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    DarkFruitsRam7 reacted to Kamikaze in Callum O'Dowda - Confirmed to Bristol City   
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    DarkFruitsRam7 reacted to Wolfie20 in Callum O'Dowda - Confirmed to Bristol City   
    Yeah, like the saintly Jeff Hendrick ?
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    DarkFruitsRam7 reacted to uttoxram75 in Callum O'Dowda - Confirmed to Bristol City   
    Hello, Hello, O'Dowda do
    We are Derby, who are you....
    its a work in progress but i'm claiming copyright.....
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    DarkFruitsRam7 reacted to Kernow in Nick Blackman   
    Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Blackmaaan! Accompanied by Robin & The Joker.

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    DarkFruitsRam7 reacted to ossieram in Nick Blackman   
    I've got no problem with trying to increase our attacking threat by changing the formation as long as we have the usually solid back 4 with Thorne defending in front of it.
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    DarkFruitsRam7 reacted to Kernow in Hartlepool United v Derby County   
    I'd go with:
    Shotton Pearce Bucko Baird               <<< (if Bucko isn't fit then play Keogh and swap Keogh & Pearce)
    Bryson Butterfield
    Blackman Bent Camara
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    DarkFruitsRam7 reacted to Ramos in Simon Dawkins   
    Good luck Dawks, no where near as bad a player as some people made him out to be, always felt like there was more to come but it never did unfortunately. 
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    DarkFruitsRam7 reacted to Srg in Nick Blackman   
    Sam Rush - "Of Course we won't play him, just accept our offer first."
    Reading - "Oh, alright then, as you promised..."
    Derby 3-0 Reading (Blackman 17', 53', 80' pen)
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    DarkFruitsRam7 reacted to Howard Canitbé in Nick Blackman   
    That last goal in that video was class, two backheel passes in succession and then a great finish from Blackman. 
    Some crackers in there, his finishing ability appears very good. 
    Plus he bagged me tons of goals when I signed him on Football Manager so he's obviously amazing. 
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    DarkFruitsRam7 reacted to rynny in Nick Blackman   
    He actually sold him when Sheff Utd manager
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    DarkFruitsRam7 reacted to Stive Pesley in Nick Blackman   
    So we've signed Blackman? Wouldn't have happened under Nigel Clough
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    DarkFruitsRam7 reacted to ossieram in Nick Blackman   
    Just in case anyone thinks it's odd that Clement isn't in the pictures,

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    DarkFruitsRam7 reacted to Penelope Pendrex in Nick Blackman   
    I think this signing makes perfect sense. I've said since the start of the season that we need two more wide-men and I'm surprised we've managed to get 2nd without that.
    Perhaps this signing allows Weimann to be a central striker like he wants to be. We have enough wide players now that he doesn't need to be used out wide where he's clearly not suited.
    I see us primarily sticking with 4-3-3 and then having our main options as this:
    LW - Russell, Camara
    RW - Ince, Blackman
    ST - Martin, Weimann, Bent
    One thing that I take from the above is that we now have serious pace. A frontline of Camara, Weimann, Blackman is extremely quick. Maybe Clement will look to deploy it when we're up against teams that will have a go at us, giving us the opportunity to absorb pressure with our excellent defence and then counter attack. Give the ball to Thorne or Butterfield and then hit a long diagonal to one of our new runners.
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    DarkFruitsRam7 reacted to richinspain in Raul's Extremely Strange Beard   
    I watched the game on Saturday. He scored from a corner (left in a one on one with a defender 6 yards out in the centre of the goal and got just enough of his head on it to creep into the bottom corner) and had 2 more very good chances. One the keeper did really well to keep out when he glanced on a free kick with a diving header and a striker managed to head over from 4 yards, and the other a near post flick from a corner that went inches past the far post. Defensively he won every one of his headers and made quite a few block tackles (admittedly not coming away with the ball on at least 2 occasions but allowing team mates to get back and recover the ball). Malaga's defence did get stretched a few times, and with only half decent finishing should have conceded 2 or 3 from really good chances.
    I still think that the signing of Raul was a good one at the time that just didn't work out. He wasn't the first "bad signing" by a football club and he won't be the last. He is only on loan at Malaga and could still return (although I can't see that happening), but at the worst we should get our money back. Who knows, we could end up with a Tom Ince situation 
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    DarkFruitsRam7 reacted to Penelope Pendrex in Butterfield   
    I keep saying, and have done since he's come, just give him the ball. He needs to show a bit more but he's so good technically that everyone on the team should just fire the ball at his feet and let him advance the play. Being so two-footed and good at everything he really can get out of any situation. Has the potential to be the lynchpin of our side and to lessen the burden on Thorne. Could also release Johnson into a more advanced role.
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    DarkFruitsRam7 reacted to trevor1946 in Razza Camara   
    Yes many of us are used to a barker type fee.Now a million plus is average for a bit part player.
    Can see why the yanks bailed out,many millions are at stake in this gamble of premiership football,
    Strange to be the big spenders of the championship,anyway as a fan sit back and enjoy it
    Cannot understand where he fits in.-Martin-Weiman-Ince-Bent-Russell  ,all strikers 3 brought in during the summer.
    and part of a big squad ,with 7 midfield players,assembled,for different formations.
    Many players cannot get a run in the team,Question where the signings not good enough in the summer.
    Will the team spirit be affected by a bigger squad.
    The start of our journey was with 44 players,most on high salaries,running the club down,and in,financial meltdown.
    So to be nervous of the vast amount of cash in transfers and wages going into this gamble for some fans is understandable
    Must be said though ,it is a great ride .What can a fan do enjoy it and,Tomorrow is another day 
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    DarkFruitsRam7 reacted to WorksopRam in Razza Camara   
    I think it's possible to have too many "footballers" at this level. Too much dilly dallying around sometimes. Some games I'm just gagging for someone to get the ball and charge forward as fast as they can at anyone, causing some havoc. 
    He could be the one for it. 
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    DarkFruitsRam7 reacted to Stedcfc in Razza Camara   
    We've been crying out for pace in a couple of games recently (Boro being one) and this guy has bags of it. His end product seems patchy based on what a few French reporters have said and from watching a few youtube videos (I know!).
    Certainly could make an impact off the bench. No full back is going to want to have him coming on with 20 minutes to go after chasing Russell or Ince around.
    McLaren made a point of making the wingers run themselves ragged and almost always sub both of them which worked well. I don't think we've seen the best of our wingers yet so far and a few different options might help.
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    DarkFruitsRam7 reacted to SaintRam in Razza Camara   
    Time to start a Camara thread here now he's ours I suppose. Let's start with this article by Andrew Gibney who was interviewed by OB last night:
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    DarkFruitsRam7 reacted to WorksopRam in Nick Blackman   
    Martin is arrogant, Ward was a bit of a tosser. Different kinds of arrogance I suppose, but I like both of them. 
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    DarkFruitsRam7 reacted to StringerBell in Nick Blackman   
    In fact considering you've told me what you think of me before can you give me £400? I feel like I've earned it and it's the least you could do.
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    DarkFruitsRam7 reacted to daib0 in Nick Blackman   
    Hi there, a surprise to Reading fans I must sday.
    Could Blackman actually play AGAINST Reading next week?!
    Plenty of ability, sharp and quick, but the confidence factor absolutely vital for him, even more than most strikers. At the beginning of the season he was unbelievable, unstoppable but as the team burst the bubble from a second spot his clinical finishing also went down a level too, Previous seasons he has been good but not so spectacular as 2015. 
    Think it's a pretty good move for you, and if he's nursed well he could be a real major player in getting that auto spot sewn up
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    DarkFruitsRam7 reacted to Rammy1 in Nick Blackman   
    Mel. Shall we get you a statue @ PP next to cloughie.  
    We are so lucky to have a derby fan as a owner. Not many around.  We're coming to get u boro.  And overtake u.  Champions. Forget second. 
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    DarkFruitsRam7 reacted to DcFc Dyycheee in Nick Blackman   
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    DarkFruitsRam7 reacted to Chris Mills in Benik Afobe   
    I like Mel, and I don't doubt for a second that he doesn't mean what he says, but we have to act on it! 
    Forgive me for not worshiping the very ground he walks on quite yet (although I am massively appreciative of what he has done so far).
    I am just challenging people to think about the signings we should be in for! 
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