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  1. Trivia: Floodlights

    I know at the mcg they have heat lamps on half the pitch in the winter because the shade from the stands means the grass on half the pitch grows a lot more quickly
  2. Come, come, come, nuclear bomb

    Well it's a good job apple don't source any of their products from China then isn't it. Oh hold on a second.
  3. Come, come, come, nuclear bomb

    That's an easy one though, the us can get a favourable trade deal with most other resource holding countries. where as North Korea trade virtually exclusively with china who also happen to be one of the biggest threats to the us economy...
  4. Think before you gif

    You can't use the yellow ones you might offend the simpsons
  5. World Athletics Championships

    Leave him alone he fought tooth and needle back to the top
  6. General Election 8th June

    So roughly translated from political waffle he was saying 'yeah we're not going to do anything, because there isn't money available' ?
  7. Y NOT Wash out

    No. It's a risk you take when you go to a festival. Every year at least one of the festival's ends up a proper mud bath, download and glasto got away with it this year
  8. State pension age goes up to 68

    They already have though in many industries, even in building/construction you cut the number of labourers you need with forklifts/telehandler moving pallets about, post bangers replace people digging the holes for posts, even the power floats on concrete means one man can do the work of about 5 by hand. I mean yeah you aren't going to get a robot doing the lead work on a roof but not many jobs are safe from automation.
  9. State pension age goes up to 68

    Sensible, life expectancy increases increase the age you get your pension at. Alternative is keep it the same age but decrease payments though that wouldn't be popular
  10. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    The bit you eat comes out of a shell so a seed probably
  11. If those are the statistics, I can't really see the issue tbh
  12. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    Jeremy vines radio show, does my head in arguing for the sake of it most days
  13. Summer Festivals

    Been to download already, enough festivals for this year now
  14. New kit revealed 7th July

    Not bad, might buy it when it's £15 at the end of the season
  15. worst car you've had

    Is it the 1.6? If so both of those issues are probably caused by a leaking injector seal, cheap and easy to fix done it on my Peugeot with the same engine

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