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  1. Brexit or Eurin?

    Where did you see that? on the side of a bus
  2. Brexit or Eurin?

    And therein lies the problem - it is madness. Article 50 doesn't cater for any of that stuff. It was never written for that purpose (in fact the author said it was never intended to be used at all!) So what you say in your first paragraph is exactly what A50 caters for. Problems for both sides, but considerably less of a problem for the EU Tusk just tweeted that the EU27 are ready to move onto the second phase of talks. Which suggests we have come to an agreement on how much money we will pay them..interesting
  3. Brexit or Eurin?

    I think this is the mistake people are making - the Brexit process and the future trade/operating arrangements are two totally different things, and cannot operate in parallel. There is no "deal" to be had. The only deal we have asked for is to not be a member any more after March 2019. All the stuff you mention is really important, and needs to be dealt with - but it can't be dealt with until we have left the club. It's no wonder the Tories aren't getting anywhere
  4. Brexit or Eurin?

    If you click the tweet above and read the thread, its very interesting. I'm sure it will be dismissed as scaremongering by the "wing-growers"
  5. Brexit or Eurin?

    We are still being treated as a member state - as that's what we still are. The difference is we are now a leaver - working their notice, so they are processing our exit from the company. The government & media still don't seem to get what Article 50 is all about. There is a delusion that Article 50 is where we negotiate some sort of new treaty on own terms, and it's not. It's just the bit where the EU process our exit. Bye bye - you mad British fools
  6. Brexit or Eurin?

    Treat us accordingly. As a member who has signalled notice that they want to leave the club by way of a unilateral decision. They are not demanding more money from us. They are demanding what they believe we owe by way of our previous commitments. I think they have an easier job proving what we owe than we have of wriggling out of meeting our commitments.
  7. Brexit or Eurin?

    Maybe that was a nice media spin on it - but nowhere is that written in stone I think we've already agreed in the past that holding the referendum when we did was a big mistake by Cameron. Neither side was ready to campaign properly. Neither side had any sort of plan. Triggering A50 without a plan was another massive mistake. I'm not saying there should or shouldn't be a second referendum - I was just saying that it shouldn't be discounted if it feels like the right thing to do. I'm no fan of Sturgeon, and I don't see another Scottish independence referendum happening for fun. I think if it does happen it will be triggered by whatever comes out of Brexit
  8. Derby City Centre

    Bang on. I've just got back from an overnight stay in Manchester and the streets of the city centre are literally full of homeless people and drug addicts. It's not just Derby. It's everywhere - bigger cities or smaller towns. Derby people seem to have a strong trait of wanting to do the city down, probably because we're proud of the place and it hurts when we see it has problems. Blaming the council for everything is the current fashion. They aren't wholly innocent in all of this, but I suspect that none of those beating them up could do a better job (whatever they might think) The root cause is really the ever-widening chasm of inequality. I went to the last @tombustler1884 market and sat eating my artisanal food with a £6 pint of craft ale whilst watching a poor homeless guy on Mamba keel over in the River Gardens and eventually get carted off in an ambulance. It didn't taste quite so good after that. Whatever the solution is - it has to come from politicians who want to reduce inequality. Right now I'm only seeing the Labour party even talking about doing that. I accept many people don't like them and would never vote for them on principle, but there comes a point where you have to ask them to open their eyes and STFU complaining about stuff they aren't willing to try and change
  9. Brexit or Eurin?

    Good question - at the time I hadn't really seen anything that gave me hope that the EU are prepared to reform, but actually the UK vote to leave and the subsequent ripples that has sent across the other member states makes me think that the EU now has no choice but to reform. That might be wishful thinking, but I'd disagree with that - I think that's just a reflection of our own arrogance that we view the EUs behaviour as contemptuous. In actual fact I think they've behaved exactly how you'd expect them to behave given the fact that WE voted to leave. They have to focus on the process of disengaging with us. This wasn't their decision. The fact that we seem to think they should be somehow gracious and accommodating about it. It's like me telling my wife I no longer love her and want to move out, but then telling her I want to come round and have her cook my tea every night while I save up for a microwave and a kettle, and oh can she do my washing and ironing for a while because I need to sort out my own washing machine and iron etc Simply put, What responsibility do the EU have to make our rash decision any less painful for us?
  10. Brexit or Eurin?

    Right - we don't re-run elections, but we DO have regular elections. Where people get to decide if they still want to vote the same way they did last time. And they base that on what has happened in the preceding 5 years, how the incumbent government has been performing and what the opposing parties are offering. So to criticise the thought of a second EU referendum at some point in the future isn't an affront to democracy - it IS democracy. It would be perfectly acceptable to have a future second referendum - especially if it was going spectacularly wrong or there was a clear decision to be made. Otherwise you may as well scrap elections and say "well we voted in the Tories in 2015 = we can't vote again. We've decided. It's the will of the people - we must have a Tory government whatever happens! FOREVER!"
  11. Brexit or Eurin?

    This one is weird It's an unclear question as some must be interpreting no deal = no brexit surely? Either that or they have only interviewed hardcore leave voters. It makes no sense either way as leaving with no deal is a VERY bad deal The second one, I can understand, I'm probably a re-leaver in some ways as I believe the govt have a duty to TRY and carry out the will of the people. I just think they are rapidly concluding it is impossible. That's my point
  12. Brexit or Eurin?

  13. Brexit or Eurin?

    The stars are definitely aligning for it never happening. So far there has been complete stalemate in the talks about how we exit, with hard brexit being the only workable possibility as far as the EU is concerned. Which you won't find a single informed voice saying is anything other than a disaster scenario. But then that can't happen either as hard brexit means an Irish border - which the DUP will not support, and nor will half the tories, so there is no chance of it getting through parliament ue to May's minority govt. My prediction is that May will have to resign and her successor will have no choice but to revoke A50. By that point I think enough leave voters will have seen the nightmare realities of what leaving the EU mean (which were sadly never presented clearly in the referendum) - and coupled with the death of older voters and the influx of younger voters will mean the "will of the people" swings dramatically back to remain and reform. There will either be a second referendum which remain will win comfortably, or there will be no support for wasting money on a second referendum as opinion polls will be so categoric on the expected result Granted there will still be a small percentage of hardcore leave voters who will still unfathomably want to stick with the plan to leave, and they will no doubt sully social media with their bleating for a while, but then they will eventually have to admit that "They lost, they should get over it"
  14. Depression, anxiety, stress and other related issues

    Thanks for the update - glad they are listening to you and trying something different. Spoke to my friend who is a CBT professional and she said it sounded daft that you'd been referred to group CBT based on the issues you described. She said it was almost certainly just a financial decision as it's cheaper to run group sessions than 1:1. Frustrating when the outcomes are much less positive as a result. If your next group therapy is no better then she said to push them harder for 1:1 therapy. ( I know that's easy for me to say but nothing is more important than your health so we shouldn't be afraid to stand up to being fobbed off)
  15. US or UK Comedy

    Or Bill Hicks...

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