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  1. Well ... .... put us through the wringer but we did it somehow
  2. Forsyth better go ducking hide the useless Bamford
  3. ducking masterful substitution Wayne crap defending again by Forsyth
  4. What the ducking hell the guy is a Bamford in Bamford form
  5. Well if I could I wouldn’t keep a single player currently playing they just don’t seem to have a single clue what to do and they are an embarrassment to the club awful from top to bottom relegation is so deserved and if something isn’t done would it be the first time we got relegated to the 4th tier because if you remember we only beat Barrow on penalties truly the worst group of players to ever put on a Derby shirt I can’t remember anything this bad
  6. If we line up with a similar shower next season I’m gonna give it a miss this is not doing me any favours
  7. How did anyone on the coaching staff look at that game and think we needed and injection of Max Bird on the pitch .... when has that ever been a thing
  8. Wow let’s have a count on how many times Bird touches the ball
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