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  1. StivePesley

    Sleep Talking

    Thankfully only number ones - not number twos or gentleman's relish 🤣
  2. StivePesley

    Sleep Talking

    Not so much talking as walking - my brother-in-law regularly sleepwalks into their spare room and relieves himself in the wardrobe. They literally can't keep ANY clothes in there! He has no idea why he does it. He has to walk PAST the bathroom to get there...
  3. StivePesley

    Invictus Games

    I didn't even know what it was to be honest. I saw it was something to do with the royal family and switched off Now you've made me look it up and yeah - it is what it is. Suspect a lot of it is to do with the way people in the forces have a special bond/loyalty to each other regardless. The idea of them having a special tournament for their injured colleagues is the kind of thing they would be well into I wish them all the best and hope they have fun
  4. StivePesley

    Derby taxis

    I once got one all the way to Fleetwood MacDonalds
  5. StivePesley

    Derby taxis

    Never had any issues with Albatross
  6. StivePesley

    Corporate buzzwords

    I'm definitely going to leverage this one on my learning journey We really need a deep dive and a drains up though
  7. StivePesley

    Let’s recommend podcasts

    Couple of mentions there for Serial and This American Life - has anyone listened to the S-Town podcast they did? I was totally hooked by that one. Started off as an unsolved murder case but very quickly changes into something completely different and becomes a bizarre life story of a very singular and very bonkers American bloke and his philosophies. Really moving in places If you like music podcasts AND true crime try Disgraceland. Every episode is about a musician and crimes that they were somehow involved in. Some brilliant, funny and sad stories https://www.disgracelandpod.com/
  8. StivePesley


    I guess you find some stuff you like and click follow. There is a @dcfcfans twitter user for a start. I assume that's David
  9. StivePesley


    If you do - I'd warn you to stay away from the political stuff. I know that might be easier said than done, but blimey - we think this place got bad, but Twitter is an absolute pit of vipers whenever politics is concerned (and that's politics of ALL wings - let me be clear on that) Stick to the cultural and you'll be fine. The problem with Twitter is that you're never more than a couple of clicks from someone saying something truly horrendous 😞
  10. StivePesley


    Maybe we're unknowingly joining the older generation of "social media isn't the same as it was in my day" crew? Everyone is right though - the model being repeated seems to be...make it useful, get as many users as possible, let it find it's way and then trash it with advertising and targeted content. Then hope that most users stay on board. Part of me does think "who can blame them?" - they have to make money out of it somehow I suppose. My FB I've had to whittle down to only the people I'd consider real friends. The ones I'd be happy to chat to in real life if I bumped into them. Then the other thing I did was set up my security controls so that I could target my posts to different subsets of friends. I know that some people won't be interested in political stuff, some won't want to see my kids, some won't want to watch me bang on about football, music, films, my auto-erotic asphyxiation fetish etc. I wish more people did that - as it would make the whole place more tolerable. Problem is that it's fiddly to do and the onus is on you to make sure you post stuff to the right audience. FB won't enhance that functionality and make it easier as it is by nature putting limits on their reach
  11. StivePesley

    Peter Marples / 3aaa

    Agreed. Although when I was involved (admittedly 20 years ago) - there was an internal audit team that had one job - which was in theory to do just that. However there was absolutely no way they could audit everything in depth, so they cherry picked to make life easier. KPMG would come in every year and do an external audit, so the internal auditors real focus was on building a solid enough body of "good" evidence to put in front of them to satisfy their criteria. And so it went on - and that's what I mean about the accountability falling down cracks. No one auditing this stuff had the interests of the trainees or the tax-payers at heart. They just wanted to turn up, make out like everything was fine, and take the money. Boxes ticked. 🙁
  12. StivePesley

    Cannabis on the NHS?

    I don't think it's political is it? I think you're dead right to not generalise though. I've had mates who have had full on mental collapse through too much weed and other mates who smoke every day and have no problems whatsover. As you say - we all probably have the same observations about alcohol use in our social circles. My missus used to work in NE Derbyshire Mental Health services, dealing with young people who have had a first psychotic episode. At least 90% of them were triggered by cannabis use. Then in the scheme of things -they were almost certainly a very small percentage of cannabis users in the patch 🤣 Legalisation is a minefield and not even worth getting into here - Education and support are really the key things for me
  13. StivePesley

    Peter Marples / 3aaa

    Easier to control, and more effective? Probably right - but a massive overhead on staffing costs. In the 1970s that's pretty much how it worked (Manpower Services Commission) - then it was to all intents and purposes privatised in the 1980s and the mushroom farm of middleman "training providers" took hold. But on the upside, the Civil Service no longer had the staffing liabilities it took to run this. They just controlled the money tap that funded the whole shebang. The usual problem with privatisation in that for all the efficiencies, there are pockets of accountability that just fall down the cracks
  14. StivePesley

    Smart home advice.

    Cheers - I will investigate!
  15. StivePesley

    Smart home advice.

    Me too - but I'm assuming that it involves a load of rewiring, as you'd need the sensors installing as well as replacing the switches? My problem is with lights being left on - being bothered to turn them on in the first place is not an issue my missus suffers from!

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