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  1. Right, don't fancy watching the second half. Good luck, folks.
  2. Mick McCarthy applauds a Sibley challenge that leaves one of his players wincing on the deck. I quite like Mick. Meanwhile Cardiff put it in and its flicked on to Moore by a Derby player. Roos does well to stifle it.
  3. Cardiff would still be in this game if they'd only turned up with their 3 forward players.
  4. Rooney giving a teamtalk on the sideline during the injury stoppage
  5. I'd be considering taking Matt Clarke off tbh - he's having a mare and its a liability.
  6. Barker thinks Clarke's to blame but he hasn't seen a wider angle of the play.
  7. Bit alarming that Jozwiak held the ball there for a solid 10-15 seconds without any Derby player entering the frame in support.
  8. Should've just played it forward for Gregory. Easier ball with more upside.
  9. It was clear from TV-camera distance that Matt Clarke tackled his man with his arm; I've no idea how the officials missed it.
  10. Should've been a pen for Cardiff that. Got away with that. Should be 0-1.
  11. So far every time I've looked up I've seen a Derby passing triangle in our own area
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