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  1. This post is how I feel. Personally think we should only entertain the idea of replacing the manager if we're in a relegation battle in January, but have no faith that Mel or the crowd will show that much patience. Hopefully Mel sticks with him even if the atmosphere turns sour.
  2. I'm personally against it too but it won't stop me being excited that we've signed Rooney. Would rather we could put a charity on our shirts but it is what it is.
  3. What about Darren Moore? Did decently with West Brom. Derby connection. We'd have to show patience as he learns on the job but Lampard was in a similar boat. Jokanovic would be my first choice but Moore would be a good alternative.
  4. Apart from the qpr game I saw England vs Malta there. It was a sellout but the Malta fans were making all the noise. I put the lack of home enthusiasm down to Rooney playing in midfield rather than architectural problems.
  5. Just got in and only two seats left in different stands. No good to me unfortunately but congrats to everyone who got theirs.
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