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  1. RamsTV

    I did it by using Chrome on my android tablet. When the video isn't maximised, I toggle between the audio and video tabs above the video. Works pretty well. Sorry I didn't respond until after the match - I've only just seen your question.
  2. RamsTV

    Finally managed to get it to work with the app on Android. Annoyed. Frustrated.
  3. RamsTV

    Yes. I can't get it to work. Been trying for 15 mins. Very frustrating (again).
  4. RamsTV

    I also want to say that it was brilliant that I was able to flick between Rams TV audio and Radio Derby audio, both whilst continuing to watch the match, simply by muting whichever I didn't want to listen to at that a time. I was even able to sync them so that I could watch the match and listen to RD at the same time. I hope that the club doesn't take this facility away. So if the powers that be are reading this - please don't take this facility away! Apart from the initial technical issue, the service is as good as I could have imagined. Even when I couldnt get the visuals, RD was reliably there and good as a backup.
  5. RamsTV

    Yeah, good point. That's one thing that would help indocrinate the kids to the mighty Rams - being able to watch the match first thing Sunday morning. In Australia, this would mean that the match would be available a couple of hours after it's finished. Just a suggestion - not sure how difficult it would be for the club to do this.
  6. RamsTV

    I'm pleased with the club's response about the technical issues. It was the first paid league game and if there are going to be issues they are most likely to happen on the first match. Teething problems. They sorted it out after 40 mind for me. Obviously I would have liked it not to happen. It was frustrating. I believe the club is doing it's very best to give us what we want within the constraints. Very pleased with the quality and looking forward to watching around 40 matches this season! Give them a chance to fix the teething issues and they will deliver, I am sure. I won't be going to Drayton Manor though, no matter how many times I see the ad.
  7. RamsTV

    Finally. Working!
  8. RamsTV

    Cleared cache, tried private browsing window already. Still doesnt work.
  9. RamsTV

    Not working down under... Not sure I'm the correct target audience for Drayton Manor either....
  10. RamsTV

    Really frustrating. Obviously having big technical issues. Hoping they'll sort this soon. Hoping they are reading this thread (although I've also emailed them).
  11. RamsTV

    Same here. Debating whether I should make the trip from Australia for a trip to Drayton Manor.
  12. RamsTV

    Not able to get stream in Australia. Just given loads of ads.....
  13. Joe McClaren interview re: Scouting

    Well this goes some way to explain why we don't sign many players from overseas. The stats on players in leagues dissimilar to the championship are down-weighted. This could possibly mean that an awesome player (statistically) in a Spanish League might have similar stats to an average player in the Championship. I'm not expressing an opinion on this. Scouting is obviously a very complicated task with many factors involved. Statistics being only part of the story.
  14. RamsTV

    I received this response directly from the EFL with regard to Sky games being broadcast in Australia: 'In terms of EFL broadcast rights in Australia, at present we can only advise that discussions remain ongoing and, if and when, any rights package is agreed for this territory it will be announced in due course.' Not very helpful. But at least we know that somebody is talking to somebody....
  15. RamsTV

    Your story seems similar to mine. I'm extremely surprised that the rights don't seem to have been awarded in Australia and NZ yet. It's money for old rope, given (as I assume) the large amount of EFL followers down under. I can only assume mass incompetence at some level behind the scenes. I've tried to get more info and have contacted both Beinsports and the EFL directly. But I've had no response from the latter and the former just gave vague answers about the rights not being announced. I managed to watch the match the other day by signing up to Bet365 and depositing $10 into my bet account. I managed to get a pop-out screen large enough to fill most of my computer screen. Worked out ok, but I'd prefer not to have signed up for this. It made be very uncomfortable signing up to a betting site and there were several enticements to get me to put down a bet. I refuse to bet - it's dangerous, especially for somebody with an addictive personality. But needs must. I think I will be able to watch most Sky matches this way and I'd recommend giving it a go (with caution).

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