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  1. CM01/02 gets database updates still. Make sure you visit champman0102.co.uk to get patches to speed the game up as well. Doing an A-Z challenge in the game at the moment, currently half way through winning everything in Brazil.
  2. Thought this was common knowledge.
  3. So what is it? I'm assuming your ITK?
  4. A lad at my work phoned in ill yesterday because he had a cough. Today he bloody turns up coughing and spluttering everywhere. Manager had to nicely tell him to duck off home and work there instead.
  5. Anyone here still playing COD?
  6. I'll definitely watch this when I finish work. I spent a couple of weeks doing the same thing whilst waiting for my daughter to be born.
  7. I prefer Mumm champagne myself. Very quaffable during a Saturday afternoon game of the old association football I do say so myself.
  8. Uriah Rennie was the GOAT.
  9. If you hop on a plane to Holland 5 minutes before kick off, you can watch it on Rams TV.
  10. Still hasn't signed my autograph after I waited for half an hour for him. Just walked on. Not a nice man.
  11. You mean they're not birthed out of the ground like the Uruk-hai?
  12. Netherlands is my usual destination from 3pm to 5pm on Saturdays. I've heard it's lovely in Belarus though.
  13. I might have to suffer the RD commentary today. Feel lucky that I get Shane Nicholson and Owen Bradley providing really good match coverage on the Rams TV video stream.
  14. Still waiting for Cocu to start the bounce. Not a nice man.
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