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  1. Even @Mafiabob would consider that shirt garish!
  2. Or maybe he wants the job. Which is perfectly understandable and would negate any need for a statement.
  3. And you think it would be respectful and in the spirit of the game if Lampard had commented on the Chelsea job whilst Sarri was still manager? Or that he's a traitor unless he has absolutely zero interest in managing Chelsea? Wouldn't any Championship manager be interested in hearing what a Champions League club has to say to them? I guarantee you, if we appointed Lee Bowyer, Chris Hughton or anybody and Spurs came calling the next day, they'd be off like a shot. And for what it's worth, I don't think Lampard walks on water.
  4. And even if he didn't want the job, why should he make a statement? It's been a matter of hours since Sarri left but it's been dragged out to what seems like a lifetime because of social media. And yet it's the old bar stewards who are losing their heads!
  5. I think he acted based on the rumours. But, either way, I acted on the assumption that both of those things were the case and that it's absolutely ridiculous to suggest that Lampard should come out and make a statement. As you know.
  6. Sarri left yesterday. Yester-ducking-day. I thought the young were supposed to be impatient. Jesus Christ.
  7. Bloody hell, I didn't expect to be the one saying this seeing as I've grown up in this environment, but so many are overacting because of the social media age that we live in. How long has it been since Sarri went, a day? And you're screaming at Frank for not publicly ruling out the Chelsea job, just because journalists have been reporting that Chelsea are interested. We don't know if Chelsea have contacted him. We don't know if he's interested. I'd imagine that they have, and that he is, but why is that a problem? From the day that he joined, we knew that he'd leave for Chelsea if they came in for him. Why wouldn't he? You wouldn't begrudge Davies, Clough, McClaren, Clement, Pearson or Rowett moving to a club playing Champions League football, so why Frank? I'm seeing middle-aged men throwing a paddy because he's not come out and declared undying loyalty to Derby, despite Sarri leaving literally a few hours ago. Of course he's going to talk to Chelsea if they want him. He'd be an idiot not to and, even if he didn't want the job (highly unlikely), he'd at least give them the time of day because he's a legend at the club. You're deluded if you believe that episodes of years gone by, such as Brian Clough's resignation, weren't dragged out and considered over a long period of time. You just didn't have the likes of Rob Dorsett tweeting every three hours about the disagreements with Longson. Some of you have lost your heads and, quite frankly, it's embarrassing.
  8. Putting it in the fridge. Why would you want rock-solid chocolate? Cupboard job.
  9. Sitting on the fence is the only plausible option. Anyone who takes a strong view either way is foolish IMO. You can’t have an opinion when you don’t know what’s true and what’s false.
  10. He was just stating his opinion on what he thinks will happen. He has zero control over the situation.
  11. Ladbrokes have suspended betting on him going.
  12. Spot on. He'd be a ducking idiot to do something like that.
  13. As stated before, I’m not a huge fan of the ‘he should be grateful to us for giving him a chance’ line. An angry reaction isn’t really appropriate but it’s the only one currently available that expresses disagreement.
  14. Fair enough, but I've wanted to see Gerry Cinnamon for ages. Plus a girl I like is going😂
  15. Think I’m going to sell my Y Not ticket to go. Tough decision.
  16. Typical maths student, confusing Italian with French. Your lack of culture is obvious for all to see.
  17. He was recommended, yes. But that doesn’t make his appointment a favour to Redknapp. Once again, the sole reason he appointed Lampard was because he thought it would be the best move for te club. If you think otherwise then surely you must dislike Mel for treating Derby as an old boys’ club?
  18. He didn’t appoint Lampard as a favour to Harry. He appointed him because he thought it was best for Derby.
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