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  1. (Confirmed) terrorist attack in Barcelona

    I enjoyed the challenge of "post something that isn't the Daily Mail" being met with a link to the Daily Express Glad I'm off now, so I dont get sucked into this thread. Not that I need to contribute. So far it's a repeat of every thread we have had on the subject of every terrorist attack (either Islamic state inspired or Right Wing) in the past couple of years. All I will say is that the world is in a mess and being going on for too long. It is also incredibly complex and there are clearly no easy answers. If there were then it wouldn;t still be ongoing So if your contribution to this thread is angry simplistic rhetoric then please think again and try to be as constructive as you can. We all want the same thing - a peaceful world, and that can only be achieved by listening to others point of view and trying to understand. I'm often guilty of not doing that I admit. We all need to try a bit harder sometimes. Here's to no more idiots killing people x
  2. Come, come, come, nuclear bomb

    You are the master of false equivalence, I'll give you that. Sadly I'm off on holiday tomorrow - so our good chums on the forum will be deprived of our quasi-marital bickering for a fortnight! Suffice to say that in the US since January this year there have been 28 people killed and 58 people severely injured by right wing bigots. I can't get any figures on how many have been killed and injured by antifa this year. Google doesn't seem to be giving me any hits. It feels a lot like the answer is zero. That's false equivalence.
  3. Come, come, come, nuclear bomb

    I'll stop you there. There is no equality of culpability. You are projecting that and you are wrong. I completely disagree. Therefore every other point you make is false.
  4. Come, come, come, nuclear bomb

    I was with you up until b) Putting it mildly - that's a bit of a leap
  5. Come, come, come, nuclear bomb

    No - I apologise to communism for it being dragged into an argument that it has nothing to do with Being opposed to facism is not the same as being a communist. No matter how many times you try to pretend it is
  6. Come, come, come, nuclear bomb

    I thought we'd moved on from that argument. I was referring to your despair at MSM not showing both sides of the debate. There is very little coverage of what you call the "violent communists" in the so-caled Antifa group. But almost immediately we find that what little evidence that is out there is fabricated to prove a point. Does that not worry you?
  7. Come, come, come, nuclear bomb

    You know why I posted it - because you are banging on about "antifa" and criticising MSM, so I thought it was worth pointing out that the "other side" are indulging in fake news too. Quite frightening really that this sort of tactic is being used to radicalise white men against the "liberal left". Someone deliberately altered a photo from Greece in 2009 to look like the attacker had an Antifa logo on his back. That's messed up. Not sure how you can claim that "literally no person on earth claimed that it happened" yet the doctored image was tweeted by a verified blue tick account of a Trump activist and had over 2000 retweets and 2000 likes at the point it was screenshotted. It's been removed now that Snopes exposed it as fake. But even so - the damage is done to an extent. You claim you have evidence that "antifa" were violently attacking the nazis at Charlottesville, but how do you know that evidence is real?
  8. Love or hate cyclists?

    Yeah it's half-arsed in the UK. Cycle paths that disappear into nothing and Cycle paths that are just pavements. I've had pedestrians yell at me to use the roads when I've been cycling on the pavement around Pride Park. Actually had to march one of them up to the sign that designates it as a cycle path. If I had to cycle on those roundabouts at Pride Park in busy traffic I'd have been dead years ago. Motorists treat them like inconveniences towards them driving in a straight line
  9. Love or hate cyclists?

    the ratio applies to pedestrians too in my experience! But yeah - in Europe cycle paths are everywhere and clearly marked. Pedestrians have their own bit of pavement. Cars have..you know the roads. Seems to work pretty well
  10. Come, come, come, nuclear bomb

    And more worryingly I appear to be on the same page as Theresa May when she says http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-40948414
  11. Come, come, come, nuclear bomb

    Good job we can rely on the real truthers like your good self http://www.snopes.com/antifa-member-photographed-beating-police-officer/
  12. Come, come, come, nuclear bomb

    I dunno - Part of me quite likes the idea of going out in some sort of post-apocalyptic wilderness. With my body slowly falling to bits, whilst we barter over poisoned water with bottle tops.
  13. Love or hate cyclists?

    Good point - I should get a massive air horn. Argue with that suckers!
  14. Come, come, come, nuclear bomb

    I don't want to Edit - but I did. Pleased to see that incineration only reaches Luton at 50000kt
  15. Love or hate cyclists?

    Funnily enough I had some work nonsense on last night and was running really late for the game, so I cycled to Pride Park, up the river footpath from town. At that time 19:35-19:45 it wasn't especially busy and most people were fine as I slowed right down and politely asked to be let through, but there were a few idiots who thought angrily shouting "use your bell" at me was appropriate. I could accept that if I hadn'tr already discovered previously that pedestrians hurl even more abuse at you if you actually do ring your bell to be let past!

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