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  1. Cahill looking unlikely to join Fulham Maybe he wants to join Franks Chelsea B side afterall?
  2. As previously suggested on here - Josh Maja would be a decent addition. It seems that he won't be signing a new contract with Sunderland
  3. Wisdom, Evans, Huddlestone could all play CB - how successfully though would be the question?
  4. I don't think brysons legs have gone, I just don't think he gets on the ball enough to influence our play
  5. I'd cash in on any of the following in this window if it meant a better chance of promotion Johnson Bryson Thorne Butterfield Anya Pearce Ledley
  6. What about Matty James - we normally her linked with him in transfer windows
  7. I've always thought Semi Ajayi (Rotherham cb) has looked like a decent player.
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