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  1. Will Hughes Watch

    It was "fairly common knowledge" David. Don't be obtuse now.
  2. Derby County v Hull City

    Generally the penalty taker is holding most of the cards, I'm happy for Keeper's to do what they can. I prefer someone doing strange things on the line like Carson has started doing, or Grobbelaar back in the day, rather than Hart's style of getting in their face before the kick and trying to intimidate them, for example.
  3. Derby County v Hull City

    Vydra forced a smart save at the end of the first half.
  4. Derby County v Hull City

    Nice to be back (I take a break from here during international breaks) with a win. Very entertaining game. The fans moaning and groaning at the start of the second half stood out to me though, did they not realise it was 4-0?
  5. Malta v England

    Tbf - with the current state of our games a potential ban from physically attending England games is a risk worth taking for a moment in the sun for many.
  6. Malta v England

    It's hard for Derby to break down a League 1 team who have 11 men behind the ball. England should not find breaking down 11 Malta players hard. Unless they play like absolute arse, which they are.
  7. Malta v England

    Imagine needing to say things like that about Malta v England Utter s**** performance.
  8. Being on the sex offenders register is a little more life changing than being unable to go to Derby games. Can still watch on TV, listen to it. Whatever. He's not got a lifetime in prison. It's just attending Derby games. Can even go and watch other football. Derby see no reason why they'd want someone who would mock a child's death, no matter how out of his mind with anger he might have been, as a fan and I agree with them. Totally deserved.
  9. Sheffield United v Derby County

    Best finish from Russell in 3 years.
  10. Sheffield United v Derby County

    Cos he actually played really well against Preston?
  11. Sheffield United v Derby County

    Exactly. Far more chilled watching it. Making my own judgments. The contrast makes me legitimately concerned that Dawes is wearing some very unusual shade of glasses.
  12. Sheffield United v Derby County

    Looking forward to watching this. Its great being able to watch every Derby game, not gonna lie.
  13. One win from Wembley ?

    Are we going to be one round behind for this entire farce of a competition?
  14. Steve Bloomer Trophy

    Interesting. A good idea.

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