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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has been procrastinating all week. I hope that those who are season ticket holders and those who have been to cup games and away games got tickets to go. I know some people talk about "plastic fans" or "fair weather fans" but we could have easily sold the entire stadium out of Derby fans who want to witness the match on Monday.
  2. My missus tried to get me a replica shirt this weekend but didn't have my size in in any of the kits. She ended up getting me the 1978 shirt instead.
  3. Or the goal that our Super Frank had not given against Germany in 2010.
  4. I was sat in a small pub in Prinsengracht, Amsterdam with my ex and this middle aged Dutch guy, in hearing my voice, asked if I was English. I confirmed that I'm English and he asked where from. I replied with the usual "a small city in the centre of England called Derby". His response to this was "Ahhh! Brian Clough, what a legend, you guys were good! What happened to you?"
  5. Is there a way to map out where fans are based using Google maps and pinning locations? Would be interesting to see how widely spread member of this forum are around the world.
  6. Not quite, there were a few Burnley fans in there though who thought it'd be funny to laugh at our initial celebratory reaction to our goal. It was when they beat us 4-1.
  7. Problem with that is not all grounds have big screen TVs hence why I suggested potentially having an audible announcement (all stadiums have a PA system?) to declare what the decision was. Obviously, this would have the caveat that people still might miss the announcement anyway. It's a tough system to implement looking through all the caveats that surround VAR.
  8. Link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48348207 Henrikh Mkhitaryan who is Armenian doesn't feel safe playing in Azerbaijan and has missed matches hosted there in the past.
  9. Tell me about it. The only time I've heard another Derby fan up here was randomly in the Mulberry Tap in Stockton Heath when we lost to Burnley a few seasons ago. Thought there was an echo when we scored and I cheered, it was the other Derby fan simultaneously cheering with me. Unfortunately, they were sat the other side of the pub so couldn't befriend them.
  10. Lucky man, enjoy the day regardless of the result! Meeting up next season sounds like a plan, though. Hopefully we get a decent amount of TV time next year if we make it to the Prem.
  11. Just wondering if there are any fans in Warrington who want to meet up somewhere and watch the game? Would much prefer this than sitting in my living room and scaring the cats when I scream at the TV.
  12. What made me laugh the most regarding this whole VAR implementation in England was the use of it in some FA cup matches (obviously where it was possible to stage the VAR cameras) and not others. Surely the rules of a competition should blanket every tie played, like it is in this instance, and not where the FA sees fit. Still on the fence about VAR being used in games, especially for spectators in the ground where they will have no way of seeing what decision was reached. At least have some sort of voice over announcement to stipulate what has happened? Back on topic though, it will be a crap scenario if we are done in by a decision against that would have been given to us under review by VAR, but on the flip side, we've gone an entire season without the use of it - it could just be one more match until VAR is used in all our matches...
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