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    MidWalesRam reacted to biellaram in v Blackburn Rovers (H) - Matchday Thread   
    ......beggars belief..
    After the performance of the season, where we played without key players and replaced them with young lads from the academy, you have to start off with that anti Cocu comments? An opinion is one thing, but this seems like an agenda. 
    Since Mac, Cocu is the only manager to revitalise the amazing Chris Martin and incorporate him back into the team. He’s coaching the players to be better.
    Bogle’s performance levels have dipped but he’s not playing with our no 1 centre half for the last few years and we need CH reinforcements.
    So seriously, what has he got to do to win you over?
  2. Clap
    MidWalesRam reacted to WharfedaleRam in v Man Utd (H) - Cup Predictions   
    Rams 0 United 3
  3. Clap
    MidWalesRam reacted to DCFC1388 in v Man Utd (H) - Cup Predictions   
    Derby 0 Man Utd 3
  4. Clap
    MidWalesRam reacted to Mick Brolly in v Man Utd (H) - Cup Predictions   
  5. Clap
    MidWalesRam reacted to Grimbeard in v Man Utd (H) - Cup Predictions   
    Derby 0-3 Manchester.
    FRGS: n/a
  6. Clap
    MidWalesRam reacted to rammieib in v Man Utd (H) - Cup Predictions   
    lose 3-0.
    NO Rams scorer
  7. Haha
    MidWalesRam reacted to 1967RAMS in v Sheffield Wednesday (A) - Matchday Thread   
    Just not the English 
  8. Haha
    MidWalesRam reacted to jono in v QPR (a) - Matchday Thread   
    Thanks for that ( I really mean it ) .. drives me mad with the way they announce the team. Can’t they just group defenders/mids and what not together .. jeez doing like this means I have to work my few remaining grey cells 🤣... mind you as an ageing grump I still think the notional first team should have numbers 1-11 with 7 and 11 being wide players and 10 being  a second striker. 5 and 6 CB’s and all that 
    I mean ! 42 ? Where does he play in an 11 man team 🤣. I thought that was the answer to life the universe and everything 
  9. Like
    MidWalesRam got a reaction from mozza in v Huddersfield (H) - Predictions   
    Derby 1-1 Huddersfield
    FRGS Lawrence
  10. Clap
    MidWalesRam got a reaction from gccrowdpleaser in v Huddersfield (H) - Predictions   
    Derby 1-1 Huddersfield
    FRGS Lawrence
  11. Haha
    MidWalesRam reacted to Steve How Hard? in Steve McClaren on Sky Football Centre   
    We knead to emulate that.
  12. Clap
    MidWalesRam reacted to Ambitious in Mike Te Wierik - Signed pre contract, joining in the summer   
    If anyone wants to track his progression, it's really easy to find Eredivisie games online in their entirety in high definition. I watched the first half of the game against Ajax, which they won 2-1, to see what kind of player and team Groningen are. It was a very useful insight. 
    You can see why Groningen don't concede many goals; I'd love to say it's all down to the magic of #4 but the truth is that their entire team is full of animals. They have a explosive players all over the pitch, by explosive I mean athletic competitors who don't make it easy for the other team - more so than the much more talented Ajax side who were leagues ahead in technical ability but were still disrupted by Gronigens battle ready approach. A player on loan from Swansea, Joel Asoro, was the full embodiment of that - tireless worker, who would compete for every loss cause and caused no end of problems for the Ajax backline. 
    On to Mike Te Wierik, in half a game it's incredibly difficult to see what we could potentially get. Nevertheless, I just wanted to see what he was like physically to see if we were going to get another Albentosa or not. It was pleasing to see that not be the case. He's not a head-and-kick type of defender, he avoids going man-for-man and reads the game well that he's able to jump ahead of the striker - he made a lot more interceptions than he did clearances, i.e. he's more incline to get ahead of his man than he is to stand behind him. It's an aggressive approach and Groningen play a high line to achieve it. He's no slouch, either. He's not Tomori in terms of pace but he's certainly an athletic player and doesn't mind running shoulder to shoulder with players who are renowned for being quick. He stands up extremely well in that regard. He's definitely what I would describe as a ball playing centre half, he's very much the Keogh of Groningen's team and would be tasked with the one to bring it out. In this game his CB partner would more likely put it down the wings whereas Te Wierik would look to play it into feet at every opportunity. He's very composed on the ball, but his decision making is very quick. He doesn't take too many touches - I think the Groningen manager can take some credit for that because they were very well drilled when playing out from the back, plenty of options and everyone seemed to know their next pass. The cons, although I didn't see many in the 45 minutes I saw, I did think that his reaction to danger at times was a little delayed - there was a couple of times, he would jog when he should be running and it culminated in him having to sprint. It could also be down to his partner, but it seemed like they would stray from each other and the gap between them would be too big, it could be down to a number of reasons in fairness, perhaps even tactically they wanted a wide back line - just not often seen. 
    The other Groningen players that caught my eye, although both not in exactly problem positions - Daniel Van Kaam (CDM/CM) and Dayovaisio Zeefuik (RB). Van Kaam was their stand out for technical ability in a team that is built on athleticism. He is neat and tidy with the ball and moved the ball up the pitch. He's only made a handful of appearances for them, but he looked to have a lot of ability. Zeefuik is a player that would I imagine would quickly become a favourite - he's extremely fast, he's an outstanding competitor and he's very good on the ball. He signed for next to nothing from Ajax, bizarrely, despite being first choice for the Holland U21 side - I'd imagine he has a huge sell on fee, but he'd be a great option should Bogle leave. 
    As for Ajax, they had a 17 year old that I would imagine will soon become an extremely well known player - Ryan Gravenberch - from what I can gather it was his worst performance for Ajax since breaking through, but you could tell he just had it. Outstanding.
  13. Like
    MidWalesRam reacted to Steve How Hard? in v Stoke (H) - Matchday thread   
    Wisdom is an absolute man mountain. Only saw it once but it appeared that he didn't even flinch when Clucas hit that free kick right at his bonce late on in the game. 99% of players would have ducked out of the way of that. 
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    MidWalesRam reacted to B4ev6is in Goodbye geouge thorn and thankyou   
    Well geouge thorn I want wish you well and goodbye sorry never worked out for you here. But I will always remmber that goal against doncaster rovers but I hope you can get fit again and play for oxfored untied. But I know how frusrated must have been seeing everyone else playing and training and you cant or be in the stands watching the game if were winning great but if were losing I bet you just wanted lace those boots again and be the hero by getting the winner.
    All the best from B4 and rest mighty Derby county fans.
    Maybe we shall meet again but next time maybe part coaching staff.
  15. Haha
    MidWalesRam reacted to Cam the Ram in He's the one...   
  16. Like
    MidWalesRam reacted to Nuwtfly in He's the one...   
    I know there's a few threads about this guy, but this quote from the weekend took my love for him to another level. 
    I think he gets us now. I think he gets what this club is all about. Love it, Phil 👊🐏

  17. Clap
    MidWalesRam reacted to SIXTEEN AGAIN in Sky changes   
    Home membership is good value I can't get to most games but 20% off plus one free one and an almost guaranteed ticket is good.
    Done 5 home games so far and with the free one I am averaging £30 a game for the £36 tickets, a season ticket would have been £619 where I normally sit If I went to every game with my member ship it would be only £674, so miss 2 matches and you are up.
    Also the opportuntity to move seats if you happen to get near a mouthy Bamford in the vicinity.
  18. Clap
    MidWalesRam reacted to Rosythram in New: Manager or not   
    I think your the Coco or should that read clown!
  19. Clap
    MidWalesRam reacted to LeedsCityRam in New: Manager or not   
    More nonsense from the hysterical brigade. Southampton are top division with some decent players - they had a horrible result against the bindippers then have markedly improved. Please explain how that compares to losing 3 quality loan players and a club captain after a drink driving crash whilst simultaneously recovering from the disappointment of a playoff final defeat?
    Oh and what exactly is the reason why you call him 'Coco', leaving aside the nauseating arrogance which permeates most of your other posts?
  20. Clap
    MidWalesRam reacted to Derby blood in Let's stop the booing   
    Once again, like most seasons, even if we are around the top 6, the boo boys love to boo and moan, today was poor, but booing 19 year old Bogle and 18 year old Knight is not on, get behind the team or stay away, today in the east stand one bloke, and he had a point told one fellow fan to shut his mouth else he will do it for him, now I am not saying that's right but some of u moaners really do push your luck, when the team are playing badly, which we are now, we all know that, we need to support the team more, and get behind them, they need confidence, playing youth at pp is a big risk, because us fans can kill there confidence with the booing and moaning, my message is a simple one support us or do one. 
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    MidWalesRam reacted to B4ev6is in Come Derby win for jim smith   
    I am calling all of Derby players to show passion in the shirt but most of all send him to old bbg in the sky above with a win and performance he would be pround of you. I am call the stands to hold scaves flags and everyone chanting bald eagle barmy army. Let him know that we all loved him and he will be missed. 
    So come on lads do it for jim smith and win promation for him.
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    MidWalesRam got a reaction from 1967Ram in Keogh Sacked   
    Yeah so does the team at the moment!
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    MidWalesRam got a reaction from Squid in Keogh Sacked   
    Yeah so does the team at the moment!
  24. Like
    MidWalesRam reacted to Squid in Keogh Sacked   
    I miss Keogh
  25. Like
    MidWalesRam reacted to BondJovi in v QPR (H) Match Thread   
    I watched it all. They didn't do much at all until the last 10, played against 10 from 50 mins onwards. Reminds me of some effective Davies/Rowett cross. If we could be as clinical...
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