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  1. you are the landlord

    Landlord is very nice. I prefer Timothy Taylor Boltmaker though.
  2. The not invincible Man City discussion

    I agree with this. If the Sky and Champions League money had come 5 years earlier Liverpool would probably still be the dominant force and our League would have been boring like the other European Leagues, with the same team winning it and getting all the money. The only way Chelsea or City could ever compete and challenge the top teams was to get rich owners.
  3. you are the landlord

    Play it nice and cool son. You know what I mean!
  4. Jerome's a good player....

    I remember Kuqi as being fairly mobile for a big centre forward, more so than Martin or Steve Howard type of target man who rely on other players to do the running for them (maybe I'm wrong, he only played a few games for us!). I like Jerome and expect him to do a decent job this season. I remember him causing Albentosa all sorts of problems at Carrow Road a few seasons ago.
  5. Jerome's a good player....

    Strikers who rely on strength and running rather than skill. Who aren't the most talented, but will chase lost causes and harass defenders all game and make space for other better players. Therefore, I expect his role to be similar to the one Kuqi played, a sort of battering ram, which allowed Commons, Cywka and Bueno the room to play.
  6. Jerome's a good player....

    I see Jerome playing a similar role to Shefki Kuqi when he was here. (I would say Jerome is a better player than Kuqi) Bully and harass defenders with his strength and running ability, therefore making space for the 3 behind to work in.
  7. January 2018 Transfer Suggestions Thread

    He's been quite good when I've seen him. A stronger version of Simon Dawkins.
  8. Giggsy

    Mark Hughes was Wales manager before managing at club level.
  9. you are the landlord

    Morrisons do mini kegs of this. Very nice!
  10. The 2017/18 Academy Thread

    Who will play up front now? We've loaned out 3 forwards this week. Does Lewis Walker normally play centre forward or will we use one of the over age players not getting a game Bent/Martin to keep them sharp?
  11. Offrande Zanzala joined Accrington on loan

    Accrington Stanley, who are they?
  12. POLL: The McClaren era(s)

    I'd wanted him to come back as manager since the Jim Smith days. I always thought that team went into decline once he left. I was gutted when he joined Forest. The players we had at the time of his first appointment suited his system/style perfectly, which wasn't the case the second time.
  13. favourite comic book character

    Hot Shot Hamish
  14. Tom Bayliss

    If we sign him he’ll be the third man in the squad called Tom.
  15. Pets

    Stevie G and Kenny?

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