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  1. Don't underestimate Mount's contribution to our team. He does a lot of work that doesn't get noticed.
  2. Southend and Wycombe fans are the most nervous right now based on that form 😄
  3. I feel like a one game Stay-in-the-prem opportunity would see a struggling prem team beat an aspiring Champ team 9/10 times. When they get relegated, generally, they lose all of their quality players - but on paper a poor prem team is superior by quite a gap to the best Champ teams - and a one game opportunity to survive, you'd imagine, they'd be able to turn up for.
  4. And we'll probably use our 2nd round pick to grab a much needed WR#2. Try and compete for the SB this year. duck Brees off at the end of his contract. Pay the guys who need paying but tank the 2020 season and draft Trevor Lawrence in 2021. The masterplan is underway! 😄
  5. Toss winner always kicked off. Loser picked sides. I think.
  6. I don't have an issue with any of those changes, on the face of it. Think they all make sense. Be interesting if the GK's do ever have any part of a foot on the line, hard to imagine they wont all continue to jump forward.
  7. Alex Okafor getting PAID by the Chiefs. Probably a little overpayed, but when you have a star rookie QB you can afford to overpay some people. Saints have officially re-signed Bridgewater and signed Malcolm Brown. Apparently, Jared Cook is currently visiting with the Saints - that's a HUGE hole in our offence filled if we manage to do a deal with him. Also rumours regarding Ziggy Ansah who would, if able to stay healthy, be an upgrade on Alex Okafor. So far, despite losing Ingram, I'm really happy with Saints free agency.
  8. Could work out for us, but not a huge fan of this move: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001022586/article/saints-restructure-brees-contract-to-open-cap-space EDIT: Although I'm on board with this plan: 😄 Trevor Lawrence is some talent.
  9. A better way of wording would be that Marriott has missed having a player capable of producing a through ball. Holmes is our next closest in terms of ability but he doesn't try that often. Everyone else's attempted through balls are just good simple passes to opposition defenders.
  10. I'm gonna miss him. He was a below average 2nd year player when I started watching the Saints, his progress has been remarkable of late. Alvin Kamara's tweets have been adorable 😄
  11. FT. Imagine having nothing to play for, and still playing for a draw. What utter dross Stoke are. Without Butland they'd be leaking goals. Without Ince they'd be unable to anything in the opposition half. Really good performance from Derby. Hugely unlucky. Frustrating.
  12. Wilson hits the bar. 4 minutes added time.
  13. I hope so too! Got a chance here....
  14. Jayden-Lawson taken out right on the edge of the area by Shawcross
  15. Error by Roos. Runs into no mans land but Shawcross at the backpost completely fluffs it. Could have been a gift.
  16. This has been a really good performance by Derby, but amongst it, Wilson's managed a 4/10. Not one thing he's tried has worked out. Really out of character. But its the reason most of our attacks have collapsed.
  17. Mitchell-Lawson coming on. Come on lad.
  18. Lawrence is dead on his feet. Liability in this state. Had a great game though.
  19. Wilson runs into the back of Ashley Williams. Falls over. We get a FK - Williams is angry. Gets himself booked. 😄 They'll probably talk about that at Wales camp 😛
  20. Excellent run from Lawrence. Leads to a corner. Taken short. Malone shoots from 30 yards. Just wide. We go again!
  21. Tomori making himself look lik Van Dijk at times in this game 😄
  22. 0-0 and Stoke bring on a CB for a CM - and here I thought they'd replaced Gary Rowett.
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