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  1. Bryson and Nugent will start. I'll smash my mates telly before KO. I'll have no idea what happens. 😁
  2. Yep. Franks first hostile response at FT. Be interesting how he reacts.
  3. Individual errors from Bogle and Roos, but Holmes FKs and Corners have been absolutely woeful all game. Dont understand how we are incapable of finding a player who can hit a deadball beyond the first man and within the last.
  4. Im so frustrated weve put in a performance like this with Martin Fisher commentating. All our good performances have been marred by cringy patridge-isms so far this season. 🤣
  5. Tom "first name on the team sheet" Huddlestone has been absolutely dire so far. The performance definitely has some positives, but the ball needs to get moving lot faster.
  6. I use Chrome, and Opera when somethings not working properly on Chrome. Opera's really good. On RamsTV, I've had basically no technical issues at all this season. Other than it occasionally dropping during games. Those people who constantly have issues must either have poor connections, or are using a pants browser. I've never watched it on a mobile device though, either. So some issues could be isolated to them.
  7. Aye, Reading was 90+3, Norwich was 90+1 (technically) Then there's Hull at 88, and our draw against Norwich was 86. We've also scored a couple in the last 10 min in the cup.
  8. That's not a particularly bold claim, I can't imagine there are many other heavyweights on the plant.
  9. I also think people see the 4-3-3 / 4-5-1 transitional formation which is we use, and then imagine 3-5-2, I think we'll be dropping a defender to add a striker. When, in truth, 3-5-2 would be adding a defender, and adding a central striker (albeit you'd imagine Waghorn would just move centrally). So where you are sacrificing positions is in central midfield, and forward wingers, which is where we have the largest concentration of talent (imo). Even though its a formation that wouldn't require a DM, Huddlestone's talent would still put him in the category of players you'd want to see. Huddlestone, Holmes, Mount, King, Wilson, Lawrence, Bryson, Johnson, Bird and Evans would all be vying for one of 3 central midfield positions. Marriott, Waghorn, Wilson, Lawrence, Nugent, Jozefzoon and Bennett would all be vying for one of 2 forward positions. Meanwhile, we'd have only two defenders in reserve. One a LB and only a LB - and the other a RB come CB who's been utter pants in his appearances so far this season. Simply put, I just don't think it would be an efficient use of the squad.
  10. 😄 Very odd though.
  11. Finished season 2 of the Punisher at the weekend. Pretty good. Similar strengths and weaknesses to season 1. Primary antagonist very interesting. Secondary antagonist not so much. Recommended viewing if you don't know about it. Violent and well acted, both seasons have interesting and engaging forays into difficult topics like PTSD and war veterans trying to reintegrate into society etc. The Punisher series prologue was in Daredevil season 2, so that's good to watch if you fancy it - but not needed. I'd give the Punisher stuff overall an A- Also watched Castlevania on Netflix last week. It's an animation, and not many episodes, but its not too bad. Based on the games, which I've never played, but knowing nothing about them doesn't detract. Vampires n that. It's oddly paced at times but has decent action scenes. Quite gory. I'd give it a C+ Season 2 of American Gods starts mid March. I'm looking forward to having my brain melted again.
  12. You'll need to be more specific as to when you're referring. People's ages change quite frequently.
  13. I don't know about measuring passion, but I find watching this team quite interesting. For example, the Brighton and Southampton games where we were truly truly awful in the first half, and much of the second, then score - and suddenly we're three times the team. It's happened similarly in the league too although earlier in the season. I've not seen a team who can look this utter turgid, and then dominant, at the flick of a switch. There are games we've been crushed, like away at Leeds, where I feel like if we'd scored some fluke goal halfway through the second half we'd have gone on to win the game. Despite not even getting close to deserving it.
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