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  1. To understand the proposal I pose a question. If a hypothetical team is relegated with 24 players who all earn more than 750k a year, lets say £1m a year - selling two players would take them £1.5m below the wage cap despite the other 22 players all earning £4m above the cap - then they'd be able to sign players on top of that? Surely if a squad is earning more than the cap, it would have to be treated as being at the cap until they were actually below it, not just after presenting each individual as on 750k.
  2. I think you'll just see more complicated wage structure. £18m spread across a squad of 24 is an average of £14.4k per week per player. My understanding is that usually about a half a squad is on less than £10k; so that gives you some room to get some players up to 20 and depending on the number of lower paid players perhaps 30, which is what we generally talk about as the highest paid players in the league. But an option for teams who can't play a "top" player what they'd currently ask for (in the no cap world), or have too many of them, is to offer them 5-10k less with an enforced lar
  3. If Marko Borkovic doesn't grow up to become a Derby legend I'll eat my hat.
  4. On the official retain list on the EFL site for the Championship, there is no "Florian".
  5. Martin made 35 appearances compared to Lawrence's 37. Although the difference in minutes played is about 12 games worth. TL isn't a striker though (and was our 2nd highest rated player on whoscored this season - to interact with earlier Lawrence comments in this thread). The minutes per goal comparison with Martin is more damning for Waghorn than anyone else.
  6. I see the prospect of a 2020 season has begun a steady crumble. Opt-outs start being announced today and although they're mostly meaningless some important players have already gone, notably from the Pats
  7. Could certainly nominate David's announcement of it being permanently closed as a post of the year contender; the mods would vote for it 😄
  8. I've not been paying nearly enough attention 😄
  9. Gone for Bird. If he wins it, I expect it to be the first of many.
  10. I've been noticing an obvious growing recognition of Derby's academy over the course of this season. Clearly facilitated by the presence of young players in our first team, but people (who spend a lot of time following youth football) are noticing how talented our academy remains despite so many players making the step-up. Not just commenting on the obvious in regards to Bird, Sibley etc. etc. That recognition is important; because Derby's academy is one of the best in the country (and is up there in Europe too) - and the more people who are aware of that the more often situations like la
  11. So that's 39 weeks. (Game 1: Sep 12 - Game 46: May 8). Usually, it's 44-45 weeks. So we can expect a few more 3 game weeks than we're accustomed too; unless International friendlies are scrapped next season in which case there could be fewer.
  12. To be fair, while this is a useful graphic for many other reasons - Derby not hitting the 2 point average is pretty obvious info. Every team that's met the 2 point average over the course of a season has been automatically promoted (It's a minimum of 92 points) 😄
  13. Roos and Ravas will do if we can't bring someone else in. It might be difficult for many people to grasp but Roos is a perfectly acceptable Championship keeper; he sits quite comfortably in the average - above average range compared to his peers. Carson aint coming back, I don't think. Man City reportedly want to keep him in his current role and at this stage of his career I think he far prefers raking it in by doing nothing while working with some of the best in the world than playing in the Championship. I certainly would.
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