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  1. A lot of fair shouts on here but personally I’d go for Ravenelli or Claude Davis. To be the worst you have to be the worst value for money. We’ve had some truly awful footballers through the doors (I’m looking at you Blessing Kaku and co) but the 2 mentioned are the worst for high cost vs expectation and output. Ravenelli nearly bankrupted us and we had to pay him for an eternity, made worse by his initial good start, but seeing his hunched, ageing frame balloon a sitter to miss the chance to beat lowly Walsall away resonates as the low we hit with him as a spent, expensive force. Davis for me looked the best defender in the league at Preston. Pretty sure he was a rock in the team we couldn’t conquer in the playoffs. But came to us for a fairly lofty fee at the time and suddenly lost the ability to play football. That 50p head filled me with dread anytime the ball was airborne. Shocking.
  2. Not sure the year exactly, early on at pride park, but we had ‘one vision’ by queen. Was an edited version that had the opening bars play for an eternity, with the guitar finally kicking in when the teams came out. Only vividly remember it ‘cos the intro rang for so long with the sort of ominous “ohhh ummm” on loop.
  3. Being born in Derby is the obvious main reason... but I wasn’t bothered about watching football until aged about 9, my best mates dad was team doctor for the day, as the usual one wasn’t available, so took us both along with him. Got to see the behind the scenes, sit in directors box and see us beat Swindon 3-1. Hooked. FYI he only had to stitch up lee mills’ eyebrow.
  4. As alluded to above, I vividly remember the chilis and rod Stewart gigs being revealed as not very profitable at all. Probably hence why there’s being nothing similar since.
  5. Not sure it was specifically down to the keeper but I vividly remembering when we drew 0-0 at home to Crewe in 2004 it felt like one of the most one sided games I’d ever seen and couldn’t believe we hadn’t won.
  6. Red_ram


    He’s not the long term solution but it was his general calmness last night that helps breed confidence at the back. There was the one flap very late on but felt far more confident with him between the sticks. With Clarke too, the whole defensive unit looked far happier.
  7. Yeah waghorn was a better defender than attacker largely but Marriott had 2 very good chances. For me when slipped in by bird he controls with the wrong foot, taking him wider. Maybe it’s rustiness but you’d have bet on both to go in last season. And spent too long flapping his arms first half instead of putting himself about. Agree the energy up top definitely adds the extra dimension, be it jack or otherwise.
  8. Can’t tell if this is trolling or not. Clough’s last season is what finally lost me as a season ticket holder after about 15 years. Just looked up specifics and it was deciding to not bother going to festive fixtures vs Blackpool and the aforementioned scunny games and feeling strangely vindicated as we lost both. I remember even home victories vs leicester being painful as Nigel would shut up shop and invite pressure if we established a lead. The timing of clough going always felt harsh cos he did a good job on a shoe string but he reached his ceiling; he wasn’t tactically astute enough to take this group any further. If not progressing since is seeing the most scintillating football since jim smith under Mac 1, then count me in to not progress again. Credit where credits due, great budget signings and keeping us going, but it’s no coincidence even forest haven’t been desperate enough to take a punt. Rose tinted specs off now please.
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