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  1. Favourite Derby shirts

    This was my first Derby shirt, so will always be my favourite. I do like the light blue one in your profile picture @kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong
  2. Mea Culpa, I was wrong.

    @Red_Dawn ?
  3. Just 'silly mistakes' is it Gary?

    Lets just leave it here shall we. I think Rowetts doing an alright job, you don’t. I’m sure we both want them to thrash Forest at the weekend!
  4. Just 'silly mistakes' is it Gary?

    You’ve critised Rowett for not signing players, written off the players he has signed in less than a month and come up with 2 names we’ve realistically no chance of signing. I don’t agree with you, therefore I’ve argued against your points. Whats my agenda?
  5. Just 'silly mistakes' is it Gary?

    I've seen you suggest Mitrovic and Jota at Wolves today. Go and check your football manager game and see if they play for free.
  6. Just 'silly mistakes' is it Gary?

    Who are these younger players we could have signed, that went to other clubs? Who are the lower division players that were worth a risk? I would like to see us sign a gem from the lower leagues, but if they’re not better than the experienced players we’ve got what’s the point. All the older players signed this season are on short contracts, so not going to be hanging around once they’re past it.
  7. The New England

    I’d have given Clement longer, Pearson was sacked for none footballing reasons and I’m pretty sure Jewell resigned. Because Rowett has aledgedly said something and not followed through with it you think he should be sacked? Were you a success in your job 100% of the time Roy. Did you achieve everything you said you would?
  8. The New England

    How long does a manager get Roy? Personally, I think 2 full seasons is fair and if no success/improvement has been achieved then get a new manager. As it stands Rowett has us in a better position to the one we finished last season.
  9. Mea Culpa, I was wrong.

  10. Mea Culpa, I was wrong.

    You criticised the transfer window, so I wanted to know how you’d have done different. Yesterday you were criticising the lack of cover for Winnall, but today you wouldn’t have signed Jerome. Maybe he was the only available striker. He’s also been promoted a few times, so really not the donkey some posters are making him out to be.
  11. Mea Culpa, I was wrong.

    He was one of the better callers!
  12. Mea Culpa, I was wrong.

    That’s the point, how can anyone slate a manager for not signing players when they have no idea if that player would even consider the move. A caller to Radio Derby said that he’d written to Mel Morris to tell him to sign Cairney and was upset that he’d not done it and hadn’t replied to him. Many on here wanted us to blow the budget on Jota last summer. That’s Jota who struggles to get in the Birmingham team now.
  13. Mea Culpa, I was wrong.

    These players were both willing to move to Derby were they? Haven’t Cardiff sent Bogle out on loan to League One!
  14. Mea Culpa, I was wrong.

    Who would you have signed in the transfer window?
  15. Just 'silly mistakes' is it Gary?

    Tommy Docherty cleared out players who had won the First Division. Gary Rowett cleared out players who finished 9th in the second Division!

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