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  1. Interesting how opinions polarise. I’m a fan of lowe’s but didn’t think he was great tonight. Did some good stuff going forward but looked shaky defensively. Couple of times her tried to burst past the winger but got tackled etc. Thought Beilik also looked shaky first 10 mins, but once settled was fantastic; we looked a threat once he started pinging passes, and he put in some great challenges even on a yellow. The composure of him, shinnie and evans second half was a catalyst for being on the front foot. Buchanan was having a very assured game and then scored a lovely finish. Knight really impressed too. Several lost causes he got corners or throws out of through trickery and nous, as well as good general play. Big fan of sibley too, but echo the sentiments that he just needs to take the edge off a bit and be cleverer about it. Hamer save was astounding, thought it was in, so nice start for him too. Only slight negatives, aside from the symptoms of changing a full 11, were Bennett and Bird didn’t make much of a mark, aside from one run in the second half. And Marriott looked a bit rusty and stroppy for some reason. Could have backfired but ended up being a useful exercise. Another small club away in the next round though.
  2. I’m watching but without sound. What’s going on? Presume the girl in blue pre booked the pitch for lacrosse and it’s all got a bit awkward?
  3. Read a piece on this guy on the bbc a month or 2 ago. Stuck in the memory as he was Derby born. Also from memory he’d made only the odd appearance but was hoping to kick on. So a loan is as believable like any of Chelsea, Liverpool etc farming out their kids.
  4. First reaction was “oh!”. Having had time to consider thoughts, I like it. I rarely like or buy shirts as they feel like lazy rehashes/templated with little effort since the great late 90s individual ones. This one feels different and ‘designed’ (until we see everyone else in Umbro in the same anyway lol). Probably in the minority though as most seem happy with the bland each season.
  5. For all the chuntering, I ‘get’ today’s selection. I think had we not conceded before half time it would have gone to plan; keep it level pegging and then utilise a fresh Marriott when they’re flagging and start to turn the screw. Not what we want to watch maybe but there’s some logic. The problem in the main was sitting too deep through fear so when we did get forward, first half especially, there was very little support. Don’t think mason did much wrong, but a thankless task. Weirdly, barring Roos’ mistake I don’t think anyone had a bad game per se, just not enough good performances.
  6. Keogh all day long. Been saying to me colleagues I hope we get promoted for his sake as much as my own desire to see us back in the prem. The stick he's taken over the years has been criminal. He's not the perfect centre back, if he was he wouldn't be in the Championship and wouldn't be at Derby, and, despite the flack, he'd run through a brick wall for this club. A rarity in this day and age. 2nd - local lad mason 3rd - Lawrence due to recent events 4th - Seth Johnson, in a weird twist of admin errors
  7. Random mish mash from me. osman - we’ve got some quality this season but this guy carried us on his own. tomori - honestly wasn’t sure at first as he seemed to lose anything airborne at first, but been great. mount - just quality. Simple as. ince - pleasant surprise that he found his old self. Surprise to everyone judging by the fairly meagre agreed fee. now to go left field to mix it up (not actually the best): tommy Mooney - the fog of time descends but I remember us being in the proverbial at the time and desperate for players and remember this guy putting in a good shift and being sad when couldn’t retain him. chris makin - it’s low when you borrow players from Leicester but I remember him being a proper solid defender. No bells and whistles but did his job well. mattias svensson - fleeting stay but did well in a short time. Hossan ghaly - a rare bit of quality in amongst dross. michael tonge - might have been rubbish but I remember him doing alright mounir el hamadoui - absolute quality, unfortunately crocked. Now for the fun bit. Players we thought were ok/average/rubbish who went on to better things? I’d have: Whittingham livermore Tom carroll bannan adam Smith jesse lingard michael Keane
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