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  1. Because you framed it as if it meant that everything was OK. 5.4% of managers is still miles short of the UK demographics. So yes - it's a "fact" that the number of managers is now roughly in line with the number of qualified coaches, and that's good. It shows that we're moving in the right direction. And that's thanks to increased awareness of institutional racism. But you aren't stopping to ask why there are so few qualified coaches in the first place? In fact you then went on to criticise the FA for running a special bursary to encourage more BAME people into coaching?! Amusingly though, you did seem to be offering it as a counter-example against my comment that positive discrimination doesn't harm anyone. LOL - I'm sure the 95% of white qualified coaches are furious that they were never given this opportunity to qualify as a coach...erm hang on
  2. StivePesley

    Depression, anxiety, stress and other related issues

    Tough to know what to say to that - but if you've been open and honest and laid this out to friends, and they aren't helping you, then they are the wrong sort of friends That's not slag them off, but you talk about circles of friends and I find that i have different types of friends. The ones you'd trust with your life, the ones that are great to go out drinking with, the ones you used to work with and are nice enough but you don't have a lot in common with, etc etc. Like you say, I'm sure they all have a ton of their own poo to worry about, and if that means they don't have time to be there for you, then you need to look elsewhere for help. Trying to force them to care and then feeling let down when they don't is a horrible place to be so you shouldn't feel bad about taking positive action to leave them alone. I guess you need to know that there is another circle of friends on here who don't know you at all in the real sense of the word, but are always here to listen and not make you feel alone. You did the right thing posting. If it ever gets this bad - always share your thoughts here and one (or more) of us bell-ends will try and help in whatever small way we can
  3. It's still sad the lengths that people go to to try and deny there is anything to see here. Nothing is going to change until people start understanding that accepting institutional racism exists DOES NOT mean that they are personally being accused of racism. You have nothing to defend yourself against Nor does positive discrimination hurt you in any way
  4. StivePesley

    Andy King

    At one point he was the jewel in Leicester's crown.
  5. StivePesley

    Wouldn’t be Christmas without it

    Christ - for a minute there I thought the Homeless thread had taken a very dark turn 😮
  6. StivePesley

    Rams Trust

    My Dad is still an RT member. I think they let you join for nothing at one point? He still gets the AGM minutes and sends them on to me, but to be honest it's all a bit "whose turn is it to buy the biscuits?" level of wow
  7. StivePesley

    New joke thread

    I once had a one night stand at the Helsinki Airport Hotel with an Air-hostess. The next morning I woke up, rolled over to give her a bit more Stivey-love but she had disappeared into Finnair
  8. StivePesley

    Homeless guy

    I know what you are saying, but I'm talking about the seismic shift that has made the news media interactive, and at the same time the old model of physical copies being bought by individuals is dying off. In the old days, sure a few people wrote angry and crazy letters to the papers, but it was never real-time and offered little or no engagement Now the revenue is click/ad-based, the media have realised that they can deliberately engage people in running battles. Culture wars almost. They don't actually care who is right or wrong - as long as they are arguing about it and using their platform. That's a totally different proposition to when the "big quick impact" was done to sell physical copies. It was "freddie starr ate my hamster" etc. Not - here's a headline phrased as a question that will make you want to fight your neighbour...
  9. StivePesley

    Homeless guy

    That would be a more responsible and grown up type of journalism eh? But sadly that's not the way the media works any more. That story would not incense people, and incensed people do not engage with their website. And engagement with their website means clicks and clicks mean advertising revenue. Ad revenue means their business doesn't go bust. If we ever wonder why society is more polarised than at any time in living memory, we only have to look at the state of our media in the internet age to understand that they aggressively drive that agenda to ensure their continued existence. 😞 Off topic I know...
  10. StivePesley

    RamsTV Meets John McGovern

    Went to school with one of his relatives (nephew I think?) - and this was at the height of his Red Dog era, so this lad would turn up to football training in a Forest kit every week. Needless to say, we meted out the appropriate treatment to him
  11. StivePesley

    Wouldn’t be Christmas without it

    I knew there was a reason they were so cheap
  12. StivePesley

    Forum Issues

    I had one hidden too - but it's appeared now, so I guess it was just awaiting moderation. That one from Sawley has just appeared too Makes sense, as it's a thread that could have gone off any minute. As it stands I don't think there is a lot else to say about the flag in question, so will probably slip down the page
  13. StivePesley

    Wouldn’t be Christmas without it

    Well I don't know about you guys, but Christmas doesn't officially start until I've cracked open my first bag of these piney bad boys
  14. StivePesley

    Strange Flag

    The only connection I can think of is that the NZ flag contains a Union Jack, and if we Brexit and the UK inevitably breaks up, then the NZ nationalists would probably want to revert to their original flag. I dunno it's all a bit tenuous, but then who knows what goes on in the minds of people who take obscure flags to seemingly unrelated political demos. It's all a bit "look at meeeeeee" innit?
  15. StivePesley

    Strange Flag

    What were they using it for?

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