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  1. Brexit or Eurin?

    Let's be fair here he's bought 30,000 acres (+!) Since about 2010. He must have spent 200-250 million quid, hasn't done it for £90 an acre subsidy it's an inheritance tax dodge job. Can effectively pass on £250 million tax free under the agrictural tax relief, not that i blame him mind you
  2. Las Vegas

    Well I'm glad you agree with me as Eddie said that guns weren't only designed for killing people. You're not quite right on your sport/recreation analysis mind, they can both be both. I won't bother with the animal shooting on here I know my opinion won't be popular I've a SGC and a FAC none of my guns are left lying around the house they're all in the cabinet, just because a guns not owned by the military doesn't mean it's left lying around 🙄 I'm not saying gun control is bad I definitely don't see why any civilians need an assault rifles in the us, but it's easy to say from outside they should implement new laws or whatever. but it's a different culture over there the right to gun ownership is ingrained in their law not to mention that it's much harder to implement country wide controls with the way their states and the laws within them are set out.
  3. Las Vegas

    Not necessarily true, 300 million privately held firearms in the usa that will be more than their police and military combined. I mean there's 1.5 million in the UK, wouldn't even be surprised if that was more than the police and the military combined either
  4. Las Vegas

    That's not true though is it. Yes it is a potential use, but you look at the majority of guns (not just in the us but all around the world) and they are designed, purchased and used for recreation and/or sport
  5. Las Vegas

    To be fair it's probably only 6 years since that taxi driver went round shooting people in Cumbria. and Australia, for a country of 20 odd million people have had plenty of shootings over the years. Not saying gun control doesn't help, don't see much reason for civilians to have automatic weapons in the us. Just it not really comparable to here, different culture over there to be fair
  6. Any car fanatics out there.

    I like tractors and big diesel engines, but can't beat a nice rotary
  7. Apple

    I broke my s7 a few weeks ago so was looking at the likes of the huawei, s8 and Google pixel. I'd have had the pixel out of any of those but couldn't justify £450. So looked at the Samsung a5 or the Motorola g5s, half the price and to be honest I have hardly notoced the difference going from the s7 to the a5 outside of the screen size and battery lasting much longer on the a5.
  8. Joe Ledley Signed - Until January

    Always happy to increase the Welsh contingent at derby, he'll be a fans favorite if he plays with the passion he does for Wales. Shame he's never fit
  9. Apple

    Data transfer from phone to phone is great with smart switch NFC on on both phones and it transfers everything, puts all the home screens as they were on the old phone and transfers all the setting over too. If you mean data transfer to a computer I don't know because I don't own one
  10. Apple

    Make sure they're the fast charging ones the standard wireless ones are painfully slow
  11. Apple

    Pretty much the same for me liked the screen on my 7edge but pain in the arse moving it to small screen mode just to use the keyboard quickly with one hand. Qi is good especially if you have a new seat car with the charging pad in the middle
  12. Apple

    I just changed my phone went for a smaller screen than I had before , biggest problem is they're too expensive. I would guess that they'll start alternating years to release each series will be the iPhone X/ Samsung note one year and the iPhone 9 /Samsung s9 or whatever number the next year, can't see as many upgrading every year now they go up £100 a year and they're at £800 now. Barely even upgrade them year on year either
  13. Apple

    It was about well before the iris scanner Samsung does now I had one of the old nexus phones that had face unlock. I'm sure apples with work well, sometimes, I'd be very surprised if it works first time every time
  14. Apple

    I don't disagree with that because not everyone has the same size hand etc, but only place for it if they really want the whole of the front to be a screen
  15. Apple

    They'll put a fingerprint scanner on the back in the next one, facial recognition is rubbish it always is and always will be, there's will be an angle or light condition that it won't work on

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