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  1. He's not a thinker, at least in interview scenarios. The only downside of his captaincy imo 😄, not that that element matters even a little in comparison to the qualities of leadership.
  2. It'll be very Derby to win this in ET, have a sluggish series of league games, then lose at Accrington.
  3. Should have scored an OG from the throw-in at the death. Really don't need this Extra Time with how little energy we've shown in recent league games 😄
  4. Alright if this is going to get tense I need to stop being in here. Your all about 2 minutes ahead of me 😄 I'll be back when the games over!
  5. He's ahead of us Kernow! 😄
  6. We bottled a game against a premier league side we were never winning? 🤔 Unless youre so far ahead something interesting is about to happen 😄
  7. Tomori has been dominant. That's his first mistake and its not as big a mistake as it looked, Redmonds run was very well timed.
  8. For all his goals and excellent technical attacking play, THAT is why there's little chance of Liverpool recalling Wilson. Not ready.
  9. Sure, trainee referee with a camcorder.
  10. I just coughed and a huge eel of phlegm fired out of my mouth and landed on my thigh. We better duckin' win now. I aint losing AND cleaning these trousers.
  11. Up to his shoulder. Not including the shoulder.
  12. To be truly accurate, they would have to mount a rail alongside the pitch that a couple of cameras scoot up and down, level with the last defender of each team. That's my biggest issue with it. While there's an angle on the view, you have NO gauge at all for any parts of the body that are 1ft or more above the ground. It assumes the foot will ALWAYS be the furthest forward part of the body
  13. The shoulder is 100% a part of the body you can use. That's why the pundits who disagreed and the refs who defended the decision both referred to the shoulder's as the part of the body they were looking at.
  14. The ref at the game being unable to review it himself is a negative, imo. At the World Cup, a couple of times, the VAR ref said "I think you got it wrong", they checked, and disagreed. Being unable to do that is absurd. The ref on the pitch should always have the final say.
  15. Lineker clarified the rule, arms dont count. I think I'm still supported in it being onside though.
  16. I thought it was just furthest forward part of a player, could be wrong.
  17. Look closer. The arm you can see is actually the Saints defender. It extends beyond Waghorn's
  18. While he is, I agree with him that a huge margin of goals have someone trying to get across a defender, and if they're all reviewed for that length of time, no-ones ever going to celebrate them through fear of it being counted out and if they do they've then got a longer period of anxious silence. That future sounds properly bank.
  19. Their arms are the furthest forward parts of their bodies and they're perfectly level.
  20. What the flying duck was Bryson doing there. Use your head man your supposed to the experienced one!
  21. Are you calling me fat?
  22. In Dutch a double 'o' is usually pronounced "oh" rather than "oo", so they're just taking an educated guess. Maybe we've been wrong for 5 years 😉 😄
  23. I see we have another sufferer of the flu! Get well soon, friend.
  24. I'm really surprised the midfield is absent while including Bryson. We definitely haven't seen that before this season.
  25. Three very different reactions 😂

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