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  1. Yea that was a bugger especially going back to Warrington.
  2. mastah

    Crazy Keogh hating

    Personally, I think it is a combination of different things that make Keogh look inept. His decision making when looking for a pass is seemingly extremely poor; this could be down to a) his decision making is extremely poor and/or b) there is literally no one to pass to. When going forward with the ball or looking for a forward pass, there is no where for him to go and no one to pass to. There's no defensive midfielder, or midfielder, dropping back to open up a passage of play. The only thing Keogh can do when trying to push the team up field is pass to the side or back to Carson. A lot of people here have already said that Huddlestone in place of Ledley may sort this out and would like Lampard to try this with the other midfielders being static instead of playing this quasi-total football with rotating midfielders around during play - it hasn't worked at all. The holes in midfield were there for all to see and I am sure Lampard must have been fuming with the way the gaps just appeared when Leeds countered us. I just hope that all the team mistakes have been made in the first two games and we can crack on and have a positive season.
  3. Don't quote me on this but I believe it is OL1 2JH. If you look on Google Maps, it's literally round the corner.
  4. Found this on their website: By Car To arrive at the club by car, please use OL1 2PA for Satellite Navigation. Oldham Athletic offers match-day parking for £15 per coach and £5 per car, however, this is a permit-holder only area. Supporters on a matchday should use the Hospital Car Park which has a cost of £3. A steward will be on hand to assist.
  5. mastah

    Oldham away tickets

    I thought that might be the case tbh. First random away game I've been to. Any idea why they limited tickets to one per Fan ID?
  6. mastah

    Oldham away tickets

    I might have to seeing as the missus is 5 foot nothing, unless she stands on a seat and even then I doubt she'll be able to see over the person in front...
  7. mastah

    Would We Be Best Suited To 3 At The Back?

    We have a game tomorrow that could be worth trying something like this out in. Three at the back is certainly viable now we have Tomori.
  8. mastah

    Oldham away tickets

    All sorted, tickets arrived on Saturday morning. Hoping that two seats are next to each other as the missus and I aren't sat next to each other seeing as one ticket could be purchased per Fan ID, there was a strong possibility this might happen.
  9. mastah

    Oldham away tickets

    Thanks for the info, will bear that in mind if the tickets do not come.
  10. mastah

    Oldham away tickets

    Seems I may have panicked for no reason. The guy at the ticket office said I should get it before Tuesday's post, but if I don't, they'll speak to Oldham and get them reprinted there for collection.
  11. mastah

    Oldham away tickets

    Fingers crossed.
  12. mastah

    Oldham away tickets

    Hello, I have bought myself and my missus tickets last night and I am having a bit of a mare wondering whether the tickets would be delivered to my home address in time. Being up in the North West, it really isn't feasible for me to drive to PPS to pick up the tickets unfortunately. If they don't arrive by Tuesday morning, I was wondering if there was a kind soul on these forums, that is going to the match, would be able to pick them up for me from the ticket office and meet me outside of the ground on Tuesday evening. There will be a couple of pints in it for you.
  13. mastah

    Funny Names

    My uncle is called John Bates... wonder if it is the same person.
  14. mastah

    Second best kit in the championship

    16 kits have betting company sponsors and 32red sponsor 5 of them. League and over half the league are sponsored by betting companies... no wonder there are a lot of people suffering from gambling addiction when it is shoved in their faces every five minutes.
  15. mastah

    DCFC official club minute book from 1888

    Word of the day for the Daily Fail is "seismic" it seems. Interested read on the Hanson's website though.

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