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    MidWalesRam reacted to Rosythram in Abu Derby County   
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    MidWalesRam got a reaction from Grumpy Git in This is kind of sad   
    Huddersfield away possibly Boxing day 1995. We won 1 nil a Ron Willems goal, ground a result from a poor game and was by far the coldest game I've ever been to. Roker Park later in that same season was bloody cold as well but we lost that one 3-0 to compound the misery!
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    MidWalesRam reacted to Dean (hick) Saunders in This is kind of sad   
    I was thinking that Huddersfield game too. Rowett was playing for us then.
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    MidWalesRam got a reaction from Malagaram in New Manager   
    He was in the dressing room afterwards apparently , according to the Birmingham Evening Mail. I think he was banned from the touchline for one match.
  5. Clap
    MidWalesRam reacted to kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong in v Swansea (H) - Match Thread   
    Just for the footy get yourself a chrome book,they are very cheap new but run rams tv perfectly,they update themselves in seconds not hours and you don’t need anti virus protection as it’s all built in (they are cloud based).....basically a zero hassle option for entertainment.
    (and just connect to your tv with a hdmi lead if you want to watch it on there,which is what I do)
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    MidWalesRam reacted to DCFC1388 in Abu Derby County   
    "Not heard anything from the club, we're a shambles"
    Club makes a statement with an update on the takeover
    "Why are they doing that"
    Club just can't win can they
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    MidWalesRam reacted to Ghost of Clough in Abu Derby County   
  8. Haha
    MidWalesRam reacted to NottsRammy in Abu Derby County   
    The takeover ain't happening get used to it , 2 failed attempts already and this was imminent 6 months ago,  it stinks . The fans deserve better from the whole board I've liked mel Morris but his silence on this now stinks , and he is deffo blotting his copy book for me . We deserve as fans now to learn something more concrete as this is truly shocking . 
  9. COYR
    MidWalesRam got a reaction from Premier ram in v Millwall (A) - Predictions   
    Millwall 0-2 Derby
    FRGS  Lawrence
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    MidWalesRam reacted to 86 Hair Islands in Abu Derby County   
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    MidWalesRam reacted to ramseyram in New Manager   
    Either Rooney or Terry will see us relegated, no doubt about that. Get Phil Parkinson in or danny cowley they will keep us up. Just glad I haven't had to waste the time and money attending games this season. If I was a buyer I would be holding off before considering buying in to this, go down and could be trapped in league 1 for a few years. 
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    MidWalesRam got a reaction from RoyMac5 in New Manager   
    His hometown club ? That would be York City then!
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    MidWalesRam reacted to Kathcairns in Abu Derby County   
    Hi im new to this forum. Nice to meet everyone
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    MidWalesRam reacted to LB_DCFC in Cocu left by mutual consent   
    This one hurts. I wanted so badly for it to work out. Good luck Phillip
  15. Haha
    MidWalesRam reacted to Mucker1884 in Nagtive steel doing my head In   
    He is a bit, but he knows the drill.
  16. Clap
    MidWalesRam reacted to Inverurie Ram in Back Cocu   
    As it seems ok and acceptable to some of our supporters to suggest to Sack Cocu, but not ok and acceptable for me to suggest to Sack a Fan for creating such, with my thread being removed. I wonder in this world of so called equality, if this positive post will remain, to Back Cocu?
    A man I believe that is building a team, a squad that will succeed, who is building our players to play football that will spring into life with an organised, controlled, possession style of football with a greater attacking approach when he believes we are solid and hard to break down at the back, and I believe we will see us progress in a positive and healthy manner under a successful long term plan.
    The great business in selling JB and ML and replacing them well, with players that will help push this team further forward when other players return to create his team, that he had to rebuild and is rebuilding to achieve levels we have not reached in a very long time.
    Do fans have so little faith thesedays?.......Do we have to judge people so quickly?.......Do we have to jump to conclusions without all the facts?......Do we have to keep changing the rules of the game, that don't need changing? (offsides, penalties, VAR etc) 
    If anyone can suggest sacking someone surely that includes everyone involved, therefore can Cocu suggest folk on here to be sacked?
    Anyway I think @RadioactiveWastemight get my drift and if we build together I believe we could all be part of something special worth building, but if those that want to keep knocking down what some of us want to build well it's unfortunately going to take longer!
  17. Cheers
    MidWalesRam got a reaction from desirelines in v Watford (H) - Predictions   
    Derby 3-0 Watford
    FRGS Byrne
  18. Clap
    MidWalesRam reacted to Monty in Charlie Austin - joined QPR on loan   
    Either way sure he’ll be a great Ambassador for the club 
  19. COYR
    MidWalesRam reacted to DerbyRam! in Norwich City Vs Derby County   
    Rooney with a 89th minute wonder goal?
  20. Angry
    MidWalesRam reacted to norwichram61 in Message to Derby players lets start claiming black and white mountain   
    cannot be any worse than Cocu the clown
  21. COYR
    MidWalesRam reacted to Taribo in Waiting to click   
    Well well well, has everyone calmed down now after Saturday? Shocking 15 minutes and a shocker of a season start overall, HOWEVER, there’s a few positives to come back to after the international break (FYI I’ve written the Norwich game off):
    Waghorn, Lawrence, Bielik to come back from injury.
    Ibe & Duncan to get match fit.
    Jozwiak and MTW to get fully up to speed with the team.
    Marriott & Holmes to refind their sharpness.
    New striker. 
    We’ll be reet 
  22. Cheers
    MidWalesRam reacted to David in Haydon Roberts   
    Fixed for you and used a link to the original source, not the rehash 
  23. Clap
    MidWalesRam reacted to Jourdan in Jordon Ibe - Signed on a 2 year deal   
    For the record, I was born in Derby, grew up in Derby, my grandparents lived on Molineux Street just around the corner from the BBG, and I had a season ticket from the age of 11 until I first left home at 18. Even when living away from home, I still try to make as many games as possible, such as  flying back from Porto twice in two weeks for the play-off games in 2019.
    It’s unkind to question someone’s support just because their point of view is different to your own. I don’t mind you questioning my opinions. Go right ahead.
    To respond to your post, if our finances are as bad as suggested, we can’t afford to get much more wrong in the transfer market and even a free transfer of this magnitude carries a lot of risk.
    Let’s say Ibe will be on £20,000 a week for two years, as a conservative estimate. That’s £2 million minimum before you take into account signing on fees and agent fees and all the other associated costs. It’s a big commitment for a club in our position.  
    If it doesn’t work out and we don’t manage to get him back on track, that’s more millions down the drain and we are back to square one.
    I can see how there could be a lot of upside to this move. Ibe obviously has talent and could come in and be a revelation and bag 10 goals and 10 assists and drive us up the table.
    But there is just as much chance that we are expecting somewhere close to the same player we had on loan five years ago and we end up being frustrated and disappointed.
    But what will be will be. If he joins and becomes a Derby player, we have to hope for the best.
  24. Like
    MidWalesRam got a reaction from Wsm-ram in Kamil Jóźwiak - Signed 4 year deal   
    Yep, I remember clubcall, about £1 a minute for zero information. I still used to ring it though!
  25. Haha
    MidWalesRam got a reaction from AlvoRam! in Kamil Jóźwiak - Signed 4 year deal   
    Yep, I remember clubcall, about £1 a minute for zero information. I still used to ring it though!
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