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  1. Clap
    RamO reacted to Cam the Ram in New: Manager or not   
    Talks well in interviews Negatives
    Not a single player has improved under him Has only given the young players a chance due to injuries and suspensions Strange team selections (Forsyth over Wisdom, Malone over Lowe, Roos over Hamer) Player discipline is non-existent. It seems every game someone loses their temper and flies into tackles risking a red card The main problem is that he was given such a huge contract and I'd presume so were his staff, meaning it would cost the club a lot to sack them.
  2. Clap
    RamO reacted to Ellafella in New: Manager or not   
    Somebody at Derby County needs to show some leadership. It’s not going to come from the players or the people in charge of the playing side. We are heading downwards. 
  3. Clap
    RamO reacted to B4ev6is in Ramage on RD today   
    Ramage just passionate when they scored his was hurting too and wants lads to be successful I think sometimes he wants to be playing drag us out this slump.
  4. COYR
    RamO reacted to Ambitious in Filip Benkovic - gone to Bristol City   
    Croatian CB... 
    I'm in. 
  5. Like
    RamO reacted to Millenniumram in "Expected Goals" (xG)   
    This. Stats are absolutely vital for giving us an idea about trends, and also as evidence to back up our own ideas about trends. Honestly the amount of the world that revolves around statistics is unbelievable really, you’d have to be an idiot to not see them as being useful. But, you can’t use statistics to overrule what you can see with your own eyes. Like today, don’t think anyone outside a Preston forum would argue that we didn’t deserve the 3 points, so on this occasion we can dismiss that stat based on what we saw. But other times, it may be very useful.
    FWIW the XG stat is quite an interesting concept, in terms of being able to give a quantitative interpretation of how a match has played out overall, which is something (aside from the scoreline of course!) that we haven’t really had in the past. And, in fairness, when looked at over long periods of time it’s often fairly accurate- I’ve noticed teams scoring more than they’re expected to by XG often drop away later in a season, and vice versa. But it can obviously get skewed within a single game quite significantly as today shows, so it’s far from perfect and the calculation system of it needs changing. Until then, for a single match it’s not a great stat to look at.
  6. Like
    RamO reacted to BondJovi in Cocu interview - Long term vision for the club   
    Love him.
    Calmly passionate and clearly intelligent. Give him the time and I honestly think as a club we will be in such a better place, though I would not expect too much from this season, just enjoy the Rooney arrival!
  7. Cheers
    RamO reacted to MackworthRamIsGod in Luciano Acosta - signed for Atlas FC   
    Wind the clock back 2 or more years, if someone had said to you that Frank Lampard would lead us to Wembley, Jody Morris would be bigging us up on Twitter, Ashley Cole would play for us at Wembley, Dutch title winning manager in Philip Cocu would grace our touchline and Wayne Rooney would lead our attack at home to Barnsley you would probably want to know where they got their gear from...
    Only one man to thank for all of this....Gary Rowett for sodding off to Stoke 🤣
  8. Like
    RamO reacted to SuperDerbySuperRams in Overreaction   
    I’m genuinely quite surprised by the overreaction from our fans both on social media and on here. Cocu made it perfectly clear he was going to change the side, so I’m a bit confused by the reaction of some
    Forest made just as many changes, but have a far bigger squad of season pros and had more individual quality on the pitch, which showed
    If Cocu’s policy is to play second string in cup competitions, whether we draw Nottingham Forest or Newport, should he neglect his policy because we’ve been matched up against our rivals? Or should we trust the man we so overwhelmingly approved of appointing?
  9. Like
    RamO reacted to 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in Relax, we're in a good place!   
    OK – the controversial stuff first; while it’s perhaps understandable that folk are annoyed that we’ve let a winning position slip, some of the criticism of Waghorn and Lowe is unwarranted IMO. Starting with Wagger’s missed pen, it wasn’t good but it wasn’t awful either. Chris Martin missed a few I seem to recall as do most at this level, so perhaps it’s not the foregone conclusion that many seem to think. Consider if you will the England team’s penalty shoot-out record for further confirmation of this point and these being the top players in the country. If we have to play the blame game then it's Phil's fault for insisting a striker take them when really it should be whoever takes them best. I think he’s been brilliant thus far though so he gets a pass from me. I loved Lampard but Cocu is in a different league IMO.
    As for Lowe, some comments are embarrassing. Sorry, they just are! He's been our standout player, Bogle aside, but remains a young and relatively inexperienced one at this level. Maybe he should have stayed on his feet, ok, but if you have to lambaste someone then the cheaty. diving **** and the ref seem much fairer targets. The fact is Lowe didn’t give away a penalty, the ref got conned. Why the vitriol? He’s a kid and has struggled with his confidence before now so let’s cut him some slack, shall we?
    Moving on to the game, overall, yes, it’s disappointing that we've let a winning position slip but to my mind, West Brom are the best team we've played this season and I'd be pretty sure they'll be in the play-offs again at very least yet we were worth a point at least. A draw then, is no disgrace, surely, and was probably a fair reflection of the game anyway. I actually thought we looked pretty polished at times, even in midfield so there are plenty of positives to take forward and our luck, or lack of it, will most likely balance out across the season.
    Looking forwards, Bielik is approaching full match fitness / sharpness as is Jack. We have Jayden and Duwayne to return and a certain Wayne Rooney waiting in the wings. These guys along with Keogh are the most important in our squad and we’ve yet to see them all play together, even once. Cocu and his team will also be getting to grips with what is required in this league so unlike many teams in the div, it can be sensibly argued that we have huge scope for improvement. With even an ounce of luck we could be sitting pretty on 10 points right now chaps, above the likes of Fulham at time of writing, who added £100 million of talent to their squad last season. This after the massively disruptive Lampard debacle, a truncated pre-season, some significant players being out injured and the loss of Wilson, Mount and Tomori. Perhaps then, we overestimate the quality of other teams in the div while judging our own performances rather too harshly? 
    While my detractors will doubtless write my reasoning off as rose-tinted, happy-clapperesque, or my personal favourite, utterly deluded, I genuinely feel much more confident about this season than any since 2015. We'll challenge this season, mark my words. The 'marathon not a sprint' maxim is something of a cliché but it's very true of this league nonetheless and there's a danger of overemphasising the importance of early season form anyway. With most of our players beginning the year a tad undercooked, some significantly so, they'll be a deal fresher than many at the business end. I'd rather this than the Bielsa method of having your squad trained to the minute for game one, but flagging in the last half dozen.  I’m pretty certain we will improve steadily through to mid-season and then finish strongly, injuries notwithstanding, so I’ll not be panicking any time soon.
    So..... My advice to all Rams fans and especially those focusing on the negatives right now is grab a beer, head to the garden to catch some of this beautiful weather, be happy or at least content and dare to dream. All that stress will kill you!
  10. Like
    RamO reacted to HorsforthRam in Calm down, calm down   
    Cocu is a very calm and technical manager. I’m sure his team are a good mix. Some fans need to stop going on about things like “why isn’t Marriott starting” and implying that Cocu and his team are somehow sabotaging Derby. 
    Listen to the reasons and accept them. He wants Marriott for the long term, not a few games and injured. 
    Cocu wants a particular style that will require skilled players to receive the ball under pressure (from the opposition and the crowd) and play to a tempo too. Some of our players may not be able to technically do that or can’t play under pressure. It’s his and his team’s job to work out how to make the best of what we have until he can wheel and deal over the next season and a half. He has proved he is capable of doing that. It will take time and I understand the frustration at the match, however, I can’t think of a better alternative management team. Mel has done a cracking job of getting them in and also keeping the excitement going with the Rooney experiment!
  11. Clap
    RamO reacted to IslandExile in Calm down, calm down   
    After the fun of the Lampard season, I dreaded who we might appoint. But Mel pulled off a major coup and I was elated when we appointed Cocu. We all were...well bar 3 out of 500(?), look back at the survey results.
    The general consensus was that he was to be given time to build something sustainable and for the long term, utilizing the academy. Not least because we could not buy promotion like Wolves did and now Fulham are trying.
    But, look what's happened, we've not played well against Stoke, made a couple of errors and so lost to a decent Bristol side and mayhem has ensued. The forum is in meltdown.
    I understand the frustration. I'm getting old fer chrissekes. We all want to see Derby back in the top flight as soon as possible. But sheesh.
    After a few poor appointments (Mac2, Clement, Pearson and Rowett - actually that's quite a lot), Mel has learnt the type of manager that can deliver the "Derby way".
    But with a tight budget, it will take time. Mel knew that when he gave PC a 4 year contract.
    Cocu is absolutely the right man.
    He needs a couple of transfer windows to shift the rest of the deadwood and bring in players to plug the gaps that cannot be fulfilled by academy graduates.
    This new batch of academy graduates looks the most promising - probably ever in terms of numbers. But they need time, they need to gain experience, they need a chance to iron out the inconsistencies all young players have and time to improve their decision making. It's not going to happen overnight.
    Like it or not, this really has to be a "transition season".
    Let Cocu mould the team. Let the academy players learn their trade and become deserved first teamers.
    I'd guess L***s and Fulham will be promoted automatically this season, then there are a lot of teams vying for the playoffs. I'd be surprised if we're one of them.
    So, let's instead enjoy the development happening in front of our eyes. Those of you lucky enough to go to the games, enjoy the fun of going to a football match.
    The future for our club hasn't been this bright for a long time.
    Cocu and Mel are building something special.
    Relax and believe.
  12. Clap
    RamO reacted to philmycocu in Coc(u) out   
    Grow up
  13. COYR
    RamO reacted to B4ev6is in Cocu needs time to work his magic   
    I know some fans were disheartened by last night performance I was little disappointed my self they started okay but even at 1-0 down I felt lads could pull this back when it was 2-0 I knew it would be montin to climb now. I was saying people around me this is not Derby I know and love. They need to come out fighting not roll over and give up.
    And in 2nd half we did this but I felt zoon was wrong sub to make. I felt we sould have brought that young lad scored tuesday night on and Marriott should havr come on dead on at half time.
    Once Marriott scored I felt come on now compelte come back now but it was not to be. But at least cocu learned we are better with two strikers than the one.
  14. Clap
    RamO reacted to Duracell in v Bristol City (H) Match Thread   
    Sometimes I think fans forget what it’s like to simply lose a game over summer.
    What’s with the binary reaction to everything? That was a million miles off the worst performance last season, which was brilliant season. So we can play worse than that several times in a season and still finish in the play-offs.
    Such an overreaction. We weren’t bad last night. We weren’t really any good either. 42 left to play.
    I wouldn’t let it bother me, but the mass mood swings at the club are starting to affect my enjoyment of the game. We lose one match and I see abuse from my fellow fans directed at players they’re meant to be supporting, I see fans declaring in August they’d like to drive a young loanee back to their parent club for the crime of not being Mason Mount, and I see some fans claiming they know more about Marriott’s fitness than Cocu and almost seem to be suggesting that if they were in charge and were allowed to play him we would have won last night.
    It’s not fun sometimes. Not anymore.
  15. Clap
    RamO reacted to Gandalf's shin pads in v Bristol City (H) Match Thread   
    It's only game four and I'm sure we will improve. I think Cocu will prove an astute appointment if given the time. Whether we can improve enough to challenge for top six this season is yet to be seen. We appear to lack dynamism and creativity in midfield and cutting edge upfront although the return of Holmes and Marriott should address this to some degree. 
    Replacing Mount and Wilson was always going to be difficult at this level. The final day of the transfer window probably didn't go exactly to plan. We were reportedly in for multiple quality attacking midfielders and wingers but came out with a goalkeeper and Paterson (he gets my support because he wears the shirt but I can't help thinking he was 4th/5th choice). That's not a dig at the club. Sometimes it's just how the cards fall. The window had gone pretty well up to then. 
    Lots of plus points to be taken from tonight. Beilik looks very promising, there are clearly multiple game plans and if we had had our shooting boots on we may have come out of the game with more, not to mention Bogle, Holmes and Marriott to come back which will open up more possibilities. 
  16. Clap
    RamO reacted to Carl Sagan in v Bristol City (H) Match Thread   
    This will get lost in the fog of the match thread but Malone had played well until his mistake at the end of the half. We're losing the game because of a poor quality forward line and a pedestrian midfield. Both of which put pressure on the defence. 
    Don't think Waggy or Bennett have the quality to lead the line. Marriott can do it. His ball retention is way better than people seem to realize. If not then Martin merits a chance. 
    Dowell, Huddlestone, Josefzoon look poor. Yet we end with all three on the pitch. Hoping for lots of changes for the weekend, which in the context of the season may prove a good thing. 
    Wonder goal from Marriott. Our star has to start from now on. 
  17. Like
    RamO reacted to goldstar in Tonight's moan in   
    Personally, I love Ramage, I think he's a nice guy, down to earth and is more relatable than Ed Dawes. Yes he struggles to get his point out eloquently  but the passions there and he wants us to do well as a football club so i can forgive negativity when it stems from concern.
    Sometimes I think he's a good contrast to Ed when he's parroting on about a train in the distance or being snarky to him. He sounds like a straight up honest bloke who used to play for us and that draws in the listeners, needs to be a good mix. 
  18. Clap
    RamO reacted to MackworthRamIsGod in Tonight's moan in   
    Never understood the issues with Radio Derby, they provide an excellent service, an alternative way of catching the game if you are not able to attend.
    They have had some great characters on there over the years, Ross Fletcher, Tedd McMinn (I loved it when he called out Craig Fagan for stealing a living), Graham Richards and Ian Hall, Owen Bradley (just in case he reads this).
    They have a difficult job trying to describe what is happening in front of them, especially when served up football by the likes of Pearson and Rowett.
    If you didn't catch the commentary of Ramage and Ed Dawes when Marriott scored at Leeds, please have a listen, I watched the game live but listen to that clip over and over, goose bumps as big as Nora Battys Knockers.
  19. Clap
    RamO reacted to Half fan in What a Manager we have!   
    Sir Cocu's calm and precise analysis of the Stoke match surely shows a master at work.
    He's unhappy at four points lost, despite a far from ideal and rather short pre-season. This shows the high winning standard he has set for the squad. No talk of the last 12 games being the key to promotion - every game is the key to promotion from August onwards.
    He explains how he saw the first half today and why he made what some saw as baffling changes. He then describes succintly the resulting improvement whilst calmly listing the failings which need to be eliminated.
    He doesn't talk about Plans A or B, he analyses what's happening in the match and changes formations, tactics and players as soon as the need is evident.
    Our captain who's had more than his fair share of club and international managers, says training is an eye-opener. Gradually, we can see why.
    Sir Cocu is taking our club to a higher level than I can recall in many decades. No banal generalities, no superficial banter with the interviewer. The players ere expected to work hard mentally as well as physically.
    It seems to me that Frank relied on a team formula of hard work, energy, and pressing whilst he motivated the players with his personality, humour and winning determination. Frustratingy it didn't always work, especially away to inferior teams. In contrast, our new management is more cerebral and concentrates on developing each player's technical and positioning and adaptability skills, as well as the team performance. So those players of any age who want to improve themselves and be stretched will relish the fabulous opportunity. Those that don't or can't will fall by the wayside, if the steely glint in the manager's eye is anything to go by.
    Of course there will be setbacks and disappointments. But there's some real building work going on here and it's a privilege to see it unfold.
    Thanks DCFC for the astute and synergistic investment in facilities and management.
  20. Like
    RamO reacted to Ram-a-lama fa fa fa in v Stoke City (A) Match thread   
    Id swap bielik for huddlestone. But then again i didnt play for barcelona
  21. Like
    RamO reacted to Steve Bloomer's Washing in SBW podcast, Ep 58: Wayne's World   
    Morning, latest SBW podcast below - cheers!
    Derby County are off and running for the 19/20 campaign, as Chris, Tom and Anton look back on the Rams' unbeaten start against Huddersfield and Swansea. There's also analysis of Derby's new signing, Wayne Rooney (!), as we ask where he'll fit into the side and chat to MLS reporter Steven Goff from the Washington Post.
  22. Clap
    RamO reacted to Mick Brolly in Radio Draby post match   
    me to Ramage is just giving his opinion on what he is asked it's the same as on the forum not everyone's going to agree or like what they hear and you have the choice to listen or not .
  23. Clap
    RamO reacted to alexxxxx in Radio Draby post match   
    Having biased commentary is preferable to national radio or TV where often there's a narrative theyre trying to push. 
    Craig isn't clueless and amongst his passionate rambling he'll sometimes bring something out insightful. 
    It's generally fine. 
  24. COYR
    RamO reacted to EraniosSocks in Martyn Waghorn on depression whilst at Rangers   
    Thankyou mate, it means the world. After 4 years of Radio Derby and Sky, I’m excited. Feel like a young lad again having butterfly’s just before heading to the ground 
  25. COYR
    RamO reacted to EraniosSocks in Martyn Waghorn on depression whilst at Rangers   
    As people have said on here. This speaks volumes to myself. Since leaving the Army I have suffered with depression and anxiety which has been a psychological barrier to coming to pride park. Finally after 4 years I am returning thanks to help from the the football club staff and I’ve never been so excited, yet nervous for how I’ll deal with the day. 
    All the best to Waggy and all posters on here 
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