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  1. So happy ... well done everyone keep the faith bring on the Villa
  2. Got to come out all guns blazing second half ... if we are to go down at least go down wearing the shirt with pride .... COYR
  3. I actually laughed when Lawrence hit that free kick 😂😭😭
  4. Wonder if they play like that in training
  5. See again three passes from the back one bad ball and we are in trouble again
  6. This playing the ball out from the defence is really not working I’m just waiting for the next mistake
  7. This is terrible one good looking attack and that’s the ball he plays ... I’d be bloody fuming if I were Frank
  8. Like that what the hell are we doing
  9. Said to myself ... too depressed to watch football let’s see if the cricket can cheer me up ... nope
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