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  1. Zak Brunt - Academy kid

    We wave compensation on the majority of sub-16 players who want to move, as do every other team in the majority of situations. This is therefore unusual for Derby, and as such I can only assume something more complex is at work. I agree with everyone in that 6 clubs at that age is suspicious - perhaps the dad should get someone else to approve the next contract.
  2. Derby County V Reading

    True, they are equally annoying. Usually less of them though.
  3. Derby County V Reading

    No Keogh and we're a complete shambles defensively. It's almost as if he's a great defender Absence of Ledley also important. "Who cares that we've won 4 in a row" say the anti-Rowett crowd, I imagine.
  4. Do I dare to dream

    Teams have been relegated after winning 4 games in a row at some point in the season. I wouldn't get too excited. It's nice we're not losing every other week, but we're a ways away from the finished article still.
  5. Joe Ledley's impact

    and back of the knees
  6. Joe Ledley's impact

    Gets his hair (and beard) cut same place as me too, I vote to keep him around.
  7. Leeds United V Derby County

    I am referring to the number of penalties.
  8. Leeds United V Derby County

    There's been a noticeable up-turn (for me at least) in the amount of passing about in and around the opposition box we do under Rowett. It's probable these are linked.
  9. Owen Bradley leaving Radio Derby/Joining Rams TV

    I must say, I watched the games pre-Leeds on mute as I was playing games while watching, but I had the sound on yesterday and the pre-game and half-time chatter is much improved from Gibbo's time. OB seems very at home in the TV sports presenter role.
  10. Life Ruined

    The amount of people who thought that was an eye is genuinely astounding. I assume none of those people have actually seen a ram, perhaps believing we invented them? EDIT: due to curiosity I have discovered that the emblem on Derby's wikipedia page does not have the eye on it - this needs to be corrected by someone with more time to do such things than I
  11. Norwich City V Derby County

    None of the above, actually.
  12. Norwich City V Derby County

    Haven't been around for a while, was just testing if anyone would be able to clock that was intense sarcasm. Seems not.
  13. Norwich City V Derby County

    Lucky result. Rowett looks lost at times. I fear for the season but will ride this fortunate crest while we have it.
  14. Time to go !

    It's funny - everyone was pretty much agreed this was going to be a season of mediocrity due to the s*** spending done by the previous mixed bag of managers. Regardless of Gary Rowett's competence. Then, as usual, that mediocrity actually starts taking place and people lose their minds. Also, I love the use of the term "anyone with a footballing mind". Because obviously, only fans have those. Not any of the people earning a living through Football. Suck it up. This is the result of the "ambition" (translation of reckless overspending) shown in the past few years. I'm not *happy* with whats happened so far this season but its in-line with almost all reasonable people's expectations, including my own, and as such I'm comfortable with it.
  15. Will Hughes Watch

    It was "fairly common knowledge" David. Don't be obtuse now.

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