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  1. 5pm press conference tonight to announce it's a done deal then? 🤣
  2. I don't envy whoever comes next. Been saying for a while that once we appointed Lampard and decided we were going to go for a prestigious name over an experienced "boring choice" that it's a long way back. A lot of unnecessary pressure for the new manager to live up to, players having to deal with a change in manager status (from one of the most famous England players in the modern era to...) and lastly the fans. Frank was like a bit of a fairytale - can you imagine going back to the dull plod of having a boring manager like Rowett or Nigel Clough? The only way back is if they are an immediate success - but given all the changes that's far from a given. I can see whoever comes in not lasting the season
  3. I was once in the Rhode Island Diner (or might have been the Baltimore Diner at the time) - when one of my mates waved to a friend (someone I didn't know) who was sat up the other end of the bar. I glanced over and his friend was sat at a table with a group of lads. One of whom was Stefano Eranio We beckoned his friend over and asked him how he knew Eranio - he just said "he lives next door to one of the others and his wife makes us take him out because he's got no mates - trouble is it's really irritating because he can barely speak any English so he just sits there all night saying nothing"
  4. MM going on Talksport tomorrow is intriguing. 3 possible scenarios 1) Frank has gone and Mel talks through what happened 2) Still nothing has happened and Mel just repeats the same stuff about "no approach" yadda yadda yadda 3) Frank has signed the extension and Mel spends 30 minutes just going "aaaaaaaaaaah! In your faaaaaaaaace Chelseeeeeeea!" #1 feels the most likely - but you'd like to think he'd be more pre-occupied sorting out a replacement #2 is just boring - what's the point? #3 aaaaaaaaaaah! In your faaaaaaaaace Chelseeeeeeea!
  5. It's looking like that isn't it? He has spent his entire life believing that his true destiny is to be the British PM Last week I wasn't sure that he really wanted it ,but the way it's panning out, he knows that if he doesn't get it and Brexit is a disaster - he'll be left stranded as "the guy who said it would all be ok" - and then he'll never be PM So now, despite the chalice being full of cyanide - he knows this could be his only chance. Better to be a failed PM than not be PM at all?
  6. It's OK - we'll have the last laugh, as this is really a lose-lose situation for Chelsea If Frank makes a mess of it there, then they have wrecked the reputation of their greatest player and will look pretty stupid gambling on him when he only has one season of management experience in a lower league The flipside being that if he does even a top 6 job there - the instant the England manager job comes up for grabs - he'll be off.
  7. Has anyone bought any nice lamps recently?
  8. So would you say you are with Jeremy Hunt on this one? If successful businesses are wiped out then that's just the way it is because that's what people voted for?
  9. I read this story, but couldn't understand how you could do this on a large scale - I mean isn't the place you get the food delivered to a bit of a dead giveaway?
  10. That would be flippin' hilarious! We'd get the joy of him staying AND the hilarity of the chelsea meltdowns
  11. You won - get over it! But that's part of the withdrawal agreement that TM negotiated - which we either leave under, or we leave under no deal/no withdrawal agreement. No withdrawal agreement=no 3 years implementation period. We're just out and on our own. That's my understanding anyway - but interested in alternate interpretations
  12. Haha - the referendum made no mention of a LOT of things!
  13. Not sure I follow. Article 4 of the withdrawal agreement? The point of "no deal" is that there is no withdrawal agreement isn't it? We just cease to be a member https://www.instituteforgovernment.org.uk/blog/no-deal-brexit-could-be-legal-mess
  14. Correct - it's not meant to make sense. That's the idea. I was taking the mick out of your equally nonsensical comment. You're welcome
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