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  1. Meestah

    Apollo 11

    You just can't beat it
  2. Meestah

    Apollo 11

    Sounds like heaven to me. He can claim to be the person who has been the furthest away from Earth but bloody Armstrong gets all the credit doesn't he. I would be like "OI ARMSTRONG, NOOOOO!"
  3. I'd buy this, I'd buy this so hard.
  4. Didn't realise Gary Rowett's influence spread as far as Japan... Two players playing for Yokoham FC with a combined age of 93! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48948303
  5. You missed the word "Mifflin" off the shirt...
  6. We can rename our academy to "Scott's Tots".
  7. Announcement in 48 hours...
  8. Absolutely, but I was pretty much in panic mode and needed something to hydrate myself seeing as every bit of moisture in my body seemed to evaporate after this hot sauce had touched my tongue.
  9. Went to a chilli festival at Walton Gardens where some guy was selling a hot sauce called "Blow your rooster off" and it said it was 10 million on the Scoville scale. I had a gnat's testicles sized blob of the sauce on a lollipop stick and it was like swallowing napalm fire. I instantly started to sweat, my eyes began to water, my throat started to constrict, my tongue... I couldn't even feel my tongue. Needless to say, I was fully sure I was about to die and I was totally unprepared to venture this high up the Scoville scale and hadn't brought any drinks. The only thing I could do to even cool my mouth down was to buy the only liquid I could find at the festival which was a chilli ginger beer. Not a pleasant experience.
  10. I was wondering if there is any indication as to whether any or all of the friendly matches would be broadcast on RamsTV at all?
  11. I'm sure I read somewhere that Kinkladze used to do ballet when he was a kid and his dad used to make him walk around the house on his knees to build strength. Legendary, but a very luxury, player.
  12. Meestah


    Seeing as we are embracing everything Dutch, who's going to start following Korfball?
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