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  1. Ramsey is hella expensive, seems unlikely. Patrick Peterson maybe?
  2. What do you mean? Have your season but go to the SB with the Saints roster? Yeah I'd take that, we'd have won it 😁
  3. Well I think even with the banterful rhetoric Aaron Rodgers would still come out on top 😄 My issue with it all is it just effects the legitimacy of the games ya know? I genuinely enjoyed the Saints-Buccs game less because of a few just awful calls that went against the Buccs. Improved my mood seeing how red Bruce Arians gets when he's angry but still. It just makes games less fun.
  4. Saints fans don't have a problem with the Packers tbf It's these part-time bum officials we have a problem with 😉 and literally every other fanbase is jumping on the wagon with us this season... 😄
  5. I'm not talking about calls that a team's fans are angry about. That's literally every subjective call that goes against you. I'm talking about calls where literally everyone, not just angry fans of the hurt team, say that it was an egregious, terrible call. Those happen in basically every game in the NFL right now. They are rare in the PL.
  6. The drink-drive limit is, in real terms, very low. Twice the limit isn't "you can't stand up straight" level of drunkenness. The levels are based on research regarding reaction time. To you or me, hanging out having a chat, we'd probably say we're not drunk. Maybe you open a door and it hits your foot. That sorta level. But reaction time lowers enough that being in a car is dangerous. Things like driving into the back of the car you're following happen quite easily.
  7. The point is they wouldn't be sat with their feet up watching TV. The whole point. It would reduce the amount of mistakes made. Categorically. It would be immediately evident as well. Premier League referees do still make horrible calls. But one that's discussion, newsworthy, headline worthy, every single game? No (not including VAR - which is creating news through how its used by the FA, not because of the ref on the field). There's maybe one every few weeks across the whole league. That's the difference between part time and full time.
  8. You should have a word with him.
  9. It would improve consistency of decisions made by the same group of officials, imo. Investing more time into something improves consistency; and that matters. Also, the review process is is a castle built on sand because of how important the on-the-field call is. Needing it to be clear that something is wrong; in a sport where its so easy for that information to be obscured. One example of a badly reviewed call from Saint v Buccs: Saints fumble, Buccs recover; on-the-field called Receiver down by contact. It was an obvious fumble. After review: It was a fumble, but no clear recovery. Saints ball. Why was there no clear recovery? Because about 10 players all jumped onto the ball in a huge pile-up and apparently "it doesn't matter who comes out of the pile with it." - they have to see a recovery before the cameras lose sight of the ball. So what they're saying there is, there's literally no point in ever reviewing anything if there was a pile-up of players. Because they can't see anything. They shouldn't even let coaches throw the flag. Mistakes happen, but getting the call on-the-field right matters, even when a play is reviewable - and I think the truly abysmal "you'd have to be blind" calls would be far less frequent if the officials were full-time, and spending their full working hours watching tape, going through mistakes etc. They would, simply put, get better at their jobs. Like anyone would if they increased their hours working at it.
  10. The cat's out the bag now mate; what we all suspected is now known: Rynny has no sense of humour. Such a shame.
  11. $14bn (2017) industry and there are like 120 officials total. Yet its their side job?! Directly effecting the outcome of games in a $14bn industry and they can't pay for them to hold it as a main job so they can be constantly learning/training/watching tape between games? It's INSANE to me.
  12. Just appalling. Make. Officials. Full-Time.
  13. I don't think either should have gone, but I suspect that % is far higher for people who leave the scene, and far higher again for those who do that with someone injured in the car - even if they come back almost an hour later.
  14. That surprises me; seeing as they smashed up some public property. I figured that's exactly the sort of things fines are for 😄
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