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  1. Frank Lampard shouting and finger wagging in the face of the ref. As he should.
  2. What should of been easy for Roos is almost a Brum goal as he chooses not to claim it. Very fortunate they couldn't get on the end of it. FT2-2 Tomori very upset with himself.
  3. Brum wins the balls from the corner again. Off Keogh's arm and out for another corner, but far less of a penalty shout than our call. Second corner is almost scrambled in again. But Derby survive. Bogle looks sore from the scrap.
  4. Brum Corner in the 3rd minute of added time. Uhoh.
  5. Ashley Cole blocks a goalbound effort with either his face or his hand. Looks like his head. Definitely his head from the slowmo.
  6. Tomori could do himself damage playing through this. He looks to be really struggling. Hopefully it's not too bad.
  7. Tomori now has cramp. Needs to recover from this we have no subs
  8. "Marriott with a lovely layoff! Nugent's touch is poor and it's a Birmingham ball." Story of the season that, Mr.Tyler 😄
  9. Tomori with an excellent clearance, while 40 yards from Brum's goal. Then given away incredibly cheaply by Lawrence, error by Bogle has he misses the interception, and Derby are lucky not to concede. Lawrence off for Nugent. BOTH Bryson and Johnson VERY lucky to see these 90 minutes. Hopefully they can do something with it.
  10. Bennett had all the time in the world to control that, but he chested to a Brum player instead. Need to have pecs made of flubber to chest the pass he was attempting. Bizarre.
  11. Juke down injured. Although he fell down off the pitch, then slid like a dog with a dodgy arse back onto the field so the ref had to stop play.
  12. Derby appear to have gone up a gear. Bogle almost finds a way through.
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