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  1. Oof - I hadn't even thought of that. hopefully that curse doesn't apply for the irrelevant folks of the world 😄
  2. No, ive not been. I called 111 but they explicitly state that you don't need to speak to anyone unless your symptoms are severe enough to drastically impact you. Otherwise just rest up. Im in a lot of discomfort but I dont have the more severe symptoms so I dont yet fit in that category - for me its basically the flu with the addition of a very heavy, tight chest - which is agony at times unless im lying on my back. I suspect thats what most younger folk will get; and they'll recover without being tested.
  3. Taken less than 3 days of symptoms for them to get severe enough for me not to be able to work from home. Fever keeps climbing and my chest is in agony. What I'd give to just have the flu.
  4. 11 1st round picks on offense finishing bottom of the division will be quite the story.
  5. I just can't attend games, unfortunately. My mental state is too volatile in those sorts of environments. and while I do love music; I've never really seen the attraction of live music over recorded music - although the environment presents a similar problem for me as football matches anyway.
  6. Holiday: New Orleans Game: Genuinely don't remember. Gig: I think my mum took me to a Meatloaf gig when I was tiny? Cinema: Endgame Pub: Bolton Arms, Redmire Meal Out: Bolton Arms, Redmire.
  7. Will do mate. I'm not overly worried; low risk demographic and I recognise that this virus is probably going to pass through more people than not. Just got to do my best to not spread it further myself. I assume my other half has it, so we'll be getting stuff delivered for the forseeable future and telling the delivery people to leave it outside the front door and back away slowly 😄 Also wont start the process of burdening our health service unless it gets much worse.
  8. Taiwan's rules were incredible. Fines for not maintaining quarantine with symptoms. Fines/Jailtime for spreading misinformation. All on top of controlling the production of relevant medical supplies from the earliest point. They learnt their lesson from SARS.
  9. Pretty sure I'm right there with you. Headache, lost my sense of smell & taste (which I had to look up but is indeed a fairly common 'new' symptom) and slight shortness of breath. Also suspect my shivering is due to a fever and not a cold house. I was going into work until Friday.
  10. I really enjoy working from home but I woke up today with a banging headache and blocked sinuses; so I'm struggling to get anything done. My best bit of advice would be, as @maxjam says, to make sure your working area is as disassociated with wherever in your house you'd 'relax' as possible.
  11. Saints got Sanders. A true no.2 WR for the first time in MT's career 😄
  12. New Orleans is full of it. Mardi Gras was still happening when the first cases came over to the states and people from all over still travelled to NOLA for St. Patricks Day celebrations. And, despite those green parades being cancelled, decided to hold impromptu parades anyway "because they travelled all this way" that had to be broken up by police.
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