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  1. As unlikely as it may be, to put some actual numbers to it - here's the position in the last 5 seasons of the lowest team that collected 21+ points more than 22nd: 2020/21: 9th 2019/20: 7th 2018/19: 13th 2017/18: 11th 2016/17: 7th So playoff points needed in a competitive year, top-half points minimum. Again, not likely - but not insurmountable.
  2. Yea, sorry - as mentioned I can't really afford the doubled price. On top of that I work nights so waking up (and having time to sit down and watch football) for anything other than late kickoffs is a challenge. In short, I don't think Derby (currently) is worth the effort necessary on my part. That could change, of course.
  3. That probably prices me out of doing the commentary, unfortunately.
  4. Weirdly I can actually thank Derby's last couple of seasons for not feeling that down about this. England's (and Southgate's) performance from the second half onward was VERY recognisable - so I'd come to terms with the loss before the 90 minutes were up. Shame, was a really good tournament.
  5. And with that, Gareth Southgate succeeds in his evil plot to get someone to miss a more important penalty than his. Fair play to him, I say!
  6. At this point I'll be excited if there's an opening game of the season for Derby. I'll worry about expectations for the end of the season once we're playing.
  7. Seeing a big post count with a tiny amount of rep was a pretty steady indicator that the post wasn't worth reading 😅
  8. I hope our away kit is Wycombe's home kit.
  9. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool.
  10. Poland back from 2 goals down. 10min to win it and go through 👀 Could get hectic
  11. Yeah it wasn't a good outing. And, even though I don't 'support' Poland; Its a lot more frustrating to watch when the player he's failing to find is Robert Lewandowski, instead of whichever journeyman Derby have upfront. 😂
  12. He's been pretty good in the other games; but I think he was further forward in this game. Wasn't resetting to a defensive position like he has been previously.
  13. Jozwiak's been poor but his tackle started that counter. He's been subbed off now though.
  14. I find it a little bit disingenuous, although I suppose technically correct (maybe?), that this is being reported as the "EFL winning their appeal" when we've been found guilty of one sub-section of one charge out of about a dozen charges that were brought to the table originally. There's still people out there that think this is about the stadium. I find it really hard to imagine how the charge we've been found guilty of could lead to a points deduction - especially as we've been under a transfer embargo for, as far as we know, the entire time this has been under investigation. That seems like the punishment has already been dealt to a degree?
  15. To be honest, I don't feel Rooney is particularly at fault for where we ended up; that's, imo, the result of the completely exhausting nonsense that has been constantly swirling around the club for 2 years now. That crap needs to get sorted this summer. Has to. And Frankly, if it does, I think Rooney is a perfectly adequate figure to have in charge. He may not be great, he may not be good, I don't know - but right now this ship (and I don't mean the team, I mean the club) needs steadying before it breaks itself apart. Things have to be fixed in stages and the coaching staff isn't top of the list.
  16. By the logic of us only needing a draw going into the last game, we've also only needed a draw in any one of the last 6 (SIX) games. Didn't happen in any of those games, what makes anyone think its more likely now? The performance has to be different, fundamentally. If it isn't different, we are likely going down. So the question really is: How likely is it that the performance is different?
  17. To clarify - they're imo the best in the (Championship) business from the perspective of turning a profit. But that isn't necessarily what every team should, or does, strive for. Got a chance to make it happen this year but for all their flipping players for £££ it hasn't actually gotten them out of the division yet, probably just been lining pockets.
  18. The permutations have probably been listed earlier in the thread but just to check if what I think is correct, We stay up with a win, unless Rotherham win both of their last 2 games, in which case we're down (unless we win by 12+ goals). We stay up with a draw unless Rotherham get 4 points from their last 2 games. We go down with a loss, but whether its Sheffield Wed or Rotherham who stay up depends on Rotherham's result. So its clean draw or win territory if Rotherham lose to Luton. Definitely wouldn't want to be a team on huge losing streak, that's for sure.
  19. Now do every other club v Brentford. Our recruitment isn't good, by any means, but Brentford's the best in the business imo - for the purposes of turning profit.
  20. We are a one-man Championship team, and that man is definitely not going to drop into League One unless he's dragged kicking and screaming. Its hard to say how good the rest of them will be in league one, we would definitely be rooted in the bottom three without Bielik's 13 games, but we often see teams getting regularly promoted (Rotherham springs to mind) before being properly terrible in the Championship. I can't say I'm that familiar with the level of competition, but I'd expect far less work to be required if we go down than if we stay up.
  21. You couldn't for this one immediate year in the hypothetical. If you did, 9 teams will be entering the Championship from League 1.
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