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  1. "We finished ninth" or "England's 29th Best"
  2. We all just need to adopt Burton as our new enemy. They're a far bigger challenge than Forest will ever be again. I hope they go down again and again, until they're no longer professional.
  3. Good lads.
  4. Background. He's always been COO I believe
  5. Think this is a corkscrew. Everyone on the ride is aware something is happening but we aren't sure if we're going up or down.
  6. Implies he's being doing deals prioritising his own benefit than the benefit of the club?
  7. I loved Michael Owen as a kid, and tbh while he might be boring I've not really noticed cos a fair old proportion of people on TV are ******* boring. I zone most of them out.
  8. Is that actually him?
  9. Bucko's been relegated. Moment of silence, everyone.
  10. Last day nerves, who's got more backbone? Forest or Blackburn? It could come down to who loses worse
  11. Yeah. that was my implication. Sometimes you can't judge youth based on the amount of time many scouts have.
  12. He's coming for a trial. I don't know how good Keiran is, to be honest, but it is a possibility it's being pursued as a method of helping Luke settle, and we're checking he's at least competent. It's also a (more likely) possibility that Keiran is perceived to have the potential to be a good first team player, but it took the scouts an extended amount of time watching him to come to this conclusion.
  13. I think that would have continued to happen. Hence why he stopped trying until the retrial announcement. Evans was trying to get a club in an incredibly different climate to Hughes, despite there only being a decade between them.
  14. Really? Cos he tried really hard after getting out and didn't get a sniff for 2 years. Didn't get a contract with Chesterfield until the verdict was quashed and the retrial was announced. Times changed between Hughes and Evans.