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  1. Logic dictates it will be Chiefs 49ers. However, with the nature of the Packers wins this season; and the extra gears the Titans have found, I can definitely forsee the Packers stumbling their way into the Superbowl and then getting absolutely obliterated by Derrick Henry. Their run defense is atrocious.
  2. Best English ref was Mark Clattenburg. Good for him for finding a way to get PAID being a ref.
  3. I've got like a dozen subscriptions running atm. Proper hole in my wallet.
  4. 5 minutes are up. We've made no subs. All additional time is free. Comfortable win, minus a good Hull spell for 15 minutes in the first half. FT 1-0. We didn't need any subs. 🎵 Holmes MOTM for me. Knight, Lowe both good. Waghorn, Lawrence improved (minus most of Lawrence's crossing). Bogle also magically became himself again early in the second half. Wisdom looked good. Great header by Clarke of course.
  5. Derby spent the first 2.5 minutes of injury time passing the ball around in triangles outside Hull's area until a misplaced pass by Knight that came to nothing. I'd also like to say, Waghorn's touches, movement and general holdup play has been FAR better today. Not looked a weak link by any means. Corner to Hull. Lichaj trying to have a wrestling match with Hamer.
  6. There will be a weird feeling of smugness if we win this without making a change though. 😄
  7. 5 added minutes. Those 3 subs might be useful. No idea where those minutes came from. Cocu is not happy at all.
  8. Derby fans know all too well the folly of making changes for the sake of it. 😄
  9. Weak shot from Hull rolls wide. I do kind of like Cocu's attitude towards substitutions but is a little jarring, having someone who differs so much from the norm. Seems very weird not to have made a sub 87 minutes in but no-ones flagging, the energy and commitment is still there - I can understand the perspective he has. It does enforce some rotation from game-to-game though I imagine.
  10. Bogle had an awful cross recently but overall since his run into the area he's had a great game.
  11. Rooney then makes a mistake and Hull attack. Wisdom booked for a clattering late challenge in the build up, Hull only created a wild long range shot from the move.
  12. Good cross from Bogle. Dummied by Lawrence, reaches Rooney, he lays it off to Waghorn who's shot is blocked. Rooney then lifts it back in but the keeper reaches it before Waghorn.
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