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  1. An incredibly long, awkward silence within the portaloo.
  2. Bringing on two out of form players to get some minutes less than 10 minutes before the end of a game that you're winning 3-0 (against a weaker team) is not odd. It happens all the time. 99.9% of the time it's considered good management, because the team doesn't somehow throw away the win. He got unlucky. The Hull first leg was a shitshow though, I agree - but its the only moment of his brief tenure I consider a mistake. He did very well to right a ship that was flailing before he came in.
  3. A good listen that. Always liked Mel, based on this showing I will continue to like him. I'm confident he's going to everything in his power to have a manager in place next season who doesn't want to hit the reset button, so my fears are put to bed. Glad I can turn it off though. I almost choked on my sandwich when the advert for "talksportsingles.com" came on.
  4. I've no clue. He could be going on to talk about the press coverage over the past few weeks and the effect it has/hasn't had. He could be going on to revel in the fact that Frank rejected Chelsea minutes before his appearance (put your money on that one 😄 ) He could be going to talk about the effect Frank's year had on the club. He could be going on to talk about investment. He could be going on to fart/follow through loudly into the microphone before calling everyone in the radio station Bamford's and necking a bottle of Jager. The suspense is killing me!
  5. The moment we heard he was going on the radio, I was pretty confident something concrete was going to happen before it.
  6. I went on a college night course for CAD a few years back, thought the guy next to me looked a bit like Marcus Tudgay, turned out to be his older brother. I met Stephen Bywater at a services towards Liverpool the day before the Anfield whooping. There were other players sitting having a snack too but it was Bywater I said hello to; while he was buying a porno mag.
  7. The problem with all this "demanding a guarantee" talk is its forgetting the inherent arrogance of great sports people. Not bad arrogance, but belief in oneself. If he truly believes he's capable of being a great manager at Chelsea with Jody backing him, he won't feel any need to demand guarantees. I agree with you that when holding all the cards, getting a safety net is the smart option. But if Chelsea say no, is he then going to walk away if he truly believes he's capable of doing a good job right from the off? I doubt it.
  8. No. I'm with you. I'm astounded that he's top of their list. But if it works, it works. I certainly harbour no ill will towards Frank and his staff, assuming they say yes. I'm disappointed he's going, because I like him, but there's a good chance we bring in someone as good or better (although that's not a certainty). Other than that my only other feeling on the matter is that I feel this is a disingenuous attempt by Chelsea to keep the fans on board after a lacklustre season and the sale of their best asset. I worry (for Frank, I don't care about Chelsea) that this will all end in tears for them. All I hope now is that whoever replaces him can build on the good work he did. Because if we hit the hard reset for another ducking year in a row I'm just going to switch to watching Cricket.
  9. I've spent a huge amount of time in this thread, making new friends, getting new food ideas and losing friends by sharing mine; and then at 11am this morning I get called into a meeting until 13:30 and miss the only bloody thing thats ever happened in this whole saga!
  10. The allocation will increase if it sells
  11. I assume you have easy-to-clean flooring? what with all the blood pouring out of your ears.
  12. Think he's been on with Simon Jordan every time he's been on hasn't he? A supportive relationship 😄
  13. Not often a saga births a tangent saga. What day is Mel on Talksport?!
  14. I hope he waits politely while he's introduced, thanks the host, and then just starts swearing loudly - grabbing other people's microphones when his gets turned off.
  15. Nothing had happened when Rob Dorsett started forcing comments out of Lampard either, to be fair. The announcement that Sarri was leaving came just before about the 10th time Lampard was asked about the Chelsea job. I wonder how often Gerrard's been asked about the Liverpool job 🤔
  16. I used to think we had friends among the Rangers faithful, this press stirring has surfaced evidence to the contrary 😄 Im not sure how I feel about Gerrard. He's another person, similar to Lampard, whom I admire greatly (and due to my best friend being a scouser I adopted Liverpool as my second team and spent by childhood arguing with people that Gerrard was better than Lampard) but hiring him would be making the assumption that he shares philosophy with Lampard, I'd have thought; which isn't necessarily true. We probably can't afford to go back to square one AGAIN - if Frank was to leave we need someone who can pickup where he left off with the tactics, style, youth etc. The best we'll ever do is the playoffs if we have a hard reset every summer. If he does share a lot of the same perspectives as Frank, then by all means try and get Gerrard - but lets not do it just to replace one legend with another.
  17. Gerrard's response to the (lazy) links is word for word exactly what Lampard said. I enjoy the irony of that.
  18. For duck's sake Chelsea. Get it done, you could have sent someone out to him!
  19. Well, the working week begins anew and thus I find myself here. Anything concrete happen over the weekend?
  20. "If you don't duckin' bounce he'll break ya legs"
  21. 😄 I love Anchovies! And its great cos no-one ever wants a slice of your pizza!
  22. I don't hate it but I would never choose it
  23. ugh there's actual discussion about Lampard and Chelsea in here. I'll be back later
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