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  1. Yeah, after being sent to various places around the Uni campus first.!! I had planned to park in Lewes and get train. But the last 50 miles from end of the M40 to Brighton were very slow going and got me there an hour later than planned . Instead of risking being miles away from the Amex with a train to catch, suitable parking to find in Lewes, a 5yr old in tow and only an hour on the clock I headed for the stadium.
  2. For a new stadium, it is really poor in terms of getting to it. No football ground/parking signage compared to how well PP is signed from nearly every major route into Derby. Got lied to 3 times as to where to park by the police and then event staff, which meant despite being within a mile of the ground an hour before kick-off went round in (very slow) circles before getting sent down a something resembling a rabbit hole to a carpark which promptly charged me £15 to park there and ended up missing the kick off!!! That train station looked awful afterwards too. Wouldn't want to do that after every home game. Also got tapped for £11 for 2 hours in an NCP down by the front afterwards too!! All round, a Gopping place with idea's well above its station.
  3. Question. Does anyone trap their scarves in car windows anymore so it flails away on the journey down. Commonplace in the 90's not seen it done for ages. I reckon I'll try and revive that football Saturday staple tomorrow.
  4. I get that, but my 5 yr old runs around like a mad man at football trg, more than most of the other lads. But he is poo on the ball compared to them and does nothing that impacts the score. (He is playing with lads 2 years older cos of his size so I let him off a bit), but Brys doesnt have that excuse.
  5. Absolutely.. was very good that. The whole SS looked great working the audience.
  6. Out of interest where do you sit? Since I've move to the top Row in the North stand I see it very differently. I see missed opportunities all the time, but from a vantage point the players can never see. Maybe i'm more critical because of this.
  7. Different strokes for different folks I guess. I thought Bryson was a bit anonymous again really. Passing to him is like passing to a brick wall - it just comes straight back. Not seen him break a line or carry the ball with purpose in yonks now.
  8. I agree, was surprised to see someone summing up his performance as "nothing of note"" ???????
  9. How many times did Scott Malone spit then? Absolute fruit cake!!!
  10. I'm really struggling to like football in general here. Its a bit Juank. Back to the days of Theo Robinson et al.
  11. I'd say he is. Zoon typifies basicness beyond belief. Bennett as much as I want him to succeed is just Bryson on the wing. Gets about but not much else.
  12. Experience! 25 miles in competitve road bike terms is very short, probably the equivilant of the 400m on the track. Or a football match of 15mins each way if you like. Only really a 10 mile TT would be shorter. Tour De France, Giro etc stages are nearly all in excess of 100 miles.(daily for 3 weeks) Not sure why you have your knickers in a twist. I was only pointing out that apples need to be measured against apples. I think.
  13. 25 mile on a bike is like a 400m jog by the way. 100 mile plus (4.5hrs) is the industry standard for a Tour stage. My mate was a pro footballer me an enthusiastic endurance athlete. He’d batter me at interval sprints type stuff. Explosive power was incredible. He’d be crying for his mum after 7.5 miles of steady pace jogging. So horses for courses! Bryson is a very very impressive athlete.
  14. The VAR chant would be better wothout the yanky tune. "VAR my lord, VAR. Oh lord VAR!"
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