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  1. Yeah, you remember correctly. After the penalty away to Hull (1 September 2018), our next penalty was against Rotherham on 30th March. We got two in that game. Then 2 more penalties later in the season and that's it. 5 total penalties in the league, plus one in the playoffs.
  2. Penalties down the middle always look fairly poor. Although in fairness he should have lifted it off the ground, that doesn't seem to be something he does for whatever reason. Maybe he had a habit of skying penalties as a youth. But I digress, going the down the middle is a common strategy for penalty takers who missed their last penalty. It has a huge success rate. I'm not too worried. I imagine, from January, there's a good chance a certain Mr.Rooney will be taking penalties when he's on the pitch; but until then I don't know who'd be a better option. Being the primary penalty taker probably means everyone's penalty taking as been assessed and Waghorn is likely the best we have. Waghorn took penalties last season, when he was on the pitch. We remember the Wilson penalties later in the season but he only took them because Waghorn wasn't playing. Which means he was seen as ahead of Wilson for them. People are just a little nervous cos he missed one; he still has an excellent penalty record for us.
  3. My primary complaint against Dowell from the performances so far is that he seems to always drop into a mode, at some point in the game (was far later against Stoke than earlier games), where he just begins to look very nonchalant. He starts being brushed away from 50/50s, starts loosely swinging legs at passes that are rarely on target, and the ball just starts bouncing off him. At no point, in this mode, does he ever get the opportunity to attempt to dribble; which seems to be his strength. However, he seems to have two settings; the above, and then how he started against Stoke. Turns excellently on the ball, moves forward with urgency, able to take it past players, positions himself well around the area and has decent vision. If he remains this topsy turvy player for the remainder of his time with us, it wouldn't be the end of the world; but hopefully he settles into more consistently being the good ball player we have definitely seen in bits so far.
  4. For all the "Why isn't Marriott starting"; he'd offered very little in his performances before today. That was proper Marriott when he came on today. Finally made a real case to displace someone in the XI, I hope to see him start on Tuesday.
  5. FT 2-2 Undeserved draw, but very nearly won it. Better result than last season at Stoke, at least.
  6. Stoke play eventually results in a 20 yard strike that rolls jsut wide.
  7. Bielik does well to get the ball past the press and into midfield, but Huddz sends it back to Clarke and after complex sideways passes we give away a FK for a Huddz high boot. 7 added minutes.
  8. Corner to Derby. Good cross from Jozefzoon, Marriott just beaten to it by a defender.
  9. Away fans ALMOST went the whole game without singing Rooneys name 😄 Meanwhile Knight fluffs an opportunity to set us on a counter.
  10. If he's not infallible, then statements like "Marriott would have scored that" aren't helpful, cos you don't know that it's true. Was my point. I don't disagree that he's our best forward, he absolutely is.
  11. Marriott is not infallible, and Waghorn would score that I'd say 7 or 8 times out of 10.
  12. Knight on for Evans, who's been cramping up.
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