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  1. At least he's not delusional.
  2. I wouldn't support him into League One. But I don't think we're going to get relegated, so that's moot from my perspective. He's spent £6 or £7m on Bielik and not really anything else on the others. They're not loan fee level loans. They'll just be partial wage covering loans. And of course he could spend money on poo players. Any manager could. We know as well as most. But I don't care if someone comes in and gets these players playing at 7/10 levels instead of 4/10 - they're still not good enough to compete. So the same uncertainty over signings would need to be levelled at them because they'd also have to buy players.
  3. Part of the problem Cocu faces from our fans as well is a bit of trauma that we all suffer from the fact that if, at any point in a season since Mac first took over, our form drops - we never got it back. Never even looked like getting it back. Every season since it happened (well logically probably the second time), large swathes of fans have said "there's something wrong with this group of players." but the manager goes, the players stick around, a hodge-podge few players get added to the mix and then it happens again. So, no-one can see where a turnaround might come from because of this death knell a lack of form has been in the past. But this is football, and it can surprise you and completely unexpected turnarounds can happen. I for one would be massively disappointed if he's gone before the end of January - equally though, I'll also be massively disappointed if half of the players who started today are still starting games for us in February without having drastically improved their form.
  4. According to the interviews with him and his coaching staff when they first joined, his first year at PSV was really rough for them. They went on an 8 game winless run (that included a 6-2 loss to Vitesse) during that first season, and a lot of the wins they got were lucky, with a squad that was expected to compete. Perhaps his calmness here is partly due to his experiences there? Besides, I'm not convinced managers who scream at players and spit in their faces get very far with that technique in the modern game; players are different types of people nowadays.
  5. Rude. Football's unpredictable mate. You don't know what's going to happen any better than I do. I just choose to remain optimistic in future outlook because it leads to far less anger from day-to-day. People who chose to remain optimistic about Farke on the Norwich forum during his first year were called the same things; not saying that Cocu will be successful but pretending to have any idea is horse poo. On to your point about "showing frustrations" we've talked about the argument of "players should be able to deal with that" before on here at length and that is also horse poo. They're human. Some will deal with it well. Some won't - and the ones that won't are the ones who always look devoid of confidence when they play for us.
  6. If they're bad, they're so forgettable that it's hard to compare. Dowell definitely seems the worst to me right now but I also recall feeling loans in the past were pointless - I just have no recollection of who or when. 😄
  7. Just to point something out to you. If Cocu was sacked now, you do realise what would have to happen and who would have to do it, right?
  8. Also left of his own accord of course; there'll always be fans who don't like any manager but its not like fans hounded him out.
  9. A quick word on the fans. I totally understand and respect the angle, despite disagreeing with it, that those who've paid are entitled to boo etc. (I don't disagree with the entitlement, but the desired effect). The players should not be free of real-time criticism. However, watching that game and hearing things like "you stupid **** t**t" (I use asterix's as the censorship subdues the context) directed at almost every player at different times of the game is really quite pathetic and says a lot about some fans. How, in any world, is that going to improve anything? What player is going to want to play for those fans? Just seems bizarre to me.
  10. Assuming Mel is less patient than me (I'm infinitely patient when it comes to football, because its just football); I reckon he gives him January and expects to see an uptick in performances/form (not necessarily to a highly competitive level) by the start of February (depending on our success in the market) - and if that occurs he gets the summer. If it doesn't; he probably goes at the end of the season. If it doesn't and we look like we're in a relegation fight, he probably goes mid February. To reiterate, that's not what I want or what I would do (I think we're going to get promoted under him), but my conjecture as to what the business decision makers will do.
  11. Hamer almost gets to it. Full time. 0-1. Have a good weekend folks! I look forward to being top of the league this time next year under Cocu 😎
  12. FK to Derby. Someone's going to hit this....
  13. Millwall players being booked for time wasting left right and center. Can't keep track.
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