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  1. We've got one. Play Duane Holmes in the middle every week.
  2. Or any other team in the world. I regularly hear Nigel Doughty songs on away days, and I’m sure Forest fans hear Philpott ones. Anyway, I’m sure Mr ‘Victim’-Hater understands that an idiotic minority doesn’t represent a whole fanbase.
  3. An underrated combination with a chippy tea. The fish/battered sausage and chips need drowning in both.
  4. Milk is an abomination and whoever decided to pair it with cereal is an idiot. Dry cereal all the way.
  5. Our long-distance scouting methods at youth level should be a model to all Championship clubs. We've turned 5-figure fees into multi-million pound assets. Credit to MM for giving DW the budget.
  6. Agree with almost all of those., including Mount. That may be due to my expectations of him being too high, however. I would perhaps disagree with your assessment of Wisdom's signing being 'awful'. Not worth the money though. When fit, I would argue Marriott has massively overperformed. If he gets a good pre-season, I can see him bagging 20 next season. I would also suggest that Curtis Davies surpassed all of our expectations last season and was our best player. I'd probably put Roos as slightly overperforming based on this season.
  7. The world has changed since then, I feel. R Kelly survived for many years but I bet I won’t hear Bump ‘n Grind come on at the end of the night anymore😂
  8. The discussion of morality and history is interesting. I find the recent debates on Churchill fascinating and necessary. Were they a product of their time? Does that make it right? It's never black and white.
  9. No hard and fast rules. We're all irrational, hypocritical beings. We make our own judgements and I believe that Michael Jackson was guilty and Cliff Richard wasn't. That's just my view. I personally won't be offended by hearing MJ or R Kelly's music but even if they were my favourite artists, I would accept that they won't be played whilst these allegations are present. I do think the ease at which the allegations against Ronaldo have been forgotten is slightly worrying, particularly as there seem to be documents in which he confesses that she said 'no'. Who knows.
  10. I’m not sure. If I had ever been unfortunate enough to have suffered from abuse as a child, I’d feel highly uncomfortable if I heard the music of someones against whom allegations have been made. If you want to listen to his music then there’s no one stopping you. It would be wrong to ban it. But I’d rather not hear him on the radio to be honest.
  11. Guilty or not, you won’t be hearing his music on anything anymore.
  12. Those in the documentary. I did previously put inverted commas around the term to represent the fact they are still only allegations.
  13. I suppose you're right. I'm usually massively reluctant to say anything with any certainty, particularly when most of my information comes from the ever-unreliable Internet. For example, there are definitely some strange aspects of the Madeleine McCann case, but I would never declare with any certainty what I think happened because I simply don't have the information. I guess with the Michael Jackson case, I'm willing to be irrational for once. There's are things about him that really creep me out: the 30 straight nights he spent in a bed with a child; the fairground in his back garden that is the epitome of a paedo's playground; the fact that he claimed he never had plastic surgery the fact that he laughed on tape when he got asked whether he was a paedophile; the secret rooms in his house, and even just his general appearance (he looks eerily like the Childcatcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, who I used to have nightmares about!). I have sympathy for the bloke as well. He clearly had a horrible childhood and I even buy the idea that he wanted to relive that by spending his life acting like a kid. That doesn't stop me believing the victims though.
  14. There's the presumption of innocence and there's willfully-blind people like this: https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1096424/Michael-jackson-latest-leaving-neverland-channel-4-backlash Holding up a sign detailing the number of records he's sold. Oh right, because success stopped the likes of Savile and Glitter didn't it.
  15. I accept that. I don't have a problem with people who have doubts about the validity of the sources, even though I personally believe the 'victims'. Even so, you can't deny that sharing a bed with a child who is not your own for 30 nights in a row is horrible (even if nothing happened), and shame on the parents for letting it happen. The True Geordie and Lawrence Mckenna, who work together on Youtube, did an excellent podcast on the documentary that you might be interested in:
  16. Just can't understand people being willfully blind to what went on. Not being 100% sure is fine, but refusing to even entertain the possibility that someone could be a predator just because he made a few good songs takes a special kind of idiot.
  17. Always thought he was a wrong'un. Now I think he was a predator. Clear as daylight.
  18. Of course what they do is up to them. I'd be interested in knowing how long they've been given off though, as a lengthy break feels a bit strange to me at this stage of the season, particularly as we've got an extra week away from the intensity compared to our rivals. Though perhaps the additional week will allow us to train when the other teams take a short break (which I think most do during this international break).
  19. No, but I'm of the belief that you can never judge a team off the back of one game. I'll reserve judgement to you as to how bad Forest were, but I'm sure we've shown something to match that this season, and we're above them.
  20. It does make me wonder what the effect is of going from blissful sunshine and relaxation to the hustle and bustle of Championship football. To be completely honest, I'd be more comfortable with everyone focusing absolutely on the run in. Though I'm sure I'd be saying otherwise if I was in their shoes.
  21. Remind me how we played at Portman road a few weeks ago? And at Pride Park against Milwall?
  22. A couple of summers ago, I told my uncle that Huddersfield would be the team to watch that season. They had enjoyed nearly had a full season of being managed by a promising young coach in David Wagner, and the team had shown signs of progress, both in style of play and results. They just seemed to need a few more players to give them that extra bit of quality. Turned out I was right, as they finished the season by winning the Play Off Final. A few days ago, I sent a text to the same Uncle saying that I reckon Swansea will be the next Huddersfield. They've got a really exciting young manager, are playing some decent football and seemed to have stabilised this season, ready for more of a push next term. As long as they don't destroy their squad this summer (which they might well do judging by some of their recent transfer activity), I reckon they could be next season's dark horses.
  23. Mason Mount in a somewhat less glamorous destination. Is that Portsmouth’s version of the Burj Khalifa?
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