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  1. I’ve got to be honest and say Ramage has always annoyed the hell out of me but my opinion of the man changed completely on Wednesday. 30 seconds of him singing in to the mic “You’re not singing anymore” at the Leeds fans was absolutely amazing. Top man.
  2. I think it was a real 50/50 from all the videos. The one thing I'd be tempted to go in is that Harrison who 'conceded' the penalty didn't exactly look outraged when it was given whereas Bogle appealed strongly. I think players' reactions can tell you a lot in these circumstances so I vote Yes.
  3. From the West Stand I watched a guy in the North Stand Family section who was dragged out after they scored. He looked like he was putting up a lot of resistance and possibly landing a few on the stewards. He was eventually restrained somewhat and as he was being walked along the front of the stand to be kicked out, some middle-aged Rocky Balboa with a bit of a belly 'sprinted' a full 10 metres and landed a real sucker punch of a straight right on him. He was dragged out too. For any boxing fans out there, although it was a truly pathetic sight - in fairness both put on a better show than Dereck Chisora's last opponent.
  4. Yet again, midfield balance all wrong - completely invisible second half. Love to see how many touches Bryson, Wilson and Evans had between them in the last 45. Evans looks like a youth team player who’s been thrown in - never seems to be in the right place, doesn’t want the ball unless under no pressure whatsoever. Not sure at all what he brings to the team.
  5. I think an indicator of some sort of progress is if you froze the league table right now and we entered the play-offs then I'd believe we had a chance, albeit a small one. Last year I never felt we had one, even after the first-leg when we scraped out a win but largely defended for our lives as I recall. Also, I've fundamentally enjoyed watching the team more this year. Have there still been some dark and depressing days? Absolutely. I still feel positive about the future of this team as long as the finances will allow the new faces we need in the summer. It must be incredibly difficult starting out in management. If you come in to the first team as a youth player, have some great games then start to struggle a bit then you'll normally be brought out of the line of fire for a bit to reflect and recuperate. No such sanctuary for a manager, he'll have learnt so much already this year and he seems like an intelligent guy to me. Hopefully we'll see the benefits next season, if not sooner.
  6. Fair point, I did only say a 'bit of physical presence' though. He certainly wasn't as physical as his frame suggested, arguably a bit like George Evans. Think Holmes is actually our most tenacious midfielder and he's 3 foot 6.
  7. Couldn't agree more - 'limited' players who played to their strengths, did their job and let others shine. We could do with some of those right now.
  8. 27 games played and I don't think I've ever been totally convinced by our central midfield. We seemed to have struck gold in the away games at West Brom and Middlesborough but the same trio failed to convince after that. What's your best midfield line-up from our current squad? If we're missing someone, what kind of player do you think we're missing? I've seen a lot of fans recently missing Will Hughes (understandably so) but personally i think we need a Jeff Hendrick style player more - an all round midfield player with a bit of physical presence. Thoughts?
  9. Not for the first time this season, the balance of the midfield looks completely wrong. They’re invisible. We may as well play 442 as we’re playing 3 in there and still get overrun.
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