that feel the need to air their views on these type of shows.
  13. RamsTV

    It's on your season ticket card.
  14. Derby County V Sheffield Wednesday

    I've just seen on sky that Keogh is going to be assessed before the game. Is he injured? I hope not as him and Davies seem to be striking up a really good partnership.
  15. Does entertainment/style of play really matter?

    I'm sure most people support Derby because it's the local team, not for glory. I think this need to be entertained is a recent thing, as people can now watch Barcelona or Madrid every week on tele and want Derby to play like that too. When I was younger, the only time you saw the 'fantasy footballers' was during the World Cup, and I can't remember people complaining about style of play in second division football. Which teams in the Championship would you class as entertaining? Is entertainment based solely on possession?

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