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  1. SaintRam

    NFL 18/19

    I'm firmly of the opinion that if the Saints don't go to the SB, the Bears will. I think the AFC is Chargers or Pats - I don't think KC gets there.
  2. SaintRam

    NFL 18/19

    That's what I said - the Bears have to win out. The only way they avoid having to win out is if you lose both your games. Bears winning out is less likely than the Rams winning both their games, imo. Bears have the Vikings in Minnesota. I have Curtis Samuel on my team so I'm not sitting here hoping for a shutout. Although I would absolutely celebrate a shutout.
  3. SaintRam

    NFL 18/19

    I'm a generally optimistic person - so I didn't quite feel the same as these lads when the Saints got bitched by the 'Boys and almost by the Buccs. They're really upping my confidence in the Saints getting the #1 seed to dangerously high levels 😄 Losing to the Panthers tonight would bring me down with a bump. If that happens and something bad happens with Derby tonight my Tuesday's gonna be really bloody drab.
  4. SaintRam

    NFL 18/19

    Bears have to win out though, unless you lose to BOTH the 49ers and Cards - the 49ers is POSSIBLE but the Cards? They're beyond awful. I'd be shocked if even an imploding Rams team can lose to them. I'm just praying for a Saints win tonight so we have a game of breathing space when playing the Steelers.
  5. Just to point out, I believe the Sky Sports v Sterling chatter that @McLovin was referring to that @BaaLocks called out around the Gun Tattoo stuff, was that Sterling said in his statement, "I made a promise to myself I would never touch a gun in my lifetime”, but Sky Sports reported it as, "I made a promise to myself I would never touch a gun again in my lifetime”- which has significantly different connotations, and upset people understandably. Although, that being said - I think it was genuinely an honest mistake from the writer. I think he heard the quote aloud and got confused "a gun" and "again" are not drastically different sounding terms. The accusation was that the writer had assumed that's what Sterling meant, which implied a racist stereotype in the writer's mind that Sterling must've used a gun in the past because he's black. Which, to be honest, I think is quite a reasonable jump for all those people to make - but I don't believe to be true in this case.
  6. SaintRam

    Depression, anxiety, stress and other related issues

    I made that decision a few years ago. I think it's healthy for people struggling with their mental health to rid themselves of "excess" social connections. And I, basically, have no friends locally - other than one (my other half) - but both she and my distant friends (in the US) came about after a couple of years of almost total real-world isolation, talking to random people online and playing games. There was one person during that stint of online-chat that I constantly returned to, and I do think its important though for you to have that one person, who understands your situation - who can support you from a position of experience, rather than ignorance - saying truly helpful things, rather than patting you on the back and telling you you'll be OK. And I don't think it would be responsible for anyone to advise you to cut your social ties if that person doesn't exist. True isolation only really leads you down one road. If that person, or people that fit that mould, do not exist for you - in the state you are in I think your best bet may be to seek out a support group or similar. Something structured, that can help you make connections to people who you can rely on to support you when you find yourself battling.
  7. SaintRam

    U23s v Everton

    Ah fair enough. I was out of the loop this weekend 😄 The as-it-stands was the most important part. IMO There are 2 or 3 sides better than our boys so I wasn't expecting it to last.
  8. SaintRam

    U23s v Everton

    To further this, the 2 Divisions are not side-by-side in standing (like a regional split in US Sport, for example) as some people may think. Losing in division 1 is to be relegated to division 2. Although there's nowhere to go below division 2 until an academy loses it's cat one status. Simply, as it stands right now, we are the leading U23 side in the country.
  9. SaintRam

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    In defence of Lamb "It's a joke, like on Top Gear" is a Lee running gag. As for tonight, expect a draw myself. Will be watching full of nerves like I always do, though.
  10. SaintRam

    NFL 18/19

    I don't see the Bears getting #2 seed, unless the Rams drop a major egg. Rams are against 49ers and Cardinals to see out the season. It's become possible, but only with a complete Rams collapse (or, I suppose, a complete Saints collapse). What you need is for the Bears to not win v 49ers - as unlikely as it is. Then they will 100% rest up v Vikings.
  11. SaintRam

    NFL 18/19

    If Rams don't sort themselves out soon, Bears will take the #2 Seed. They have the tiebreaker on the Rams if they end up with matching records. @jimbo jones you're just hoping at this point that the Eagles resurgence under Foles is a flash-in-the-pan - I don't see the Redskins winning again, but the Eagles could.
  12. SaintRam

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    Also for you Smallwood lovers - what happened?
  13. SaintRam

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    What started off as a good week for my pick'em, ended up one of the worst! As for my actual fantasy team - Jordan Howard punished me for benching him (again) - and Eagles somehow won without using Ertz at all. So I'll be struggling to get a win from this position.
  14. SaintRam

    NFL 18/19

    3 for 3 on this week's pick-em so far 😄 I'm really enjoying watching the Browns since the coaching change. They're a good(ish) team.
  15. SaintRam

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    That works! On a tangent - I feel like the final playoff games are going to be heavily influenced by who's got their position in the playoffs (in real NFL) locked up going into the last week. I really dislike it when the fantasy playoffs line up with the last 3 games of the season, cos good teams who have their seeding locked up just straight up stop playing their valuable players. We've been a little blessed in how competitive the NFL is this season, usually people would already be being rested, but its still going to happen and duck someone over.

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