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    Brace yourself for toxicity.
  2. Meestah


    Quite easily the most infuriating game I've ever played.
  3. Meestah


    I started to play but only ranked SEM. Was going to play a lot more but a UT Pro League has started which has taken my focus away from CSGO unfortunately. After the UT League, I'll look to start up playing CSGO again but will need to rank up a fair bit.
  4. Meestah

    Marble Run

    You should introduce your kids to Marbleympics on YouTube. Absolutely love that channel.
  5. Meestah


    Not sure if it has been asked but is any playing No Man's Sky?
  6. I took the "homing missile" approach to whole new level a few years back. Basically I went onto to a clothing shop's website and got SKU codes of the t-shirts and sizes I wanted, parked up in the Intu, went in to the clothing shop, went to an assistant saying this is what I want, she went into the back and 5 minutes later came out with everything I wanted in the size I wanted, paid and left Intu without paying for the car park due to me being there for under the allotted time before they charged you. Nowadays for me, everything is bought online after reading a few reviews.
  7. I like the look this but the more I look at, I keep and thinking that there are areas of the team that could do with improving. We would be very inexperienced in the centre of the park with Dowell and Knight in centre mid. Out of the two, I would much rather have Knight in the side than Dowell but can't think of who would be able to go beside Knight to provide an "older head" to partner him. I've not been overly impressed with Malone so far this season (I know we are only three league games into it) whereas Lowe has made a remarkable start compared to the one last season. I wonder if we could move Lowe in to his natural position and have Holmes in that RWB position but not entirely 100% on his defensive capabilities against opposing wingers. I suppose the Dutch style of "total footbalL" could come in to play here with Bielik slipping in between Keogh and Clarke when opponents are on the break to provide cover and width to the defensive back line and Keogh can support Holmes if he is to start as a RWB at any part of the season. Then when on a break, we have pace on either flank with Bielik pushing up to the holding midfield role to sling passes about. I was excited for the Lampard season, but knowing that we have a manager now who seems to want to see a project through to fruition, I am excited to see what Cocu does to transform/evolve this team and get us out of the Championship. It's definitely a work in progress at this point.
  8. Derby 1-0 Bristol City FRGS Dowell
  9. I read about this a few years ago and thought it was an incredibly clever idea.
  10. Stoke City 1 - 2 Derby County FRGS: Lawrence
  11. Just finished Stephen Fry - Mythos off yesterday, Brilliant read and a nice take on the Greek mythology stories many might be accustomed too with his unique comedic take on the stories. Would definitely recommend
  12. A well written article and one that definitely hits close to home for me. I have been diagnosed with severe depression and it has put a strain on my personal and professional life; I still suffer even now where I will have my moments of euphoria then prolonged bouts of depressive downswings that can last days and even weeks. It is amazing that players are speaking up about depression. Depression can affect anyone in any walk of life; even successful and wealthy people like Clarke Carlisle, Gary Speed and our very own Waggers are not prone to fragility of the human mind. It is very hard for people to understand how depression can affect someone and how the old "man up" response back can further debilitate a depression sufferers mind.
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