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  1. SaintRam

    View from the outside 2018-2019

    I enjoyed this thread more when it was more of a commentary on positive thoughts non-Derby fans had on Derby. We bring up other fans negative comments in every other thread relevant to their team already!
  2. SaintRam

    Time too give Bogle a break ?

    Going forward he's been a bit sloppy, but to counter that Wisdom barely gets forward at all. Defensively, he's been getting burned for pace but I don't think Wisdom is any quicker - I think we've just been matching up against speedy left wingers. Don't really see the attraction to swapping them out. Our right attacker will just constantly get crowded out and we'll struggle to move the ball up the field quickly. I understand the suggestion to put Tomori at right back but we don't know what playstyle he has there.
  3. SaintRam

    NFL 18/19

  4. SaintRam

    NFL 18/19

    I think its supposed to be in full gallop but you've managed to make me like it less 😄 What I dont like about the Panthers one is it has its head turning in a very unnatural way, its like a predatory cat version of the exorcist.
  5. SaintRam

    NFL 18/19

    I think I agree with this list, although I'd drop Panthers down a level, and move Broncos up one, maybe two.
  6. SaintRam

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    Interestingly, while Denver and Arizona (Phoenix) are both Mountain time, one of them was on Daylight while the other was on Standard. I suppose them being, officially, in the same timezone means that the stat can continue but they did have an hour difference.
  7. SaintRam

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    Sounds plausible. I've decided to go with the bigger risk - bigger reward option in Grant this week. Hopefully the points difference from whoever I left out doesn't lose me the game 😄
  8. SaintRam

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    Yeah, I'm leaning towards playing him. It's between him and Tre'Quan Smith, who is the Saints new deep threat following Ted Ginn's injury but they're playing the Ravens - who are both a stout aerial DEF and a team Brees has never beaten. But with the 500th TD looming it's almost written in the stars that could change, but I'll rely on him throwing that TD to Thomas 😄 Dede Westbrook does tend to put up points when the Jags are at home though 🤔 God I hate Fantasy.
  9. SaintRam

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    I picked up Jakeem Grant @jimbo jones - and now I'm staring at the Lions season so far trying to get a psychic message about whether or not they'll allow a big return 😄
  10. SaintRam

    Wembley won't be sold

    I didn't really understand the complaints against selling it. The FA never owned the original Wembley, did they? Obviously there was trepidation as to whether the money would go into grassroots football or not, but if it were to do so it should've been a no-brainer.
  11. SaintRam

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    I've got a friend with a season ticket thing for the NFL games who only thought to ask if I wanted him to get me one after he'd bought them! I'll be going to next years games though 😄
  12. SaintRam

    Harry Wilson is at it again!

    I swear we're going to have more goals scored from direct FKs than open play this season. Another well taken FK - the pace is all you really need if its on target. I'm also developing an irrational hatred of all commentators, too. "Right in the top corner!", he says. Was it duck.
  13. SaintRam

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    Ah - the crux of the issue was I had no idea who Leigh Francis was by name 😄 I assumed that was actually a player
  14. SaintRam

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    Tbf it's really hard to trust a returner in fantasy That being said Jimbo's nabbed Gore *shakes fist* I wanted to minimise my risk of Drake losing fantasy points to Gore by playing both of them 😄
  15. SaintRam

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    Aye - I'd long ago written off the week that Thomas was on Bye but I take comfort from this being as close as it was.

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