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  1. A new Cold War

    Something something Jeremy Corbyn wait for evidence before you believe
  2. A new Cold War

    And the fact that a senior BBC executive would write it down then give it to a tax lawyer seems at least an unusual thing to do
  3. A new Cold War

    I'm not sure left and right of brexit are the same of left and right for the parties on the UK on the basis that most of the parties had supporters of both sides
  4. A new Cold War

    Didn't say they didn't/don't think they don't. Still doesn't take away from the irony though. I think it's difficult to have a 100% impartial news source as its people writing/editing reports I don't think a person can have no opinion on something. I'm not even sure the photo was edited outside of the red filter which I don't think is unusual being both the BBC and labours house style colour
  5. A new Cold War

    Doesnt matter you aren't forced to have a TV. Still trying to argue against bias with a more biased source
  6. A new Cold War

    It's slightly ironic replying with a link to a website that produces, almost exclusively, anti conservative articles
  7. A new Cold War

    She wouldn't give me the evidence either, it's disgusting. they should be putting the evidence of an ongoing investigation in the public domain.
  8. A new Cold War

    I think the Russians are the only ones with any sort of answer to those questions, being the only place to have produced it, the only ones to know it's formula and likely being the only ones who will have tested it and known it's potency or even what effects it has when used
  9. A new Cold War

    I think you missed the sarcasm and/or reference to David icke
  10. Southampton - Mark Hughes

    I think Mark Hughes gets more stick than he deserves, took Stoke from the classic Tony pulis hoofball sort to a team that played, or tried to play, football and has had pretty good results
  11. Moaninho

    Don't disagree, but why didn't the managers at Bayern, real, Barca or city snap him up? Hadn't proved himself by that point?
  12. Moaninho

    Not that I'm supporting mourinho I think he's a *******
  13. Moaninho

    In fairness he wasnt the best playmaker in the world when they sold him, more a good young player with potential which is why he went to Wolfsburg who were a top 10 bundesliga side rather than being signed by Bayern or real or someone. Wasn't until his first full season with Wolfsburg he was classed as one of the best imo
  14. A new Cold War

    Maybe don't want a former double agent killed in secret, possibly sending a message out to others or something
  15. Brexit or Eurin?

    This is the main reason I've changed my view and come round to supporting leave, don't want to stay in if they're controlling anything

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