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  1. It's OK. We're focused on the league this year. This cup is irrelevant. Oh, hold on. I think this is a league game?
  2. Marshall Bryne Edmundson Clarke Buchanan Knight Shinnie Jozwiak Rooney Sibley CKR 🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏...
  3. Yep, agree it is Covid. For me this has resulted in two key things. Emotion - with no fans emotions do not escalate in the same way, all of the games are flat to experience. The second is empathy. I remember Roy Keane having a rant about the Manc Derby and how players were hugging and chatting after the game. Everyone in the world is going through the same thing right now, this has been a big leveller. A lot of people talk about the privilege to play football but that is just their job and they work very hard to do it, they are fundamentally just in the entertainment business and exist for us.
  4. So taking from this, Rooney's average is 1.72 points per game. 15 games to go = 25.83 points to add. 37 (current points) + 25.83 = 62.83 Average points needed for playoffs is about 10 ahead of that. So if we can win 12 of the final 15 games we make the playoffs. I'm an eternal optimist. 80% win ratio required. When we beat the red dogs on Friday we will have won 4 out of 5 - that's and 80% win ratio! It's going to happen!!!!
  5. All so poor tonight. Mengi awful debut!
  6. Just scrolled back to 52:50 during a break in play. Certain stamp. He's a lucky boy. Palmer's leg was very close behind him. Certain red and ban if that makes contact. They did all appeal. Needs to keep it together, we need him!
  7. Did Knight just stamp? Reviewed after for a ban would be all we need!
  8. I remember getting a lot of stick that season from friends, the banter was bad. The one positive of being a hermit during the past 12 months has been the limited negative banter. I have literally not seen a red dog in 12 months, that has to be a positive.
  9. Good share. You're right. It could be worse.
  10. On the bright side guys, in 2021 we have scored more league goal than Liverpool. And I do mean goal.
  11. Where is the press conference by the way? I understand it has just happened, I guess it is recorded and uploaded, not live?
  12. Purely from a PR point of view I think we needed to do this. I think we assumed he would get the job on completion of the acquisition. However, announcing we have a new owner and all the excitement that could create and then, in a footnote, that England & Manchester United's all-time record goal scorer has been appointed as full time manager and also hung-up his formidable playing boots would not sit right. This is big news and deserves to come in isolation (no pun), it therefore had to come first. Pleased to have some positive news to head into the weekend, I have a renewed respect f
  13. Shieken it up nicely I'd say.
  14. I understood he was being paid by a third party... 🤫
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