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  1. StivePesley

    Penalties not to be shown on TV?

    VAR is being used, so you can up the stoppage time by about 10 minutes
  2. StivePesley

    Equality and inclusiveness in Sport

    It's only a game - yet plenty will be outraged I'm sure. 😞
  3. StivePesley

    How does this possibly happen!

    Probably at the root of it is the fact that (very often) those putting out to tender don't ever really know 100% what they want, so they devolve the responsibility for that to the bidders to interpret. That's clearly a dangerous situation as it becomes a race to the bottom.
  4. StivePesley

    How does this possibly happen!

    Not just the construction industry - exactly the same in most industries that tender work. The company I work for implemented an IT system for the customer, got it working, all was fine. Did an upgrade project a year or two later - again, all pretty much fine. The customer then wanted to do another upgrade, but another IT consultancy underbid us so much that it was a no brainer for the customer to choose them. We knew full well that there was no way they could do it for what they bid. Because they didn't have the experience of doing the original install, the previous upgrade or any of the knowledge of the customer's general IT infrastructure Lo and behold they got stuck - the customer had to then hire us as well to assist them, and it's been a nightmare, as they now try and blame us for everything that they get wrong and all the incumbent politics of a project with two competitors having to play nice. No surprise that it's already a year overdue.
  5. StivePesley

    Emiliano Sala

    Seems almost certainly to just be an "act of god" for insurance purposes. The weather was terrible and the pilot had already radioed ahead asking to make an emergency landing. So that makes it even more contentious in terms of getting a payout It would be horrible, given the outpouring of grief from Cardiff fans over a player they never saw play, if this just ended up in a nasty argument over money
  6. StivePesley

    Rolf Harris

    I'm guessing it wasn't consensual - the point being that if he'd groped her two weeks later, it would be a "normal" sex offence rather than because she's a minor it being considered a paedophilic sex offence
  7. StivePesley


    What's wrong with people? https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/karl-marx-grave-attack-vandalism-hammer-highgate-cemetery-london-a8764356.html
  8. StivePesley

    When were DCFC nicknamed the Rams

    We all do - it's the derbyshire blood in our veins. Plus it's a well sexy ram
  9. StivePesley

    Roach landed

    He may even end up joint top scorer
  10. StivePesley

    Roach landed

    I've heard he is a spliffing player and I'm sure we will see all the fans roll-up to see him
  11. StivePesley

    New joke thread

    Gary Barlow has blocked me on Twitter! I've no idea why, but .... Whatever I said, whatever I did - I didn't mean it
  12. StivePesley

    RIP Jeremy Hardy

    http://isihac.net/jeremy-hardy/ Some of his excellent singing on I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue is compiled here If you only listen to one, I'd recommend My Humps sung to the tune of I Vow To Thee My Country
  13. StivePesley

    How many times will Derby ask me to renew

    It's a valid point though - I seem to get multiple duplicate emails from them Is it that you get one email for every person you have linked to you account?
  14. StivePesley

    Hotel recommendations

    I stayed in a really cheap place above a bar called "McCartneys" They had karaoke They stayed open really late I did not sleep

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