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  1. We grow cauli, leeks and daffodils, caulis harvested all year round and leeks almost all, Daffs are just about finished for the year. haven't lost any staff they all stayed here though half of them are local anyway. Spud packing factory on the other hand has had to effectively double production so they've taken on a lot of cafe/pub workers/students for the short term or until people stop panic buying. Seasonal fruit and veg, strawberries, apples, broccoli, kale etc will be looking for staff if travel bans are in place still, veg planting season is coming up shortly too so there will likely be people looking for staff in the coming months
  2. We have various pick ups at work, couple of navaras an amorak and a l200 and had some hilux's in the past, they're all pretty good and have been reliable. amorak is more like a car got the standard vw interior and is nice to drive (and quick) but no good for me too nice inside to be getting muddy & covered in diesel and grease. Nothing wrong with the navaras the 2 we have now have been good mine is on 150k had a few bangs but still drives well. L200 much the same bit nicer to drive but not much use for towing or going over 60mph. Have heard the old 2.5 Isuzu were good but I've never been in one. I wouldn't worry too much about higher milage, most of ours get to 150k and do a fair bit of off road they're generally built to last more than a normal car in my opinion. Don't need to worry about cambelts in the Navara, chain driven unless you can hear it rattle it doesn't need changing. They will basically all do 25mpg
  3. So person 1 buys a car worth 75% of annual income, and person 2 buys one worth 33% of his income, and you're trying to say it's unfair the first one pays a higher percentage of their income in vat?? You aren't comparing the same thing (plus vat is a flat rate)
  4. Bet he would love to, but Liechtenstein only give 72 residence permits a year
  5. You can voluntarily pay more if you want to, presumably you do?
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