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  1. Gritters

    Leave it ice over I say, your pride and joy in the hedge then
  2. Brexit or Eurin?

    This still isn't how a poll works, they take a representative sample of the whole demographic, so they wouldn't ask the teachers at one school on a labour stronghold
  3. Brexit or Eurin?

    I'm not sure you've quite grasped the concept of a poll . It's taking a representative sample of the population of whatever opinion they're trying to find out, so in this case a poll is obviously not going to ask every teacher but it will take a smaller sample representative of the whole lot & is fair to assume it would be remotely accurate
  4. To be fair it is In thailand they'll pay the bribe the judge requires or just not turn up to any of the court dates
  5. Brexit or Eurin?

    It's paid into the business, so a tenant farmer is paid the subsidy as they are the one farming the land ie the landowner isn't being paid the subsidy. A few years ago there was a way around this but the cap reforms around 2010ish stopped it so you have to be actively farming the subsidy you claim. Farm subsidies should continue to taper down as they are imo. Personally don't think they should exist, but can't cut them over night so tapering down from land based payments to rural development is the best way to do it I will add most of the large land holders aren't buying up land for the subsidy as the pay back on the investment would be very slow, you get agricultural tax relief on again land for your inheritance which is the biggest driver behind the buying up of land
  6. Brexit or Eurin?

    Not true, got to be actively farming the land to get any subsidy, apart from some stewardship schemes for field margins for wildlife encouragement no one is being subsidised not to farm. We have some European workers to be fair it's not too hard to find seasonal British workers, none of them want to go on the books though which is why we have the Europeans sadly. Not too worried though fairly confident there will be a seasonal agricultural working visa
  7. NHS

    Can be both fantastic and awful, virtually impossible to be only fantastic when they have to cater for the whole population of 60+ million, that said it's still better than most if not all health services across the world imo.
  8. Bin Collection

    Every other week for black bags here they're looking like they're moving it to three weeks for black bags now though, orange bags for recycling are collected every week though
  9. Brexit or Eurin?

    Let's be fair here he's bought 30,000 acres (+!) Since about 2010. He must have spent 200-250 million quid, hasn't done it for £90 an acre subsidy it's an inheritance tax dodge job. Can effectively pass on £250 million tax free under the agrictural tax relief, not that i blame him mind you
  10. Las Vegas

    Well I'm glad you agree with me as Eddie said that guns weren't only designed for killing people. You're not quite right on your sport/recreation analysis mind, they can both be both. I won't bother with the animal shooting on here I know my opinion won't be popular I've a SGC and a FAC none of my guns are left lying around the house they're all in the cabinet, just because a guns not owned by the military doesn't mean it's left lying around 🙄 I'm not saying gun control is bad I definitely don't see why any civilians need an assault rifles in the us, but it's easy to say from outside they should implement new laws or whatever. but it's a different culture over there the right to gun ownership is ingrained in their law not to mention that it's much harder to implement country wide controls with the way their states and the laws within them are set out.
  11. Las Vegas

    Not necessarily true, 300 million privately held firearms in the usa that will be more than their police and military combined. I mean there's 1.5 million in the UK, wouldn't even be surprised if that was more than the police and the military combined either
  12. Las Vegas

    That's not true though is it. Yes it is a potential use, but you look at the majority of guns (not just in the us but all around the world) and they are designed, purchased and used for recreation and/or sport
  13. Las Vegas

    To be fair it's probably only 6 years since that taxi driver went round shooting people in Cumbria. and Australia, for a country of 20 odd million people have had plenty of shootings over the years. Not saying gun control doesn't help, don't see much reason for civilians to have automatic weapons in the us. Just it not really comparable to here, different culture over there to be fair
  14. Any car fanatics out there.

    I like tractors and big diesel engines, but can't beat a nice rotary
  15. Apple

    I broke my s7 a few weeks ago so was looking at the likes of the huawei, s8 and Google pixel. I'd have had the pixel out of any of those but couldn't justify £450. So looked at the Samsung a5 or the Motorola g5s, half the price and to be honest I have hardly notoced the difference going from the s7 to the a5 outside of the screen size and battery lasting much longer on the a5.

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