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  1. The reality is

    'Like you say'...
  2. RamsTV

    I wish they'd show replays of controversial incidents for us viewing from home (and overseas). It seems that the feed that we are watching is the feed that goes into the stadium and as a result we don't get to see the controversial incidents. Is there any way that the club could do two different feeds? One for us at home and one for the stadium? Just in case anybody from the club is reading this.
  3. RamsTV

    Working now for me.
  4. RamsTV

    No live video for me yet. Radio Derby stream working. ?
  5. RamsTV

    I did it by using Chrome on my android tablet. When the video isn't maximised, I toggle between the audio and video tabs above the video. Works pretty well. Sorry I didn't respond until after the match - I've only just seen your question.
  6. RamsTV

    Finally managed to get it to work with the app on Android. Annoyed. Frustrated.
  7. RamsTV

    Yes. I can't get it to work. Been trying for 15 mins. Very frustrating (again).

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