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  1. If only Grenfell had had stained glass windows..
  2. Whatever you think of Corbyn - don't try and tell me he's got this wrong https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-47916058
  3. StivePesley

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    Well I don't have an Alexa - and I have the Google personalised ads stuff turned off. My point is that I have never searched or interacted online with anything to do with IVF - hence my question about how your ads worked. If it's just pure coincidence and I get served up any old random stuff then that's OK Although I just searched and found this https://www.vice.com/en_uk/article/wjbzzy/your-phone-is-listening-and-its-not-paranoia
  4. StivePesley

    Forum Issues

    How do the ads work on mobile? Are they targeted somehow? Currently getting repeated ads for IVF companies. This is something of no interest to me, but we do have a friend who has had multiple rounds of IVF. Crucially though, this is only something we have discussed out loud and never by email or WhatsApp. Not have I ever googled it. Is my phone listening to me?
  5. This twitter threads is majestic. Never realised how this Simpsons episode from 25 years ago was so prescient
  6. Even with a significant margin of error that's a mighty large majority for Scotland wanting to remain. Surely a "gross betrayal" of the Scottish nation if we do leave, and an inarguable case for a second Scottish independence referendum (which they would win next time) Most people seem to consider themselves English, Scottish, Welsh etc. Does anyone actually consider themselves a citizen of the United Kingdom? Edit: clearly no one in England cared about Northern Ireland in the run up to the EU referendum...
  7. Interestingly the Labour guidelines for how it would tackle tax avoidance look to be less about closing the loopholes and more about increasing transparency of who is exploiting then and by how much. Makes sense, as many have pointed out that closing loopholes is just whackamole. https://www.politicshome.com/news/uk/political-parties/labour-party/john-mcdonnell/news/85890/read-labours-full-17-point-plan No wonder the very wealthy hate the idea of a Corbyn govt
  8. It certainly needs looking at. With the sort of marginal decisions being given by VAR it's unlikely that the breadth of a shin pad gives anyone an advantage/disadvantage - and particularly when it's impossible to state with any certainty which is the exact moment a ball is deemed to have been played.
  9. Fair point (once I realised what you'd added! it's annoying that the new Quote squisher makes FTFY jokes less obvious) It's always been the case that the best deal for both sides (in terms of trade at least) has been no Brexit. It always defied logic that we could somehow easily get a better deal than EU membership brings. If that were do-able then every country would leave.
  10. I was wondering that. Their willingness to keep extending shows either a) no deal is bad for them too - otherwise they'd just let us crash out b) they actually care about us Either way - blaming them seems a bit of a strange way of looking at it!
  11. Hard to imagine a bigger mess isn't it? But probably right May has already said she'll stand down and not fight the next election. So a Tory leadership battle is already covertly underway. But likely to fracture the party. Then whoever gets the job surely still has no mandate until another GE Yeah OK - a bigger mess looms 😞
  12. Pablo Mills? Easy to track down. He plays for Mickleover Sports and never leaves their penalty area
  13. So a flexible extension - do any of us have any faith that the situation will change between now and the end of October? They will just keep playing the scenario out until the deadline. Now that No Deal is legally off the table, nobody wants May's deal and the EU don't want to renegotiate - the only meaningful option left on the table is to revoke, have an election where both parties put forward a new Brexit plan that has the support of enough MPs to actually pass - and let the public decide. Lib Dem - no Brexit Tories - Brexit that works for the well off but will shaft the poor Labour - Brexit that will protect workers rights and jobs
  14. Highlights are here - skip to 1:50 for the foul Difficult to judge at that angle - certainly looks less clear cut than the footage from in the stand. Cole's hands going up like that doo look suspect - but "failing to control our players"? Do me a favour. They approach the ref and then Keogh shoves them all away and the ref walks off. That looks like a text book "succeeding in controlling our players" to me
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