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  1. mastah

    Weird dreams

    After watching the TV series called Flash Forward where they build an online portal called Mosiac, I really wanted to build a platform where people could upload their dreams and see if there was any cross reference, especially in the case of meeting/seeing someone in your dream and seeing if there is a chance to prove if hive minds were actually real.
  2. mastah


    The problem with Insomnia is that it obviously caters to a wider range of games. The main games playing when I went was Hearthstone and League of Legends -- games I have zero interest in. If I was to go Insomnia again, it would be to do BYOC.
  3. mastah


    I regularly watch esports on Twitch and have seen the CoD World Championships at Insomnia during Easter and really like how much effort is put in to these events. OWL was a good show but the season just went on for way too long for my liking.
  4. In this day and age, and the sheer amount of managers we have gone through in recent times, I'm still surprised we have never had a foreign manager.
  5. mastah


    Fortnite is cross platform and to be honest, there are console players that can keep up with PC players. Some console players will play with mouse and keyboard though (usually to get them to the top of leaderboards with the advantage KBM has over controllers).
  6. mastah


    I'm hoping CoD will be cross platform with PC. Looking to get involved directly with Treyarch to host custom Blackout games through the competitive community I run.
  7. mastah

    Best vegetables

    Brussels /thread
  8. mastah


    Just scrunch and scrub.
  9. mastah


    I stayed in the Boscolo which was a 5 minute walk from Winceslas Square. Jewish quarter was very expensive whereas the rest of Prague was good value for money. The food is absolutely immense and cheap as chips. My ex and I had a three course meal, two bottles of Prosecco, I had three pints and she had three cocktails and it all came to £30. I couldn't get enough of Charles Bridge, walked along it pretty much every day.
  10. Anyone in the North West will do me. Macclesfield would be absolutely ideal as the fiancé's family is from there.
  11. Yea that was a bugger especially going back to Warrington.
  12. mastah

    Crazy Keogh hating

    Personally, I think it is a combination of different things that make Keogh look inept. His decision making when looking for a pass is seemingly extremely poor; this could be down to a) his decision making is extremely poor and/or b) there is literally no one to pass to. When going forward with the ball or looking for a forward pass, there is no where for him to go and no one to pass to. There's no defensive midfielder, or midfielder, dropping back to open up a passage of play. The only thing Keogh can do when trying to push the team up field is pass to the side or back to Carson. A lot of people here have already said that Huddlestone in place of Ledley may sort this out and would like Lampard to try this with the other midfielders being static instead of playing this quasi-total football with rotating midfielders around during play - it hasn't worked at all. The holes in midfield were there for all to see and I am sure Lampard must have been fuming with the way the gaps just appeared when Leeds countered us. I just hope that all the team mistakes have been made in the first two games and we can crack on and have a positive season.
  13. Don't quote me on this but I believe it is OL1 2JH. If you look on Google Maps, it's literally round the corner.
  14. Found this on their website: By Car To arrive at the club by car, please use OL1 2PA for Satellite Navigation. Oldham Athletic offers match-day parking for £15 per coach and £5 per car, however, this is a permit-holder only area. Supporters on a matchday should use the Hospital Car Park which has a cost of £3. A steward will be on hand to assist.
  15. mastah

    Oldham away tickets

    I thought that might be the case tbh. First random away game I've been to. Any idea why they limited tickets to one per Fan ID?

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