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  1. I would think that top of the list of "don'ts" as a radio broadcaster is "don't say a racist thing". If you can't avoid doing that you probably aren't cut out for the job...
  2. This actually happened to Chris Baird on international duty whilst he was a Ram.
  3. Turning point for the rams under cocu. This will start a run of form which will take us up as league champions next season.
  4. From the small part of the article you can read without subscribing: Henry Gabay has informed Offthepitch.com his bid to acquire Derby County is being re-evaluated after the club was charged by the English Football League (EFL) for excess losses. “After today we have to re-evaluate everything. We are really interested but today this is a significant issue,” said Gabay, who heads up finance firm Duet Group. Although he declined to say whether the deal would be held up or even terminated, he added: “Those risks are not quantifiable today.” https://offthepitch.com/a/Derby-county-acquirer-re-evaluating-deal-following-efl-charge
  5. Off the Pitch is a proper thing. Focuses on the financial side of football. I wouldn't expect they'd lie about direct contact from the bloke.
  6. Scott Minto is trying to bait Rooney here. Darren Fletcher being a pal.
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