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  1. RamsTV

    Correct. Televised matches are nae on RamsTV
  2. We're coming after you Wolves

    What the **** do you think you're doing putting a real post in a topic that's turned to puns. Learn some manners.
  3. Carson extends contract

    Southgate would be mad not to take him to the world cup. Odds of winning increase massively if you never concede.
  4. Live games 2017/18

    To be fair, Keogh is the captain. He's allowed to talk to the ref. I think its more that his resting face is that of a startled psychopath that makes it appear he's losing his cool. Even when he's patting his fellow defenders on the back and applauding their efforts he has the face of Alex DeLarge being subjected to the Ludovico technique. Huddlestone's usually pointing around the pitch. I suspect he has a Rain Man style memory for every infringement that's occurred, and he's keeping the ref abreast of the situation.
  5. Jerome goals against us?

    Failed to when we beat Man Utd 1-0 at PP
  6. Adam Clayton

    Rowett's got a lot of height at the back (minus Mitchell and Baird) and in the middle (minus Johnson), but all of our attackers (central forwards and wingers) are under 6ft, except 1. Technically right now, its 2 with Jerome and Martin but as it seems Martin is about to leave we'll be back to 1. on Clayton, all seems to have gone quiet, but I do think we need some back-up midfield legs if we're not going to turn to the youth now Johnsons injured.
  7. England Under 21 reunion class of 2004

    Got mentioned to GR in the latest interview: "What year was it? 1994?"
  8. Birmingham City F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    The acoustics in that stadium are ******* ****. That amount of people singing that at most stadiums would be far louder, even at the other end of the pitch.
  9. VAR question

    Every penalty *claim* being reviewed would be absolutely obnoxious. If play is stopped, either because the ref thinks its a foul or a dive, I guess you can review that. But then it has to stick with the ref's call unless the replays make it obviously certain that he's wrong. If VAR gets into the realm of saying that the VAR's opinion is more potent than the ref's opinion, it'll do nothing good - it will be an absolute inconsistent shambles. If VAR is certain the ref is wrong, overrule. If VAR merely *thinks* the ref is wrong, have to keep the ref's decision.
  10. VAR question

    Only straight reds can be reviewed by the review board - Im not sure checking VAR counts as the same thing. Think if VAR was used to somehow prove to the ref its a yellow, he comes back on one yellow card.
  11. VAR question

    VAR shouldn't be deployed for opinion based decisions, like last night. Shambles. Was never a dive by Willian. The ref gets that wrong during normal play, **** happens. The officiating team gets it wrong after spending time checking it from multiple angles and in slow motion and that's a huge negative for the system. Should be used to review goals - whether they initially counted or not - and to determine where exactly a foul occurred when a player gets fouled on the edge of the box. That should be it. The NFL has a lot of black and white rules, which their video rulings help with (with the exception of what constitutes a 'catch' bizarrely) - its not really the same set of problems. Football is a lot of grey area.
  12. Cameron Jerome - Signed 18 month deal

    Continue reading the thread.
  13. Championship Attendances 3rd Best in Europe

    They were apparently playing in a stadium the next town over, as their stadium didn't meet Serie A regulations so was having work done. Their other 2 games there got 821 and 522. Empoli did record an attendance of 3,217 though - so their 'proper' lowest is still lower than FLC.
  14. VAR question

    They were only waiting on this decision for a minute, in fairness. It's interesting that players are going to have to stop seeing the linesman's flag as a whistle, which is fair. A linesman waving his flag doesn't call a halt to the play, it advises the ref that he should. There's still a big grey area with what should be reviewed and what shouldn't be. This seems like a good use, personally I think only goal decisions should factor. Defenders just need to re-learn to play to the whistle. If a player gets flagged offside, but the defenders/goalkeeper prevent the ball from going in the net then its irrelevant if it turns out he was onside. I think they'd get a free pass on reviewing every goal - as the amount of time it takes the VAR to do their thing is about the same amount of time that the scoring team celebrates.
  15. Championship Attendances 3rd Best in Europe

    Bundesliga - Average: 41,518; High: 81,360; Low: 13,521 PL - Average: 35,821; High: 75,397; Low: 10,890 La Liga - Average: 27,856; High: 95,961; Low: 3,576 Serie A - Average: 22,047; High: 78,328; Low: 510 Ligue 1 - Average: 21,099; High: 65,252; Low: 4,319 FLC - Average: 20,125; High: 52,301; Low: 3,725 Eredivisie - Average: 19,094; High: 51,998; Low: 3,200 Think with the size of some clubs, the top leagues are always going to have higher average attendance. I'm not sure it tells us a great deal. La Liga and Serie A's lowest attendance being lower than the FLC is interesting though. France and Italy scraping by with a meager extra 1k & 2k per game is fairly telling too.

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