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  1. DC-1975

    v F*rest (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2-1 Forest FRGS Wilson
  2. DC-1975

    v Wigan (A) - Predictions

    Wigan 1-2 Derby FRGS Marriott
  3. DC-1975

    v Swansea (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2-0 Swansea FRGS Marriott
  4. DC-1975

    v Stoke (A) - Predictions

    Stoke 1-1 Derby FRGS Mount
  5. DC-1975

    v Sheff Weds (A) - Predictions

    Sheffield Wednesday 0-1 Derby FRGS Marriott
  6. DC-1975

    v Chelsea (A) Cup Predictions

    Chelsea 1-1 Derby FRGS Wilson
  7. DC-1975

    v Boro' (A) - Predictions

    Middlesbrough 1-1 Derby FRGS Lawrence
  8. DC-1975

    v WBA (A) - Predictions

    WBA 1-1 Derby FRGS Lawrence
  9. DC-1975

    v Sheffield Utd (H) - Predictions

    Derby 3-1 Sheffield Utd FRGS Marriott
  10. DC-1975

    Cannabis on the NHS?

    You can get a weak version from Holland and Barrett. For stronger stuff you’d need to go online. It is legal.
  11. DC-1975

    v QPR (A) - Predictions

    QPR 0-2 Derby FRGS Marriott
  12. DC-1975

    v Norwich (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2-1 Norwich FRGS Wilson
  13. DC-1975

    Boycie’s Birthday Today

    Happy birthday Boycie
  14. DC-1975

    Boxing Thread

    What a finish!
  15. DC-1975

    v Brentford (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2-0 Brentford FRGS Bennett

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