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  1. As unlikely as it may be, to put some actual numbers to it - here's the position in the last 5 seasons of the lowest team that collected 21+ points more than 22nd: 2020/21: 9th 2019/20: 7th 2018/19: 13th 2017/18: 11th 2016/17: 7th So playoff points needed in a competitive year, top-half points minimum. Again, not likely - but not insurmountable.
  2. Yea, sorry - as mentioned I can't really afford the doubled price. On top of that I work nights so waking up (and having time to sit down and watch football) for anything other than late kickoffs is a challenge. In short, I don't think Derby (currently) is worth the effort necessary on my part. That could change, of course.
  3. That probably prices me out of doing the commentary, unfortunately.
  4. Weirdly I can actually thank Derby's last couple of seasons for not feeling that down about this. England's (and Southgate's) performance from the second half onward was VERY recognisable - so I'd come to terms with the loss before the 90 minutes were up. Shame, was a really good tournament.
  5. And with that, Gareth Southgate succeeds in his evil plot to get someone to miss a more important penalty than his. Fair play to him, I say!
  6. At this point I'll be excited if there's an opening game of the season for Derby. I'll worry about expectations for the end of the season once we're playing.
  7. Seeing a big post count with a tiny amount of rep was a pretty steady indicator that the post wasn't worth reading 😅
  8. I hope our away kit is Wycombe's home kit.
  9. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool.
  10. Poland back from 2 goals down. 10min to win it and go through 👀 Could get hectic
  11. Yeah it wasn't a good outing. And, even though I don't 'support' Poland; Its a lot more frustrating to watch when the player he's failing to find is Robert Lewandowski, instead of whichever journeyman Derby have upfront. 😂
  12. He's been pretty good in the other games; but I think he was further forward in this game. Wasn't resetting to a defensive position like he has been previously.
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