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  1. Snap! the colitis itself isn’t the worse part either. MoviPrep........ ungodly stuff
  2. By eye we mean Horn dont we? The curl of horn is a little big but the eye isnt or am I so pished as to have missed the obvs?
  3. Haha no. Have to be vague as to where it comes from, save to say it isnt a part timer from a ticket office though.
  4. I'm told from within the industry that provisionally we have earmarked Stendel, Wassall, Gerrard
  5. Especially when you don’t have an anthem. We don’t. Villa do. They all know it so all joined in. We were singing 4 different songs at the same time with no common bond. They were only loud when they did their club anthem. You could see several pockets in villa end doing what we were doing to no avail then that infernal anthem thing they do started and it all linked up. We need a YNWA, Delilah, Marching on together. Yadda yadda.
  6. Do this. Book all the seats get on before them and make the Villa Stand
  7. Incredibly inept. They are refusing to be men. Fannies.
  8. Football kills itself by paying varying rates for basically the same role. In my utopic ideal there would be a flat rate rate for every 1st team squad player. Then appearance/clean sheet/assist/goal bonus and whatever other metrics managers choose to use these days, applied as they hit by the players in a game. Then an overall percentage increase dependant on whether it was a win or not and another % increase depending on where the team is in the table. Top % levied when in top two and decreasing the further down the table the team drops. Everything is then based on group achievement = reward. Funnily enough similar to how my pay and conditions are structured at a FTSE 100 company.
  9. 1. How many efforts have we had on target in the Ipswich, Brighton, Millwall and Forest games?? 2. Keogh best player on the pitch. 3. We have completely and utterly forgotten how to score. 4. Thank god going back onto shifts is gonna save me having to renew my ST next season.
  10. Johnson's pass completetion must be 0% currently
  11. Yeah, after being sent to various places around the Uni campus first.!! I had planned to park in Lewes and get train. But the last 50 miles from end of the M40 to Brighton were very slow going and got me there an hour later than planned . Instead of risking being miles away from the Amex with a train to catch, suitable parking to find in Lewes, a 5yr old in tow and only an hour on the clock I headed for the stadium.
  12. For a new stadium, it is really poor in terms of getting to it. No football ground/parking signage compared to how well PP is signed from nearly every major route into Derby. Got lied to 3 times as to where to park by the police and then event staff, which meant despite being within a mile of the ground an hour before kick-off went round in (very slow) circles before getting sent down a something resembling a rabbit hole to a carpark which promptly charged me £15 to park there and ended up missing the kick off!!! That train station looked awful afterwards too. Wouldn't want to do that after every home game. Also got tapped for £11 for 2 hours in an NCP down by the front afterwards too!! All round, a Gopping place with idea's well above its station.
  13. Question. Does anyone trap their scarves in car windows anymore so it flails away on the journey down. Commonplace in the 90's not seen it done for ages. I reckon I'll try and revive that football Saturday staple tomorrow.
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