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  1. Gerrard's response to the (lazy) links is word for word exactly what Lampard said. I enjoy the irony of that.
  2. For duck's sake Chelsea. Get it done, you could have sent someone out to him!
  3. Well, the working week begins anew and thus I find myself here. Anything concrete happen over the weekend?
  4. "If you don't duckin' bounce he'll break ya legs"
  5. 😄 I love Anchovies! And its great cos no-one ever wants a slice of your pizza!
  6. I don't hate it but I would never choose it
  7. ugh there's actual discussion about Lampard and Chelsea in here. I'll be back later
  8. "In chelsea gear" implies full training kit or something. He was wearing a Chelsea hat. I bet he has a few.
  9. Lines up with the idea that we've imminent investment, but I'd have expected to have heard something about that (from a reputable source) by now.
  10. Haha. Scruffy is my twitter avatar, and I've posted your profile pic onto here at least 20 times 😄 (but it feels wrong to do it now its someones avatar) ducking adore futurama.
  11. Food mostly. The most interesting this forum has been in years. 😄
  12. In a world where Frank is staying, the media will continue to 100% believe he's going to Chelsea until Chelsea appoint someone else. They've dug the hole. Us saying no-ones approached us for him, saying he's staying, giving him a new contract (I assume in that world that would happen) will not dissuade the media now.
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